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Lulu & Georgia Is Offering 25% Off (!!!) Right Now – Here Are Our Expert-Approved Picks

If you’ve been around these EHD parts for even a few minutes you know that we have a deep love for Lulu and Georgia. It’s been a long love affair. I was chatting with Em about when she started working with them and said she was pretty sure she had just had Charlie. Yes, Charlie Henderson himself who looks basically like a teenager these days! Just kidding but still, the love has been brewing for a while now.

So when they reached out asking if we wanted to write about their Friends and Family sale it was a resounding “YES!”. Aren’t we kind of family?? I mean getting 25% off (code: FAMILY 25) of most of their incredible stock is kinda a big deal, especially if you are already in the market for say, Ginny’s Belmont Sofa that I own and may have very comfortably slept on most of last night because I couldn’t bare the idea of getting up and moving to my bed. But maybe you need a little more inspiration beyond our makeovers. Maybe seeing some of our favorite products styled in other homes is helpful and will make you more confident hitting that purchase button with the added bonus of 25% OFF. So let me show you just that…

Tulca Mirror

design by ryann miller | styling by emily bowser |photo by sara ligorria-tramp | from: ryann’s moto reveal: a moody multi-functional living and dining room with a lot of soul

If you haven’t had the pleasure of seeing Ryann’s apartment you should absolutely go do that after reading this post. It’s incredible. But let’s take a moment to admire that mirror. It’s simple yet ornate and adds the perfect amount of romance to the room. As you’ll see below, it’s truly the most versatile mirror.

These two designs are both are stunning, neutral (unlike Ryann’s), but one is far more modern than the other. For the room on the left, the mirror slightly contrasts all the clean lines with the small detail at the top while in the room on the right, the mirror gently complements the more traditional, romantic style that’s also echoed in the sconces and mantle.

But it can also go more Scandi as proven in the room on the left and perfectly fits into a modern traditional vibe as shown on the right. What can’t this mirror do?!

Lockwood Bed

design by julie rose for ehd | photo by sara ligorria-tramp | from: one of emily’s best friends gets the cozy yet sophisticated bedroom makeover she really deserves

We all LOVE this bed and while are very happy for Suzanne (room owner and Emily’s best friend), we were also all pretty jealous. We are big upholstered bed fans over here and this one looks both elegant, modern, but still so welcoming. That all makes a lot of sense since EHD alum, Ginny Macdonald designed it as a part of her collection.

via lulu and georgia | from: ginny macdonald (the original ehd alum) has just launched her first furniture line and it’s everything we want

So above is a more Scandi/modern way to use/style this bed and here is a more traditional bent that they shot for the campaign. It’s just so good and also comes in a bunch of different colors!

Deva Platform Bed

design by erik kenneth staalberg | photo by sara ligorria-tramp | from: erik’s moto bedroom reveal – love is in the air

Another incredible and versatile upholstered bed that comes in a bunch of different fabrics! Erik was the most recent to get this bed (and naturally in a bold fabric) for his bedroom makeover and it looks so good. I love love love the simple and more modern shape of it.

If you aren’t as bold as our dear Erik then above are two other ways we and Ginny used it. On the left is Emily’s downstairs guest room at the mountain house. It’s sultry, it’s Scandi, it’s beautiful. Then on the right, Ginny when a little more eclectic, patterned, and colorful. Again, both look great and prove this bed can do it all.

Belmont Sofa

Not to be biased but this sofa is my all-time favorite piece since it’s in my living room and I’ve never loved a sofa more. I know these photos are ummm, kinda bare but fear not because my MOTO is full steam head. The color and that back curve had my heart from the moment I laid eyes on it. Plus as someone who got to work with Ginny, having a piece she designed in my home adds a whole thick extra layer of special to me. But I am obviously not the only one that feels this way.

design by erin fetherston | photo by mia baxter | via architectural digest

Designer, Erin Fetherston, and actress, Jamie Lynn Sigler, also agree given Jamie has TWO of them. This sofa can also go super modern or…

design by ali henrie | architecture by  steve tiek | build by grove homes utah | photo by lindsay salazar photography

traditional as shown in Ali Henri’s beautiful design. I also had to show off that back curve again because it’s perfect. Cognac is not the only color it comes in but it’s clearly my favorite:)

Thomas Bina Olivia Coffee Table

photo by sara ligorria-tramp | from: mountain house reveal: our light-filled neutral & textural living room

Aside from her live edge coffee table, this is THE Emily Henderson coffee table. It’s beautiful, organic but modern, heavy so it’s hard to tip over, and zero sharp edges. Perfect for people who want a beautiful coffee table but also have kids or are maybe clumsy like me. You may have also guessed that this puppy is a style shapeshifter. It worked beautifully in Em’s super Scandi mountain house but let’s look at some other examples.

