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My 38 Favorite Dressers In The World (And Where To Buy Them)


Happy “Best Dresser Round-Up” day. I’ve been on the dresser hunt for our guest suite, and while shopping have pinned the hell out of the internet – in all price ranges (many under $500). I think I’m officially the age where I like to put clothes away even when I travel, instead of keeping them shoved/wrinkled in the suitcase. So I want to give my guests the same courtesy. The guest suite sneak peek is coming soon (although if you follow me on Snapchat and Periscope I’ve been doing progress tours – I’m emilyhendersonsnap).

Meanwhile if you are in the market for a new dresser, here are 38 of my favorites currently on the market.


1. Oppland Dresser Black | 2. White Pepe Double Dresser | 3. Heywood Wakefield Chest Of Drawers | 4. South Shore 5 Drawer Dresser | 5. 2 Drawer Dresser | 6. Astor 5 Drawer Dresser | 7. Askvoll Dresser | 8. Bilbao Dresser | 9. Central Low Dresser | 10. Jantar 3-Drawer Dresser | 11. Oppland Dresser | 12. Mid Century Modern Dresser | 13. Malm Dresser | 14. Stockholm Dresser

Dressers are expensive because they take a lot of labor and materials to produce a high quality piece. These above are affordable, and many of them come in a few different versions (either color or shape – horizontal/vertical) so click though to the links to see pricing and options.

Now, I will say this: I’ve bought cheap dressers before, and generally if they are in high use areas they aren’t likely to last, especially if you are the kind of person who shoves WAY too many clothes in each, like I am. But for a guest room, extra storage, or if you are gentler with your things that I am than, those above are great options. My favorites are #11 and #12. So simple, and I’ve seen the finish of both of them in person, and they are great (#11 comes as nightstands, too and in black).


1. Modway 3 Drawer Chest | 2. 6 Drawer Dresser | 3. Mid-Century 6-Drawer Dresser | 4. Edward Wormley Mid-Century Dresser | 5. Harper 6-Drawer Dresser | 6. Sloane 6-Drawer Dresser | 7. Nina Raffia Double Dresser | 8. Mid-Century 4-Drawer Dresser

I’d say a typical range of a new good quality dresser is between $800 – $1500, which is a lot of money, and I don’t think even I’ve personally ever spent that because I’ve always bought vintage. BUT, if you are buying new, that is a safe and doable range to get a piece that you should be able to use forever. I really love all of those up there for different reasons. We might be getting #5 for a room soon – I love it’s gustavian lines. And that black one (#1) could be great in a living room, too.

Here, below, we get into my dream dressers. These guys are for those of you looking to splurge on a handcrafted, long lasting quality piece.


1. Mid-Century Cubist Style Dresser | 2. Urbandgreen Mid-Century Modern 6 Drawer Dresser | 3. Garen Dresser | 4. St. James 7-Drawer Dresser | 5. Grove Dresser | 6. Caravan Dresser | 7. Simple Dresser | 8. Hudson Dresser | 9. Exeter Dresser | 10. Whitney Dresser | 11. Reclaimed Russian Oak Dresser | 12. Prescott 6-Drawer Dresser | 13. Slate Dresser | 14. Blake Raffia Dresser | 15. Meade 4-Drawer Dresser With Concrete Top | 16. Omar Dresser

Right now my dream dresser is #7. I want that dresser so bad, but I’ve got a bathroom to renovate, and I’m in the process of refacing the entire exterior of our house (GEEZ), so I’m not spending $5k on a dresser, and maybe never will. But that thing is just so beautiful (made in L.A. by real artisans). The finish is perfect, and the brass accent is just enough to keep me happy. I also really love #2 for me, and when I get a more traditional home I would easily splurge on #13.

After playing musical dressers every Saturday, a game that Brian looks forward to with the giddiness of a toddler with the promise of a processed food snack (OPPOSITE), I’ve actually figured out to just buy a changing table, and then put the dresser that was in Birdie’s room in our room. Then Brian and I switched dressers, and I took the tall white one in our room and he took Birdie’s (which was the teal one that was in the dining room, then the living room, that we THEN had lacquered white). THEN we moved our vintage Heywood Wakefield dresser that was originally in Birdie’s room, then our room (when our last dresser was given to Sara), into the guest suite which I think looks really good (for now). The only real question left to answer is: Is “dresser indecision” an actual problem in America, or just at least grounds for divorce our house? Poor Brian . . .

So which one is your favorite? And I’m curious what is the most expensive dresser you’ve ever bought? Is $1200 a price that people are comfortable paying for a quality piece or is that steep no matter what the quality?

Fin Mark


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What is the style of legs on the dresser in the first pic? I’m redoing a bathroom and have a similar style dresser we’re using as a vanity but need to have legs remade to be a tab taller!! HELP! Thank you!


