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How to Celebrate Easter in 2020 – Our “Plan” and Some Ideas


Holidays are milestones, even the ones that haven’t historically been “the big ones,” but when you have kids (especially in the long stretch between Christmas and summer) you need these touchpoints – things to look forward to, most importantly fictional characters to threaten them for year-round good behavior (I’M JOKING I WOULD NEVER TREAT THE BUNNY LIKE SANTA – as she hides her homemade easter elf on the shelf). Well, this year is different but the kids haven’t forgotten about Easter. NO. THEY. HAVEN’T. So what do we do? We are incredibly grateful to have each other so no complaints, and I think the kids would be fine with a basket full of garbage, cartoons, and pancakes for dinner. So if you aren’t up for doing anything, I get it.

If we didn’t have kids I’d likely zoom brunch with friends, pop champagne too early and marathon something really engrossing. But like the rest of you parents out there, right now we are trying to figure out how to make this a fun day for the kids and us (although let’s face it, our 4 and 6-year-olds are living their BEST LIVES right now – parents 100% of the time and no “real” school – see yesterday’s post for how we are homeschooling). I don’t think I would have really thought about this or made any sort of plan if I hadn’t assigned myself to write this post but I figured if I was looking for ideas, maybe a lot of you were too. So here are some ideas on how to celebrate, what to eat, watch, and decorate (easy, I promise) for Easter in this very unsettling year of 2020. No reason to try to not make it a little special, right?

How We Are Decorating – Easy Easter Hacks With What We Already Have

Let’s start with the important stuff – Easter Decor:) Let me just say that if it doesn’t bring you joy and only stress, please forego decorating and skip to “what to eat and drink” section. I obviously love it and forcing my children and husband to try DIYs in the name of “memory making” that are far above their skill level and subsequently turn out truly ugly, is one of the joys of my life. Doing projects with kids is in my blood, but Pinterest worthy they are not (update – some turned out cute). So we are going to attempt some stuff in the name of making memories – but only with what we already have (and hopefully, you do too).

Tin Cans Bunny Vases – Keep your cans, guys, and these could be glass pickle jars, too. These were crazy easy and are going to make our breakfast table feel special. We used felt for the pink parts (and happened to have googly eyes) but you could just use different colored paper for everything. I had to do most of the glue-gunning and cutting of the smaller felt circles, but the kids were able to do this pretty easily and they were SO PROUD. If we had used paper you just need a glue stick.

Easter Branch – I never thought I’d type this – but … I think I’ll do an easter tree, BRANCH, I mean. It’s a centerpiece, it’s not that weird. We have so many dead branches near our house and I have a can of white spray paint in the garage so it seems pretty darn easy. Then I could easily hang our blown eggs (if we do them) or paper eggs, painted acorns or even pompoms. It seems like a very cheap, easy but high impact centerpiece that would be fun for the kids to help with.

Plate Flowers – If you are like me and secretly have old stashes of paper plates lying around, you can make pretty plate flowers (looks complicated but its just folding, cutting, curling with a pencil and watercolor paint).

What Is The Bunny Bringing Our Kids?

It’s usually a basket full of garbage candy, a toy, and a book – we usually forget ’til the day before and then had to run to Target. This year Brian looked at me and told me he ordered them each a lego that is going to take hours to put together (without our help) and I absolutely approved of this plan. He got Elliot this one (she is extremely predictable and picky and has been begging for it) and Charlie this one. Our kids are crazy into Stuffies and play for HOURS with them as characters. So he bought them each one of these secret surprise egg things that are apparently very popular. They actually need new pajamas (guys, they always need new pajamas, WHY?) so I figured maybe we’d make it a new tradition to do easter pajamas because that’s a thing. They love anything glow in the dark so I got her these and him these. I hope they don’t keep them up…

