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Our Baby Sprinkle


You’d think for your second baby there is less excitement but I’ve actually found that there is more. Its because (and i’m sorry I’m a broken record) with your second you know the extreme happiness you really get from a child and you want more of it. With the first I remember thinking this better be worth it and for this second little one, I simple know it is. Everything is more doable, with less unknowns. I still don’t love being pregnant, but I’m thinking about the family and everytime I get pouty about being pregnant I just think … I‘m merely weeks away from our family being complete. And that, folks is VERY exciting.

But sure, in a way there is less attention and focus on the second baby (which will probably turn out to be a pattern their entire life which KILLS ME and every single mom out there with more than one kid).

We decided to have a little ‘Sprinkle’ which is a second baby shower. GET IT? Sprinkle. Now this isn’t something you have to have yourself or a party you need to throw for someone, its more just an option if you need an excuse to socialize and celebrate. I typically don’t need an excuse but I will ALWAYS take one. I was chatting about it on my weekly call with Target and they perked up and offered to throw it, which I realize isn’t typical, but saying ‘no’ seemed very silly and saying ‘yes’ sounded VERY FUN. Besides my mother-in laws friends threw the first one, my friends threw the second one, so it was really nice to have people just be able to show up this time. Speaking of friends …

I’ve been very anti-social this time around, hanging out mainly with my friends who have kids during the day on the weekends. I really went off the grid. I lost all motivation to go out on the weeknights or make big weekend plans because I can’t really hang late night, I get tired early, I get annoyed really easily and I have to wake up early with Charlie. Small dinner parties, casual bbq’s, daytime flea market or spa-time with girls is the most social time I can muster. Which is kinda fine for me, but I’m excited for the old Emily to be back in a few months and to grab girls night dinner on a random Tuesday again.

Back to the Sprinkle – I needed a night with friends and this was a VERY good excuse to hang out with them and their kids, do some fun family-friendly crafts, drink some delicious drinks (both with and without the good stuff) and eat tiny burgers.

Emily Henderson_Baby Shower_Sprinkle_Target_Charlie and Emily 1

Caravents,  Target and I came up with a general art direction – soft watercolors and nature-oriented activities in the light pink and green ‘Sprinkle’ theme (inspired by my/her nursery design).

We threw together this mood board real quick for color and feel, although we decided not to do the flower crowns because well, there were guys at the party so we decided it might be a bit much for them.


We ended up doing other activities, but its the same general feel. Let’s get into it:

Emily Henderson_Baby Shower_Sprinkle_Target_DIY Onsie 1

A DIY baby watercolor station. We did this with Charlie (except it was puff paints and patches) and he did end up wearing a lot of the best ones (and we hoarded and mostly made fun of the REALLY bad ones). The colors were chosen to work together so that it was hard to mess up and they used acrylic paints, then mixed with water to help it spread.

Emily Henderson_Baby Shower_Sprinkle_Target_DIY Onsie 3

They were strung up for people to show off their skills (while they dried :))

Emily Henderson_Baby Shower_Sprinkle_Target_DIY Onsie 2

Instead of the flower crown I suggested terrariums which I had done at a friend’s baby shower. The symbolism is sweet and again, they are kinda hard to mess up. We did air plants because its less mess (no dirt) with rocks and moss.

Emily Henderson_Baby Shower_Sprinkle_Target_DIY Terrerium 2

This was the biggest hit here, probably because people got to keep them.

Emily Henderson_Baby Shower_Sprinkle_Target_DIY Terrerium 3

This was moments before little Charlie decided to ‘dribble’ 2 of those glass ‘balls’. It was a very exciting crash that terrified him but added some drama to the party (lesson learned there ;))

Emily Henderson_Baby Shower_Sprinkle_Target_DIY Terrerium 4

That’s Charlie’s best friend (which happens to be my best friend’s daughter) and she has elbow patches on her chambray dress. It kills me.

Emily Henderson_Baby Shower_Sprinkle_Target_DIY Terrerium 1

Check this out – magic ink that doesn’t take paint so you can write secret messages and then paint over them.

Emily Henderson_Baby Shower_Sprinkle_Target_DIY Watercolor messages

This was VERY popular with the kids because magic is endlessly fun no matter what you say.

