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How To Build A Stylish Room Around The Neutral Classics (A Gray Sofa, Walnut Dining Table, And More) + Another Chance To Win A $2,000 Article Gift Card

2023 marks the seventh year of me working in this industry so I think it’s fair to say that I’ve seen my share of furniture companies wonderfully evolve while still maintaining their style and ethos…and others, sadly not. Article is one that I am consistently impressed by and even more so recently. Y’all if you haven’t been on their site lately might I suggest you take a scroll. Every product still looks like a classic, is made with high-quality materials, oozes comfort, and is fairly priced… and to my complete delight, they are playing with even more fun shapes and pretty materials. There are so many pieces that are just cool (but not in an overly trendy way). So when Article reached out about doing a sponsored post together for their Memorial Day sale, I was pumped. Not only because we get to give a lucky reader a $2000 Article gift card again (YES, I KNOW!!) but we get to show you how you can build a truly beautiful and eclectic room that will stand the test of time, with just their products. Article has been an EHD go-to for yeeears because it’s a brand we love and can always count on. I mean did you see the basement makeover Emily just did?? Plus, the customer service is ridiculously good and the delivery times are fast.

So to make this post both fun and helpful we thought we’d show you how to build a room around a classic “anchor piece” or “staring piece”. All of the anchor pieces are on sale (exciting!). Should you want to purchase any of them, you’ll know how to build a stylish room around each one. Oh and to enter for the $2000 gift card, all you have to do is check out their site and leave a comment here with the piece that you’d love to bring home. Let’s start with the living room!

photo by sara ligorria-tramp | from: styling to sell: the playroom/family room and the 4 lessons i learned along the way…

Sofa | Green Pillow | Grid Lumbar Pillow | Wood Coffee Table | Gray Pouf | Rug | Sheepskin | Floor Lamp | Sconce | Side Table with Leather Shelf | Accent Chair | Striped Lumbar Pillow | Black Side Table | Media Console

Ah, the heart of the home (well aside from the kitchen of course:)). I wanted to start with the famous Sven Sofa. We are big ole fans of this modern MCM-style sofa. Sara has literally owned three (seen here, here, and here), Emily had one in her LA house, and one of my best friends has had her eyes set on the leather one for years, although I think the sectional version would look great in her space:) But enough about us and more about this sofa. It’s got personality without taking over the whole room – meaning it’s super versatile. This is great since it gives you so much room to play with lots of different styles and colors. I decided to keep things pretty neutral in color and focus more on shapes and light patterns. As I am looking at it now I realized I worked in triangles. By that I mean that most of the elements are spaced out, making it all look balanced (at least to me, ha). For example, all of the upholstered pieces are different tones of gray yet none of them look drab. The sofa has clean, structured lines, the pouf is lightly patterned and round, and the accent chair has a beautiful and interesting wood frame. There is also a good balance of round and squared-off shapes as well as a variety of wood tones.

So while technically “neutral,” I still wanted the room to have visual depth. An easy way to do that was to choose a dark rug and this one is SO pretty. The color is rich but the pattern and fringe make it feel a little playful and fun. After the rug was selected I went with that incredible black side table, that beautiful floor lamp, and pillows that had dark tones. I also feel that the leather shelf on the other side table brings some extra depth to that side. Speaking of that side table, how good is it? Secret: It’s actually a nightstand. Shhh, no one will ever know! And that media console???? Article is killing it! And yes my love of nesting coffee tables knows no limit:)

design by arlyn hernandez | photo by sara ligorria-tramp | from: arlyn’s moody dining room reveal

Dining Table | Dining Chair | Brass Pendant | Rug | Accent Chair | Side Table | Sideboard | Mirror | Table Lamp

Moving onto the dining room. I chose this dining table as the anchor piece because not only is it super versatile style-wise but it’s also extendable! It’s nice to have a furniture piece that can be upgraded to have multiple seating options. Now, while I love the MCM look, I didn’t want to lean into it too much hence the contemporary dining chairs. They have a 2023 feel which is a nice style contrast to the table, and the dark tones of the chairs and table work really well together. And who doesn’t love a comfy upholstered chair?! Another bonus is that the dark blue colorway hides accidental food mishaps, win-win!

Moving to the floor, I wanted to add a little pattern. I think this rug is SO good. The pattern is subtle but cool, and the rug has a low pile so it’s great for a dining room where food and drinks are consumed (and sometimes spill). Pattern is important to any room (no matter how small) but so is texture! That’s where this beautiful sideboard comes in to save the day. The chunkiness perfectly balances out all the legs of the dining table and chairs. In addition, the rattan adds such beautiful visual interest and depth (and actual storage). It also helps the overall design from leaning too dark.

Speaking of that, you know this room needed a little luxury: Enter the brass pendant and gold table lamp. They add just enough sparkle without the space feeling too glam. The final element in this sideboard vignette is the wall mirror. The shape is so great and the wood tone speaks to the dining table. Mirrors almost always make a room feel bigger too which is an added bonus. 

Now, not every dining room has room for a seating area, but I figured this room could be whatever I wanted and stuck one in! The warmth of those swivel leather chairs really makes the space pop in the best way and the side table’s black top pulls in the dining chairs and sideboard. What’s not to love??

Bed | Nightstand | Sconce | Pouf | Rug | Pendant | Floor Mirror | Dresser | Table Lamp | Accent Chair | Side Table

Every time I start to write about a new room design in this post I think, “Oooo I really like this one!” That’s mostly a compliment to Article and their furniture:)

So starting out with our anchor piece: The Bed. Simple, classic, and the wood grain is so pretty. It’s really interesting how deeply I’ve fallen in love with dark walnut. The richness just makes my heart feel full so this bed and dresser were no-brainers. Also that dresser is so beautiful. Wow wow!

In order to maintain that rich depth, I went with those pretty black nightstands. Look at all that storage! And since I went with black nightstands, I wanted to choose decor that had that same richness. For lighting, I chose sconces with a black accent (and don’t take up any nightstand real estate) and a black table lamp that would likely go across the room. I also added a tall beautiful black floor mirror and a black side table for the reading/lounge chair. For a liiittle color, I went with yet another beautiful rug with a subtle but impactful pattern as well as those incredible rust velvet poufs! Then lastly for texture and lightness, I chose that very cool rattan pendant and awesome ivory bouclé chair. Overall this is a rich but calm space that I would happily sleep in:) Would you??

design and styled by emily bowser | photo by sara ligorria-tramp | from: emily bowser’s back unit yard reveal, 2022 musings, new year resolutions, and other meanderings…

Sectional | Black and White Pillow | Light Clay Pillow | Umbrella | Pink and White Rug | Rattan Ottoman | Rattan Lantern Set | Bar Cart | Modular Corner Seat | Side Table | Soft Pouf | Tall Planter | Medium Planter | Floor Rattan Lantern

Our final Article look is, of course, an outdoor one. I personally have this table and LOVE it so much. But if you want a real example of what outdoor Article furniture can do check out Emily Bowser’s back house’s back patio. It’s such a special space! And the exact outdoor sectional she used is on sale people!! This is not a drill! Naturally, it had to be my anchor piece. Plus when you compare Bowser’s design and mine above it only proves how versatile this piece is.

Article had lots of pattern and texture options which made me extremely happy. Look at all the rattan lanterns, the double ottoman, the pillows, the umbrella, the rugs! They all make for a very happy design don’t you think? But given that the sectional’s cushions are a dark charcoal, I wanted to make sure that dark tone was evenly sprinkled throughout the space. That of course creates balance but also grounds the design. I must stop and give a special shoutout to the clay-colored modular corner seat. It’s such pretty color while still being relatively neutral and brings the whole space to a new level. If I had that chair I would live in it. No question. Especially if it’s as comfortable as the other outdoor Article chairs I’ve sat in.

So who’s excited about the $2k gift card now??? Article really is a near one-stop shop for modern, quality furniture that’s also nice on the wallet (with most products getting to you FAST). We really appreciate Article sponsoring this post, not only so I could flex my design skills (jk jk) but also to give one of our readers a truly awesome opportunity to make their home more beautiful. As a reminder, to enter for the $2000 gift card, just check out their site and leave a comment here with the piece that you’d love to bring home. But also their Memorial Day Sale is gooood so don’t miss your chance for a great deal if you’re in the market. And if you need an extra bit of motivation, EHD readers are also being offered an extra deal of $50 off their first purchase of $200 or more until May 29. Click here to have the discount apply automatically at checkout.

Love you, mean it.

