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The Real Winners Of The Emmys… The Celebrity Interiors That Deserve The Spotlight

This year I found myself tuning into the Emmys for the first time in years — less because I had a vested interest (though I will say that Matthew Macfadyen was ROBBED) and more because I’m just at a loss with what to do with my Sunday nights at this point. 

But OOOOH, it was FUN. I was pleasantly surprised! Did y’all watch it? It felt so voyeuristic, which I loved, but it also felt surreal. Like, I’ve been sitting alone in my apartment for 6 months…and y’all are Zooming in from a party? In a room TOGETHER???? Sitting on the same sofa when there are known infections in the celeb crowd AS WE SPEAK? (In case you missed it, two of the preshow hosts had to drop out because they tested positive for COVID.)

Barring my confusing and visceral reactions to seeing groups of people being happy together — and barring the surprise that the Emmys production team was able to coordinate hundreds of people on Zoom, while I recently had to enlist Julie to help me turn off my computer camera because I thought I was being spied on (spoiler: obviously, I wasn’t) — I HAD A GOOD TIME WATCHING. I don’t even know what was said in any acceptance speeches because I was transfixed by some of these real-life houses — that, when away from good angles and professional photographers and photoshop, just seemed normal and achievable — so now, we obviously have to talk about it. 

Kicking it off with the controversial pick that I had to share during Monday’s meeting…

Jesse Armstrong’s (The Succession Guy’s) Heriz

THERE IS SO MUCH TO TALK ABOUT HERE. When Em asked us in our Monday morning meeting about we did this weekend, this was my only contribution: DID YOU SEE THAT FREAKIN’ RUG? She’s gorgeous!!! At first I wasn’t totally sold on the room — it was a lot (even for me, a self-proclaimed maximalist!) — but I was pretty transfixed by the end of the night. Look at the legs on those sofas! The walls of optical illusion drapery! The…wolf??? paper mache behind Jesse’s left shoulder! I feel like I *need* to see the professional shots of this place and I *know* someone out there has them.

Zendaya’s Neutrals + Olive Trees

Can someone please fill me in on the awards show wizardry? Like, I know the whole thing was ~live~, but it definitely wasn’t, right? How did Zendaya go from the stage to…home??? in a new outfit??? in a matter of minutes? Is this backstage at the Staples Center? HOW DID IT WORK? (These are the conversations that I really miss now that we work from home). In any case, this room was a masterclass in textured neutrals. Those white linen chairs are SUCH a classic and that chunky solid round pedestal table behind Zendaya was GORGEOUS (when you could see it). Also was a huge fan of those enormous pots and olive trees — though technically I think they may be olive bushes? — as decor.

Billy Porter’s Everything (+ The Post-It)

I wish Billy Porter had won because I NEEDED TO SEE MORE OF THIS SPACE. First: I wish I had footage of the person who had the job of draping this cape/wrap situation. And even though this whole place is so glamorous — from the casual award placement to the $1,300 floral arrangement (there’s a fun rabbit hole for ya this afternoon!) to the baby grand piano — there is still a blue Post-It note over the door handle with what I can only assume are instructions for locking the door. It’s SO HUMAN and normal. Loved it.

The Shelf Styling

Not that it’s a competition (although technically, I guess the Emmys are a competition), but who won the built-in shelf styling for you?? I loooooved Linda Cardellini’s floral arrangements and think they’re super inspiring. Can you imagine a huge built-in with just plants like these? It’d be so luxe! But I was taken by Uzo Adubo’s shelves. They look like my shelves! She had books and figurines and candles and boxes and it just seemed so personal to her. I think the Friends’ shelving was maybe technically the most ~magazine ready~, and the backlighting with the dark paint was STUNNING, but it also didn’t say a ton about the person who lived there. (To that end, who actually lived there? Whose house is this? Aniston’s? Kudrow’s? Cox’s? Jason Bateman’s? Is this even a house, or is it just a set? Can someone with a production background chime in?) Anyway, WHOSE WAS YOUR FAVORITE?

Maria Schrader’s (Unorthodox Director’s) Wall Paneling

OH MY GOSH. This room was an architectural knockout! Look at the paneling and the checkered color variation. Look at the carvings above the door. Look at the moulding heading up into the wall! I’m so used to seeing painted trim and walls that seeing all this untarnished wood makes my heart so happy. I think this was my favorite space of the night. (Also, when I googled to confirm that I was spelling Maria’s last name correctly, I learned that she is 54! I know this isn’t a post about skincare…but she needs to drop her skincare secrets! I had assumed she was only a few years older than me!)

Octavia Spencer’s Leaded Glass Windows

LOVED. Can you imagine lounging here, wearing a similar silk jacket, and sipping wine with your new pal Octavia? The gray is a dream in here — not too warm and not too cool! It reminds me of the Chalk Gray that Julie used in Chandler’s apartment — and the cream pleated lampshade, throw, and grain sack pillows do a perfect job of warming it all up a little bit. (PS. This is the best vendor for similar pillow covers on Etsy!). But more than anything, I’m obsessed with those leaded window details. How beautiful!!! I stalked a little bit and found this article from 2013 about Octavia purchasing a home that *seems* like this place based on the windows, but now I am in desperate need of a full house tour. (I need to know how she styled around that fireplace!).