Scavenger Hunts/Egg Hunts

Obviously there will be an egg hunt, with our ugly DIY fillable paper mache eggs, but if you want to have more fun (not sure it’s needed, seriously) try a scavenger hunt. It’s different, I promise. If you’ve been watching my life for a while you’ll know that we believe in scavenger hunts – it’s one of “our things”. We have annual New Year’s Day, 4th of July, Labor Day and even my birthday and Mother’s Day. Our friends would buy tickets if we sold them – they are that good. So if you are in the mood for two hunts, I highly recommend a scavenger hunt (even if it’s in your apartment). Ahem. It feels like I’m letting you in on a family secret, but here goes. We do a few different types so here are your options:

  1. Draw a map with arrows going from iconic locations (even in the house) and they have to follow arrows to X marks the spot, there will be a little prize or challenge at the X. Also if you have children, you know that they love to shout X MARKS THE SPOT. This is great if they can’t read yet and they just follow the arrows to the prize (it can literally be one m&m but if you can find individually wrapped gold coins that really gets them going).
  2. You can skip the map and make it riddle/clue based – Have it start at one place and if you can make it a little rhyming poem that gives them a clue about where to go next (i.e. “This is the bed where Aunt June always sleeps, but be quiet she’s napping so don’t make a peep.”‘ (see you don’t have a Lit degree, I promise). Once there, they find the next riddle/clue to the next spot. (You can also have a map just to help them get around if they aren’t familiar with the space + kids love maps so much).
  3. Do #1 or #2 but add a challenge that they have to do before they can get the prize (or get the next clue, you can do either). So for instance “give your mom 20 kisses” or if you want them to get move their bodies a bit then make it more physical like 20 jumping jacks or even spell a word – anything. This makes it longer in a good way (it goes shockingly fast).

See? It’s a thing. But it’s a great thing that costs nothing except a bag of Hershey kisses or whatever garbage candy you want to buy (I once did it with toys we had in the house). No matter how many times we’ve done it you can always shake it up, and it’s ALWAYS the best time they’ve EVER HAD.

You can do this in an apartment. You will be shocked by the amount of time it takes to set up (like 20-30 minutes). But for how fast it goes, I promise you there are solid memories made with a lot of squeals. Get your camera ready.

How To Celebrate ‘Him’?

Good question. There is a reason for this holiday beyond bunnies and baskets, we’ve heard. We were very much looking forward to going to church, donning cute dresses, feeling warm and fuzzy. I’m not about to talk about religion again (please read this post if you want to know where I am spiritually) but what do you do when you don’t really know the story of Jesus and aren’t super religious? So here are the ideas we have (but would love your suggestions): 

  1. Stream a service – I’m assuming that you lose a lot of that warm and fuzzy feeling by not being there in person (which is why I haven’t done it before). However, I know that Pastor Kyle from the church we recently started going to makes it very relevant to 2020, and will likely shift the message due to the world’s current situation. So my friend and I are going to stream it at the same time (and hang out via our portal) before lunch. We’ll see how that goes. I’m really just looking for some more perspective and an impactful story about a guy who clearly created an important movement and did nice things.
  2. Read the story with your kids – If anyone knows a particularly good way to do this, let us know in the comments. I know I’m not equipped to read the bible to my children, but I know that the story can be riveting and certainly relevant, so please give suggestions. I like the kid’s bible more because I understand it, but if there was an interpretation or even a story that has a good message, I’m in.
  3. Watch an, uh, Bible Easter movie? – I’m totally open to watching one especially if kids ask any questions and I’m like… uh…. What is the non-biblical message of Easter? Forgiveness? Redemption? (as she googles “why did Jesus come back from dead and is that what Easter is?”).