Opening Image Credits: Photo by Sara Ligorria-Tramp | From: A Quick Update: The Changes I’ve Made to My LA Living Room


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  125. Ohhhhh, my! I’d love the Lubek sectional in slate gray! And the timing is perfect…our outdoor living space and pool are almost finished and ready to style!

  126. I love love love the Olalla! Looks so timeless and beautifully comfortable!

  127. I have a few pieces from Article but my next one would be the Aster dresser! I like both of the wood options so maybe I’d have to get both for my house!

  128. So many great dining tables to choose from. I’m leaning toward toward Ballo at the moment.

  129. We’d like two of the Sora Beach Sand Sofas. So many fun items from which to choose!

  130. So many great article finds! I especially love how you have them styled. One of the Lenia plush headboards and an outdoor sofa are on the top of the wishlist though!

  131. I have been looking for nightstands for two years! The vireo walnut nightstand is gorgeous! It would be the perfect addition to my bedroom.

  132. It’s been awhile since I’ve looked at Article’s website. I could use the Pica rust ottoman. I could also use Feast dining room chairs, plus I’ve been dreaming of swapping out our (perfectly good) sofa and loveseat for a gold velvet sectional like the Abisko plush yarrow one.

  133. So many pieces I’d love but particularly Marol outdoor dining table and chairs

  134. Everything from Article looks amazing, but we’d love the Aby Dravite Green Loveseat!

  135. I love the Lenia dresser! Always timeless styles with article, and it would be wonderful to finish furnishing our new home!

  136. Love Article!! There are so many pieces that I would love to purchase but I’m looking to finally upgrade to an adult bedroom set and buy the Uden king bed with Lenia nightstands.

  137. Love Article!! Nera King bed and a dining table for family gatherings. Beautiful and timeless furnishings!

  138. I would love to have a Soma soda bed in our den. Our guests would definitely prefer that over an air mattress!

  139. Hoping for some new furniture before our second arrives this summer and have my eye on a Sven sectional! Thanks for the fun giveaway!

  140. We have a new home that needs all the furniture. I haven’t bought much new furniture in my life so I’ve never bought anything from Article, but I’ve been hearing about it a lot & would love to experience it. The Soma sectional sofa would be so nice! Thank you for offering this generous gift to someone very lucky.

  141. My husband and I bought our first home this year and we’ve been making it our own little by little. We already have a couple of pieces from Article (bed and dining table). We would love the Nova sofa for our living room!

  142. I love Article and have been wanting to use their pieces in our home. I would get the Lenia White Oak spindle bed and 2 Turoy Swivel chairs.

  143. I would love a leather Sven ottoman and then some new pieces for my dining room!

  144. In the beginning stages of a kitchen/ mudroom/office addition plus a deck and patio. I’ve got a very serious case of decision fatigue, but designing the yard space has been easiest, so I’d love the Kubek outdoor sectional.

  145. That outdoor sectional is rad!! Would love to have something like that in my space.

  146. Moving in July and in desperate need of a new sofa! The Sven would go perfectly in the living room! Can’t wait to build off it!

  147. The Jokuna media unit and Nera chest are both a dream! And also the Oasis rug and…basically whoever wins the gift card is going to have so much fun deciding!

  148. Dreaming of that Beta sectional ever since the green basement makeover post last week!

  149. I would love to add a new chair to my living room. The Burrard forest green chair is beautiful!

  150. I’ve always wanted the Lubek sectional! Gotta work on my outdoor spaces and that would be the perfect anchor 😉

  151. Always have my eye on Article pieces! Would love to add the Lenia sideboard to our dining room.

  152. I’ve had my eye on the Baarlo Oak Coffee Table! Such a stylish and classic piece.

  153. I’d love to bring home the Sven Sofa or the Turoy Accent Chair! And so many other items!! 🙂

  154. I have been eyeing the leather sven sofa for YEARS! thank you so much for the contest!

  155. I have been loving Article’s outdoors 70s edit and would love the Aby sectional for my new backyard. I’m a new first time homeowner and think it would make my space so cozy.

  156. Great blog post! Would LOVE a Sven or Burrard Sofa to complete our living room.

  157. I have my fingers crossed so hard for a job – and potential cross country move – how awesome would it be to be able to leave behind my ratty hand-me-downs and move with beautiful new furniture!?!
    I’m looking hard at the wide Fantol book case (why is it so hard to buy nice, large, bookcases?); basically all the dining tables, and the Vireo nightstand.
    Of course, if the Timber corner sectional would fit, then forget the bookcase/table/nightstand, I can just pile books by the sofa, where I will also eat, and definitely nap.

  158. So many to choose from! But with the weather finally being so nice out, I would love the Lubek sectional!

  159. Such a timely post as my renovation is finishing soon and I need to buy new furniture. I would love to get the Lenia bed with an upholstered headboard.

  160. I would go with either the Nord galaxy gray chair for a better seat in my bedroom, or the Tovi coffee table.

  161. Controversial (maybe?), but I would try the lubek sectional inside my apartment instead of as patio furniture. My space is more industrial looking and I feel like those lines would look so good inside!

  162. Love this! The Conan round dining table is in my cart but my Article wishlist has so many good things!

  163. I love that Lubek sectional. We are in the market for an L-shaped outdoor couch and this fits the bill perfectly!

  164. I would love to purchase the beta modular sofa or the Baarlo coffee table! I have had a tab open in safari for quite a while so I can look at them daily and manifest!

  165. I would absolutely love this sofa!
    We spent a full year waiting for a custom piece from another custom furniture manufacturer for our den, and had to dispute to get out money back after the company was liquidated.
    We wound up just buying a used sofa off of marketplace to fill the space, and I would be thrilled to finish it off right with an article piece! I love their furniture.

  166. i’ve had my eye on the candra chaise lounge for a long time. it’s the perfect combination of modern and timeless.

  167. Hi there! I just love the LUBEK sectional! We just had an inground pool installed (it’s black with sparkles) and this would be a perfect fit. Always loved article products! 🏊‍♀️

  168. Ohhhhh! Mama needs a new sectional… Abisko in the gorgeous velvet for the win!!!

  169. We love Article, and have been eyeing a few pieces for our living room including the Kirkby accent chair!

  170. Dreaming of that Outdoor Sectional in light grey for years. It was on our wedding registry and would look perfect on our patio.

  171. The Feast Easy bundle with the outfit Offer dining table would be an amazing upgrade from our old, splintering outdoor dining table.

  172. Planning new living room furniture and I’d love the Timber Rain Cloud Gray Sofa

  173. We had to sell our gorgeous article dining table when we moved to a house with a smaller dining area and I have my eye on the kurasi table for our new space!

  174. Article is my favorite place to find affordable and stylish furniture for my home. I’ve got my eye on that blue rug! Love their stuff!

  175. Ahh I’m moving to a slightly bigger house next week and I have so many Article pieces bookmarked on my wishlist. The Sven bed in Sienna Brown velvet, the Svelti dining chairs, and the Gabriola bouclé bench are all dream pieces for the new place.

  176. I need an office chair! Maybe the Gerven? After that, I’m sure I could come up with ways to spend $2k. 🙂

  177. My backyard just got a refresh, but it still needs a sofa! The Laholm, with its gorgeous curved arms would be perfect!

  178. I’m definitely getting a sofa, like the Nirvana Dakota Tan. Love the list and resources here!

  179. I’ve have my eye on the Sven sofa in either Grass Green or Yarrow Gold!

  180. Just moved into our first house and would LOVE a Sven Sofa to kick things off!

  181. The Conan round dining table would be perfect for gathering family and friends!

  182. We’ve purchased several pieces from Article over the past few years and all have held up so well! Great quality and price point.

  183. As stated earlier this week, friends don’t let friends not buy the beta sectional!!!! 100% my pick, truly can’t imagine life with a sofa that is actually comfortable haha!

  184. We have been needing a new sofa for years…that Abisko looks like the perfect fit!

  185. I have my eye on the Lubek sectional – trying to expand my outdoor space!

  186. I love the Sven Charme chaise lounge! It’s so sleek and would do well when my dog inevitably sneaks onto it in the middle of the night.

  187. I have outdoor lounging on the brain, so I have my eye on the Callais outdoor sofa. Emily Bowser’s backyard reveal post was so inspiring and now my camping chair out on the deck won’t cut it!

  188. Love all the looks you put together here! Would love to have an outdoor dining set from Article- ballo oval dining table is a beauty.

  189. I love Article! I have several pieces in my home already and even talked my boss into buying 4 Timber leather chairs for our office lounge area. They are soooo comfy. Everyone loves them. For myself, I’ve been eying the Timber leather sectional for years.

