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EHD Go-To, Article Furniture, And Our 15 FAVORITE Pieces We’re Eyeing For Black Friday

Y’all there are so many options out there when it comes to furniture and decor…SO MANY. I know I am easily overwhelmed and most of the time just want someone to be like, “Hey! This is what you should do! This is where you should shop! This is the best *fill in the blank*!” Today I want to be that someone for you. Especially if you’re already in sale cart planning and researching mode like we are. If you’ve been reading this blog for any length of time you know we are real deal fans of Article. Emily has been using them for easily eight years and we’ve never been disappointed. Aside from their great decor pieces, they are one of the most reasonably priced retailers out there right now, ESPECIALLY for the quality you get and the beautiful modern designs they offer. And that’s even before it’s on sale…which 600+ pieces will be because it’s almost Black Friday time, baby (up to 35% off!!). And while this may not be a priority to everyone, they are also the nicest people we work with. Promoting them is easy and completely genuine.

So instead of showing you the countless times we’ve used their products, I wanted to take you through our 15 top wishlist items that we’re hoping will be on sale (don’t worry there’s a lot more to choose from:)) Let’s dive in.

photo by kaitlin green | from: how i convinced my friend to paint her room really dark: A kid/dog-friendly basement makeover with article furniture

Beta Cypress Green Left Chaise Sectional

Speaking of diving in, the way Emily has raved about this comfy sectional makes me desperately want it, too. First, I just need a bigger apartment. I love love that dark green corduroy fabric so much and it comes in other configurations too! But since I have yet to experience it in person here is what Emily has said about it: “So I will hereby swear on my children that this is one of if not the best cozy sectionals I have ever owned and sat on. The cushions are filled with some magic powder/foam that has give but remains in shape with the right amount of bounceback. Granted that we’ve only had ours for less than a year (and Kaitlin less than a month), so I can’t speak to longevity here. But having owned other Article furniture (remember this from the Glendale house?) for years, I have enough experience in the quality they bring to their offerings that I can extend that confidence to this sectional, too. Oh and the comfort is at 100%.”

So ya, if you need a sectional, this one should probably be at the top of your list.

Pica Ivory Bouclé Ottoman

When I first saw this ottoman when it came out I remember thinking “OK ARTICLE!”. They are known for their clean, midcentury lines but have been branching out a little while still maintaining that beautiful clean look. This ottoman could easily go in a living room, in a bedroom at the foot of the bed, or even in an office! (she says while using her ottoman as an underdesk footrest). Just on trend enough without looking too trendy. 10/10.

Candra Black Media Unit

Woven cane is such a fun yet classic look. And did y’all see Mallory’s studio apartment reveal!? She has a similar-ish media unit and loves that she can access her electronics via a remote with the doors still closed because of the holes in the canning. What a design dream! Plus this is just a seriously beautiful piece that works with a ton of different styles.

Gira Matte Black Floor Lamp

Classic, simple, and a GREAT scale. This puppy is almost 5 feet tall! The style is so versatile and the perfect reading chair lamp. And with those slender lines, it would wonderfully contrast with an awesome chunky accent chair. Speaking of…

Mod Jay Gray Armchair

Midcentury and SO cozy looking! It has a Papa Bear meets Don Draper chair feel but for a MUCH more affordable price. Big fan.

Newberry Walnut Wide Bookcase

We’ve used versions of this type of bookcase before but never one with this much open and closed storage! It’s so timeless, sophisticated, and my love for walnut only grows bigger with each passing day. It can go with lots of styles but if you are yearning for a “Mad Men” vibe…look no further.

Baarlo Oak Dining (Table for 6) | Baarlo Oak Bench

More cool new shapes! Emily used the coffee table version of this for Kaitlin’s basement and it was so pretty. So I can only imagine how gorgeous it would be in this dining table/bench combo. While I don’t have a dining room, this would be a TOP contender. Don’t even get me started on the desk version – the hidden storage? I just love some furniture chunk:)

Aster Natural Ash 2-Drawer Nightstand

I think this is such a stunning nightstand! I love the “simple but specialness” of it. Plus look at all of that storage! It looks super high-end to me:)

Almelo Sumac Red Queen Headboard

I mean what a headboard! That also comes with nightstands! Well, more like very cute shelves but wonderfully functional nonetheless. It’s not super easy to find such a large and special headboard on the market so this is SUCH a find if it’s the style you are looking for. Another 10/10.

Beau Walnut Floor Mirror

I’ve loved this floor mirror from the first time I saw it. The details (brass caps, leather straps, etc) are so wonderful. It definitely looks like it should be so much more expensive than it is. And even not on sale it’s a great deal…so snag it while the deals are hot.

Vireo Walnut 2-Drawer Nightstand

Another perfect nightstand. Honestly, no notes. Again, I love love the walnut. I love that cute yet brutalist drawer pull. And I, of course, love the amount of storage.