Ways To Give Back/Serve And Think Of Others

photo by sara ligorria-tramp | from: the feel good flash makeover reveal (a.k.a. my favorite thing i did all year)

Regardless of your religious affiliation, it seems like a nice day to dedicate some time to recognize our privilege and take some time to help give or find resources for someone else in need. Do something “Christ-like” or just DO SOMETHING NICE. The usual ways give are harder to do right now because I would LOVE to be helping someone in need make their home feel more comfortable. But without any face to face ability but here are some ideas…

  1. Make something for healthcare front liners – We have a hospital very close to our house and so far no known cases in the area and we’ve been SUPER strict and know that we are healthy, so I think it’s fine to make cookies and drop off thank you cards, right? If anyone knows the protocol, please let us know. Part of this is to give, the other part is to make sure our kids know that during hard times for others, we think about them not just the Easter Bunny.
  2. Help other families in need in your area – I’ve wanted this app for so long, it seemed crazy that it didn’t exist and someone finally created it via Facebook. I recently found the Facebook group “Intellihelp Love Delivered” that matches the “Asker” with the “Giver” with mostly for neighbors so you can sign up to personally help another family in your area. Most of them have amazon lists that you can simply help purchase for them, some need errands ran, etc.
  3. Make masks – I just ordered this sewing machine (it’s kinda spendy but based on so many great reviews I was willing) but it’s been decades since I properly sewed. I need to order fabric and materials, but yes we’ll try to make some masks likely before the day.

But What Are We Eating And Drinking??

Thank goodness you asked. I don’t really know. Usually, I do my world-renowned “store-bought honey baked ham, Hawaiian rolls, mustard, and pickle bar” (looking for ideas? steal that crowdpleaser – just no crowds, please). But this year A. I learned to cook and B. Wouldn’t mind making something from scratch if I can safely find the ingredients. I accidentally showed the kids bunny pancakes and they FREAKED THE EFF OUT, so I think we know what we’ll have for breakfast.

image source

For dinner, we ordered a turkey to pick up and roast that day – which I haven’t done before but I’m excited to make the house smell like turkey all day and have days of leftovers. Also, excited to find a “Spring Turkey” Recipes and these are looking really good (this one and this one). But I’m definitely going to make Half Baked Harvests’ Hasselback potatoes.

For dessert…. we’ll probably just eat ice cream unless we cook something in advance. We just bought our first mixer (arriving soon) so maybe we’ll bake something from scratch for the first time. Anything easy and delicious for a baking amateur?

What Are The Kids (and Us) Watching?

Obviously we want to parent but we also want to, say, not parent and just sit and stare at a screen. So we are excited to watch Peter Rabbit (live-action, looks so cute) as a family and if we need to take a break earlier in the day we’ll put on Hop for the kids (we might watch it ourselves or we might just watch something upstairs on our laptop – with only one TV we literally haven’t watched a grownup show or movie in 3 weeks).

Connecting With Family/Friends

We plan on Facetiming with as many family members as possible, since everyone will be home. Maybe we’ll even do a Zoom brunch. I don’t know about your kids but ours aren’t the best facetime conversationalists and mostly want to send poop emojis (that we stop) but we’ll certainly try.

It will be a different Easter and one honestly where we are just thinking about how grateful we are that we are safe, healthy and together. It’s all that matters, and with the state of things being the way they are. Please know that we are thinking and praying for all those who are unwell or worse. It’s the first holiday of many that are going to be different.

What are you guys up to? Have you planned anything? Any other ideas that you can share with us? Again, it’s not a huge holiday for a lot of people so no pressure to do anything, but when you have four little eyes on you with a “what are we doing on easter?” look, it’s nice to try to make it special. xx

Fin Mark


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Jordan Graves

The Jesus Storybook Bible is pretty incredible for kids. My kids are the same ages as yours and they love it. There’s a story for every part of Holy Week in there so you could read that to them!

Juliet Spellmeyer

I was going to say the same about the Jesus Storybook Bible! I have a 5, 3 and infant. My 5 year old has hung on every word of these since he was 1 and my 3 year old likes to tell me she doesn’t want to listen then is so captivated by the story that she cuddles up and asks for one more.

I’ve also heard great things about The Garden, The Curtain and The Cross. Have you seen the series The Chosen or watched any of The Bible Project videos? The latter two are more adult but our kids join in here and there.

I love hearing about your journey in your faith. I appreciate that you are honest about not having all the answers. I’ve had a relationship with God for about 20 years and I’m still figuring stuff out too!