  190. Oh wow – $2,000 would go a long way in our backyard. The Sora sofa would be the anchor, plus a sofa cover to keep it clean, an umbrella and stand, and a few new outdoor dining chairs. Backyard transformation!

  191. Oh boy, eyeing so many things! At the top of my list are the Sven bed and the Lento leather lounge chairs.

  192. Love the private outdoor area design. I want to do something similar in my home.

    If I’m lucky enough to get the article gift card, I’d get the Burrard Forest Green Sectional. I love it’s silhouette and color.

  193. The Turoy Wicklow Gray Swivel Chairs would complete the living room, but I don’t know if I could stop there….the island would need a pair of Anco Black Counter Stools.

  194. Oh, for me the dream sofa is the same – the Timber Olio Green Sofa and ottoman. It’s been on my pinterest board for ages. I even missed out on one secondhand from FB marketplace. After years of a white hand me down sofa (and an almost 5 year old – so you can imagine it now haha) , there’s something about that rich green that gets me.

    We are about to move to AR from VA bc I just got residency there (yay!). I just graduated med school and had a baby – so lots of new beginnings in a whole new place. Here’s hoping!

  195. I am floored by all of the gorgeous yet affordable pieces Article offers! I would like to start my Article collection with the Nera oak king bed…

  196. With her sleek lines and comfortability, the Timber Olio sectional is calling to me. Pair that with the fabulous walnut end tables and our family room gets the much needed spruce up she deserves and we have a room to show off and enjoy daily.

  197. LOVE the lines of the Seno dining table and the fact that it’s expandable 🙌

  198. I’d love a patio refresh with a round table and tody beach sand dining chairs!

  199. We could really use a new couch and I have my eyes on Emily’s old Burrard Sectional in Sea Salt Gray! I am also super interested in the Beta Sectional, especially after last week’s amazing tonal green basement reveal. I would just have to think on if I really have the space for the larger model. Thanks so much EHD and Article!

  200. I would absolutely get the Beta sectional in atlas blue for my new living room! That fabric looks gorgeous

  201. I love article! I would love a good outdoor space but with 4 boys a sectional is my dream… I love both the cigar sectional in tan leather and the beta in cypress green! We’re currently have an ikea sofa (which has been good to us!) and a twin bed in our living room for more seating. I’ve been wishing to buy a new couch but our current situation works alright so we keep making do!

  202. I have one Burrard Forest Green chair, and I would love to add another; and maybe a Sven loveseat to go with them!

  203. The Sven Sectional with the chaise (left!) would be so great in our living room! I am torn between the Birch Ivory or Cascadia Blue – both would be great and create different vibes!

  204. Oooh! We moved recently and our old, broken-down patio furniture didn’t make the cut. I would love a couple of Medan rockers for watching the Montana sunset!

  205. Article really does it right!!! I’m eyeing the Sven or Abisko armchairs to update my living room. But then I start looking and I can’t stop! Id love an overhaul of my outdoor patio too! I’m about to have my first baby and am in ultimate nesting mode on the home front!

  206. I’d love the expandable oak dining table for some epic gatherings this summer. Thanks for the opportunity!

  207. Ohhh the outdoor lounge! That sectional would lock in all the hard work my husband has been doing to stain our deck and build a new dining table. It’s beautiful. I would make sure he got the first outdoor nap for sure.

  208. If I had a chance, I would go for the Nera queen bed or the classic Sven Charm sofa.

  209. Lubek outdoor sectional! We are putting in a screened in porch and deck and it would be perfect!

  210. We moved into our house 3 years ago and our first project was updating our 300 sqft sunroom. (It originally had carpet, was painted dark and had horrible blinds covering the three walls of windows, basically everything a sunroom shouldn’t be). We put in a new floor, painted everything bright and trashed the blinds for some amazing light! We weren’t sure how things would hold up in a 3 season room attached to our house so we impulse bought a cheap outdoor couch from Wayfair but 3 years later it looks horrible, the pieces don’t stay together, and is so uncomfortable that we don’t spend time out there enjoying our awesome room filled with our plants! Article’s Aby Dravite Ivory Sectional would totally transform our sunroom and actually make us want to spend some time out there!!!

  211. I’m ready for a backyard makeover! I already purchased the umbrella.
    I love all your designs Emily! I’ve been swooning over your vintage blimp art and I’m always looking at antique shops….. I think of the Beatles every time I see it.

  212. I would love to have the Candra Black Chaise Lounge and the Aby Dravite Green Reversible Sectional for my backyard!!!

  213. I have a small NYC apartment living room, so I like the open airiness of the Lafora bookcase! Also always on the lookout for smaller footprint lounge/club chairs if you’re looking for furniture guide ideas 🙂

  214. Just bought my first house and it has a patio. I would LOVE the Whitney dining table and some chairs for my patio!

  215. Thanks for all the inspiration. This is my first year delving into the world of interior design and it’s been a pretty cool experience. Lots of creativity!

    The item I liked the most from Article was the Timber Charme sofa. Wasn’t familiar with the site but excited to have it to connect the dots between all the interior designer photo shoots with actual items.


  216. So many items on my Article wishlist, but especially the Beta sectional, Seno media console, and Gira floor lamp!

  217. I would love a set of 2 Turoy accent chairs and the Halden side table for my sitting area in my bedroom!

  218. I have been looking for a storage cabinet for my living room and the Candra sideboard you picked out is so beautiful in black in particular and would hold a lot of my ‘stuff’. Thanks for your great taste.

  219. Lubek outdoor sectional! Working on “rooms” outside vs some random inherited patio furniture.

  220. Article is a favorite of mine. I have the Sven leather sofa and we LOVE it. I have my eye on the TESSA king bed in glaze gray or maybe sprout pink. I would also love the Beta sofa in atlas blue but think it may be too big for our space.

  221. Oh! I have been drooling over their Ceni lagoon blue armchairs for a while now. Love their products!!

  222. I love Article! I’m really liking their Sitka sofa but also have my eye on some of their outdoor furniture since we are currently redoing our deck.

  223. I love Article! Right this moment I would choose 2 of the Kirkby chairs. My neighbor owns some Article pieces that are fantastic!

  224. I love the neutrals too, but starting to lean back into my pops of color. I love the moody vibes with darker colors

  225. Sven Sofa! Love all of the Article furniture! Such great pieces. And love your work Emily, so beautiful and well thought out. Thanks for all you do.

  226. After two babies and a puppy, we are in desperate need of a new couch and a living room refresh

  227. What wouldn’t I Love?! I’ve been eyeing a few things for awhile, but would really love the Beta Cypress Green Left Modular Sectional, Nirvana Dakota Tan Lounge Chair or Baarlo Oak Coffee Table!

  228. I would LOVE the Beta sofa in gray fabric. It would be perfect for our family of 5 to snuggle on and watch a movie in our den!!

  229. I am in need of a new dining room table. However the Sven sofa would be amazing! I think I just live everything Article!

  230. Very hard to pick just one! But the Sven Charme Tan sectional is what living room dreams are made of.

  231. The scandi inspired round coffee table would be perfect in my den! Our current situation is an old upholstered ottaman that my children love to spill cereal, rackets and milk on. We have the dining wood table! It shipped very quickly, was easy to put together and looks great!

  232. Those outdoor sectionals are 🔥 Adding to my Article wishlist!!!!

  233. I’d love the Redondo pouf! I need to replace my living room coffee table with something soft and round as we’ve got a wobbly toddler. +Soma sofa bed for a future play room!

  234. I would love to kick start my living room refresh with a Sven Birch Ivory Sofa

  235. I bought my first home two years ago and did it by myself. I’ve been trying to save for a new couch (mine is second hand), but unexpected expenses needed to be prioritized. I’d love to get the Article Soma sectional that has both storage and a sleeper. My space is tiny so I need all the storage I can get. Plus, I only have a one bedroom so the sleeper would be ideal for guests. Thanks for the opportunity!

  236. I have been inspired by the recent EHD basement makeovers to create a cool teen hangout space in our den and have been eyeing the Beta right chaise in blue corduroy for the perfect comfy seating.

  237. I’ve been wanting a blue couch for ages. Love the Abisko. It looks so comfy.

  238. I bought the Sven leather sofa from Article 7 years ago and adore it. And as a Montrealer, I am really happy to see a Canadian company succeed like this !
    I would lie thrilled to own the Vireo oak six drawers double dresser (to put my TV on) or two Vireo oak 3 drawers dressers (to put on each side of my King size bed). 
    The lines of the Galpin lounger are great and it looks so confortable ! It would be a dream to have one on my deck.
    The Mysen oak sideboard looks great as well and would fit perfectly in my dining room.
    Thank you fort this contest !

