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6 Easy and Affordable Last Minute Easter Decorating Ideas

Happy Saturday sweet friends. In case you haven’t checked your calendar, yes it is already Easter weekend and if that fact has caught you by surprise you are not alone. This month has (say it with me) flown by so if you haven’t had the chance to even ~think~ about Easter decorating, no one should blame you. If that is the case, but you still want to bring some festive touches into your home this Sunday, we have your back. These are six easy and cost-friendly hacks that we’ve done ourselves, and each one will have Easter Sunday brunch feel bright and happy in no time. Let’s get into it.

Use Dyed Eggs As A Center Piece

photo by dylan + jeni | from: my pastel easter brunch

If you are celebrating Easter with young ones, you are probably planning on dying eggs. You are already halfway there! All you need now is a footed (or regular) large bowl, your dyed eggs, and voila you have a centerpiece that is colorful, affordable, and festive.

Forage For Spring Flowers

styling by julie rose and velinda hellen | photo by sara ligorria-tramp | from: it’s time for warmer, pastel inspired gatherings

Spring, as they say, has sprung. Foraging for flowers and branches is an everyday styling trick that we here at EHD will do any chance we can. It saves so much money, is good for the environment, and it makes for beautiful, rustic flower arrangements. We love all types of wildflowers, but if you have cherry blossoms or daffodils near you, talk about the perfect Easter flower arrangement.

Spray Paint Branches To Make An Easter Egg Tree

image source

Emily successfully did this craft with her kids for the past two years (sorry no pics). All this entails is a few branches from outside, white paint or spray paint, a pretty vase, plastic or paper eggs, and some string. If you don’t have any plastic eggs, you can cut egg shapes from construction paper or even a paper plate. Or, nix the eggs altogether and hang little pompoms. This is just a fun, easy-to-do DIY that can act as a pretty amazing centerpiece too.

Use Greenery For Your Tablescape

Name cards add a special touch of thoughtfulness to any gathering and this one is SO simple to DIY. We used dried flowers from Target, a real leaf, the name written with white sharpie, and a piece of twine to tie it all together. It’s a DIY even I could do. On the right, you’ll find a sweet little DIY that Emily did all the way back in 2014 (!!). All you need is a napkin, gold wire, and a rosemary sprig. It’s so easy, so chic, and will elevate any tablescape.

Grab Some Pink (Or Pastel Colored) Taper Candles

design by eddie ross | via house beautiful

If you are really in a pinch and just want a pop of color, almost any craft store will have taper candles, and a few pink ones (or other cute pastel colors) sprinkled throughout will feel festive and intentional. Add this to your tablescape with a few spring flower arrangements and you are in business.

Add A Dose Of Gingham

styling by julie rose and velinda hellen | photo by sara ligorria-tramp | from: need some at-home easter brunch inspo?

When in doubt, go with pastel gingham. It’s a pattern that screams spring and is very playful. If you don’t have a pastel gingham tablecloth lying around, do not sound the alarm just yet. You can replace the full table cloth with a fabric square and angle it on your table so covers most of the table, but still shows some of the pretty wood underneath.

And there you have it. Hopefully, this post helped you find some fun, low-maintenance Easter decorating ideas if that’s what you are looking for. Have a great weekend everyone (speaking of the weekend, please enjoy my favorite video clip). xx

Opener Image Credit: Styling by Julie Rose and Velinda Hellen | Photo by Sara Ligorria-Tramp | From: Need Some At-Home Easter Brunch Inspo?

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2 years ago

One of my favourite Easter DIYs for dying your eggs is to forrage small leaves (or flowers, though they can’t be too fragile for this) and use them to leave an imprint on the dyed eggs. To do this you will need an old pantyhose that you cut up into slightly-larger-than-egg-long tubes, you lay the leaf onto the egg, slip the pantyhose over it and fasten it with an elastic on the back so that it is taut around the egg (you will have a little less colour where you fasten it). Then you dye your egg as usual, let it dry with the pantyhose on for a bit and then voila you should have lovely decorated egg!!
Also if you don’t have flowering brances nearby: my mum always just collects tree branches with fresh green leaves, add a few daffodils if you want and hang your decorative eggs on the branches – it is a lovely way to bring the fresh green of spring inside 🙂

2 years ago
Reply to  Lisa

those are beautiful!

🥰 Rusty
2 years ago
Reply to  Lisa


2 years ago
Reply to  Lisa

That’s so cool. Thanks for the step by step instructions.

🥰 Rusty
2 years ago

Some pretty ideas, most of which seem easy to carry out.😊
The “PLASTIC EGGS” for the Easter egg tree project ruined it for me.🌏 Done with recycled, painted cardboard kid-made egg shapes or even papier mache eggs for the win!

Have you seen the beautiful, traditional UKRAINIAN DECORATED EGGS, called PYSANKA??
They are absolutely stunning! 🇺🇦

2 years ago
Reply to  🥰 Rusty

My Mom has made the Ukrainian eggs. It’s a very intricate process involving candle wax.
Her decorated Ukrainian eggs are treasures for our family. On another similar subject, have always liked the Easter tree idea and agree there are other options for plastic eggs. Think these are adorable:

🥰 Rusty
2 years ago
Reply to  Mkw

L9ve them!♥️

Susan L.
2 years ago

Hi, are you going to put a post up about the mass shooting in NYC recently? I live there and would appreciate if there was a mention of it. I know this is a style blog but you always get into politics (or did, when President Trump was in office). Just wanted to point this out as you didn’t mention the Waukesha horror where 5 people were murdered and 40 injured, either. It seems your team only cares if the murderer or story leans one way. Why is that?

2 years ago
Reply to  Susan L.

I think of Easter time (and this weekend also Passover and Ramadan) as a time of resurrection, freedom and hope, and even if one is not religious per se, it is a time when nature is reborn in spring with new growth and life itself. While I appreciate and support your concern and activism in regards to societal horrors, I learn about them and involve myself in many other venues. I choose goodness over evil and hope to live my life modeling that virtue, and inspire others, especially young people in my role as a teacher. I read this blog to nurture my creative spirit. While I understand your distress as a New Yorker and good person, I hope you can understand that most, if not all, of us support your pain and concern, but just choose to express that in different venues. Stay safe and be well