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PillowFort Kids Decor Collection

Hold on to your toddlers folks, because it’s finally here. Target has a kids decor line called PillowFort, and it’s very good, stylish, fun, and extremely affordable. It officially launched yesterday, so we thought we’d highlight our favorites and show some of them styled in my house (with a sneak peek into Elliot’s nursery). Part of my job with Target is receiving advance pieces of their new collections and playing with them. It’s just terrible.

Here are some of my favorites that I got to play with, as well as pictures and links to the whole collection.


That white/gold ball lamp. It’s simple and graphic (it could go anywhere in your home, actually), and perfect scale for a nursery. When I drafted this post I had only seen about 1/8th of the product, and now that I’m perusing it online there are so many more pieces that I love. Check out the full lighting collection – there is even a gold heart lamp shade.

In general PillowFort is full of whimsical, happy, fun textiles, accessories, and decor that is easy to throw around and certainly cute enough for adults to love, too. The color palette is fresh and modern, and the patterns channel our inner tween (flamingo bedding, panda wall mounts). It’s less “nursery” and more kids room or playroom (we are doing a makeover with all of it soon, so stay tuned). Charlie inserted himself into a couple shots, like the proper blogger child that he is (we are in the “showing less of his face in social media” phase these days, by the way).


That pineapple pillow is ridiculous. As you can see it’s kid-tested by Charlie Henderson himself, and it has his stamp of toddler approval.


We threw that gold unicorn lamp into Elliot’s room (reveal coming soon!). It’s the perfect side table scale for a kids room (or could certainly go on the shelf of a unicorn-loving grown-up). It comes in white too if you can’t handle the magic of both gold and unicorn in one lamp.


Our changing table (we took the top off for the shot) is by Babyletto from Target, and can be found here.


Elliot’s room is mostly green with accents of a soft pink, so that unicorn head is gosh darn perfect. We will be ordering more pieces now that the collection is available (we just had a couple samples), so you’ll start to see it peppered in a lot of our nurseries we are designing. But you should snag what you want as things might sell out. This line is permanent – it’s like another Threshold or Room Essentials, so while new pieces will be introduced every season, it’s not a collaboration that will go away. Instead it’s going to grow, and grow, and grow.

Now for the reveal of the whole PillowFort Collection.


Charlie loves that bear and sleeps with it in his crib, along with 15 other stuffed animals. I don’t know how he actually lies down, but it’s not a battle I’m fighting these days. My mom (who had 6 kids) told me good advice once that we should only really fight battles that are going to matter in 5 years. When Charlie pushes or steals toys from another kid YES, we make a point to talk about it and work through his thoughts, apologize, blah blah. But I’m not concerned with the fact that his crib looks like one of those carnival games where you grab the prize with a big claw. Check out whole collection here. 


He is rather obsessed with dinosaurs lately, and makes us each crawl around and act like them every night – dictating who is a stegosaurus, and who is a brontosaurus . We recently went to an event at the Natural History Museum where he was introduced to a few puppet dinosaurs which both TERRIFIED him and solidified his obsession. Point being – I want that string art and that dinosaur head. Whole collection here. 


I love that bean bag chair and wish we had a spot for it. It comes in mint, too and is going to grace many a playroom in America this year. Also I didn’t know that Zebra was an option, but man it’s cute.


For the Pacific Northwest in all of us. I love the styling of the road on the floor – it’s a pretty fun idea to do with your kids, right? Charlie makes us sit down and race each other (as if we are in mini cars) and he yells “READY, SET, GO!” and randomly dictates the winner. Shop the Explorer Escape’s here.


I can imagine most little girls (even up to tween age) would love that butterfly shelf for their tiny collections, and that side table is extremely cute. Also I didn’t see this bunny nightlight before, but it’s so cute and I’m going to get it for Elliot’s room. See everything from the Floral Field collection.




This is probably my favorite shot from the catalogue, as those chairs, table, and canopy are so good. The last ten years has really been a big emergence of cute kids decor, certainly, but it’s so great that Target has joined the ranks and made it wildly more affordable.  See the whole Marvelous Manor collection (and please get this canopy).


For the older kids, they have this desk and chair which I love, and is very deserving of the porcelain cat lamp. Check out the whole Mirage collection here.


Peek the whole Ocean Oasis collection here.