  239. I would love to have that Beta sofa in the plush green corduroy for our little tv room in our old craftsman! We are finally updating it after letting our eight-year-old run the place as a playroom for years. What a sofa to watch all our favorite Studio Ghibli films together on!

  240. We’re just about to finish some major, major landscape work in our backyard. It’s our last project after buying a house 5 years ago and basically re-building it. An article gift card would be immensely helpful right now and I’d love to have that Lubeck sectional for the space!!

  241. I love article products! It would be great to finish putting our bedroom together. I have had my eyes on the Harles Walnut Shelf to organize the corner in our bedroom. I would also love to upgrade our outdoor space! Thank you for the inspiration!

  242. i love my Article furniture. Such pretty lines and high quality. I’ve got my eye on the CANDRA side board.

  243. the Sven sofa loveseat –
    I have an odd shaped living room and I think it would solve the problem! I stumbled across Article during CoVid when all furniture delivery times were super slow and frustrating. It was a new brand to me and I fell in love. There customer service is seamless and delivery times are quick. I was in a rush to furnish a rental property and 3 years later still love every single thing I bought.

  244. I already have an Article wishlist for myself so this is easy. 😂 I’d love a set of their Nosh dining chairs and the Lenia walnut sideboard.

  245. We are in desperate need to replace our well worn living room couch and the Timber rain cloud grey corner sectional would be the perfect fit. The Lenia walnut king would also look beautiful in our primary bedroom 🙂

  246. I really enjoyed this post! I’ve always admired Article pieces from afar but have not yet bought anything from them. I have had my eye on the Lubek outdoor sectional, and was so excited to see it featured here! We are creating an outdoor space in our backyard for the first time and looking for the perfect furniture to make it cozy and inviting. Thanks for this post and all the great ideas!

  247. I’m obsessed with the outdoor modular corner seating feature in this blog post and would love to have it in my home! 😍

  248. Lubek Tuscan Brown outdoor dining set, for sure! I have so many pieces of Article furniture and I love them all.

  249. Oh my goshhhhh what a dream! My fiancé and I are about to move in together; it would be so hard to pick, but since we’re still renting, I’d probably settle on the Uden bed and Hira rug–it would be SO luxurious to have a Real Bed and big rug, and they’d easily move to any future house!

  250. I’ve always wanted a velvet sofa and the Sven in pacific blue is gorgeous and moody and cozy looking.

  251. I would love the burrard sofa in walnut and forest. Almost bought a sofa the other day- I’ve had mine for 14 years and it’s never been my style- but I decided I couldn’t afford it.

  252. I have been eyeing the Sven for years—would love to add it to my new home!

  253. Love these mood boards! I’m totally inspired for our outdoor space!! I looove article and especially their Aeri patio chairs. They are woven and have a similar vibe to the outdoor moodboard you made!

  254. I’ve had my eye on the Lenia dresser for a while. My current dresser has seen much better days. 😅

  255. We moved into a new-to-us house 2 years ago, and I would love to replace our dining set with the Seno walnut table and some Nosh chairs!

  256. So hard to choose but I think I would go for the Sven Sofa in Cascadia Blue. 😍

  257. Taking major inspiration from this living room setup! We just purchased a spindle bed from Article and LOVE it so much! Looking to upgrade our living room next 🙂

  258. I’ve had my eye on the Baarlo Oak coffee table for a while now – my husband and I moving to our very first house so soon and I think it would look amazing in the living room! This blog has been giving me all the best inspo!

  259. After a long year of teaching, I would love to spend my summer break lounging on the Lubek sectional. It may even inspire a cook out!

  260. I’d love the Oscuro walnut desk so I don’t work cross legged at my coffee table anymore.

  261. I love article and $2,000 would go a long way during their sale. I’m eying that outdoor sectional, and looking for some fresh Scandi style rugs!

  262. I’m moving next week into a 1960s house so Article is at the top of my shopping list! I’ve always loved the look of the Sven.

  263. Love Article! We already have their dining chairs and would love to add the Esse counter stools to our newly renovated kitchen!

  264. Love Article! It would be a hard toss up between getting a new living room sofa and outdoor furniture. I bet I would choose the Sora Beach Sand Loveseat, though.

  265. Love Article! My house is too small for a comfy sectional but my outdoor space has the perfect spot for two Toro dravite black and honey teak chaise lounges ! what a place to dream !

  266. I love Article and have trouble choosing one item but I’m pining over the Seno dining table. I need a refresh in my dining room and think that piece in oak would be perfection!

  267. Used to be team Sven but these days have been lusting over the Beta in a lovely rust corduroy.

  268. Thanks for this post, Emily. I have such a weird lay out in my living room with a bay window, fireplace, and built-ins. This is also my first “real house” since moving out of the city and I’m so excited for the extra room to have accent chairs. The Otio lounge chair would be perfect!

  269. I have my eye on the Timber corner sectional and the Seno round dining table – both would help improve the flow in my condo’s very small and awkward living/dining space. I also love that leaning wall mirror for my bedroom.

  270. I have fallen in love with the Beta sectional in corduroy in atlas blue for my family room!!

  271. I love the neutral, modern area rugs you like to use. They offer the perfect background for eclectic art and decor around the room.

  272. No hesitation, I would love to have the leather Sven sofa in Oxford Blue in our new home. It would be great for our kid and pets AND be super cozy to snuggle on.

  273. Article really was one of the best purchases we have made for our home. Hoping to keep adding !

  274. I found the perfect bench (been looking awhile for something beautiful but not crazy expensive) from Article after your basement makeover post.

  275. The Merto Oak Media Unit would be great as a storage piece in our living room!

  276. Hello, I’m a part-time, busy, solo parent with an Article wish list. I’d love the Lenia media unit, the Otio lounge chair, and the Arroyo rug. I love your blog and I appreciate this contest. I’d be happy to share more about me in an email.

  277. It’s so hard to decide! I would love a set of the Dabo dining chairs and the Vireo 5-Drawer dresser!

  278. We are refurnishing our family room after a horrible flood and are excited about the Sven! The dimensions fit perfectly under the window to the backyard.

  279. Love the Timber Pebble Gray Sofa and also that pink dining chair in the sale section 😍

  280. I’m a little obsessed with the green corduroy beta sectional! But really, how can you choose? All so amazing.

  281. LOVE Article!! I would use a gift card to outfit my back patio, with the anchor the Lubek sectional! So beautiful and functional!

  282. I love the Seno dining table for 6. I’ve been wanting to upgrade my frumpy little table for 4 for years!!! My husband and I have been married for 18 years-I think it’s time we had a proper dining table to entertain in our home!

  283. The Abisko chair for me in Plush Pacific Blue Velvet! I (and my kids and dogs) would love to curl up in that chair with a good book!

  284. What a fun giveaway! I’d love to have the Timber sectional. Thanks for this opportunity:)

  285. Beautiful examples Emily! Thanks for always inspiring me. It’s hard to choose one thing from Article but I’ve had their Sven sofa bookmarked for years and would love to have one in our living room.

  286. Oooh, I’ve had my eye on the new Tovi coffee table. So pretty. Also, a couple of those 8×10 gorgeous, durable rugs for my living and dining rooms because our pooches have destroyed ours. Article has so many cool things it would be hard to decide!

  287. Love the Capra sofa! Looks like the perfect spot for an afternoon catnap in the sun!

  288. I love my outdoor furniture from Article that has held up perfectly for three years and counting. But if the Internet fates smile on me, I’d go with an indoor option this time because we are desperately in need of a new dining table. I’m dreaming about the Seno in oak!

  289. Have had my eye on Article’s Chantel bench to complete my entryway and a pair of Turin swivel chairs for my living room. Love the simplicity of their designs and reasonable price point.

  290. I would definitely get the Marol teak outdoor dining table and the Madeira Oak dining table. We have tons of family over quite often (my hubby is 1 of 5 kids) and I would love to be able to accommodate more people at a permanent table rather than a Lifetime table (no shame or judgement in using them, just would rather not have to tear it down and set it up!)

  291. We recently ordered a few items from Article for a project and out of all the companies we purchased from, Article was hands down the best.

