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The 3 Things In Our Carts That We Really Hope Go On Sale This Weekend

Everyone has their weird secret hobby. Building enormous online shopping carts is mine. 

Take a walk? Go outside? Call a friend? Do some dishes? PASS. Why would I do something productive when I could use that same time to look at every single page on the Anthropologie website and add every single thing I’d ever want to my cart just so I can think wow, if I ever won the lottery, I could probably spend about $30,000 here! (I bet that no one actually needs a checkout page to tell them they could drop that much at Anthro, but there is something fun about seeing just how much money you’d need to buy ALL THE THINGS.)

Folks, I have carts like this on hundreds of websites. The amount of imaginary money I have tied up in these aspirational checkout pages could single-handedly stimulate the entire US economy while raising the GDP. It’s so much stuff, you guys. 

With all this said, Memorial Day sales are IMPORTANT to me. Sure, you can get some good deals (and please come back this Saturday, because I’m working on a round up of the best sales along with some EHD exclusive coupon codes!), but I’m mainly excited because I CAN WATCH MY CART PRICES CHANGE. And by a lot! Like, thousands of dollars (that I don’t even have to begin with, but who cares)! IT IS THRILLING. I swear I wasn’t this much of a loser before quarantine, but this is really all I have to look forward to now. I’m not joking about not having any other hobbies. Please indulge me. 

ANYWAY — because I’m very nosy in addition to being a big ol’ loser (a winning combination!), I asked the rest of Team EHD what they’re currently hoarding in their online shopping carts. And because they are good and kind people, they each told me about 3 things in the lifestyle category they hope will go on sale this weekend. And because they have good taste and I also wanted all the things, I thought hey, if I turn this into a blog post, maybe some of the readers will respond and chat with me about online shopping, which sounds like a step up from what I’m currently doing.

So without further ado, I present to you all the things we’re hoping to purchase this weekend on sale. PLEASE let me know about the things that you want to buy, too — I think we are best friends at this point and I truly want to hear about what you’re hoping to grab soon. LET’S GO! 


Jeans | Dress | Pants

From Sara: All I’m wearing right now are summer dresses. They make me feel a little more put together than leggings and a t-shirt, but are still so roomy that they’re extremely comfortable. So I’m desperately hoping that this dressthis dress, and this dress will all go on sale.

From Julie: One thing I can say for certain is that I will never outgrow a piece of clothing that looks like you tried but still feels like pajamas on your body. I’ve been eyeing these three jumpsuits from Free People so here is hoping at least one of them goes on sale sometime soon. This one looks so cozy and that burnt orange color is what I want to incorporate into a room one day. This one is like the more refined friend of the first and I’m not mad about it. This last one is very much more my style and has a vintage feel with the mixed stripes but it would definitely be an investment for me.

From Ryann: It has been really warming up in LA recently (praise be) and since beaches are closed, I have resorted to tanning in my backyard and spraying myself with a hose. It is pretty bleak, so I’ve been searching for a new bathing suit to make this activity a little less depressing. I really love this one piece bathing suit and desperately want it to be mine.

From Mallory: If I had an unlimited clothing budget, I’d strictly shop at Reformation. I don’t know what it is about the clothes and brand that I just identify with so much. It’s that store for me where I look at their stuff and want every single thing in my closet. I would LOVE a top that has a cute little neckline like this so I could wear it every single day during summer. IMAGINE the feeling of wearing this top to a picnic or this dress. I’d die of cute-clothes-ness.

From Julie: It’s about that time of the year for me to swap out my leggings for shorts when doing my daily “run” aka run for about 5 minutes and walk for 15 around the neighborhood. The goal is for me to eventually run a half marathon (whenever those are a thing again) and so I am ready to get some real running shorts that don’t ride up after the first .25 mile. Everyone that I know who is an avid runner swears by these Strider Running Shorts by Patagonia. I’m finally ready to give them and running a real try.

