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Living Room Round-Up

It’s like choosing children. Over the last few years we’ve done a lot of living rooms and every now and again it’s fun to go through them and stare at them, decide what I like/don’t like about them and pick which would be my favorite if I had to choose. It’s incredibly hard for me to be objective. They are each my baby, and I used to become friends with everyone that I design for (because I have boundary issues) so there is also a personal connection to these rooms as well. I thought it would be fun for you guys to vote. Many of you who have been reading for years (I LOVE YOU, by the way) have seen these, but there are always thousands of new followers that aren’t as familiar with our past work (I LOVE YOU, too) and it’s a good intro/crash course into EH designed living rooms.

So, here are my 14 favorite living rooms that I’ve designed over the years. Click on the links to see the full tour/resources for each post.


Joanna Goddard’s Living Room. It’s mid-century family-friendly at it’s friendliest.


The Lake House Living Room. I just realized that I haven’t posted all the photos from this house. This one was from Country Living Magazine. I also just realized that they removed the sconce and art on the left side of the mantel 🙂


Bri Emery’s Living Room. Still one of the happiest rooms I like to visit.


Mid-Century Eclectic Living Room My expectations for our first weekend makeover were certainly exceeded if I do say so myself. Have you guys seen the video of that makeover (we are doing another one this week!). Why not? Oh, too busy watching Bachelor In Paradise…I understand.


My Commonwealth Living Room. I have such torn feelings about this room even though I know that a lot of you guys love it more than my current one. I do love it, and I think my mixed emotions come from the fact that the rest of that house kinda sucked (it was a rental and they wouldn’t let me do anything to it). Maybe its just because I miss my sofa. Sofa. Come back to me …


My Living Room Glendale. The funny thing is that it’s WILDLY different now. We redid it a few weeks ago for a spread in Good Housekeeping that I can’t wait to show you. The major changes? Very. Little. Blue.


Ian Brennan’s Living Room. Still one of my favorites and it might even be THE FAVORITE. It was actually one of my inspirations for my new living room and I kept in a lot of these same colors for that makeover.


LA Bungalow Living Room. Another budget friendly makeover that makes me so happy and proud.


Lisa’s Living Room. I can go old world glamorous if you ask. In fact after being in Spain I’m VERY much leaning in that direction these days. Stay tuned for our guest suite that goes a bit ‘old world grandpa meets modern minimalist.’ Not sure what that has to do with Spain since my grandpa was certainly not Spanish, but you know, there will be some old stuff in there.


Oh Joy Studio Living Room. Fine. It’s not a living room. But I just wanted to post it again and it COULD be a living room.


Rustic Spanish California Home My friends that own this house just told me that they sold it for like A LOT more than they bought it for 2 years ago. I’m taking some credit. See the full house tour here.


The Patel’s Living Room. Man. This feels like decades ago. I miss these people and this super fun, budget-friendly, family friendly house.


The Curbly’s Living Room. This one recently inspired a huge plaid revolution in my own living room (we recovered those mid-century chairs in the most cozy wool plaid). Well that and the fact that I was born in plaid, practically.

Oh Joy’s Kid Friendly Living Room That makeover is from 5 years ago and it still makes me happy. Of course I nabbed one of her poufs (turns out toddlers need space to play and fall down).

There are a few more that I was tempted to put up there but we didn’t really have the great photography of the spaces or they were more on the ‘family room’ side.

My favorite? OOOOOOhhhhh. It’s honestly what my living room looks like right now (again, stay tuned for the October issue of Good Housekeeping). But besides that I’m pretty darn always into Ian’s, Joanna’s and Curbly’s and the rustic Spanish House. And Joy’s studio. And the Bungalow … It’s hard, folks. So hard.

If you could only live in one living room for the rest of your life, which one would it be???



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8 years ago

Old World for me!

Wow, I’m surprised to see more votes for the more muted/neutral spaces. Maybe it’s indicative of a sea change in your style, right? Or in what colors are popular/trendy in general?

8 years ago

I know, I’ll probably always read because I really think Emily is so funny and I love her style it is getting pretty serious/neutral around here. I miss the SFAS days!

8 years ago

It’s all about the wall of shelving!

8 years ago
Reply to  Maxine


8 years ago

I had a very hard time choosing between 7, 11, and 13 (the bookshelves in Ian’s living room stole my heart!), but ultimately went with the Curbly’s simply because I think that room is closest to the style of house and decorating style I would have…if I had one.

8 years ago

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Ian’s living room. I am also going more towards those neutral colors in my new home…something about after a long day, and a long evening taking care of my daughter, I just want calming colors.

I also need calming colors as I watch Ashley cry, and cry, and cry on BIP. Best show on TV. Please tell me you read for spoilers?

8 years ago

Fun site! Checking it out from the BHG article. Honestly I love them all. I appreciate your sense of style. I like the mix of old and new, textures and colors. Very cool. I chose #1 although my house is a bit more pottery-barney, the elcletic color, furniture and art is right on. Any chance you can tell me where those blue couches came from in the Spanish Home?