  292. I have all the heart eyes for the outdoor Murrel sectional. I’m a sucker for rounded corners and wicker. Swoon…

  293. I have been a longtime fan of the Sven sectional, I would love to replace my 25 year old sectional with a Sven!

  294. Love article! The selka outdoor dining chairs and the Ofer table are what my bare patio needs :).

  295. I’d love to bring home the Teval outdoor dining table for my new home! Currently scrolling fb market place for freebies in the meantime 😁

  296. I would love that Beau black floor mirror for my bedroom. Great sale prices!!

  297. This is sooo hard. I’ve been looking at Articles furniture for at least a year. In 2023 we signed off and moved into a 650 SF home we built completely on our own. Sadly, we moved in with our very outdated furniture. We need it all but the piece I want to start with is the Sven, Charme Tan – the perfect piece for my modern home!

  298. I love Article! I own one of their outdoor dining sets and always get so many compliments. I have been eyeing a few of their pieces – the Esse barstools, a new sofa for my living room. Ohhh it would look so good on my house! 🤩

  299. I’ve been eyeing the Sven sofa in tan leather for a while! But that Sena dining table is amazing as well!

  300. I’ve been eyeing that outdoor sectional for a while! 😍 Love article design!

  301. I would love to purchase the Vireo 6-drawer dresser and 5-drawer dresser for my primary bedroom

  302. Oh my gosh, this would be a dream! We recently refinished my grandmothers beloved dining room table and replaced the legs, I would be thrilled to upgrade our dining chairs. I’m torn between the new gorgeous Solano chairs and the fun Svelti in Begonia Orange.

  303. The Ellow recliner would be just the thing to replace the chair that I attempted to recover something like seven years ago. I never added the back or completely finished it, and we put it in the corner of the living room and I pretend that it doesn’t exist.

  304. I particularly enjoy their outdoor furniture selection. I especially love the Aby Sectional in Dravite Green.

  305. Love Article so much, and the Sven Sofa in charme tan leather is at the very top of my wish list!

  306. I really love the Beta sectional you featured in the sponsored Article post a week ago. I’d do the blue corduroy, I think–would be perfect in my den.

  307. Just got my first place with an outdoor area in NYC. I’d pick the Aby outdoor sectional!

  308. I have recently been looking at their Sven sofa (leather? Velvet??) I have a cottage style house with a lot of vintage and used pieces, and have just been feeling like my living room needs an infusion of something new and in a more modern style. We just had twins who are in the NICU (doing great, coming home in a couple of weeks hopefully!), so this year will not be the year that financially we will be buying a new couch, so I would love to win one!

  309. Love everything article! But we are in dire need of a new sofa and I love all the different options of the Sven.

  310. My parents just bought a house 30 minutes from me, and after their living in England for the past 5 years, I’m so excited to have them closer! They have no furniture, having rented for the past several years, and all my dad wants is a couch that he can fully lay out on. The Ceni looks just to be their style ! I could see a sleeper sofa for flexibility with family visits, too.

  311. I am working on creating an outdoor space to unwind and the Laholm Sea sofa is just what I’ve been looking for

  312. Love this blog and Em and the team and we love Article! We have our eye on the Palmera Dravite Gray outdoor sofa (or 2) plus the chairs. Giving our exterior a facelift and these would look wonderful on the revamped patio!

  313. Ofer outdoor dining table so we can eat outside as much as possible with our large family!!

  314. I’ve had my eye on the Lubek Tuscan Brown Dining Set and would LOVE to bring it home!!!

  315. As a Vancouver girl it’s so cool to see this company doing well, and making products that are quality and beautiful. I own a blue velvet gold out sofabed that has held up so well after several years and it’s actually comfortable to sleep on. Seriously- no bars in your back!
    I’d love to get one of the sectionals. There’s several that look both comfy and attractive. The Beta cypress green has caught my eye.

  316. I love all of these but my eyes are on the outdoor sectional for sure. It’s almost summer!

  317. Love your style! And appreciate being a fly a wall on the renovation of the farmhouse, hiccups and all. It’s turned out so so beautifully!! Kudos

  318. I love the Lubek sectional! We are currently revamping our backyard and putting in a new deck. The Lubek sectional and coffee table would be the perfect anchor piece for our new space!

  319. I love Article and am continually impressed by the quality of the pieces we have in our home. I would love to put the Beta sectional in our family/movie room. It looks crazy comfortable!

  320. I am on the hunt for a new bedroom dresser, so I’m going to go with that Vireo six drawer dresser! Beautiful.

  321. Oh wow! What a fun giveaway. I’ve got a long wish list of Article items, because I have had such, such great experiences with them (I have one of their chairs in my baby’s nursery and it has been a godsend). I’m currently eyeing their beds and of course the Sven sofa, plus the colorful Svelti outdoor chairs, but also that Tana stool and the sheepskin rugs. Everything is so good!

  322. I’ve had my eye on the Sven couch for a long time and love the look of it in green. Article furniture always looks amazing, I’d love to upgrade to some of their pieces.

  323. I would get one of the 3-drawer chests. Probably the Vireo in walnut. I live in quite a small apartment and am always looking for pieces that can be used in a variety of ways and spaces.

  324. I’d love to pick up that beautiful Arroyo rug in the sonora clay colour for my back patio! It’s gorgeous.

  325. You convinced me that I need an Article sectional. I love the green corduroy sectional you showed last week.

  326. Love Article! Would especially like to add the Kayra Ivory Boucle Sofa to my living room. Thank you so much!


  327. The Lubek sectional is so amazing! Love seeing it styled here multiple ways and it would be the dream in our outdoor space!

  328. I love the Sven sofa in leather! Would love it for my new home!

  329. Also, we are big fans of Article! We have purchased dining chairs, living room chairs and a beautiful square leather ottoman in 2022- they are all central show pieces in our home!

  330. Love these ideas! I am working on making our guest room/office more fun and functional and would love a Solna sofa bed! 🙌🏻

  331. We are redoing our outdoor spaces so the murial sectional would be so pretty out there!

  332. I would love TWO of the Timber Pebble Gray sofas for my new living room! Ahhh gorgeous !!

  333. The Vireo dresser! We’re renovating our 160 year old house and this would be a perfect way to blend old and new.

  334. Article is a fav! I’ve been eyeing their outdoor lounge modular seats…they’ve always had fun colors! It’d be perfect for a kids playroom. Or this new clay color is awesome for anywhere

  335. Thank you! Great mood boards! We sorely need a new couch and I’ve had my eye on the Sven sofa as a sectional. I’d love the Turoy swivel chair, perfect for our open concept living/dining/kitchen and Merto oak media cabinet to lighten up the space.

  336. We just rebuilt our deck ourselves which was a massive undertaking. An Article sectional sure would look good on all that new decking ☺️

  337. Oh man, I’ve had my eye on the sven sofa that you all have talked about for years. We’d want a velvet, probably the grass green?

  338. I have been coveting the Beta sectional sofa in cypress green for my family room since Emily first showed it to us in the mountain house, and then again in the recent basement reveal!

  339. Would LOVE their clay-colored modular corner seat for the den in our new house!

  340. I LOVE the Lubek Slate Gray Sectional Set, it would look perfect in our little backyard, especially since we really need to upgrade from our old ikea set. It’s served us well but our backyard really needs a little glow up. 😉

  341. We have an article sofa and bed. They are such great quality. Would love to add more pieces to our home, especially the black table lamps.

  342. Thanks for the post about Article! I would love either the Timber or Sven to replace an old, well loved sofa in a space with tricky dimensions!

  343. I would love the Teaka outdoor dining table to complete my deck at our cabin and throw in some dot chairs as well!!

  344. The timber chair in tan leather with ottoman and Narro black side table! All the heart eyes! Been dreaming of a living room refresh! Love the Article feature!

  345. Thanks for sharing how you would put some rooms together with their furniture. We’re working on our outdoor space and the Lubek sectional would work perfectly on our deck.

  346. I’m in the market for both a kitchen table and a porch table, and Article may answer both questions!

  347. Getting through long construction by daydreaming about the Sven Yarrow Gold loveseat in my primary bedroom.

  348. The Plumas white oak dining table is exactly what I’ve been looking for!

  349. The Sede dinning chairs in Toscana Tan leather are beautiful, I’d love to add those to my house!

  350. I love the accent chair in the living room! Also, the outdoor lounge sofa looks so comfy!

  351. That Tessu bed! The Vireo dresser! Those outdoor sectionals! How do you even choose?! One of each, then 🙂

  352. Oh my gosh that Timber Charme sofa looks SO comfortable! That would look great in my 1952 house!

  353. I’ve been eyeing the HIRA rug for a while now for the living room but now that I read your post I have other interests too! Thanks!

  354. I’d pick up the Beta Atlas Blue Left Modular Sectional — my kid is growing so fast that we need a lot more room for comfy movie nights than our current sectional allows!