Emily Henderson_Baby Shower_Sprinkle_Target_DIY Watercolor messages 1

A lot of people just watercolored on paper, which turned out so beautiful and guess what – I get to keep all of those and frame the ones I love for her room. So pretty, so inexpensive and so special.

Emily Henderson_Baby Shower_Sprinkle_Target_DIY Watercolor messages 2

Lastly the polaroid guest book is something that I will hoard forever and ever. I’m a big sentamentalist (I don’t know if that is an actual word, but someone who can make anything into a sentimental occasion and documents practically anything as if its the most special thing that has ever happened). I have boxes of journals from growing up that I read and reread constantly. I even saved EVERY SINGLE paper that I wrote in high school and college. But strangely I don’t think we had a guest book at our wedding and its not something I thought I would miss, but had we done this I would TREASURE it.

Emily Henderson_Baby Shower_Sprinkle_Target_DIY Polaroid 1

It’s pretty self explanatory – it’s a scrap book with photos and a quick message to us; well wishes, warnings, etc 🙂

Emily Henderson_Baby Shower_Sprinkle_Target_DIY Polaroid 2

Emily Henderson_Baby Shower_Sprinkle_Target_DIY Polaroid

I love how Ginny and Brady hashtagged #dreamteam on there. They know what is about to happen – they were here two years ago when I had Charlie. They carried the company for a while as I was slipping away every two hours, nursing and cuddling that first baby. I didn’t really get my mojo back til around 5 months last time which you can read about that here. But I think that we are way more set up for success this time since I’ve been through it and I know how my post-baby brain works (or doesn’t).

Emily Henderson_Baby Shower_Sprinkle_Target_Food 3

Normally I’m not one that cares so much about food at parties, but when pregnant I CARE. RoomForty did the catering and it was delicious. Mini burgers, fried Chicken sandwhiches, sweet potato fries, nachos and an Ice cream bar. All requests of mine because its basically all I care about – meat, carbs, things you can dip in ketchup and ice cream. I don’t know HOW I didn’t gain 70 pounds in this pregnancy.

Emily Henderson_Baby Shower_Sprinkle_Target_Food 1

Emily Henderson_Baby Shower_Sprinkle_Target_Food 2

For the drinks they made a delicious whisky or gin concoction for my friends and a delicious hibiscus ginger soda situation for me … and Charlie.

Emily Henderson_Baby Shower_Sprinkle_Target_Drinks_Bartender

Despite the large effort that went into it, we wanted it to feel small so it was just 40 of our closest friends that dropped in over the three hours.

Emily Henderson_Baby Shower_Sprinkle_Target_Drinks_People 1

Celebrating baby #2 with baby #1 did feel very special. We are in the throes of getting him prepped for what is happening – which I can write a whole post on if you guys are interested. Our doula gave us a 2 hour class on the little tips and tricks we can do to make help promote love and curb jealousy and some of them were so simple and yet SO SMART. It’s already working.

Emily Henderson_Baby Shower_Sprinkle_Target_Charlie and Brady

The Fig House was of course the perfect venue – colorful, happy and big enough for the kids to run around and play (without fear of streets).

Emily Henderson_Baby Shower_Sprinkle_Target_Drinks_People 3

It was our last harrah before this little girl comes, and it was certainly celebratory.

Emily Henderson_Baby Shower_Sprinkle_Target_Drinks_People 2

Not very often does the nations favorite retailer throw you an intimate party – so thank you, VERY MUCH Target. It gave me a huge distraction from work which has been such a huge focus lately, prepping for the big wind down soon.

We sprinkled at 36 weeks which was cutting it close, but it was certainly something to look forward to. Also using ‘sprinkled’ as a verb is very fun and hilarious.

If you want to check out a bunch of my new registry picks and see my new diaper bag, go HERE. If you want to see other photos from the event check out the StyleMePretty post. 