8 years ago
Reply to  Julie

You might check the link to her original post, as she is usually very good at posting sources.

8 years ago

I had to pick Ian Brennan’s room because I loved it and it was during that show I fell in love with you when I saw and heard your reaction to a light or bulb breaking.

8 years ago

I’m so drawn to blue, and now I’m so intrigued with your new space- no blue?!

I love Ian and Trilby’s space- so warm and inviting for parties or small gatherings. The lanterns are so beautiful too.

8 years ago

I can’t help but notice that all but one have stark white walls. Do you think that trend will continue for 2016? I’ve been in a “beige” phase for a VERY long time…

8 years ago

The link to Ian’s full living room reveal is broken. And I am newly obsessed with William Henry Harrison and wanted to see if you had a source for the large print of him that I think was in that room…

Emily (not henderson)
8 years ago
Reply to  Elise
8 years ago

Hey Emily, I’m not sure if you are aware, but Bloglovin does not seem to be updating your blog posts this week. Is there anything you can do? I always read your blog from there and it would be great to keep doing it that way. I’m grateful for your help!

8 years ago
Reply to  Lynne

Update: Bloglovin fixed the problem! Hurray!

8 years ago

I was drooling over the “Old World” and “Ian” rooms. Beautiful mixture of modern and traditional. Plus the colors were just so relaxing and gorgeous!!!


8 years ago

Every room is divine, but I would say the Curbly’s would be the room I would never tire of. It’s soft enough for every day, eclectic enough to keep me interested, and yet refined enough for forever! ;0 My favorite room to look at in print is the Commonwealth! I just adore every photograph of this space!!! Isn’t it funny that what we can live with versus what we can adore/look at occasionally don’t always collide?! ;} My gf and I always ask ourselves when making expensive choices – are we willing to marry this? Live with it forever?! Usually the answer is no! LOL! Helps keep perspective…

8 years ago

Oh I love seeing them all together like this! Rustic Spanish is my favorite. I love the white walls and those blue chesterfields. That whole house was gorgeous. 🙂

8 years ago

I haven’t voted yet, because I haven’t been able to pick just one …or just five. Beautiful rooms!

BTW, I love both of your living rooms. The new one has grown on me as I’m sure the new version will.

My favorites: 3 (color, pattern, enchanting details), 5 (that sofa, those arrows),6 (another great sofa, chairs, tree, and all that light) ,7 (shelves,eclectic mix), and 11 …and 10. 14 is one of my very favorite rooms, but I don’t think that is the best picture.

8 years ago

I love all of them, but I had to go with Oh Joy’s Studio Living Room. It’s so bright and happy!

8 years ago

So much inspiration here. I remember staring at the built-ins in Ian’s living room for what seemed like hours when I was designing and building our built-ins. How wide is the trim? Why four vertical spaces? Etc etc. And now I have awesome built-ins. Boom!!

I also love the large-scale plaid in the Curbly room. Still looking for a way to incorporate it in my house. Winter maybe?

Beautiful work, team Emily!!

8 years ago

Hard to choose just one but I voted for Bri Emery’s..I think it’s the one that had me discover your blog or maybe oh joy’s vibrant room. I need cheerful colors & could never do grays, taupes, b&w..but I do love antiques & old world too (interjected with vintage mid-century & color & whimsy to keep it from being too serious & museumy), so I do Love some of the others especially those older homes with great architectural details..yeah, hard to choose.

8 years ago

Lucy Gray test the handheld scanner and its assortment of eight cables come in a hard plastic case that’s perfect for throwing in the trunk of your car.

8 years ago

Sala Glendale!!! Mi favorita, es increíble la sensación de frescura y tranquilidad que trasmite, armonizar cada detalle en giro a la naturaleza es fantástico…

Ian’s is definitely my favorite, followed by yours as a close second. And even though Bri’s isn’t exactly my taste, it’s SO Bri I somehow knew it was hers before I read the caption.

Josh | The Kentucky Gent

8 years ago

any hints on where we can find (or what we should google) to nab some coffee tables similar to the lake house ones? rattan/bamboo & round…that sounds pretty toddler friendly to me and after almost 2 years of our gorgeous/dangerous one in storage, i’m ready for something safe.

8 years ago

So hard to decide- they are all great!

8 years ago

Bri’s is still my fav! Something about that room that is funky colorful modern fun that seems so magic and the heart of the “Emily Henderson style” in my mind. Still love it!

Emily K
8 years ago

I’ve always wanted to know where you got the black tribal/African mudcloth-looking fabric for the chair in Bri’s living room. Can you share its source? It’s killed me for years to find out!

8 years ago
Reply to  Emily K

Second this!