  355. I would love 2 Kirkby chairs in aqua powder for our living room! They are soooo pretty 🥰

  356. Would love the Turoy Leather Swivel Chair for my living room! It would fit the space and be so fun for the kids to spin!

  357. Eyeing their outdoor sectionals like the Aby and the Ora for our front porch space!

  358. Absolutely love the Halden coffee table!! Would be perfect on my deck.

  359. Oh gosh, there is so much good stuff – for our outdoor space that needs a refresh badly (bye, plastic adirondak chairs) I would get the Boho Industrial bundle. $2001, perfect! 😉

  360. I’d love the Dalsa Natural Oak King Bed! Could definitely use a bedroom upgrade.

  361. We just moved across the country and are furnishing our home completely from scratch! We sold about 90% of our furniture. One thing I’m eager for is the Stace valley king bed. Can’t wait to get our floors finished so we can put it in our room!

  362. I love the clean modern look for outdoor spaces-especially when you have children and they get cluttered so easily with toys and balls and plastic junk. It calms my brain!

  363. Oops forgot to include I would love the sectional. It’s beautiful and would fit perfectly in my patio corner. So seamless.

  364. I would love to win this so I could purchase two of the Regis chairs in juniper green for my living room!

  365. I’ve been deliberating about Nordby Reversible Sectional for our den/ guest room. Anyone own it? Is it comfortable?

  366. i love article! I’ve been eyeing the Sven sofa forever. What we are in desperate need of though is armchairs, preferably two of them. Our chair that we found on the street five years ago is PEELING (fake leather) and I’ve been hunting and hunting for affordable replacements. The Timber chair in Olio is I think perfect though there is always the Sven chair instead. Soooo many good choices. I also LOVE the corduroy couch you featured in your friend’s basement.

  367. I have my eye on their BOVI Pearl rug – would look amazing with the blue article stools I got.

  368. I’m loving your moody blue tv room 😍. I’d like to recreate that in green with the Beta Cypress Green Right Chaise Sectional ❤️❤️.

  369. Love the Callais outdoor sectional. Very cozy and looks really comfortable. I have bought a few pieces from Article and the customer service and quality is awesome.

  370. This would be so cool to win – love Article! I would get the Teaka outdoor table with Caya chairs 🙂

  371. Those rawhide tan leather Turoy swivel lounge chairs would look amazing in my newly created cocktail lounge in the former breakfast nook of my kitchen.

  372. Article’s outdoor pieces are the perfect balance between comfy and chic!

  373. My list is getting looonnngg! Outdoor sectional, Seno dining table and Nosh chairs. 😍

  374. I LOVE MY TIMBER COUCH, but we are getting a movie room in our new house so I’m thinking about the Beta Sectional. All your posts about it have me sold.

  375. I am so taken by the Turoy chair in white bouclé, which feels like a new timeless design that would elevate any room. A pair in our living room would be amazing, and I love how they go with the green Em Henderson sectional (if we only had the space!)

  376. We are in desperate need of a new dining room table and chairs. I love the Plumas table (we need to option to extend) in walnut. It’s such a lovely piece.

  377. Gearing up for a remodel and addition here, would love to furnish both inside and out with some article pieces. Our Conan dining table has been beloved!

  378. I have had so many things in an Article shopping basket for months – just hoping to get a chance to buy one. I like the Burrard leather chair, the Gray Sea Salt Burrard sectional and the swivel chairs look wonderful too! And some of those oak sideboards they have are just stunning!

  379. I would love to build a room, specifically a sitting area in my bedroom, around the Sven Velvet Loveseat in Gold. It looks luxurious and my current couch needs to go!

  380. I love the Cigar Rawhide sofa so much! I’ve always wanted a buttery soft leather sofa and that one looks like it’ll get better as it ages.

  381. I love Article so much! I have so many Article pieces on my mood board – just waiting to purchase when our construction is done (only the floors left! yay!). Can’t wait for my Sven sofa and MORE!

  382. Thanks for this great post! I have my eye on a pair of Leap sconces, and I’d also love a living room refresh with the Lappi sectional — gorgeous!

  383. Ooh, thanks for doing another Article gift card contest! We’re looking to upgrade to a king bed (two people and two bernedoodles in a queen is a little crowded) and I’ve been eyeing the Sven bed in leather.

  384. The Kirkby chairs in Powder Aqua would be perfect in my new sunroom! But really, there are over a dozen items I would love to have in my house!

  385. We have neglected our outdoor space, to opt for spending $$$ on interior decor. However, we have a beautiful backyard with a huge view of Mount Hood… It’s time we get some good outdoor furniture, so we can enjoy it more! Especially some outdoor meals- I’m eyeing the Mario Bronze Teak Expandable Table! We are always entertaining during the summer months, so we need one that can accommodate out friends and family! I have other Article pieces in my home and love them!

  386. My back patio needs a glow up! I’d love to create the perfect dining spot with the Ballo table and Alto chairs.

  387. I’m a huge EHD fan and love Article. We have the Seno Walnut Dining Table in our dining room. We’re focused on sprucing up our backyard for the summer, and I’d use the gift card to snag one of their outdoor sectionals!

  388. I would absolutely love the Atra dining table to replace the table I had that rotted to pieces! I already have the coffee table and love the concrete. As I’d have a bit left over I’d love to upgrade my bed and the Uden is absolutely gorgeous!

  389. I’ve been eyeing the Timber Charme Tan Sofa for our moody living room!! We painted it Rookwood shutter green after seeing an amazing room you painted, and we are absolutely obsessed!

  390. Love Article- great quality at an affordable price. I like the Laholm outdoor sofa for the back patio but since I still have a puppy maybe the Sven sofa for the living room.

  391. We just moved and that Lubek sectional would be the centerpiece of our outdoor space. Had just sent the link to my husband yesterday. 😍😍😍

  392. I have one of the Article beds and it is awesome. We just bought a new house and will need a new sofa, and definitely considering Article!

  393. Loving the Oscuro cabinet & Candra sideboard! Anything I’ve ever purchased from Article is always such a showstopper and holds up perfectly!

  394. I’m obsessed with those dining room chairs! That shade of blue is perfection. And totally agree, the Sven sofa is an absolute classic. Love it all.

  395. I would LOVE to own the Lubek sectional set in slate gray. We are putting in a backyard patio this spring and this would be the perfect lounging spot for it.

  396. I would LOVE the Beta sectional!! It is gorgeous and would be PERFECTLY cozy in our den. What an amazing giveaway!

  397. I would love to update my outdoor dining chairs to the Svelti in orange! And add a vardo side table to our outdoor setup as well!

  398. The Alta Oak Wood dining chairs are so lovely! I’ve been looking for some comfortable dining chairs to replacement my vintage pretty (and yes uncomfortable :D) chairs….I basically want armchairs at the dining table. Those Alta ones look wonderful!

  399. Put me down for a whole new living room! I’d start with two Ivory Boucle Turoy swivel chairs (bonus–swivel chairs keep my kids entertained for hours) and then upgrade our sofa situation with that gorgeous Aurora Blue Abisko 😍

  400. The Lubek slate grey sectional sofa set would be amazing for having friends and family over in the warmer weather outside! My fiancé and me and new home owners and love having people over to cook for and entertain.

  401. For me, it’s the Sven sofa. I’m torn between the green velvet and the chocolate leather, but I could totally see myself taking a loooonnnnnggggg nap on that bad boy!

  402. It’s the time of year to think about all things outdoors. The Lubek outdoor sectional has my name on it! A beautiful classic style.

  403. After repeated attempts to get my cat to find a job in order to pay for the sofa she has ruined / made her own, I could use another solution. Ha. The Sven Pacific Blue Sofa is DREAMY and I’d love to put my name in for it. Roscoe (said cat) and I thank you for your consideration!

  404. I have loved Article for years and owned some furniture from them that I received secondhand, but never have been able to purchase something new! I just moved to a new city by myself and finally have my first solo apartment. I’m badly in need of a bed frame and Article has such beautiful options–the Stade Bed Frame is STUNNING and would love so perfect in my new home!

  405. ohh. So much to love.
    Timber Rain Cloud grey sofa + ottoman…
    Tricky too because also really want a new dining room set.
    Plus my husband and son are longing for recliners….
    Ellow Recliner in grey too!

  406. I would LOVE to bring home the Virk Black King Size bed! So sleek, yet could work with many different styles 🙂

  407. The Seno dining table is so beautiful! My sister is in the process of buying her first home so I’d love to surprise her with something too!

