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The New Target Fall Style Collection


My job just gets easier and easier. Target’s fall collection launched last week and it is VERY, VERY, VERY good. They invited me to host a big editor event in upstate New York a few weeks ago where I previewed a lot of the pieces in person and took some iPhone pics, but then when I saw the catalogue (that I believe my lovely friend Scott, styled) I felt compelled to post it instead as it is just so well done and really showcases the products so well.

The catalogue looks like a magazine – a magazine of beautiful, stylish and inexpensive pieces that you can buy anywhere in America (both online and in stores). They sent me a few pieces earlier this week, which I styled out in the shot above. When I went shopping not everything was in store yet, but now it is.


Yes, those pink chairs are Nate Berkus for Target and they are so good (although I think stock is already low). We are scrambling to find a project to put them in but don’t have one right now. I’m tempted to hoard them just in case (elliot’s new bedroom?).

Marble & Gold Side Table | Grey Furry PillowOmbre Furry Pillow | Round Marble Tray | Marble Coffee TableGrey and White Rug | Pink Chair | Grey Chair | White Fur Pillow | Wood Cheese Board


Threshold Faceted Vase | Wood Slab Side Table | Candle | Pink Tufted Chair | Wood and Copper Mirror

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this vase. It’s an instant Target classic in my book and I bought one of each style/size for me. The chair, table and mirror are all wonderful, too.


Marble Tray with Handles | Square Chopping Board | Marble & Wood Cheese Board | Mortar & Pestle | Wine Stoppers

Yes to all of those. I bought the marble tray with the gold handles, the mortar and pestle (why?? I don’t even know what to do with that?) and the stoppers for a client.


Marble & Gold Console Table | Watercolor Landscape Print | Tall Blue Marbled Vase | Tufted Chair | Hammered Ice Bucket | Resin Skull | Buffalo Print

Target’s art department has previously been something that we don’t shop too much from, but not anymore … they launched a whole new collection and it’s genuinely VERY, VERY, VERY amazing. Please see for yourself:


Framed Pattern Abstract Blue Prints | Watercolor Blue Abstract Prints | Watercolor Blue Pebble Print | Agate Abstract Print | Metal Wall Grid Decor | Marble and Wood Coffee Table | Gold Wall Burst Art | Woven Blanket |


Marble Bar Cart | Windsor Chair Navy | Windsor Chair Teal | Bistro Chair Black | Bentwood Chair Grey | Copper Pendant | Large Serving Bowl | Pitcher | Woven Pillow | Abstract Pillow

We are still buying those windsor chairs for clients and now they have the bentwood thonet style ones. Yes to those pendants, too.


Tall Wood Pepper Mill | Short Wood Pepper Mill | Bronze Dinnerware Set | Navy Serving Bowl | Chambray Napkins | Gold Serving Spoons

I have the huge blue bowl (which looks great on a shelf or holding magazines, too), the salad servers, and the wood and brass salt and pepper grinders, duh.


Mortar & Pestle | Tall Wood Pepper Mill | Short Wood Pepper MillNavy Serving BowlLight Blue Serving Bowl | Orange Check Napkin | Silver Tray | Blue Plate | Striped Placemat

I bought the dutch oven, blue bowl, and salt and pepper for a client to style out this week (The Lorey’s kitchen is finally being shot!!).


Marble & Copper Cake StandTall Wood Pepper Mill | Short Wood Pepper MillLight Blue Serving Bowl | Small Blue Marbled Vase | Tall Blue Marbled Vase | Gold Measuring Spoons | Gold Measuring Cups16 Piece Dinnerware Set | Teapot | White Pitcher | Rose Gold Flatware Set | Plaid Kitchen Towel | Gold Pie Server | White & Gold Dip Bowls |

I feel so proud. Can you believe that a store that sells litter boxes, underwear, and bikes can also produce really beautiful tabletop, furniture, and art direct shoots that look like this?

I bought these blue mugs for the shoot and for me (the ones that are hanging).


Homemade And Delicious Platter | Freshly Brewed Mug | Dip Bowl | Blue Speckled Cappuccino Mug | White Speckled Mug


Plaid Kitchen Towel | Thanks A Latte Plate | Fresh And Delicious Plate | Gold Silverware

You know I snagged the plaid kitchen towel and, of course, I already have the gold flatware.


16 Piece Dinnerware Set | Teapot | White Pitcher | Rose Gold Flatware Set |

Finally they have a dinner set that I love.  I have always wished they had a simpler white set and now they do.