Emily Henderson_Baby Shower_Sprinkle_Target_Drinks_People 4

***Photography by the always lovely Tessa Nuestadt and Katie Edwards for Caravents. 

Emily Henderson_Baby Shower_Sprinkle_Target_Charlie

P.S. It was literally 95 degrees that night which meant that I had to do a total outfit swap minutes before the party as I didn’t predict that it would be 95 in late September AT NIGHT. These uncomfortable and yet REALLY FLATTERING skinny pants didn’t get to come out to play. Thanks, Danielle for doing my hair and makeup, sorry that my face and hair were ruined immediately by sweat 🙂

Black/white striped shirt | Pink Asymetrical Crop Sweatshirt | White Maternity Shorts | Wedges

See my first baby shower here, my second one here and the DIY’s from the second one here. And here’s a Texan Outback themed shower that I helped throw for my friend.

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Congrats on baby number two!! I love all your suggestions. Here in the UK, we don’t really tend to have celebrations until after the baby is born! Although baby showers are becoming more popular.

Looks like a really fun baby shower 🙂 You look beautiful!

A wonderful sprinkle party. Lots of fun ideas that I am going to file away/pin. 😉 Blessings for the last little bit of your pregnancy!


Beautiful sprinkle! Would love to hear your tips on getting baby #1 ready for baby #2.

Best baby shower EVER!


Looks like a lovely day. Here in Ireland we don’t do baby showers so I’ve only realised reading your post that they are only for a first baby, I just assumed they would be for any baby. Which may be why, when I first saw the title of the post, my kneejerk reaction was “She had the baby and they named it Sparkle??”


Looks like a lovely day. Here in Ireland we don’t do baby showers so I’ve only realised reading your post that they are only for a first baby, I just assumed they would be for any baby. Which may be why, when I first saw the title of the post, my kneejerk reaction was “She had the baby and they named it Sprinkle??”

I love the term “sprinkle” – so cute. And these are awesome shower ideas for DIYs! Totally stealing some when my time comes. Thanks for sharing!

xo, Sarah


I can’t even lie- I read the title of this post and thought you had the baby and named her Sprinkle! I guess weirder things have happened…


SO CUTE! Your forgot to add the link to the new registry items and diaper bag!

Yes yes, do share. I am making my own registry and would love to see your faves!


Would love to see the diaper bag and link as well!! DIY crafts are so great. Can’t wait to incorporate into our shower 🙂 Congrats Emily!


You and your family look so happy and adorable. I’m excited to meet your new little sweet pea. Charlie and Brady looked very dapper together.
You make me want to shop Target even when you’re not showing their product line….your like Target Platinum.
Congratulations and so many good wishes for now while you wait for your family to be complete at 4 and in the future. xo


I post about strategies you’re learning to help promote love and curb jealousy would be so helpful!


I could use some tips for curbing jealousy– my own, of bloggers who get so much cool stuff! “Just a little art-directed shower thrown by Target for me and 40 of my closest friends…” nice! lol


A post about strategies you’re learning to help promote love and curb jealousy would be so helpful!


This is so stinkin’ cute! Would love to see the link to your registry updates/new diaper bag, though… doesn’t seem to be working. Congrats and good luck with Hendo#2!


Would love to hear tips on avoiding competition and encouraging affection between siblings.


Yes please on the doula’s tips for second baby prep! Am currently pregnant with number two and need to start thinking about prepping my son (also a blond cutie close to Charlie’s age ☺️).

And the link to your registry picks isn’t working…

So glad you had an enjoyable sprinkle!


Gotta tell ya, you’re in for a surprise. Two kids = GAME CHANGER. Sure, they are all cute and sh*t and make you whole, make you love so much, it hurts, making you feel like your heart can’t take it, but man, TWO kids. Ay carramba! Game changer. Time is of an essence. And dividing it up for two will be difficult especially when you have a toddler that for 2/3 years he’s had your undivided time. How it was described to me is this…you’ve been married happily with your toddler, all your time is dedicated to them and then 2/3 years later you decide to get a new wife, meanwhile you’re still married to the first, but the second is brand new and fresh and you want and need to give them most of your time, hence first wife is gonna be pissed! Happy Monday! And all the best and the most of happiest blessings to you and your family! p.s. Really unusual that I just wrote you all this. It’s Monday, I’m kind of hungover still from my first “adults party” in what feels like 10 years and I’m a mom to a 1 and 4 year old.… Read more »


Yes, totally this. Two kids is no joke. I’m not saying that in a mean “Ha ha, you think it’s going to be great, but it’s not” way. It’s just that it’s a whole new level of hard. I’m in the throes of it right now and could write A LOT about it, but I’m typing on my phone while nursing. Just as I’m sure a lot of people told you shortly after you had Charlie, I will tell you now: “It gets better.” Just remember that. 🙂



Um, you definitely win for best/most creative baby shower(s). Weather’s been crazy around these parts too, so I feel you!