On the left we have it styled in Bower’s living room that’s wonderfully neutral but definitely more eclectic than Em’s mountain house. Then on the right, Em used it in one of her updated living room versions that’s a lot more modern traditional. They both totally work (duh:)).

design by hailey lauren

Designer Hailey Lauren used it in one of her traditional designs and it really brings so much life to an already pretty room!

Here are two other great examples because I just couldn’t stop myself:)

Charleston Sectional Sofa

styled by emily bowser | photo by bethany nauert | from: all your living room styling questions answered (plus some furniture & decor reviews)

Looking for a beautiful white sectional that isn’t boring? This is your guy. Again, Bowser’s used it in our last Lulu and Georgia shoot and it looked so good. You honestly can’t go wrong with it. The modern frame, curved arms, small wood base detail. Oh, and there are only two seat cushions! So no need to worry about falling into a bunch of cracks:)

design by erin hiemstra

EHD favorite, Erin Hiemstra of Apartment 34, used the sofa version in what we believe is her beach house and again it’s just perfect. Well, this whole room is perfect:)

More Favorites!

What, did you think that was it? Like we could only contain ourselves to SIX products? Not a chance. But I promise I did restrain myself and didn’t round up their entire inventory. But please go and check it all out because there is truly so much more if you are looking for really special pieces at a wonderful 25% off discount.

design via @hothouse.jungle

1. Kyra Media Console | 2. Akila Swivel Chair | 3. Clementine Platform Bed | 4. Marla Dining Chair | 5. Aldora Stool | 6. Verruca Dresser | 7. Kono Nightstand | 8. Aliyah Bed | 9. Celeste Accent Chair

styled by emily bowser | photo by bethany nauert | from: all your living room styling questions answered (plus some furniture & decor reviews)

1. Albayzin Vase | 2. Lylah Round Tray | 3. Lemieux Et Cie Mouren Sculpture | 4. Sabine Velvet Bolster Pillow | 5. Deliliah Vase | 6. Tamra Pillow

1. Otti Rug | 2. Scalamandre Raphael Wallpaper | 3. Earth Maze Moroccan Shag Rug | 4. Bequia Wallpaper

Well, that’s it from us today! Hope you are as excited as we are about this sale and happy shopping!

Again the code is FAMILY25 at checkout!!!

Opening Image Credits: Photo by Sara Ligorria-Tramp | From: Mountain House Reveal: Our Light-Filled Neutral & Textural Living Room

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Caitlin R
2 years ago

Ugh I love their stuff so much. So sad they don’t ship to Canada!! Put in a good word for us 😉

2 years ago

Thank you for this extremely useful post, even if I live in Spain and cannot buy these woderful pieces.
It is very enlightening to see the furniture in diffrent settings: modern, neutral, traditional etc.., beutiful in all rooms
I love every picture. It is one of the best, if not the best, example of using furniture with different styles. Not even IKEA catalog matches this one.
Food for thought.

2 years ago

it’s ‘bear the idea’, not ‘bare.’

2 years ago

Thank you for sharing this. glad that i bumped into this article. very informative indeed. hope you’ll post more!!

2 years ago

Oh no! The link to the Bina coffee table doesn’t work! It looks like it isn’t carried. (So sad! I was about to buy it right here and now!

2 years ago

Sad to see you removed my comment about being turned off by the playboy magazine display in the picture. Most people would be. So I’m removing myself from your site. Many other fabulous sites that do not exploit women.

Callie S
2 years ago

While I love their inventory, want to give a heads up to readers that Lulu and Georgia is in the middle of a fulfillment meltdown. I ordered a couch two months ago that was listed as instock and got an email this week from them saying that they no longer have it and my order is canceled. Note that this is after my husband’s previous emails to customer service went unanswered for weeks. We’ve followed up with them multiple times via email and no response. We’ve never received an email from them besides that automated cancellation notification. I went to their trust pilot page and apparently lots of folks are experiencing the same issue. I would think twice about ordering any big furniture items from them.