Threshold Burgundy Colorblock Pillow | Furry Pillow | Woven Throw Blanket | Pink Tufted Chair


Braided Rug | Black and White Diamond Rug | Grey Flower Rug | Blue Tribal Rug | Blue Antique Rug | Overdyed Blue Rug | Cream Geometric Rug.

This braided rug is so good in person. We have it in the studio right now for an upcoming shoot and the quality, color, and feel are so so good.


Green Marble & Wood Edison Lamp | Green Marble and Copper Table Lamp | Double Gourd Lamp | Gold Drum Table | Gold Coffee Table | Gold Tripod Lamp | Gold Task Lamp | Black Task Lamp | Gold Ball Lamp | White Task Lamp | Marble and Wood Edison Lamp

As soon as the double gourd lamp is for sale I’m buying them for future bedrooms. There are so many times that we hunt and search for a pretty gourd lamp that isn’t generic and is a large scale. Why? Because beds tend to be square and nightstands tend to be square so what you want is something with some shape and large scale enough to work with a king bed. It’s hard. I haven’t seen this one in person, but it looks really pretty and isn’t that generic gourd shape.


Furry Pillow | Woven Pillow | Faux Fur Blanket | Raw Edge Wood Tray | Copper Menlo Lamp | Basket | Rug | Candle | Gold and Wood Vase | Coffee Table

That coffee table is going to go fast. I saw it in person at my Glendale Target and it’s GREAT.


Black & White Framed Art | Two-Tone Bison Figurine | Edison Bulb Lamp | White Vase | Black and Gold Task Lamp | Black Sculpture | Concrete Taper Holder | Glass and Black Vase

I love those concrete candle holders and that vase. I broke the black/white bull in the store (not out of anger but because my cart was so over-full that it fell out). I apologized profusely and they were very nice about it.


Black and White Pillow | Faux Fur Stool | Decorative Pumpkin | Black Lantern | Woven Side Table | Black Floor Lamp | Yellow Tufted Chair | Braided Rug


Grey Velvet Quilt | Pink Sheets | Pink Velvet Pillow | White Fur Pillow | Woven Pillow | Speckled Mug

LOVE that quilt.

Isn’t their catalogue so beautiful? As a former catalogue stylist, I know how much work it can take to make so much product look editorial, so nice job Johnny Miller and Scott Horne (and Target for having very forward art direction).

If you don’t know what to buy then don’t worry because I’ve gone ahead and rounded up my favorites from the Fall collection. I truly love so much of it, but I narrowed it down. And as you know, things sell out FAST so if you are on the fence just buy and if you don’t need it or can’t find the right place for it in your home, simply return it. 🙂

Happy shopping folks!


1. Woven Bowls | 2. Plaid Pillow | 3. White Lumbar Pillow | 4. Throw Blankets | 5. Set of 3 Framed Abstract Art Prints | 6. Set of 2 Framed Watercolor Prints | 7. Floor Lamp | 8. Drum Accent Table | 9. Large Ceramic Vase | 10. Small Ceramic Vase | 11. Glass Terrarium | 12. Metal & Wood Candle Holder | 13. Glass Candle Holder | 14. White Felt Basket | 15. Framed Black & White Print | 16. Marble Base Table Lamp | 17. Ceramic Flower Pot | 18. Tall Vase | 19. Metal Sculpture | 20. Llama Bookends | 21. Monogram Wine Stoppers | 22. Marble Tray with Handles | 23. Marble & Wood Cheese Plate | 24. Leather Mirror | 25. Large Thin Gold Frame | 26. Thin Gold Double Frame | 27. Woven Basket | 28. Fringe Napkins | 29. Plaid Kitchen Towel | 30. Marble & Metal Table | 31. Lantern with Leather Handle | 32. Tree Slice Accent Table | 33. Teardrop Table Lamp | 34. Gold Barware Set | 35. Wood & Gold Whisk | 36. Faux Fur Stool | 37. Light Blue Speckled Mixing Bowl | 38. Navy Speckled Mixing Bowl | 39. White Speckled Mug | 40. Gold Patterned Dip Bowls | 41. Concrete Taper Candle Holder | 42. Marble & Wood Mortar with Pestle | 43. Marble & Wood Salt Cellar | 44. Wood Salt & Pepper Mill | 45. Leather & Wood Accent Table | 46. Navy Speckled Plate | 47. Light Blue Speckled Plate | 48. Gold Measuring Cups | 49. Gold Measuring Spoons | 50. White & Gold Serving Spoons | 51. Bison Decor Figurine | 52. Ceramic Pitcher | 53. Cast Iron Dutch Oven | 54. White Dinnerware Set | 55. Bistro Chairs | 56. White Wash Bench | 57. Round Marble Serving Tray | 58. Wood Tray | 59. Short Textured Vase | 60. Tall Textured Vase | 61. Blue Marbled Vase | 62. Clear Blue Glass Bowl | 63. Wood Sculpture | 64. Copper Tree Stump Accent Table

Check out some more of my favorite things: Favorite Pastel Paint Colors (For Grown Ups), My 38 Favorite Dressers in the World (And Where To Buy Them), My 63 Favorite Temporary Wallpaper Patterns.