  408. So many beautiful items to choose from! I’d have to go with the Sardis outdoor dining set. It’s like an elevated, design-forward picnic table that would kick my outdoor decor up a notch!

  409. I’d get the Lenia dresser in white oak for my daughters’ shared room and the Tody Sand Beach dinning chair. We have a small outdoor space, so I’d use the dinning chair as a slim lounge chair.

  410. I’d love to get some new dining chairs! I like the look of the Nosh chair because it has a padded seat that looks comfy but simple / modern.

  411. Finally focusing on our backyard and I think the Full Metal Lounging Bundle would do the trick!

  412. I’m hoping to spruce up my home office soon and the Drammen Speckle Gray Office Chair would be a great place to start! Article has so many beautiful pieces!

  413. It’s the Murel outdoor sectional for me! We are moving to a warmer climate this summer and I’m so excited to spend more time outdoors!

  414. I would love 2 mod orange spice armchairs please. The Conan dining table is also lovely.

  415. The Sven blue velvet sofa 🥰. Would totally upgrade my living room.

  416. I would die for Article’s Beta Cypress Green Modular Sofa, it’s my sofa dreams come true…

  417. Obsessed with the Vireo oak dresser for a remodel we’re planning for our primary bedroom, but it’s so hard to choose from the amazing Article pieces!! We have 2 Article coffee tables and console table we’ve loved for YEARS and have held up so well around a dog & a toddler!!

  418. My favorite Article piece is the Bori Lantern and Stand Set. It would be perfect in my back yard sitting area!

  419. I have a little wishlist including the plastic stacking colored chairs for our kitchen table so they are easy care!

  420. I would like to make over my living room and I couch from Article would be a great start as a quality anchor piece.
    Maybe I would choose the velvet, maybe blue or green.

  421. I need a sectional for our tv room… the Timber Cloud Gray Right Sectional would be perfect, but there are so many options I’m sure to find the perfect piece.

  422. I really need planters, and the Tuva are super cute! And then, to browse! 🙂

  423. Love the dark moody green room. I’ve been looking for a color for my basement/family room/TV room. I think this is it! I’ve wanted to go dark and I love green💚

  424. Loved this piece so much! I read (nearly) every post you make and you are just such an inspiration to me. We’re moving soon and $2000 to article would be a huge help!! Thanks so much for running this contest and for constantly cranking out great content.

  425. After seeing the basement make over, I’m in love with the Beta corner sectional in corduroy!

  426. Would love the Vireo Oak 6 drawer dresser to replace an old Ikea one that is falling apart in our primary bedroom!

  427. After living with in-laws for the last 6-1/2 years, I finally have a place of my own to settle into. Having to purchase furniture has been disappointing because I can’t get what I really want. An article sofa would be my dream.

  428. How do you pick one peice to bring home though?! We have a few article items that we love but we are finally tackling our outdoor space and any of their furniture and accessories would be wonderful! Such beautiful timeless designs.

  429. The Sven Sofa in green velvet is the sofa dreams are made of. I just turned 70 and we are finally building our dream home. Sven belongs there! Thank you.

  430. Love the Sven loveseat in Neptune blue. Would be such a good refresh for our living room!

  431. There are so many good pieces that I’m eyeing! And we’re moving from an apartment into a house next week, so the timing couldn’t be better.

    I’ve always loved a round walnut dining table: Conan is on my list, as are Alta dining chairs to go with it (uncomfortable dining chairs have no room in my life!), and a Seno sideboard for the TV (we have a 32″ so the size is perfect) and storage. Thanks for highlighting all these great furnishings…. I’m going to look at everything on sale now…

  432. Love Article furniture! We have a new baby and now spend most of our time snuggling on our sofa and we desperately need a new one. I’ve been eyeing an Article sectional to cozy up in with our little family and all the visitors our little guy is sure to get 🙂

  433. Either the aster dresser or oscuro cabinet…our house is in dire need of storage!

  434. I’ve had my eye on the Cigar Rawhide Brown Sofa for years!!!! I’d love to replace my twenty year old sofa that my bunny burrowed in.

  435. Dying for an outdoor table large enough to fit my extended family, the Latta table is so great in their size options! I am painting our concrete patio to pull Emily’s Tudor’s patio vibes, with the Svelti dusty pink chairs and a hanging string lights? Move over, Braverman family, there’s a new Parenthood patio out there.

  436. Well Ms. Emily fully convinced me that I need a corduroy Beta sofa in my moody media room, so that would for sure be my pick!

  437. Love this! Athena from Article recently did a Design Proposal for us as we just moved into a new home. She suggested the Lubek Slate Gray Sectional set for our outdoor space and we are seriously considering it! We loved her ideas and the design service from Article is so amazing. It really helped us as we tried to envision the look and flow of the furniture in our new home.

  438. I’d get a bed frame! I’m drawn to the wood ones, but the fabric color of the green sven is really gorgeous too.

  439. Just moved and in desperate need of furniture! Love so many thing (and great inspo post! SO GOOD as Emily might say :). I love the Mod armchair or really need a bench to drop my clothes, ahem, sit and read a book 😉 Loving the Chantel Toscana 56′ bench.

  440. I have wanted a grass green velvet Sven sofa for years but now I’m looking at that Gemma pendant light in the dining room design and thinking it would be the perfect compliment over my newly refinished thrifted table and mirror the round shape nicely!

  441. We LOVE our Article dining table – so substantial, but easy to put together! I’d love to try out their Sven sofa

  442. I have the Timber Chair from Article and just love it!! So comfy! I’d love to add the Seno dining table in walnut to my collection!

  443. Love the Aeri Slate Gray Lounge Chairs! Would be the perfect addition to our outdoor patio.

  444. I’d love a lounge chair for my living room and the Cigar swivel looks comfy!

  445. I would loooove the modular sectional in green to do a riff off Emily’s recent basement makeover!!💚💚

  446. Am currently expanding our deck and have zero patio furniture. Would LOVE to spend Saturday afternoons watching the little dude run around the backyard whilst lounging on my Lubek sectional. 😉 All Article’s outdoor furniture is amazing.

  447. So many things to love! The Lubek gray sectional for outside, the Cigar Rawhide sectional for inside, and the Almeo headboard for the bedroom. So so good!

  448. We just bought our first home and have been eyeing so many things at Article! With 3 young kiddos they are the perfect mix of style and affordability. Our first big project is making our bedroom an oasis so I’d love to own the Nero Walnut King Bed 😍

  449. I have two Article chairs already but would love the Lappi Serene Gray Left Sectional Sofa to complete the room!

  450. I’ve had my eye on the SVEN sofa forever!! We found a “close enough” dupe on Craigslist when my husband and I were broke grad students, lol. It’d be so great to be able to upgrade now that we’re married and moving into a bigger place!

  451. I love a color filled funky couch or chaise. Maybe something to compliment those neutrals?

  452. Love Article furniture! We have a new baby and now spend most of our time snuggling on our sofa and we desperately need a new one. I’ve been eyeing the Sven Briar Neptune Blue sectional to cozy up in with our little family and all the visitors our little guy is sure to get 🙂

  453. Yay! I’ve been looking at Article’s sectionals since the basement makeover post. I would love the Beta Cypress Chaise Sectional in corduroy – looks like a comfy dream!! Thanks for this fun post!

  454. Thank you for this post! It’s so hard to choose but right now my focus is outdoor so I’m eyeing the Ofer dining table and Aeri chairs.

  455. I’m loving the Kera coffee table! What a statement it would make for our outdoor space! I can imagine displaying a vase of flowers and a tray of cocktails on the Kera!

  456. Love Article, and would especially love to use the Aster Walnut Dresser in my home – gorgeous!

  457. What a fun giveaway! We love Article! I would love a pair of the Kirkby accent chairs in powder blue!

  458. I love it all, but desperately need to update my bedroom so would go for the Nera Walnut Dresser in a heartbeat!

  459. I’d love the Beta sofa! It was gorgeous in the basement makeover and it’d be fun in my house too!

  460. Great post! I would love to add the Lubek Sectional Set to my outdoor patio

  461. The A Team Outdoor Bundle is calling! Summer is upon us and we need some comfy, functional, and beautiful furniture to enjoy the daytime cuddles with the kiddos and some evening parent relaxation 😉

  462. I would love bring home the outdoor modular sofa in the clay color.

  463. Love all of these ideas.
    Really love the Sven sofa, the colors are gorgeous, it looks so comfy!

  464. I would LOVE their Lenia Walnut Bed but I need it in a california king. Booo. So, I’d either get an outdoor sectional for our sunporch OR the Beta sectional in that yummy corduroy to mimic the beautiful basement Emily designed for her friend. My son would LOVE it for his sleepovers.

