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Rustic Spanish House Overall

Well, the Spanish Rustic California Modern house is all finished and we’ve certainly documented the heck out of it. So I figured we’d do one big recap post of it so you’d have the whole house in one post. We are real thorough like that.


Click on the individual rooms for all the resources and the full breakdown of the design process and ask any other questions at the end.



See the full Living Room post here. Photos courtesy of Country Living and taken by Max Kim Bee.



See the full Guest Room post here.



See the full Master Bedroom post here.



See the full Reading Nook post here.



See the full Dining Nook post here.


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See the full Kitchen post here.


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See the full Nursery post here.



See the full Master Bathroom post here.

Let me know if you have any questions, at all. Thanks for following along on this one.

*All photos (with the exception of the Living Room) by the lovely Tessa Neustadt.

For more of the Spanish House reveals: Master Bathroom | Nursery | Kitchen | Reading Nook | Master Bedroom | Guest Bedroom | Living Room

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9 years ago

STUNNING work, Emily & Team. So impressed with your skill, talent, and hard work – as usual.

Jenny B
9 years ago

Quick question on the window color – is it black, or more of a blue based color? I’ve tried to find that info in the posts but must have missed it. Thanks!

PS this is one of my favorite houses ever; the architecture is to die for, and you nailed it perfectly with the design – and it seems accessible, but at the same time like no one else could have designed it.

9 years ago
Reply to  Jenny B

“dark gray called ‘Deep Space’ (by Benjamin Moore)” from the master bedroom post.

9 years ago

This house is perfection! It is the perfect balance of white and dark colors and rustic antiques. I could stare at that scalloped floor all day.

9 years ago

That is one stunning home. I love all of the detailed character, especially that archway!

9 years ago

Girl! You’re Good!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

9 years ago

Everything is perfect. So bright and happy. So Emily.

9 years ago

I just LOVE this house!

9 years ago

I am really loving those tiles in the bathroom!!

Paula Karjalainen
9 years ago

Beautiful home,love the floor tiles in bathroom and in kitchen.

9 years ago

I would move in to this house in a second. Such a beautiful job, Emily.

9 years ago

I love the constant white/dark blue throughout the house. Really ties it all together.

This brings up a big question: I subscribe to a few design websites as well as yours (eep), and white walls seem to be everywhere. EVERYWHERE. (I have late 90s butter colored walls throughout my house) Do you think white will continue for several more years?

(also, to piggyback on my comment yesterday…could you do a post on how to pick flea market art?)

9 years ago
Reply to  Marguerite

Oohhhh! Flea market art!
Love that idea!

9 years ago
Reply to  Marguerite

I would also love a post on how to pick out flea market art.

9 years ago

In love with those huge arched windows in the living room. And the vintage rugs, its my dream to find such beauitful vintage rugs.

9 years ago

It’s amazing how cohesive it is and yet there’s so much variety and interest. Well done, Emily! Such a beautiful, comfortable, unique home.

9 years ago

I hope you got paid well! You saved this house! And it looks amazing

9 years ago

Wow, you worked your butt off on this house. So many rooms!! and they all have such soul and richness– I don’t know how you do it. And just stop it with the rugs and art work, stop it. Too much beauty for one house. 🙂

By the way, I really love mid century modern decor but your starting to pull me over to the dark side.

9 years ago

I am pretty sure I pinned a photo from every room in this house as you posted them, and have loved every room. Amazing, amazing job!

9 years ago

I love this house! It’s so pretty with so much character. One of my top two favorites of yours! There was another room shown in Country Living – the formal dining room, I think? Any chance you’ll do a post on that lovely room?

9 years ago

All the light in this house is gorgeous. Love how you finished off all the rooms and kept them mostly white with a few accent walls. That master bedroom though.. I feel like I’d never want to leave my bedroom if it looked like that!

Josh – The Kentucky Gent

9 years ago

This house is stunning! The nursery is adorable and this house really makes me want to step up my rug game.

9 years ago

I loved getting to see so much of this house – each room better than the last, and together so very very beautiful.