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So many amazing things! Need to finish decorating my office (and then find new places for some of these beautiful things) so definitely going there TODAY! Thank you for the reminder and guidance!



Why oh why can’t we have a Target in the UK!! *sobs uncontrollably* ?


I get it! Why can’t we have good Target in Australia??!!! 🙁


Maddy, may I ask you what stores in UK do you suggest? Last time I went to London I entered a few that were amazing, but when I looked at the price tags a few times I actually laughed (something like “do you seriously believe I would spend THAT much on a bloody pillow cover???”). I am going to Scotland and would like to enter at least a home decor store that have pretty things but won’t require to sell a kidney on the black market 🙂

WHY don’t they have Target anymore in Canada? D: I wanna buy everything !
Is it reasonable to plan a trip across the border only to go shop at Target? Also, where is the nearest Target if I cross the border at Lacolle!?!?
I’m jealous 🙁


I was drooling over many Emily-picked Target items here but when I actually made a trip to the store, I found them _all_ to be of a very mediocre quality and not worth the price (however alluring the price may seem).

One review on Nate-Berkus-for-Target summed it up by stating that Nate would never have those Target things in his home.

In short, it all looks good, but is a big disappointment in reality. Definitely not worth the trip to the other side of the town, let alone in reality.


It depends on the item. I picked up both of those vases and I was SHOCKED by how exceptional the quality is (at least on par in quality with a Crate and Barrel/Pottery Barn purchase). Heavy and beautiful, even had the felt pads on the bottom like a higher end vase.


Completely agree! I toss most catalogs, but I held onto the Target one and marveled at how beautifully styled all the shoots were. Very tempted by the pink slipper chair! Trying to decide if curved is the way to go….and if it would mean too much pink in the house (is that possible)?


God knows I love Target and God knows I will be picking up those salt and pepper grinders, and I love this collection and I LOVE all the generosity they’ve shown in your past projects. But it makes me cringe to see big retailers start rolling out trendy, inexpensive seasonal lines on the regular. That can’t be good for the environment – right? I know it’s more time-consuming, but I miss the trolling Craigslist posts and the reupholstered thrift store furniture projects. So inspiring and more eco-friendly.


I had the same thought. I’m looking for bedside lamps that I’ll keep for a long time, and that faceted one looks great, but are we supposed to buy new serving bowls and vases every season? And apparently a lot of what we do rate to Goodwill ends up in landfill anyway, because they just get TOO MUCH STUFF.


Totally agree. There is enough stuff in the world already, and a lot of it is very beautiful. When we buy cheap decor made in China we’re supporting sweatshops and nature destruction. This catalog is great for inspiration and design education, that’s it.


Thank you guys for saying this. I love pretty new things as much as anyone….but every time I walk into Target all I can think about while looking at this stuff is the toll that it took on the planet to create and ship it, and the fact that it will all end up in a landfill; most likely that will be sooner rather than later since, in all honesty, Target does not produce heirloom quality products. That being said, I think that the catalogue looks lovely and I appreciate the fact that Emily works hard in her partnership with them.




I am totally with you on the concern for the environment. Have you seen the documentary True Cost (, also on Netflix) about the fashion industry? I am sure many of the same problems exist in the home dec industry. It’s not easy to resist the temptation of all the beautiful new things available but thinking about where they come from, how they are made, who is making them and so on helps temper many a case of the “wanties” for me.


The fact that Emily mixes old and new is what made me start following her in the first place. I wonder how many things from Target I’ve bought at the thrift store, LOL. Probably a few.

Holy cow this collection is amazing! This is my favorite Target debut yet! I’m going to buy the ombre fur pillow, the black and white bison for my bookshelves, and the gold task lamp. LOVE!!


DYING for the marble and wooden coffee table….why, oh, why is it not available yet??? thanks for this post, emily! we’ve all been anxiously waiting for it!


Whyyyyyyyy is the Australian Target so *PATHETIC* in comparison?!
Anything you can do about that, Henderson? 😉
ugggggh, I’m dying over here from all the loveliness.