8 years ago

Love the collection! You mentioned some erred on the family room side. How do you separate the two? We have both in our house, and I’m trying to find a purpose and style for each, while being cohesive. Would love your thoughts!

8 years ago

The choice is hard to make. But since I am a staunch fan of colorful textiles, walls full of art and unexpected colors I decided to vote for number 10!

8 years ago

I almost ALWAYS say that Bri’s is my favorite of your living rooms. BUT. You said “one… for the rest of your life” so I had to go with the Rustic Spanish one. It feels more “rest of your life-ish” lol! But the one that I try to emulate every day is Bri’s. Also, as I re-studied it again for the millionth time, I just realized I have a bright yellow architect’s light that would be perfect in my living room. So, thanks again!

8 years ago

Good golly, this was a difficult choice! Ultimately I adore the bright green and pink of the Oh Joy studio, so that slightly edged out your current living room for me. I have loved your work for years, and this was a really fun post. Thanks!

8 years ago

So sorry + sad, even, to learn you’ve stepped away from my personal favorite — blue. In fact, I used to refer to you as “the one who loves blue!” Can’t wait to see your new LR in Good Housekeeping.

meryl king
8 years ago

SOO hard… I love Joanna’s Living Room ! but, I love the Curbly’s and the Mid Century Electic… Oh Miss Emily too much to love…
I think you should have pick in order 1-14. after our Initial votes… cause that’s fun too or Pick your top 3… Yes, oh please do that next time… sending warm regards from Northern NJ 🙂

Susie Q.
8 years ago
Reply to  meryl king

Yeah, picking a top 3 would have been perfect.

8 years ago

Pick one…IMPOSSIBLE! Here are my favorites (in no particular order): 3, 5, 6, 10, and 14.

Susie Q.
8 years ago

Having to choose just one was very hard. I narrowed my choices down to #1, #5, and #8. The only reason I didn’t choose 5 was because you said “the rest of your life” and that was YOUR living room, so I don’t want to spend the rest of my life in a room I so strongly associate with … someone who isn’t me. Though I still love that wall hanging and I can’t believe you sold it! I ended up choosing #1 because it isn’t AS feminine, and it just feels more like my kinda space and style.

8 years ago

I was torn between 7 and 11. I was surprised to see those were the most loved also! I have always loved that first episode. One of the best!! such a fun post!! (:

8 years ago

Maybe somebody already said something but the link to the Ian Brennan’s Living Room isn’t working.

Emily (not henderson)
8 years ago
Reply to  Misty

You have two options:
– Actually read the comments and see that the link was already given
– Use the fancy search option on the blog to look for it yourself

8 years ago

Love all the rooms, but number 7 is my favorite!!

8 years ago

Your Commonwealth room just makes me so happy whenever I see it. Especially that mantle. 🙂 But I think I also like it just because there’s so much of YOU in it.

In close second– the LA bungalow. I’m surprised it isn’t doing better! This is actually one of the major designs in my mind as I style my own apartment, but I want to inject it with that little bit of crazy in your Commonwealth home.

8 years ago

WOW! This is hard. My favourite is definitely 10 (Oh Joy living room), but if i had to live in it forever, like with other people apart from myself, it would definitely be #5 Commonwealth living room.

8 years ago

Dying to see your new living room!! BUT, I don’t believe you about the very little blue, you’re tricking us.

BTW- I love that you have boundary issues. hahahah

8 years ago

The bookshelves in number 7 won my vote!

8 years ago

#7. Classic, not trendy, love the mix of traditional and what’s hip now. Much more longevity than the others. Love the rug and mix of chair styles. There’s also so breathing room 🙂

Lesley Anderson
8 years ago

I like touches oft radio all. The lovely carpet was the perfect touch.

8 years ago

Love this post! SO much WONDERFUL talent in your team.

I am dying for the kelly green leather pouf- in The Patel’s Living Room. – please share when you have time…

LOVE LVOE LOVE your blog and everything you do!

I love The Bri Emery and Comonwealth ones. I love the quirky tapestry and hand seat! I’ve been searching for one for ages! And who doesn’t love the color, green! acqua! Of the the Emery living room. Great inspiration!
Xo Anna of The Analog House

8 years ago

Bri’s living room is the center of my universe.

8 years ago

My vote is for the Commonwealth Living Room but I also really love a lot of aspects of Bri’s living room.

8 years ago

Love all of them!!!

8 years ago

it is tough to choose between them.
blues and indigoes seems to be in your fav list.:) But these spaces are so beautiful. I would like to be in every living room as
Per the mood.;) Being a interior designer i always wished to be in every space we design for some days, to experience the beauty of the space.:)

8 years ago

So hard to pick between 7 and 11! Untimately the unique features like the fireplace and the window in 11 won me over. I love the warm tones contrasted with the match blue sofas. Looks like the perfect place to hang out and relax.

Roberta MacQuarrie
8 years ago

Love it! The bookcase surrounding the window is fantastic!