Can I second the Jesus Storybook Bible for kids. It is absolutely the BEST kids bible. I have a minor in biblical studies from a Christian college, and I learned more from that bible, than 4 years of college!


Yes! LOVE the Jesus storybook bible… I cry almost every time I read it to my kids! My 7 year old still loves it and has read it cover to cover a few times now. Happy Easter!

Alyssa W

Was going to say the same thing 🙂


My kids love the Jesus Storybook Bible and actually choose to read it for story time quite a bit.


I agree. It’s our favorite kids Bible by a mile. Written by Sally Lloyd-Jones and available on Amazon.

Jesus Storybook is very good! But my 7 and 4 year old daughters love “The Beginners Bible: Timeless Children’s Stories” (link below). I think they love the art style better (very colorful) and each story is about 5-7 small pages or less. Highly recommend!

Thanks for these suggestions! Very helpful and creative. I may have to try that scavenger hunt with map idea (for indoors!).


My kids are teens/tweens and they have verified with me no less than 300 times, “but mom. we are getting baskets this year, right?” Yes if I don’t stress-eat all the robin eggs before Sunday. (2 bags down) I just now placed a curbside order with the local chocolate shop (way more than i usually spend, but supporting my local business!) and ordered a thing or two from amazon. We LOVE a scavenger hunt and being that we are NFL Christians, there is always a spiritually-minded book. So, I got our musical kid a history of hymns; our reader a fantasy book by a well-respected christian author and our full-of-personality kid a book about something I can’t remember it’s been stashed in a box since feb. (I always buy early because our Easter bunny is lame and forgetful!)

Also Veggie Tales Easter Carol. It’s the best if you can find it somewhere streaming. The song is so pretty.

Those bunny can’s are REALLY adorable. I love kid crafts. I love how the same supplies turn out completely differently.

Leonora B

May i ask the titles of your spiritually minded books? I am coming up short. Thank you!


Leonora – Absolutely! The ones I bought this year are: two from the, one is called Hymns-volume 1, the other is Daily Truths for Kids: Scripture for Every Circumstance. Scripture is not typed out, the references are present and would need to be looked up. Circumstances include forgiveness, unfair, left out, jealousy, scared, sharing, worried, confused, etc. The fantasy fiction book is the first book in the Wing feather saga by Andrew Peterson (I can’t say any thing about it other than I like his music, but I don’t like fantasy, so I haven’t read the books, but people I know and trust and who like fantasy like his books.) Also these are not going in Easter baskets this year, but we have what I think is one of the coolest books ever-100 Extraordinary Stories for Courageous Girls: Unforgettable Tales of Women of Faith by Jean Fischer. My reluctant reader has loved it – it’s one page + 1 picture for each person. She actually likes it so much that when I went to look up the title for you, I see that there’s a second one 100 Extraordinary Stories of Prayer for Courageous Girls: Unforgettable Tales of Women… Read more »


The wingfeather saga is great, but it’s definitely fantasy, made up world, made up creatures, made up bad guys. The story is excellent, and the characters are very sweet.


I hid the Robin’s eggs in the back of the car and I am through 1 1/2 bags! I thought I was so smart picking up Easter candy well before our state went into a shelter in place….they will be lucky to have a couple a piece!!

For baking, Simple Cake by Odette Williams is amazing and so far foolproof! The milk and honey cake would make a lovely Easter dessert, but I also can’t get enough of the basic but perfect vanilla and chocolate cakes. The book is set up with several basic cake recipes and several basic

Your mentioning the Easter branch “tree” idea makes me smile. My German grandmother passed this tradition on to me…I remember how excited she was when she found pussywillow branches for this purpose at the farmer’s market when visiting us in California one spring long ago. She also taught us how to make blown eggs so we could decorate our branches. Beyond that, I appreciate the many lovely ways you’ve considered to make Easter special this year.

I think this cake recipe with your favorite seasonal fruit would be perfect for dessert–or even for breakfast! Actually, now that I think about it, this cake with RHUBARB and some of your homemade ice cream would be amazing 😉

May the peace of Christ be with you!