That mounted cat head. So cute. Step inside the Sprinkle Suite.


See the whole Stellar Station collection.


Check out the whole Tropical Treehouse collection.

It’s happy and fun for both us, and our kids. And most importantly it’s available at our favorite national retailer (and online), Target.

When I made this roundup I had only seen some of the collection so if I were to do it now, after seeing every single piece online, I would add 20 things. So don’t just go off of what my favorites are below, check out everything here. It’s all so very good.


1. Lamp 2. Flamingo 3. Flamingo Sheets 4. Tropical Bedding 5. Unicorn Head 6. Plush Blanket 7. TeePee 8. Pillow 9. Mint Chairs 10. Cactus Pillow 11. Fossil Sheets 12. Dinosaur head 13. Shark Head 14. Nightstand 15. Unicorn 16. Unicorn Lamp 17. Shark Sheets 18. Wall Hanging  19. Forest Friends Sheets 20. Dog Lamp 21. Metallic Hearts Sheets 22. Bird Lamp 23. Metal Chair 24. Side Table 25. Whale Pillow 26. Tassel Comforter 27. Waves Quilt Set 28. Standing Lamp 29. Tassel Pillows 30. Pineapple Lamp 31. Pineapple Pillow 32. Panda Head 33. Octopus 34. Star sheet Set 35. Heart Lights 36. Bean Bag Chair

See the entire PillowFort Collection, here. Bravo, Target. Kids and play rooms across America are about to get so much cuter.

Photos in our house by Stephanie Todaro.


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56 thoughts on “PillowFort Kids Decor Collection

  1. Such a great collection! I really love all of the stuffed animal shapes the best. I am currently traveling in San Miguel de Allende in Mexico and they have a ton of adorable stuffed pillows/animals in different shapes like fruit, vegetables and of course all sorts of adorable animals made of felt. I am digging the quirkiness of it!


  2. First of all…. The name “Pillow Fort” is adorable! Wish Target (or anyone else) had stuff like this when my girls were young. So cute! Love the pillows/animals and lamps the most.

  3. Sooooo cute! I love all the fun lampshades, too…scalloped, embroidered…thanks for highlighting this new line!

  4. I can’t figure out the sheets… do they fit a crib mattress/toddler bed? Or a twin bed? They’re all so adorable!!

  5. I NEED ALL OF THIS!! DO you mind sharing where the blanket in Elliot’s crib is from in the first photo? I didn’t see it on Target’s site.

  6. Makes me wish my son was still a kid and that I also had a girl! Target has become a favorite store to shop since you started the blog posts and video…..
    Looking forward to Elliot’s nursery reveal….the wallpaper is an instant flash to ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ although I have no doubt it will morph into ‘Where the Fabulous Nurseries Are’.

  7. This is such a great collection, Emily. The small wood storage bins are so practical to use for toys, books, shoe cubbies, and clothes. Do you know if the material it’s made with is a wood pattern print melamine on fiberboard product, or a natural wood, like maple, with a clear coat stain? The info on the website only mentioned the material as ‘wood’, so I was just wondering. Also, I love the caned rocking chair in Charlie’s bedroom! It would be great if the Pillow Fort collection eventually includes rockers, too. Just a thought. 🙂

  8. Most of the collection is sold out/not sold in nearby stores…any idea if they are restocking or is this one of their quick run campaigns?

  9. Do you happen to have any info on the shelving unit featured in a number of the Target photos? Looks like it also coordinates with the table and desk shown, but I’m not finding any of those pieces on Target’s website. Just wondering if it’s a collection that hasn’t been released yet or if I’m looking in the wrong spot.

    1. I was wondering the same thing. I love the desks pictured in the photos but didn’t see them under any of the Pillowfort collections on the Target website either.

  10. Can anyone comment on how these 100% polyester sheets feel? Such great patterns! I am hoping the comfort level is equally fantastic…

  11. I love so much of the line! I kind of feel bad for Land of Nod, but it’s nice there is a more affordable option now. Also, i’m sad that octopus is already sold out! I hope they restock..

  12. It’s all SO SO SO adorable. But a lot of it feels like a direct copy of the Land of Nod items. I know that’s kinda Target’s “thing” to do… but I’m still never sure how I feel about it. I know when cute things come in a cheaper price point- more people get to enjoy it, so yay for us… but it’s still a bummer to see sometimes. But the to-buy-knock-off’s or not-to-buy-knock-off’s struggle is real- when great designed things sometimes cost far out of reach prices!