Lenia Walnut Underbed Storage Drawer Set

Beautiful rolling underbed drawers, that actually function well, aren’t easy to find. Currently, my mattress is on the floor (I know, SHAME) but if it weren’t, I would LOVE to have these. Did you see them in Sara’s primary bedroom that we revealed Monday? They look perfect!! Function and form:)

design and styled by emily bowser | photo by sara ligorria-tramp | from: emily bowser’s back unit yard reveal, 2022 musings, new year resolutions, and other meanderings…

Lubek Slate Gray Low Corner Sectional

If Bowser’s backyard reveal didn’t convince you that this is the chicest outdoor sectional out there I don’t know what will. The tones are sophisticated, the lines are clean and slick, and it just looks like the most perfect place to lounge outside with friends. Might not be a terrible time to think forward to those fun outdoor hangs in the warmer months and grab the savings now. Juuust an idea if you’re in the market.

Aeri Slate Gray Lounge Chair

Bowser has raved about them, Sara has raved about them, and now I’m about to. Like Bowser, I too went to one of Article’s Rooftop Cinema Club movie nights. This meant we ALL got to sit in outdoor Article chairs and I couldn’t believe how comfortable and roomy it was. This is a 10000/10 purchase if you need some, or even just one, outdoor chair. I can’t recommend it enough!

Well, those are 15 of our picks but like I said in the intro, a little Article bird told us there will be over 600 items on sale up to 35% off from November 13 – 27, 2023. I know we get most of their products gifted but we truly wouldn’t keep promoting them year after year if we didn’t truly think they made beautiful, quality things (and at great prices). Happy crazy sale month! We highly recommend checking out our picks, planning your cart, and to go check out these savings come the 13th!

Love you, mean it.

Opening Image Credits: Photo by Kaitlin Green | From: How I Convinced My Friend To Paint Her Room Really Dark: A Kid/Dog-Friendly Basement Makeover With Article Furniture

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5 months ago

You have a good eye for this stuff Emily. Just out of curiosity, which one is your absolute favorite piece?

5 months ago

I am just here to report that I have the Candra Black Media Unit and absolutely love it! It is extremely spacious, is well made, and looks beautiful.

5 months ago

I have the underbed drawers in black. Love them, and really good quality.

5 months ago

Does anyone have any of the other sectionals or couches?

5 months ago
Reply to  KAB

I’ve had their Sven Leather sectional since 2017 and it’s held up really well. The back cushions need to be fluffed from time to time, but the frame and bottom cushions are in fantastic shape. The leather has also aged really well, and it’s seen some LIFE (a whole bowl of ramen spilled on it once–UGH!). I’d definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a new leather sofa.

5 months ago
Reply to  KAB

I have purchased 2 Article sofas over the last couple years – always during this end of season sale. The Abisko Mist Gray Sectional – is a very petite chaise lounge. The Beta Atlas Blue Corner Sectional – it’s gigantic. We actually took one of the middle pieces out and use it as a chair in another room! Both are very different stylistically but the quality is amazing. The Abisko is very firm yet comfortable, especially for how short it is. But the seats are deep and the chaise can easily fit two people cuddling. The Beta cushions are also firm but it’s definitely very comfortable – a great sofa for hanging out. I fluff the back cushions often because I don’t like the slouchy look and they pop right back into shape. Both sofas are low so if you have a hard time getting from a sitting position into a standing position that might be a problem. We have to give our older relatives a hand up to get up off either of these. I have a sofa similar to the leather Sven from another popular online retailer. It was more expensive but honestly, it just hasn’t held up… Read more »

5 months ago
Reply to  KAB

I have the beta sectional featured (in navy) and LOVE it. It’s held up so well with two small boys who use it as a jungle gym. Great for napping and snuggling by for fires. When the pillows sag I rebuff them and they are magically back to normal. I’m very happy with the purchase.

5 months ago

Okay serious question for those have/had then: do the underbed drawers get super dusty? Theyre not covered from I can tell right? I am worried it will just make any clothes or linens that we store under the bed dust magnets.

5 months ago

I love Article’s aesthetic and price point, but their outdoor furniture seems designed for California, not the many parts of the country where rain and/or cold is a regular occurrence. Can anyone recommend a source for modern/contemporary outdoor furniture that can withstand cold and snow (covered outdoors, not stored indoors during the winter)? Or experience with Article’s outdoor furniture holding up if you disregard their “store indoors in rainy or cold climates” recommendation?

5 months ago
Reply to  KL

Hello from Vancouver, Canada! Where it rains about as much as Seattle, WA and Portland, Oregon. Which is to say … a lot! I have Article’s Teaka Dining Table on my deck. We cover it during the fall/winter but have owned for many years. It’s developed a beautiful silvery patina and is just as solid as the day we purchased.