Rachel Brosnahan’s Leopard Spot Pillows

Obviously I’ll be an eternal fan of storied brick walls, a timeless leather couch, and bold modern art, but the real winner for me here were the pillows. I don’t know enough about animal prints to know what this really is — my googling has also suggested that this may be a cheetah spot or a Dalmatian spot — but I *do* know that I have been increasingly bullish on graphic animal prints lately and these absolutely scratched that itch. (Also gotta love the masterful brand placement and martini styling!)

Don Cheadle’s Textile Mixing & Matching

SO. MANY. GORGEOUS. TEXTILES. And not only on the pillows and blankets, but also on the upholstered dining chairs! I had a feeling that this was pulled together by a pro and it turns out that Bridgid Coulter, the woman up there and Don’s wife, is an incredible interior designer based right here in LA! Her portfolio is a real treat for those who love bold, worldly, and collected spaces.

AND THAT BRINGS US TO THE END OF MY FAVORITES. What were yours? Did you also enjoy this year’s show? Does anyone else want to talk about how Matthew Macfadyen was robbed? Or about that Schitt’s Creek SWEEP?! I no longer have the luxury of watercooler chats with my coworkers, I live alone, and I can’t really justify holding meetings to check in with the team about celebrity’s Zoom backgrounds, so y’all are really the only ones I have. LET’S CHAT??

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3 years ago

I agree – it was fascinating to see inside people’s homes!

Haha, I think that is Jennifer Aniston’s house – it looks like the shelving unit from her AD spread a few years back:

3 years ago

Regina King sitting in her Santa Fe style rental house with her Breonna Taylor shirt!

3 years ago

I loved Damen Lindeloff’s art – the California hug and American folk art.

3 years ago

Fun post! Maria Schrader directed Unorthodox, not Orthodox. It is great!

3 years ago

I’m pretty sure the stuff at the Staples Center was pre-recorded, and then the Zoom at home was live. Sadly I don’t think even celebrities can teleport 🙂 I also loved Octavia’s and Uzo’s–they seemed lived-in but still styled.

Related, do you follow @ratemyskyperoom on twitter (aka Room Rater)? They rate people’s video backdrops and did a bunch of the Emmy folks (but also do politicians, etc.). I’m learning a lot about how to style my work space too!

Olivia Jane
3 years ago
Reply to  Courtney

Ooh! Building on that — can we see what’s *actually* in the background for EHD team calls?! Would be so fun to see the real life backdrops of styling geniuses. (No pressure, team!)

3 years ago
Reply to  Olivia Jane

I’m having to re-do my space in anticipation of daylight savings ending. I’ll need more natural light so more furniture is moving around. I’d really love to see you play around with a green screen backdrop or maybe curtains behind the person on camera? I have to switch it up.

3 years ago

A lot of the participants gathered at hotels near the Staples Center, which the Emmy’s used instead of their usual theater. Staples was better equipped to accommodate the hundred or so live feeds the program required. Zendaya’s room, especially, says “upscale hotel space” to me.

3 years ago
Reply to  Margeaux

I don’t know where Zendaya’s room actually was but do know the furnishings are from Found Rental Company in Fullerton – you must check out this magical company!

Alice Sievert
3 years ago

I am embarrassed to say that I have no clue who those folks are (except for Octavia I did recognize her but can’t remember the show) but after seeing those rooms I’m actually loving and appreciating my home even more. I finally get that it’s all about surrounding yourself with a look that just says “me” and working the things that you love into your space. Our home is full of color and I was just telling hubby how awesome and at home I feel every time that I walk in our door and he said that he always feels the same way when he walks in. It’s fun seeing how other people design their homes and helps to give you a new perspective on your own design.

3 years ago

I also really enjoyed the show–much more than I thought I would. It was wonderfully quirky. And was it just me, or did the people who didn’t win seem more jolly and happy for the winners than they do at the big formal in-person event? Anyway thanks for the fun post.

3 years ago

I was having a rough day…this post made me laugh and brightened the moment. You’re a treat to read, Caitlin!

3 years ago

Maria Schrader and her team were in a hotel suite in Berlin, Hotel de Rome, for this Live Zoom

3 years ago

Is that tshirt post gonna come back?!

3 years ago
Reply to  J

Yes it will. Next week xx

3 years ago

Such a fun post!

3 years ago

Love this post! I get so distracted on Zoom calls trying to work out what’s in peoples backgrounds haha! I was in one recently and everyone had their cameras off except for the speaker – except for one guy who must not have realised his was on and he was cleaning his unit, paying 0 attention. Fun times

3 years ago

That was a fun post!

3 years ago

This was such a fun post 🙂 🙂 thanks for this!!

Also Don Cheadle’s couch is my favorite from this post — SO good.