From Ryann: I am always in pursuit of the perfect pair of jeans so naturally whenever a national sale holiday comes around my brain automatically goes on a jean hunt. I have never spent more than $120 on jeans, but maybe that is why I have never felt completely satisfied? Maybe I need to splurge to find my one true love? I know that Emily is a really big fan of this brand, so when I was google searching “best jeans” and these popped up, I started to get all warm and fuzzy inside. They are out of my budget but if they go on sale…should I go for it? (please say yes).

From Jess: My Girlfriend Collective leggings are my favorite leggings in the world. They are so soft AND are flattering, holding in my bits well. Lately, I have been wanting a new pair but buying another pair of leggings at full price seems silly right now. Regardless I REALLY hope that these midnight blue leggings go on sale (I also love the agave color) because I want them in my life and they are a great alternative to my go-to black ones. 

From Caitlin: When I actually hit the jackpot, Farm Rio will be my first stop. Y’all do not even WANT to know how much stuff is in my cart on this site — I spend an inordinate amount of time praying for HUGE sale here. While I don’t think their Memorial Day discounts are going to bring them into my price range (oof, maybe someday?), I am keeping a really close eye on these printed pants. I’m SUPER into lightweight summer pants this year for some reason (maybe because I feel like no germs can get through them? I know that’s wrong, but like, I truly think that’s what’s going on in my brain) and these feel like they’d make getting dressed a GOSH DARN DREAM. (Honorable mention goes to this adorable summer dress. FARM RIO PLEASE DO A PARTNERSHIP WITH EHD. My email is This is not a joke.)


Pore Treatment | Tan Drops | CC Cream

From Emily: I got a sample of this in a swag bag from the Goop conference and every time I put it on my face I GLOW and people say ‘wow your skin looks great.’ I have dry skin and I need a lot of daily hydration but I hate thick creams (I like things to get deep, fast). Warning: I put it on my hair once and because my hair is blonde and curly (therefore so porous) it made it feel disgusting and greasy, so even though it says ‘face, hair and body’ be careful of the hair part. Anyway, I’m almost out of this and very excited to re-up.

From Sara: I got a sample of this from a friend, and I’m slightly obsessed. It’s a thick, slightly pearlescent oil serum that makes my face look very fresh and dewy. Basically it does exactly what it says it will. I was mixing a little drop into my Supergoop CC cream (the only makeup I wear these days – love it so much I’ve replaced my IT Cosmetics CC cream with it), to thin it out a bit and give it an extra boost of moisture, and it’s a dream team for my face. Truly hoping it goes on sale, but I’m about to buy a full-size bottle in two days when I’m out of my sample regardless.

From Jess: I mentioned a few weeks ago in this Link Up that I was starting a retinol serum and I have to tell you that I love it so much. The one I am using is Shani Darden’s Texture Reform which is apparently great for people with sensitive skin which I definitely have (and is vegan, cruelty-free, and comes in recyclable packaging). So far there has been zero “downtime,” it smells great and I love the way my skin is responding. BUT that is not what I hope goes on sale (well I do for you, but I just bought it). Nope, I hope that Tan Lux’s THE FACE Illuminating Self-Tan Drops do because now that I am using retinol I have to be even more diligent about protecting my face in the sun. I know that I will be “happy when I’m older” that I saved my skin but the idea not have a tan on my face makes maybe ever again me embarrassingly sad. It’s so vain but it’s just the truth. But I think there’s hope since these drops are highly rated and you can just mix them in with your moisturizer or serum. It sounds so easy. Can I have the best of both worlds??? I really really hope so… but at a lower sale price, of course.

From Sara: It would be a true DREAM if this perfume went on sale, because it’s my absolute favorite summer scent and I’m almost out. Whenever I want to test a new perfume, I buy the travel roller ball size first, and even if I love a scent, if I don’t use the travel size then I know I’m not wearing it often enough to invest in the full size (no matter how pretty the bottle). This scent just smells like warm summer evenings when the sun takes forever to go down, an extra glass of rose, and laying in hammock with your friends listening to the live jazz music from the bar down the street. Yea, it’s THAT good.