So agree with you on this!! Ugh. Makes me depressed when I walk into our Target now. I just want the lamps but even if I got them I’d probably blow the house up with the different power cord. Ha.


The US Target and the Australian Target are not connected in any way, despite having the same logo:


This collection looks amazing. If only Targets in NYC were not complete dumps…

Prashanti Lyree-jo Vodanovich

It breaks my poor little Australian heart every time you do a Target Feature! Target Aus is pooh pooh pooh!!!




So its great this available in a budget manor fashion to the “masses” but C”MON!! They have always copied West Elm and CB2, and now they are copying Minted and Rejuvination. Would love to see Target hire some designers to come up with their own take on trends and some more original stuff. It is a great catalog and beautifully styled. I do hope more big box stores will jump on the brass trend (specifically LOWES HOME MIPROVEMENT which still carries nothing but oil rubbed bronze, chrome and nickel finishes.)

Great post!


Hi Emily great post! When I click on the links though for the marble tray, accent table, pink chair it says product not found. I’ve noticed this often happens on their website. Is it not available online yet?


I was just at Target yesterday and so many of these items literally stopped me in my tracks and got my brain thinking about where I could put them, lol. So much good stuff!!

Ashley Bateman

Just tried purchasing the pink/blush Nate Berkus tufted chair and it’s ALREADY sold out! I’m so sad. Do you know if they will be doing a restock for this particular chair?

**runs out to update every kitchen accessory**



I was super impressed by the new artwork also. I saw the catalog and instantly was like “target stepped up their art game big time!” I love the blue and white vases. Saw those and loved them in person. The pink Nate chair I’m seriously debating getting. Especially this week there’s a $40 off $150 furniture purchase coupon.


I am broke but have found some wonderful Nate Berkus and ‘Threshold’ accents at Target at 70% off. Several small up to date items really help my house look stylish. (I apologize for boasting, but Emily’s blog has helped guide me, especially the articles about decorating on a budget.) Target’s John Robshaw bedding collaboration dropped to 50-70% off, enabling me to transform a bedroom for less than $100. Target can be magic.
Don’t look to Target for sturdy furniture, though. There are some outstanding furniture pieces, but a few are of Ikea quality.
i am thrilled with the wonderful new artwork available at Target. One tip: for $5 you can get very similar (unframed!) abstract art on Etsy:


I always get excited when you post Target products but when I actually try to buy it, it is sold out. Target needs to make sure what they are promoting should be available. What is the point to advertise through Emily and don’t have the stuff in stock! Feel like they are just teasing me?

This collection is amazing, I love all of these, they’re so beautiful!


I want a coffee table like the marble one and OF COURSE it’s the only thing in that collection with no link. *Sniff*! Great collection recap. I <3 Target.


But this catalogue has an “it’s/its” error on the page about the Madre de Cacao tree table. (Should be “a look all ITS own,” without the apostrophe.) For shame, Target!

Ha! I noticed that, too. As an editor, I am both comforted and amused when a huge company with all of these resources puts out a gorgeous catalogue with a typo. It happens to the best of us!


I noticed that too! 😀


Target’s unimaginative bull of a CEO opened 9,756 Targets in Canada in 2007 or so, instead of opening a few and letting the chain expand organically. He totally ignored what Canadians wanted in their stores. So of course Target Canada flopped big time, and the same unimaginative bull of a CEO closed all the stores and exited, leaving Canada without a Target. This unimaginative bull of a CEO was subsequently canned. Can you mail order across the border? I live mostly in Minnesota, and have met many Canadians who gather together for special Target trips to Duluth, etc.


What is so hard about ‘its’? It’s = It is. End of story

Love target and their new collections are getting better and better. That rug is amazing!


Thank you Emily!! So beautiful and your responses are so kind! Besides talented, you are a nice person! xo


So why does Target not list the dimensions of the items, esp furniture?


Love this post and how you feature beautiful items at all cost points. I think that’s what is so unique about your blog and personal style – you truly know how to mix high and low. Of course we all know it would be way easier for someone in your shoes to only link and feature $$$ items – but you dont. I think you take the time and energy to sort through piles of rubbish to find the good at all price points. I’m a fan.

On a different note – has anyone noticed that Target will feature things a certain way in their catalog yet change small (but key) details for mass production? The water color print (shown in white frame in the catalog – light wood frame for purchase) and the resin bull head (horns slightly curved in catalog – straight horns for purchase) come immediately to mind. What’s up with that? I often prefer the small tweaks that are shown in the catalog versus the item that is eventually made available for purchase.