We bought similar legs from to snazz up our IKEA sofa. Now when we squint, we can pretend it’s a vintage mcm piece. They have several heights so you might want to check them out for your vanity. Good luck!


They are the style of Paul McCobb legs.



The Snapchat username isn’t working 🙁


She’s actually ’emhendersonsnap’ !

Thanks! It’s wrong on Instagram, too.

Amy M

The BSSM Lake dresser is my 10k holy grail dresser. SOMEDAY when I make my bazillions, I’ll buy one.

Kate Lim

You had me drooling now that I’ve seen it, I can’t unseen it…help..

Ok, first of all, is that a photo of your new guest room??? LOVE it. As for the round-up, both of my faves happen to be in the mid-range category (#1 & #8) but I probably wouldn’t spend over $700 on a dresser (which means #1 would make the cut :-). Not because I don’t want to pay more for quality (I do), but because, like you, I’ve always bought vintage). My favorite piece in the whole world is a mid century dresser/credenza I bought off of Craig’s list. Oh, and did I mention I love that top bedroom photo???

Sarah D.

I think that top pic is from Emily’s redesign of “Curbly Makeover”….I love that master bedroom she did for them…one of her best!


Emily, you put so much time and effort into your blogs. I have learned so much from you. Thank you!

These furniture roundups are always on point! Thank you. I’ve been waiting for you to do a feature on your favorite bookshelves and where to get them. Maybe I can finally pull the trigger and update our ancient Ikea bookshelves later this year!


She did say are likes the parson from west elm, and even had a look for less option. I think it was Charlie’s nursery reveal post.


I scored a mcm dresser for a looong wall in my guest room. Still had the original mirror and glass protective top.. $185.
Habitat for Humanity ReStore. One of my best buys ever.


My husband and I just bought a few RH pieces in the past months. RH is pricey and we are still in our 20’s, but they are pieces that we can [maybe] pass on to children or other family members. Plus, if you can get in on their super sales, it is less than most other places!!!! We got the Montpellier long dresser for just over $1,200. And yes, that is A LOT to spend on a dresser, but I don’t plan on buying another one for 20+ years. Hopefully the initial payout will be worth it in the end… Would love to know others experiences with pricier furniture and how it lasts.

Let’s also bring up that Wayfair is about the best thing ever and usually 20% less than Overstock! That that place 🙂

We spent $1200 on our dresser with wedding money. Not sure I’d go so high if it was normal cash paying for it though! Some of these are really lovely, thanks for the round up.


I spent $1800 for an antique Japanese tansu. It is three pieces. One is drawers, one is pull-out trays and the top one is a row of small drawers with a cabinet on top. It is the most versatile storage piece and can be separated if my needs ever change. In a previous life on the east coast, I spent over $1200 for two Victorian style dressers. I much prefer older ones because they have more and shallower drawers. I find deep drawers useless because, like deep lower kitchen cabinets, the stuff on the bottom never comes out.

Megan Portacci

Great post, thank you Emily. Love the dream dresser #7 also. Although I must warn you, I purchased a Kalon crib in September with estimated 8 weeks shipping and ~5 months later I have not received it after many follow up emails from the company!

We actually just bought my son the Astor 5 drawer dresser for his bedroom! I can’t wait for it to get here so we can get his room finished!


Jean Kissane

Suggestions for more traditional dressers?

Cris S.

Jean – I have had great luck with more traditional dressers at antique malls or estate sales. I have a beautiful dark hardwood serpentine front dresser being used as a buffet in the dining room – less than $150 from the local antique mall. And when my daughter destroyed her $500 Marshall Fields tall dresser (which we thought was a good buy but was made of cheap materials and construction methods) we replaced it with an immensely solid piece of Thomasville from the sixties. That thing is soooo heavy and will withstand her destructive – oh, I’m sorry – creative side for just $180. All it needed was a coat of soft white paint and a couple coats of poly to get rid of the faux ‘french’ yellowish green finish it originally came in.

Sarah D.

We try to live by the philosophy of “reduce, reuse, recycle” so our furniture generally comes from consignment stores and estate sales. It’s a total treasure hunt, but so worth it when you find what you’re looking for. Our local consignment stores have been amazing and usually have whatever we’re in the market for…at some point. $1200 for a dresser would be in our range, but I’d enjoy trying to find one for less. Happy hunting!

Love these options!! Finding furniture in different price ranges is so fun. The last dresser I bought was around $700. I’m not sure I’d go much higher than that. I like quality furniture that is a reasonable price. I will, however, pay a little more if it’s made in the USA.

Great finds! Thanks!

In college I paid a few hundred bucks for a vintage solid wood dresser at an auction, thinking I’d keep it forever. It felt like a fortune at the time. Fast forward two years when I sold it prior to a cross country move. Lesson learned: no pricey furniture for me until I settle down a bit more!

That said, considering how you can find very high quality vintage dressers for way less than $1200, I don’t think I could go that high. $500 sounds reasonable to me, maybe a bit more than that if I found THE piece.