From Julie: As of late, my skin has been acting up more than usual. I’m not sure if it’s the lack of sunshine and fresh air or that my diet has shifted but I’ve developed these really small and plentiful pimples on my forehead that just won’t seem to go away. Good Times. I really want to try this pore treatment because not only are there over 1,650 5-star reviews for it on Sephora, I also know that Emily has mentioned it a handful of times before for the skin magic that it performs. I can just never bring my frugal self to hit add to cart for its high price point (even though I know it would probably do the trick). So here’s to hoping I can finally find a deal!

From Jess: I have been eyeing this perfume brand since I started at EHD. Sara and Brady introduced me to the high-end world of perfumery and Le Labo specifically. While I love the scent of a beautiful perfume, Light Blue by Dolce & Gabana (the scent of the 2006) has been as pricey and luxurious as I have gone:) Since then I have been basically running around naked, no perfumes at all. But GUYS, Santal 33 and Bergamote 22 are what I want heaven to smell like. Last year I found out you can buy samples for $6 which I gleefully took part in but I think I need this smell in my life right now, full-time. I need that daily pick me up desperately. A reminder of simpler times if you will. So I am crossing my fingers and toes that they go on sale so I can justify spending the (slightly less) insane amount of money on just one of them. I think I will start with Santal?? 


Slides | Bag | Bracelet

From Emily: I’m placing far too much value and attention on this headband and while it is expensive (it’s leather and one of my favorite designers), hopefully a sale will help me justify the price.

From Ryann: I have never had a solid jewelry collection and I’d really like that to change. I like simple, dainty gold jewelry so this bracelet seems like the perfect fit. My birthday is coming up next month so I am thinking this would be a great early birthday present from me to me 🙂

From Mallory: I usually think to buy fashion items in this order: 1. Shoes 2. More shoes 3. Comfy pants 4. Tops 5. Dresses…. 50. Bags. I literally buy a bag once every hundred years because honestly I just buy one and forget about it until it looks disgusting and not acceptable to bring in public. But, Emily has this in a lil fanny pack version and I’ve always thought it was VERY cute, but I never thought I was the fanny pack type. THEN ALL OF A SUDDEN I found out it’s also a purse!! And not just a purse…a crossbody (my favorite)!! It’s light to carry but spacious enough for all your everyday stuff, plus it’s incredibly good quality so it will last for years. I’ll be watching this one for a sale…watching VERY closely…

From Caitlin: Like Ryann, I’ve never been much of a jewelry person because I’m always like “holy crap, why is this so small and expensive?” But last year I picked up this personalized gold necklace, per Em’s recommendation, and I’ve worn it every day since. It’s been 6 months and it hasn’t peeled or changed color (even though I don’t take it off and I wear it in the shower, gross, sorry), so I’m now looking to add this one to my collection. At 58 bucks, it’s already a really good price for the quality, but I’m just hoping it comes down a lil bit this weekend. Also it’s from a small business AND women make up 96% of their staff so they’re truly just one of my favorite retailers across the board.

From Mallory: I started working out this year for the first time ever, and now that we’re at home all the time, it has become one of my daily activities. Mostly because of two reasons: 1. It fills up some of the time I have on my hands and 2. My body gets FLOODED with happy endorphins and it makes me feel great during a time of so much uncertainty. Since I’m still pretty new to the workout game, I’ve been doing some research and investigating cute workout garb because when I feel cute it makes me want to exercise more. I already linked these leggings (which are such a steal for $19 and 77% off) but now I need some shoes to go with them. I’m thinking because I got the leggings for such a good deal, I’m in the market to splurge a little on a good workout shoe that goes with everything. Instagram knew I was looking (as always), targeted me, and showed me this brand which I am very intrigued by. It’s called APL and they’ve now been popping up everywhere for me (plus their stores look like space ships…have you seen them?) I really like this slip on situation, but they are on the higher end of workout shoe prices, so I’m watching very closely to see if they go on sale.