When I was growing up, my dad did the easter “tree” every year too! He would cut a branch of budding forsythia and hang our blown eggs. He saved blown eggs from previous years in egg cartons. After a few days the yellow forsythia would bloom and it was really magical. Maybe I’ll have to bring back the tradition myself!


For baking, Simple Cake by Odette Williams is amazing and so far foolproof! The milk and honey cake would make a lovely Easter dessert, but I also can’t get enough of the basic but perfect vanilla and chocolate cakes. The book is set up with several basic cake recipes and several basic icing/frosting/topping combinations, followed by suggestions for combining and decorating. It’s all pretty simple stuff but perfect for stress baking and stress eating!


The Alice in Bibleland collection is exceptional. The stories are beautifully illustrated, accurate, but simple. Your kids will know the stories and so will you. It’s set of 28 so kinda expensive, but so worth it if you figure 28 hardcover books that will be passed down in your family. (Amazon has them used, too.)

Leonora B

Em. Thank you so much for this. Thank you for your vulnerability, honesty and purely delightful self. Such an him to be a reader, and am grateful to feel inspired to plan fun and meaningful activities for my 3 children. So much love to you, your family, and your team.

Loved your ideas and totally want to up our Easter egg hunt by turning it into a scavenger hunt! Especially bc we hardly have any fun candy this year! Thanks for the great ideas. Oh! And Peter Rabbit is SO funny! Both kids and parents love that movie around here! Great choice! ?


The Bible app for kids is wonderful! It’s interactive, has beautiful graphics and narrates for them. It also includes an activity for each story. And every time I open it with my kids, I can’t believe it’s a free app. (It’s also super entertaining and trustworthy if you need to throw an iPad at the kids while you do something)

We also love the rhyme bible. Rhyming is a wonderful way to remember and learn new stories and the rhymes are done really well.

Leonora B

One other thing our family does is to remember the last supper by eating a simple meal by candelight, similar to what Jesus may have eaten: fish, herbs, unleavened bread, etc. This tradition helps us remember the simple life Jesus led, and how he focused on others even during his last mortal and agonising hours. Reading the account is also helpful. Hugs to this wonderful community.


Oh I’m so excited that you bought the sewing machine from the article that I reccommended 😀 I hope it brings you lots of joy!!
Also yes to the easter branches! We also do this in my family and it is one of my favourite easter traditions 🙂 We usually have more of an easter bouquet where we start collecting branches that are about to bloom or get their leaves in the week before and then on easter they’ll be a little bit further along then the ones outside – a little easter and spring miracle if you will 😉 They look beautiful arranged with daffodills and blown eggs hung from the branches.
Thank you for your fun ideas – hope you have beautiful day with your family!

elizabeth Reynoso

All great ideas. Thank you so much for sharing!

I would skip the making cookies for the hospital. I’m a doctor and we aren’t able to accept any homemade food items at the hospital. What we do need it prepackaged snacks that are quick and easy and full of good nutrition (our cafeterias are either closed or serving minimal food and we often don’t have time to go all the way there), some hospitals are asking for little shower packs with travel size shampoo and body wash so staff can shower at hospital before they leave (many of us shower before we leave the hospital if we can and then again at home), chapstick, lotion (washing your hands 1000 times a day dries things out so much!!), and face wipes. Ooh and check to see if your hospitals have coffee makers, we can always use more coffee grounds at mine!


These are grrreat ideas!! I have a niece and a nephew (siblings) who are both nurses and yes, no hand made anything…just to be safe.
In Western Australia, the govt is paying for nice hotel rooms, incl. food, etc., for doctors and nurses to stay in, close to their hospitals so they can rest and be safe from housemates, etc.

I wonder if Easter eggs (while not healthy) might be okay if they are more than foil wrapped??

Abby Frank

Second skipping of the homemade cookies; the health system I work for isn’t allowed to accept homemade food items either. But we are accepting pre-packaged food, and the cards and notes are also much appreciated!