I get tired of furniture, even the pricey stuff, so I keep it cheap so I can move on without guilt or big expense. Ikea and used stuff.

I think I’d be more likely to splurge on items that function as more than just a box, like a great couch or mattress.


I actually hate dressers. Fortunately I live in a nearly 100 year old home with four bedrooms, each with its own walk-in closet. I am able to use in-closet shelving and rods and wire baskets on wheels for all my storage needs. You gotta love an old house that has an office closet (where I store printer, office supplies, reference books, and archives), a linen closet, and a utility closet (for toiletries, wrapping supplies, light bulbs, craft supplies, gifts) and a Xmas closet (hidden inside the utility closet). They don’t build houses like this any more!

The St. James 7 Drawer Dresser is my favorite. Out of all of your choices, it’s the only one that has the vibe I love. Darn Restoration Hardware and its expensive beauty.


I have two RH ones and I paid less than 500$ for each off of craigslist. They were both in basically brand new shape. The good stuff goes fast, but I live in the Dallas, Tx area and people are so transient (and young!!) here, so there are always things popping up. You just have to stalk day and night for the right piece and so far it’s never failed me! Love that Craig and his list!

I’ve been eyeing a vintage Lane set similar to the Cubist style of #1 in the last set. You really should troll the local Craigslist near Memphis, TN!

Susie Q.

That one is awesome, but so $$$! Boo.


I actually have #3 and #8 from the mid-range dressers in my bedroom. I love them! Our master doesn’t have a ton of closet space so his and hers dressers were necessary. We got a great deal on both since West Elm has sales so frequently.


Our most recent dresser addition was for a 20 year old daughter’s new college house. She wanted an IKEA piece but we made her take a vintage (free!) one from her late grandmother’s home. It’s a beautiful cherry, solid wood throughout, even the back panel. Though not very tall it weighs a ton. Once she got over her initial mortification and replaced the knobs with some cuter ones, she has grown to love this sweet heirloom from her namesake grandmother.


“Initial mortification” hahaha I can relate.


Thank you Emily, for giving so much as usual, I love your information which you so generously give.

I think Amy in the comment section is alluding to my favorite dresser, by BDDW, the lake, divine… work, jaw dropping understated beauty.
Unfortunately I wish it was $10,000 alas it is more.


As much as I love vintage and antique, dressers are one area, I can move over the line to new. What with wanting a variety of periods in a room, however mainly because in frequently used pieces the ease of soft close, perfectly opening drawers in modern pieces, is hard to resist – so thanks for this post!


I have a custom piece from Chicago designer, -ism (Andrew Kepart) that was $2600. I’m pretty sure that my mom helped me out with it. It’s pretty devine! -ism’s collaborated group:

Love these posts! I sold all my furniture to move to Indonesia for two years. It was sad but liberating. I’m SO EXCITED to move back to the US one day and buy all new furniture!!


Great post! This dresser is one of my favorites working the whole industrial chic vibe. I think $3000 is about my breaking point for a new dresser!

Kathy Evans

I’ve spent $850 for a small inlaid side table, so I’d say I’d pay that much for a dresser if I needed one. Right now I have cool vintage hand-me-down’s 🙂
I think paying $1200 and up for a fabulous piece you’ll use and savor for a long time is well worth it.

Interesting post! I love dressers, maybe because I love clothes? I particularly appreciate the quality and simple looks from Room & Board. Mostly I am a vintage girl: I remember my first “big” furniture purchase of an Empire style dresser with mirror, for about $400 at an estate sale in San Francisco. I still use that dresser some 18-ish years later. I even found a matching highboy for my husband on Craigslist about 8 years ago. But I do appreciate new modern styles as well. We have a bed by Copeland Furniture of Vermont and if I were to majorly upgrade someday this one would be my dream:


I would never plan on paying more than $500 for a dresser. But sometimes when you’re at an auction, and some mean rich person is outbidding you on Everything, and then a really fabulous dresser comes up, I may go all the way up to $900 just to win. Sometimes.

Excellent info, now we know where to buy them. Love the styles Emily. 🙂

Excellent info, now we all know where to buy those. Love the styles Emily. 🙂

So many gorgeous options! I feel like #14 could be the perfect inspiration for an IKEA hack!


Is the dresser in your post picture vintage or did I miss the link to it?


Great roundup and perfect timing, I’m in the market for a new dresser and about to pull the trigger on the mid-century west elm one – debating between the natural oak vs. acorn color – thoughts??

No, $1200 does not make me comfortable. We bought a 1930s solid wood dresser set at auction years ago for $250. The drawers glide smoothly and the pieces are solid wood and made by craftsmen. The dressers have little brass casters. The lovely thing is, the whole world wants new designer stuff so unless it’s a mid-century modern piece, it’s easy to find great stuff cheaply that’s a lot more unique and soulful than going to Pottery Barn or whatever.

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