Josh | The Kentucky Gent


Beautiful sprinkle! Can you provide the link to your registry please?


I kept thinking why is there beautiful rugs and furniture sitting outside but then I remember the fig house is amazing like that!! What a great venue!! So happy for you!! what a great memory and moment for charlie too.

btw, when I brought my 2nd child home, my 2 year old ignored him for like a year, so just in case that happens, don’t worry, its totally fine.


looks fabulous! love the color palette and the terrariums — reminds me of the little prince.

question – do you think the paint will come out of the onesies in the wash? and/or did you buy a specific paint? would love to replicate this idea if it works! the colors are gorgeous.


That is that magic paint called?

This baby shower looks like so much fun! You’re so lucky to have so many friends to celebrate with!



Love these pictures!!
The link at the end for your new registry and baby bag wasn’t showing.

This is one adorable sprinkle and I am loving all of the crafts!

Beth L

We also do “sprinkles” at our church for our young moms on their subsequent children, but I just LOVE the activities you had for your guests. What treasures they have made for you!

Angie Sz

Another reason to celebrate = Big Brother Party…

We did this after #2 arrived – as soon as I could imagine having a few friends over. I think it really helped my older one feel special after all the fuss over his little brother. We had cake and presents and made it his day. “Yay! You are a Big Brother!!” He loved it.

The first year with two is intense – but it seems like you have lots of support – so you will be fine. So much is easier with #2 because: been there, done that…and I think we are all so much more relaxed with the second because we don’t sweat the small stuff and we are too stressed to be precious. I was very righteous about silly things like pacifiers and swings (swings!) with my first and by the time baby #2 came along I was like – whatever it takes for me to sleep/sit down/go to the bathroom.

Be gentle with yourself and take the time you need to find your new rhythm. Wishing you the very best!


I love the idea of throwing a party for friends before a new baby arrives and sucks you into the vortex of babyland. And what a beautiful party you had (I’m so sad Target didn’t make a go of it here in Canada!)! So lovely of you to share.

My two are 29 months apart, and my little guy adores his little sister. More than his being jealous of the new baby, I found I missed spending time with my son after my daughter was born. For me, taking time to do our same bedtime ritual every night really helped me feel close to him, and I think it grounded our home amid the newborn chaos.


What a fun shower idea! I’d love a post on how you are getting Charlie ready for his new sister.

lynnie gill

Hey Em, (and to the Henderson tribe), best of the best wishes for bubs # 2. Starting to check everyday – not for a new makeover, but for news of a brand new little person. Thank you for the difference you make in our lives, xox from Australia


That looks like a beautiful party! I am so jealous of the weather, autumn is really getting going in a grey, wet way here in the UK.

However, I did have a blip at the end when I clicked on the link for those flattering pants. I have been shopping for maternity clothes, and if I see another pair of skinny jeans, or tight black trousers, I think I am going to flip 😉 I want to know who decided that pregnant women can only go skintight and black on their bottom half…


Please share any tips on how to prep baby #1 for baby #2. Our little guy will be 18 months when his brother appears and I haven’t a clue where to start in terms of “prepping”.


Yes to the post on helping baby 1 adjust to baby 2! My oldest is 3 yo, and I’m 37 weeks along with baby brother. Need more tips for getting her ready to be big sister.


i’d love to hear more about how you’re prepping charlie, emily!


Everything is so sweet! I love the personal touches!

Could you share what brand of invisible ink you used for the watercolor art? I have been wanting to make a piece of art for my sister and this would be perfect thing! (simple but artsy)! 😉


I love your outfit here. Pink and stripes. So so lovely!

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