    Even the ice cream bedding- looks a LOT like the OhJoy for land of nod things. Wow.

    1. I made a similar comment above but I looked back at the images and feel the need to chime in again. I think what bothers me the most is that it isn’t just individual items that look like Land of Nod items, it is the very specific mix of products available. It is like they cloned the whole aesthetic available from Land of Nod – a mix that comes from many different talented designers and craftsman. They get credit and acknowledgement from Land of Nod. No credit here. I really love how accessible Target items are but this makes me think twice about my purchases of design items there.

  13. Someone forwarded this post to me and I’m so glad she did. I’m looking to change up my Elliot’s room (she’s almost 4 now) since she’ll soon have to share it with her baby sis (Sloane) and looking to incorporate more bright pieces that she’ll like for years to come. Love this line. I saw a couple pieces in store today.

  14. Those beanbag chairs are a staple in our house. My bf’s kids each have one. The girl has a light blue with lavender trim and the boy has a dark red with gray trim. Their’s are a few years old. My son wanted one of his own. A few weeks ago we checked the color offerings in the store and they only had dark red and dark blue. My son didn’t like either of those so we checked online. At the time the only other color was orange with blue trim. We really wanted a gray or green one as those are two of the colors of his bedroom. The orange doesn’t really go with anything but that’s the one we got.

    Kinda annoyed that a few weeks after buying ours there’s tons of new color options one of which is the perfect gray! I wonder if it’s too late to exchange it.

  15. I saw another comment asking about the bookshelves/desk shown in several of the images. White with wood shelves. Can you clue us in on where to find those? Not seeing them in the Pillowfort collection online. Thx!

  16. Love the collection! From a design perspective, what do you do with 2 beds? How do you best match without buying 2 of the same comforter?

  17. So cute! Though I have mixed feelings about all of the animal heads. I can’t help but imagine a pile a decapitated stuffed animals lying in a warehouse somewhere…

  18. I just love this new line!!! How did you hang the unicorn head? With a command strip? Nail? Thanks!!!

  19. So cute! Makes me want to re-do my kids’ rooms. Do you know where I can find that white bookshelf with the wood shelves?

  20. So awesome. It’s like Target finally had focus groups with moms who appreciate good design! I like how there is a slight Asian aesthetic to some of their pieces (not stereotypical Asian but styles you would find in Asia).

    By the way, I think there was some kind of new design change to your website but the pictures are a little hard to see. They come out really large and I have to scroll down to see an entire photo whereas before I could see the entire photo on one page. I have a Macbook Air…not the smallest size.

  21. Can someone post a link to the adorable desk and chair? I can’t find it on the target website! Thank you!

    Can anyone tell me where to find the adorable desk and chair set? I can’t find the link on target anywhere!

  22. I love LOVE this new brand, except the fact the sheets are 100% polyester!!! Why can’t they go back to their cotton poly blend. I love (and will treasure) our Circo sheets from before they changed. Such a shame, these new sheets are just too adorable.

    And you mom’s advice, brilliant! I will have to remember that.

  23. Hi Emily,

    I am trying to find the desk pictured in the mirage collection on Target’s website and am having no luck. might you be able to share a link?

    Thanks so much!

      1. Me too! You referenced the desk as being available in one of the lines, but I don’t see it on Target’s website. Help!

  24. Ugh, it’s so good/bad that I saw this post!! Bad because I’m out a ton of cash, but good for my son because we’re now re-doing his whole room!

    (So, Target, pay attention, I would have never even known about this line at all if not for Em! And now you have all my money.) 😉

  25. I love all of it, especially the cactus pillow, and the heart light and the flamingo and the spaceship light. I hope some of the collection hits Aussie Target stores (not too much of it as I might end up totally broke!)

  26. As a designer who knows where many of their “inspirations” are derived from – it must be acknowledged how much design from Etsy, Land of Nod, DwellStudio, and other brands has been lifted to create this collection. It’s very sad to see ideas and designs redeveloped into lower priced collection product that makes it impossible for the original makers and innovators to ever compete or get compensated for their ideas.

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