Brittany Thurman

Omg the Chosen is a tv show that you can stream from their app for free- it is an INCREDIBLE interpretation of Jesus. Your kids are prob too young but I genuinely think you and Brian would love it.


Your kids will love this idea. Plant a magic garden of jelly beans in a flower pot/cake pan/whatever. On Easter, before the kids see, replace the jelly beans with lolipops! You can use it to teach a deeper message, or just keep it as a simple “trick.”. Here is the full link/source from Jen Schmidt of Beauty and Bedlam.


Do you plant the jellybeans together the night before and the kids get up to lollypop flowers???




Another vote for The Jesus Storybook Bible — it’s wonderful!


I’ve very much enjoyed the posts in the last few weeks — thank you for the shift and your desire to share life, ideas and design from home. I’m excited to incorporate the scavenger hunt into our plans for this year — with a map! so glad you mentioned that — they do REALLY love maps!

My girls (4 & 5) very much enjoy the Jesus Storybook Bible mentioned below and the Big Picture Story Bible, but I also received an online resource a few years ago that’s pretty basic and has the main points already broken down for a preschool/early elementary aged ( I think this is what we’ll talk about for our own sunrise “service.” We have the tradition of watching the sunrise on Easter morning… I think I feel more giddiness that day than on Christmas morning because of the significance of Jesus’ resurrection.


Those recipes look scrumptious and I love the branch tree. Just to add another thought:

We are an interfaith family of origin Unitarian Universalists, so our Spring Holiday consists of diverse celebrations. You seem to have a lot of recommendations for the Jesus story, but may I suggest that the kids may also love to celebrate the Passover story. When the kids were younger we didn’t focus too much on the plagues (and certainly too close to home this year), but the story of oppressed peoples everywhere longing for human dignity, the responsibilities we all have to serve, and the miracles that appear when we trust, can certainly be the inspiration for both Passover and Easter. Plus the kids love the baby Moses story, the ocean “parting ” – and the matzo balls! Just google Passover story for kids and you’ll find online stories and videos. Enjoy your holiday – we’ll be zooming with our grown kids!


+1 this! As an adult I was shocked by how relevant and thought-provoking some Passover Seders can be.


Was going to comment about the Jesus Storybook Bible as well but looks like lots of others have it covered! I often use it in my own morning devotional time along with reading it to kids! Doesn’t hurt that the artwork is beautiful too. Another idea for talking about the biblical Easter story with kids is using Resurrection Eggs- it’s fun and interactive for them. There are lots you can buy online but with shipping times these days they probably won’t arrive in time, so there are some printable/diy versions around- here’s a good one I saw:

Happy Eastering!


This is just to say thank you so much for the content you’ve been posting recently. It has been such a nice, much needed reprieve to read uplifting, interesting pieces that aren’t all consumed with the current situation. Thank you!


This podcast has a great testimony from a woman who wanted to believe in “a god” and “Jesus” she investigated the “evidence of God”


Not sure that Rick Warren is the kind of inclusive and progressive Christianity that’s been discussed here, particularly given his repeated denouncing of same-sex marriage.


I obviously love it and forcing my children and husband to try DIYs in the name of “memory making” that are far above their skill level and subsequently turn out truly ugly, is one of the joys of my life.

Hahaha, this is so me. I love you!

Also, I couldn’t get my comment to go through on the homeschool post, but just wanted to say I think Brian is doing an amazing job. I’m homeschooling four that aren’t much older than yours. Kindergarten through third grade (we have twins), and I understand the frustration with attention span. Totally trying the butt cheek drawing which was spot on by the way. Also very impressed with his crab.


Check out for amazing dessert recipes, many are very simple, all homemade, and she also makes candy and savory dishes too. A go to for inspiration and she never disappoints!!


Principal Henderson! ?
You ARE so! Telling Emily you took the lead and ordered tricky lego …. brilliant masterminding skills right there!!!