I had been stalking the Windsor chairs since Sunday and they were out of stock till I just checked 30minutes ago! Got two sets in teal, plus another chair for my daughter’s room and took advantage of the 175 off 450! Such a win!

Emily, that photo of the pink chair with the pillows and throw just screams Elliot’s new room, don’t’cha think??? I hope you were able to snag a couple of those cozy chairs; can’t you see her snuggling in one of them, ‘reading’ her favorite book? I must say, while I am not a frequent Target shopper (gasp! I know, I’m finding what I need/want/didn’t know I needed but must have), @ HG lately, this post makes me wanna hit the nearest Target asap. I also found other reader’s comments very intriguing, and it all makes me think there’s a real life lesson here, in so many regards. thank you for your excellent, and thought-provoking, well designed blog; I learned lots here today!!! (and I can’t wait to see everything in person).


I am loving this collection! Thanks so much for sharing. I ordered the tripod floor lamp and am hoping those blush chairs are available soon. Emily, if you and your team are still taking roundup suggestions, I have two: side tables and night stands.


Yes! Completely agree on both of those.


Oh, Target, how I love thee! It’s nice to see so many pieces that I’d love to buy–and probably will.
That fab, marble-topped coffee table is “currently unavailable,” though. Any news about its possible availability? Is it sold out? Can we look forward to its miraculous appearance later? Any insider information is much appreciated because I really want one.


I love metal & not plastic measuring cups & spoons & now in gold.. yes, please. Have to say the pink slipper chair is cute & tempting for my girls room & it’s so nice to see the pencil legs with caps just like vintage. I’m always scouring thrift stores & estate sales for mid-century like that & it’s slim pickins here. I did just find some sad but well built & comfortable vintage granny like chairs from the habitat store that I’m going to get’s pricey but I feel good about giving them a new lease on life & helping the charity, local small business & Mother Earth. I miss your Craigslist & furniture finds makeovers, too..most people can’t see the potential (like my dh) & how just new padding & upholstery can magically transform.


So many good things. I am overwhelmed with good pieces. Now I just want a bunch of things, but I need Emily and her team to come and place the entire catalogue artfully into my home.


Wow – that is some NICE stuff! I wish they had that faux fur stool about a year ago, when I bought two at a MUCH higher price for my office!!


I’m thinking about purchasing the pink tufted armchair. If anyone has seen the pink in person, is it more of a bubblegum pink or a lighter pink. Thanks!

Really best collections in the world

Really best collections in the world how these guys getting these collections


Hi, the new collections look great!
Do you know if the target furniture contains flame retardant?



So many good things! Thanks for the round-up!


These are my favorite posts! My cart is full ready to buy! Thanks for the recommendations.

Hi Emily Henderson,

Long time reader; first time commenter…thank you for this post. I was so excited to see a copper floor lamp because that has proven an elusive thing to find. But when I went to buy it they’re only showing it in brass. Boo. Any idea when/if it will be in copper?



hi emily…this post is so awesome! i love these new roundups series! what a great idea thank you! but i was wondering why some of the links aren’t hyperlinked? are they not available yet? i really want that marble and wood coffee table (or is it a bench?)…i tried searching on target and can’t find it anywhere! please help! thanks!


I am redecorating my living room and I stumbled upon your blog, which is great, by the way. I’m so glad I saw your reviews because I hadn’t seen any of the pieces and I was very impressed with the pictures you posted. I just went to Target and I bought the white vase (awesome!), the kitchen towel and matching oven mitt, and a few other cute things from their new collection 🙂

Sarah Beth

These are all such great picks! I’d love it if you did a post on styling your dinner table for every day. I’m pretty good at SETTING a stylish dining table, for when we have dinner parties, but I’m just totally lost in how to make it look good when we’re not eating at it. There is so much great stuff at Target (and elsewhere, but this post is inspiring me!) that I think would be a good every day look in my dining room, but I’m just not sure what to do with it!

ooooh, likewise I’ve been looking for nice white dishes!!!!! Winner! 🙂 Thx for sharing!


wow I would like to thank you for the efforts you have made in writing this article Im positive that it will be very popular. It has good and valuable content which is very rare these days. I am hoping the same best work from you in the future as well. Thanks…


Ugh….seeing all of these amazing products makes me so sad Target left Canada….

thank you for this post. I was so excited to see a copper floor lamp because that has proven an elusive thing to find.

oh man, so many things. so many things!! i love that vase too!

I like to visit this site always thanks for sharing this bro..

Thanks and try this also bro

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