From Caitlin: AHH I actually need help deciding on something, SOS! I’m pretty sure you don’t actually work at EHD until you get your first pair of Nisolos. I’ve accumulated 5 pairs (2 boots, 2 mules, and 1 oxford) over the past year and they’re all I wear but now it’s hot and I want a summer version! I’ve budgeted for 2 pairs, so I’m trying to decide between this heeled sandal in nude, this slip on (in bone or sand? I can’t pick!), this open-toed mule in sand (I have the closed-toe and love it), this open-toed slide (again, bone or sand?!), or this huarache sandal in bone. I think I’m going to go with the slip on for sure, but I like the rest of my options equally. Which ones would you get? (And wow, what is it like to be able to make decisions for yourself without asking others? Can you teach me?)

And One Home Thing (Because This is a Design Site, After All)

From Emily: I’m CRAVING color and pattern and interest and this side table would be great in our living room to help amp it up near some chairs that are more timeless (aka less interesting). A $500 side table is expensive (it does have bone in-lay) so let’s hope it goes on sale…

OH BOY, IT’S CAITLIN AGAIN. Wow, that’s a lot of stuff in our carts! And now that we’re done, what’s in your cart? Let me know and maybe I can tip you off on how good a certain sale is going to be, or I can help you pick a color, or we can compare options, or something else. Maybe we can talk about any weird internet quirks that you have. IDK. I’m open to suggestions. Let’s chat RIGHT DOWN THERE about whatever you want, OK?

Opening Photo Credits: Photo by Sara Ligorria-Tramp | From: A Quick Update: The Changes I’ve Made to My LA Living Room

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3 years ago

Great post.
Just quietly, typo, “without further ado” not “adieu”

3 years ago

Y’all can buy clothes online and not hate them?? Jealous. Also, how is anyone interested in buying anything other than variations on sweat pants? …You’ve got me wondering if I took a little trip to Soho this weekend I’d see fashionistas in leather crop tops and N95 masks. Is a top knot the chic way to style your hair if you’re sporting a mask?

This weekend I’m looking to buy planters on sale. Big, black, modern looking planters. I’ll peep back to see if you have any exclusive coupon codes for home goods stores 😀

Sherry Kerrigan
3 years ago

Subscribe to CB2 texts. They sent me a 15% off code this a.m. that you can use for the side table. 😉

Emily McCarthy
3 years ago

SO glad to know that I am not the only crazy person who enjoys thoroughly going through every page of every cute website (definitely went through all of Anthro’s sale pages last week, and CB2 the week before)… y’all are my people!

… and I definitely now have you to blame for even more cute finds to add to my cart that I may or may not be purchasing this weekend 😉

3 years ago

I always lurk on articles and never comment, but I have to say thank you for all of your posts! I always look forward to yours – they have provided a lot of much needed laughs and useful info while stuck at home (especially your AC one – I too loathe the heat and live in an LA apt that likes to get HOTTER than it actually is outside). And I too LOVE to fill my many online carts with whatever my heart desires! Every day there are new treasures waiting to be found and stalked until they go on sale! I’m so glad I read this article not only for new ideas of things to responsibly buy or dream about buying but to realize there are others out there who love stuff and things as much as I do!! Also, the feeling of finally allowing yourself a little treat by buying something from one of your carts you’ve been wanting forever is what I imagine what being on really good drugs is like. I recently bought the Supergoop Mattescreen sunscreen to try and am dying over some Sezane tops. I also want a hot sauce kit, tie dye joggers,… Read more »

3 years ago

For that bone inlay table – check the Crate and Barrel outlet! They usually have a few on sale at the outlet near me (Maine) for closer to $300, sometimes cheaper (the price for each item is based on its condition, and it’s reduced by a set amount every week until the item sells). Unfortunately I think you can only buy in-store (not online) but they have great deals – I scored a beautiful big CB2 credenza that normally retails for $1200 for less than $400 last month, because it had a few barely visible scratches on the top. Brought home and placed a nice tray over the scratches – done! (Lol, a little janky but I’m on a budget…)