In case it’s helpful, I wrote a curriculum to teach spiritual truths to kids with special needs (I’m a Speech-Language Pathologist who specializes in early childhood developmental delays). It’s not just for kids with special needs, of course! The Easter lesson is available free right now on my website. Hopefully it’s helpful to any families out there who want to teach (and do Jesus-related art projects!) about the meaning behind this holiday. E-mail me for the password to the free lesson. Hope you are healthy and well. xo


We will celebrate by spending time outside together in the garden. The birds are singing and setting nests and our daylight is lengthening. There will be egg hunting off and on all day (he likes to rehire them for us) and talk about seasonal cycles and observing the signs together. I will likely make a version of Eggs Benedict for brunch and do a simple light dinner to balance the day. There will be hard boiled eggs leftover from this years annual crayon coloring and natural dye Eggsperiment. We do a project-based basket that I am still working on. I may have to add a scavanger hunt map! He loves x marks the spot.

Exceptionally marvelous!!! When I look for this I discovered this site at the highest point of all websites in web crawler.


Perhaps you might consider including in your celebration that Easter is a holiday adapted from pagan traditions to welcome Spring. That is why, in many faiths and cultures, there is painting of eggs, planting of wheat sprouts and decorating the home with spring flowers. I think this would be a wonderful example to the kids about how people are united in their traditions even if they are not united in their faiths.

I enjoy the videos at Based on the King James Version, and they have quite a few videos about the last week of Jesus’s life and some videos dedicated to easter as well.


We did a scavenger hunt one year with clues, and the kids loved it! I’m not sure why I didn’t do it more years. I have one teenager, and usually her cousins would come over for brunch and an egg hunt. Not happening this year, and I’m not sure a virtual one would be engaging enough for teens (you’d be surprised how much they like the rest thing). So we might just use those adorable bunny pancakes and binge a show of my kid’s choosing. The crafts are great, by the way, and makes me miss having little ones to do it with.



Katheryn Humber


I have been reading your blog for years and years and years….never have commented before but girl, listen, you ARE qualified to read your babies the Bible.

Those people whose Bibles are worn and tattered started out with brand new shiny ones. We are all sinners in need of grace.

I’d second the Jesus Storybook Bible, The Garden, the Curtain and the Cross, and as a resource more for you, google the Bible Project. Lots of podcasts, videos, word and theme studies….it’s fascinating.

Omg, this is the best looking bunny I’ve ever seen!
Even my bf said the same thing!!!

Mariya |

Abby Frank

The bunny cans are so cute! And bunny pancakes are always a hit at my house (we use whipped cream for the tail :))

Another idea of a way to do something nice for others, if budget allows: donate to your local food bank. I know that in my suburban community I was surprised to learn how many people are already served by the food bank, and it’s even more in our current economic situation. And it’s easy and fast to donate online.


If you’re looking for a great resource for Easter videos, stories, etc, go to CHURCHOFJESUSCHRIST.ORG
If you search Easter videos in their search bar, a list will come up including an Easter playlist- not sure what to expect with that but I’m saving it for Sunday to watch with my family.

Thanks for all the fun ideas you share!

Julie S

Thanks for the prompt about a scavenger hunt! My dad used to do those when I was little and I have very fond memories. Once he put a clue on the underside of the dining table which was sooo hard to find, and then there was the year I was shocked to find my basket in the clothes dryer!

This year my older daughter can read well, and I have the time to do a few more Easter activity preparations so that was the nudge I needed to make it happen this year. I wrote clues last night (it was fun!) and the rain seems to be holding off this morning so we can send the littles all over our two acres in search of basket clues (with a plastic egg and candy piece at each clue, too). Ugh I am sort of anti sugar but twice a year, Easter and Halloween, I let my husband buy candy and fill them up until I have to draw a line.


I also recommend the Jesus Storybook Bible by Sally Lloyd-Jones. It’s really beautiful. There’s actually a version for adults too—sane text but different illustrations. It came out a few years ago but instantly became a classic. It breaks down the Bible, and especially the Easter story, in a really accessible, relatable way. Love it.


All the bunny stuff is cute, but as a Jewish person, I find all the Christianity talk alienating.

Glad you’re keeping the religion discussion to a minimum.

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