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My 1st Baby Shower

Well, folks … as you probably know by now we had a baby – Mr. Charlie Henderson. But before one has a baby, one must have a shower – specifically thrown by one’s wonderful mother-in-law’s best friends in Sacramento. It was pretty awesome. Brian and I have been together since we were 21, practically babies ourselves, and we actually lived in his parents converted garage while we saved to move to New York 12 years ago. So over the years I’ve gotten to know her friends pretty well and they are amazing.

They chose a Little Red Wagon theme – which was totally adorable and yet timeless – and perfect for my little Charlie who will undoubtedly play in that wagon for years and years. They made lunch boxes full of curried chicken (which was a craving, probably because it has mayonaise and sugar in it, so delicious), white wine for the ladies and flowers styled in red wagon vases.  It felt casual and easy, which was so nice and way more my speed, because sometimes big baby showers can feel overwhelming and formal. But not this one. It was simple and classy, but still young and fun.

Emily Henderson Baby Shower 01.1

I opened present after present, which I was nervous about, but as you can obviously tell from that HUGE smile on my face I was very happy with what I received. Lots of pretty adorable onesies and boy toys. I’m glad that we are pounding into Charlie’s head from an early age to become a general contractor or a furniture builder (with the tool kit). All my future mother/son business dreams are already getting fulfilled.

I particularly like the picture of me trying to cram myself into the wagon next to Suz (my mother in law who is here helping us with the baby right now and is taking SUCH good care of us). Also please note that in one of these photos I’m wearing a bib.

Emily Henderson Baby Shower 01.1

Thank you so much Vickie, Bonnie, Miri, Heidi, Teri, and Sharon.  And one very special host was not there, Nancy, who was Suz’s best friend. She was and will always be very, very, very, very missed.

Ladies, you did Charlie proud. 🙂 Thank you so much.

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