9 years ago

Stunning work! Love to see the whole house together in one post so that we can see how each room flows/complements each other. One question: I am curious, the white walls in the photos looks SO white and I wonder if they really appear that white in real life (aka: without photo editing/lighting)? I guess I am thinking that if I were to paint all the walls in my house white they would just come off as being dark and shadowy and not that brilliant white that I see in your pics.

9 years ago

omg so much amazingness. i esp love the floors and the window treatments!

9 years ago

I dream of having a little spanish-style house to redo. Great job!

patty blaettler
9 years ago

That is some beautiful work you’ve done. Really wonderful.

9 years ago

Wouldn’t have picked it as my style, but this is easily one of my favourite projects you’ve done Emily. Simply beautiful!

9 years ago

Great job! I love every room in this house!

9 years ago

The house is beautiful Emily, well done. It must have been such a rewarding project. I am just curious why you didn’t post on the spaces (dining room, patio, office) that were also featured in Country Living. I love that blue sideboard and the vintage floral artwork above it in the dining room. I think I saw it on Instagram or Pinterest about a year ago and thought – oh, this project is looking good!

9 years ago

Glad to see all the rooms together. I follow tbe blog daily & didnt realize it was the same house. Beautiful rooms, so Emily Henderson in many ways.

9 years ago

I love this house! We have a similar arched window in the living room, but it faces the street so I feel like we need to have some sort of curtains for privacy. Would you have used the same rod/curtains as the rest of the room if you needed privacy in this living room?

9 years ago

Although I have already gorged myself on these pics in the previous posts its actually really cool to see the whole lot put together and see how the design plan flows through the house. Each room had its own beautiful traits but seeing it all together you can see how consistent and true to the style each room is. I feel like I’ve strolled through the house now 🙂

Oh NOW I get it!!! I mean, I liked everything you’d done up to now, but you were so right to pull it all together in this post as now I can see how it works as a whole. How those deep grey-blues, neutrals and dark greys flow through but then so do those random pops of earthy colour too. Those seemingly random pops of colour, following that stained glass window in the lounge, appearing in every room as a little reminder, an accent…. cleeeevvveeerrrr!

9 years ago

I’m ready to move in!! 😉

9 years ago

That’s stunning. Absolutely stunning. I love everything about this home. It makes my heart sing.

9 years ago

Loving this makeover, gathering everything in one post at the end is a great idea as one can appreciate the project as a whole! I would love it if you would add floor plans with big projects like this, I’m always interested to see how the spaces connect and work with each other, and floor plans make it so much easier to visualize it!

9 years ago

Let me know if you’re ever in Australia, you are absolutely fantastic at your job! – But for now I’ll continue drooling over you’re posts and laughing at your writing!

9 years ago

This is amazing! I wish there was a way to copy+paste this onto my house! I didn’t realise it in the room by room write up but there is such a lovely theme running through all the rooms.

9 years ago

LOVE : ) LOVE : ) LOVE : )

9 years ago

This is gorgeous…you did a fantastic job. It’s also fun seeing a somewhat different style from you–and I don’t mean that in a backhanded compliment way…I love your usual style! And since you’re so talented, it’s fun to see your take on different styles!

9 years ago

This is my dream house. Nuff said!

9 years ago

I love what you did with this home! It’s incredible to see a singular concept and color palette translated through an entire house in a way that makes every room feel fresh and new, but still cohesive. I am so inspired by your work, Emily! Thanks for sharing!

9 years ago

This is so far my most favoured make-over. I love the whole look and feel of it.

9 years ago

I don’t know how many times I have revisited this post. I Love it! I own a 1930s bungalow in Santa Ana. It gives me inspiration!

Oh so beautiful photography – inspirational on all levels… I so want to save these as wall papers on my laptop… ^_^ Thanks for sharing.

9 years ago


I’ve read your blog for a couple of years now, and I’m slightly obsessed with Charlie, you, your team and your eye for things, but man, oh man, I want to move in this house. You outdid yourself with this one. It’s stunning!

Also, because of you I’m debating going back to school to study interior design. 🙂