3 years ago

I know… this was back in the good old non-quarantine days! I guess by “last month” I meant like three months ago… dang time flies. But yes, they will help you load the furniture into your car/truck from their loading dock. I live by myself so I used an app, I think it was called Dolly, kind of like an Uber for movers, to hire two guys for 15 minutes to load it out of my car and into my apartment. That was about $40 plus tip, so it was definitely an added cost, but I was too impatient to wait for friends to come help, lol. Anyway, definitely check it out!! I’m sure after these last few months, when the furniture outlets reopen they’re going to be crazy stocked with good stuff.

3 years ago

Jess– Go for the Santal33–it is divine!!! Where did you find the samples for sale?

3 years ago
Reply to  dukesmama

They have them wherever they sell Le Labo, in my experience! I keep buying them instead of the full-size.

3 years ago

I’m so glad I’m not the only one with hundreds of things in carts! My nightmare is that I might have two too many glasses of wine one night and buy them all! I thought this would be the top 3 decor items in carts – this was fun but that might be an idea!

3 years ago

Nisolo thoughts: first, thank you, Emily, for turning me on to this brand! Second, the only Nisolos I’ve ever sent back were the huaraches. Ouch. So many raw edges to rub on my princess-and-the-pea feet. Nope.
Not to add to your indecision, but I love the Serenas!

3 years ago

For Jess (or anyone else thinking about Le Labo perfumes), I started wearing Thé Noir 29 years ago and I love it. I initially bought the 15mL bottle because of the price, and that lasted me just over a full year of near daily use. I find their fragrances quite strong, so one spritz is all you need. My current bottle is a 50mL bottle that is still half full, which I’ve had since January 2018. Hope that helps 😉

3 years ago

For Caitlin, I’d get a nude-colored “heeled sandal” and also a brandy-colored “slip on.” I wish they made wides for people like me.

3 years ago
Reply to  Jessvii

I too have joined the Nisolo fan club after EHDs intro to their mules. I’ve since added two Chelsea boots, the weave slide, the minimal black sandal (almost all sales or with discount) and am eyeing the Lima. That bone is stunning but I keep picturing scuffs and also my bone white skin. So may pull the trigger on the sand. I have wide, short size 7 feet and found I could easily wear the sandals in my size, but the boots I wear in 7.5 with thin socks. But I think they’ve heard from so many people that their standard shapes are too narrow a revision is coming. Also they are running a great sale right now.

3 years ago

Caitlin, listen to me. As your friend who also has six pairs of Nisolos, I must implore you to purchase the huarache sandals immediately. I am not exaggerating when I say I check the weather as spring approaches so I know exactly when I can wear them again. Please forget I am a stranger on the internet and just trust me.

3 years ago

Oh I looove to visit all my carts… just a friendly check-in to see how they’re doing…

Ryann, that brown one-piece is gorgeous. Fingers crossed it goes on sale 4 u.

3 years ago

Caitlyn! I am you, you are me, we are the SAME!!! I’ve been doing this since online shopping carts became a thing! This year I’ve convinced myself to use this bizarre a habit as tool. I load up my carts (across all sections of my life) and I make budgets for things I truly need. Anything on my list that’s making a second, third or even fourth appearance I either decide to buy or forget forever (usually high ticket items like my Vitamix). I keep the total number in my head when buying things not on my list, during Target runs and most importantly during annual reviews. I have to go hard for my raises, my $7000 Williams Sonoma cart ain’t going to buy itself.

3 years ago

I have carts all over the place with stuff. I don’t even know where all my carts are. Also an entire pinterest board for “Wish list: stuff I think I want”. In my case, most of this is fantasy shopping. I don’t really need any of this but “fantasy shopping” is a fun way to spend time … and not money. And doesn’t take up any room in my now super-organized small apartment.
Um, gotta go check my shopping carts.