  465. I’ve loved the Beta sectional ever since y’all used it in the basement remodel!

  466. i would choose 6 of the rus dining chairs in light oak. they are beautiful! we currently have 4 hand-me-downs that are really uncomfortable, so this would be an amazing upgrade.

  467. I would pick the Sven in either cognac leather or blue velvet. I’ve been coveting both for years and now might be the time!

  468. Oh goodness. That Kubek outdoor sectional would make all my backyard dreams come true!

  469. I’m so grateful to you all for introducing me to Article ! There are so many pieces I’m hoping to buy but right now I’d love that ingenious rattan lantern set!!

  470. There are so many wonderful items at Article. I am inspired by the Turoy Rawhide Tan Swivel Chair.

  471. I’d love the Abisko plush or Sven grass green sectionals. Haven’t found the best couch for our living room, and getting one from Article would be so so amazing.

  472. The Timber Rain Cloud Gray Right Sectional and the Haskel Shield Teak Coffee Table! Love Article!

  473. I want about 20 items from Article and we are working our way through buying them. We just finished our deck, so I think I would go with the Lubek sectional. It would look amazing!

  474. Love the outdoor sectional and the rust poufs/ottomans!! Thanks for the thoughtful content and great strategy!

  475. The Aby Dravite Green Sectional is my dream for my outdoor space! Article has such lovely furniture.

  476. I’ve been wanting a Timber accent chair (color tbd – green? gray? leather?) forever. I appreciate Article’s style and variety, and their prices can be reasonable. Oh, and that Suru pendant light fixture above would be beautiful for our guest bedroom!

  477. Oh boy, I would love to snag the pink Tessu bed. I’ve been wanting something with lower clearance to help my room feel a little more spacious!

  478. Love Article. I’m dreaming of a new outdoor space with the Lubek sectional!

  479. I’ve been eyeing the Sven sofa in Pacific Blue velvet for quite a while now!

  480. I think all of these rooms are gorgeous but I love the Sven sofa. That would look fabulous in my living room and allow me to make MCM dreams come true. I am trying to rehab my boyfriend’s house which is early bachelor minimalist. It could use a spruce-up.

  481. Already have the Timpani ottoman and so impressed with the quality that I would want to add a bench like the Chantel to my home. Such lovely choices!

  482. I’ve been eyeing the Aby outdoor sofa in Dravite Green! I would LOVE the gift card to complete my outdoor patio space. Thank you for the opportunity!

  483. Just bought a new bigger house that we need a lot of pieces! I have been browsing Article for weeks now- love the run down on EHD. Thanks!

  484. The Turoy chairs! I’m moving soon and would love to add some Article pieces!

  485. Obsessed with the Vireo Oak 6-Drawer Double Dresser! We already have a Sven sectional and absolutely love it. We have a remodel coming up so being able to add 2k of awesome Article pieces would be a dream!

  486. I’m coveting the funky Makeva swivel chair tucked into a corner of my LR!

  487. That outdoor sectional is the top of my list! Hoping to spruce up the large concrete pad left by the previous owners.

  488. We just extended our back porch and our budget ran out before we could replace our old outdoor dining table and chairs. The Calliope Natural Oval Dining Table would be the perfect finishing touch to our “new” space. The oval shape would be especially perfect for my toddler who always seems to find the hard corners of our rectangular table with his forehead.

  489. New baby due in august…would love a Sven chair for newborn cuddles!! All my fingers crossed.

  490. I love the modular sofas. If my living space was slightly bigger, I would go for the beta modular sectional, like in the recent basement post.

  491. Love Article! I am really wanting the Ofer Dining Table (with it’s ability to extend!) and the Dot Graphite Dining chairs. Been needing to update our deck furniture since we moved in after the 2020 Santa Rosa fires. Would <3 to win this and style out the deck finally!

  492. We have an article outdoor set in the backyard that we adore and I’ve had my eye on a set for our (new!) front porch!!

  493. Love this post! I would lovethe LUBEK outdoor dining table with a lubek brown bench and some ZINA dining chairs. Thanks so much for sharing this contest.

  494. I have dreams of the Lubek outdoor sectional. So pretty and such clean, timeless lines.

  495. A Sven sofa 1000%. I loooove Article and have been eyeing these sofas for ages.

  496. Love Article and the classic simplicity of their looks! Would love to replicate this outdoor set up.

  497. LOVE the mood board shots. I always find those very helpful and inspiring!

  498. At first I thought I was sold on the Otio Toscana Tan Walnut Lounge Chair after the basement reveal, but after checking out the site, I think the Nord Cascadia Blue Chair would go beautifully next to my new (to me) piano. Fingers crossed!

  499. I have been eyeing the Sven collection for years. It is a toss up between the blue or green velvet or cognac leather sectional 😍😍

  500. Oh yum, I love article furniture. I would love to own 4 Sede Toscana Tan walnut ding chairs and the Conan Walnut round ding table. Thanks for the chance to dream.

  501. I have many Article pieces – most recently a dining table and chairs (I got one of their bundles with saved some $$) and they are excellent quality, arrived packaged nicely to avoid damage. Super happy. I also have some of their outdoor furniture and LOVE the Medan lounge chairs. What I would like now are some accent chairs for my family room – I’d love the swivel chairs, Kirkby chairs, Candra chairs (LOVE the look of these), or Gabriola. Please enter me in the giveaway 🙂

  502. We are in need of grown up dining chairs! Our Ikea ones have been rickety for awhile, and one finally broke while my husband was sitting in it this past weekend! After I ensured he was ok, I laughed so hard I cried. The Alta and/or Wolsa chairs look like they would be cool yet comfortable replacements!

  503. I have the Dahlino sectional and Mara Walnut coffee table in my cart right now and would refurnish my entire house with Article if I could.

  504. I am loving this post because I’ve always thought of Article as a couch company (the Sven) and this reminded me that they have a nicely curated selection of everything. Even though their selection isn’t huge, they manage to offer pieces that look interesting and work together but nothing feels “matchy”- I’d love to see an interview with their creative director!! I am starting to think about patio furniture for a covered patio and the Sora Beach Sand Sofa jumped out for its neutral color that will work with the natural landscape we’re developing and for it’s beautiful rounded wood back and armrest which is the exact opposite of so much boxy outdoor furniture.

  505. I’ve been looking at the Beta sectional, it looks so perfect and cozy for my living room!

  506. OH that bedroom! That is the last room on my “to update” list. LOVE: the rug! The headboard! The poufs! THIS BLOG! ♥♥♥

  507. I like the halden side table. It would be great for my small studio apartment

  508. Just moved into a “new” house after a yearlong remodel. The family room we are so excited to have is currently empty apart from a tsunami of toddler toys. We’ve been searching and saving for a cozy sofa like the Beta Atlas Blue Left Chaise Sectional.

  509. So many pieces I would love, but think I would choose the Tessu or Uden bed, plus a bench or nightstands . My bed/mattress is over 20 years old, yikes! My husband died last year & I think a new bed would be a good step towards better sleep.

  510. I’d love to use the prize to buy an outdoor sectional for my sister. She’s a teacher, so splurging on outdoor furniture isn’t in her budget. I’d probably get her the Lubek or Kezia, but ultimately, I’d let her choose.

  511. I always have my eye on Article pieces! I would love to get the Kayra ivory boucle bed! 🙂

  512. I love the Sol daybed. It’s so open and breezy. Perfect for catnaps in the sun.

  513. I literally want everything Article sells but I’ve wanted the Timber sofa in charme tan for YEARS and I am loving that outdoor sectional!

  514. Two of the mod chairs in the spearmint color have been on my radar for my sunroom!

  515. Since it’s finally nice outside, it would be lovely to have an outside dinning setup. I’d pick the Marol dinning table and the Caya dinning chairs in a mix of colors.

  516. My mom and I are both hunting for coffee tables. I’d get either the Lubek or Baarlo for me and the Bios for her! So many good options!

  517. Would love to get the Solae Canyon modular sofa! We own an Article sofa and dining table but will need to find something that fits our new place better.

  518. Love all their pieces! Just finished my MPH at Berkeley so I’m going to go with the Sven sofa in the gorgeous cascadia (and Cal!) blue 🙂

  519. I am all about that Onya Lily White Sofa! I am getting a patio put in next week! and have been eyeing the Article patio sets, I love their inspo pic of the Onya sofa and Tula chair.

  520. We have loved everything we have every gotten from Article. I’d love to add the Lubek sectional to our patio!

  521. Love @article furniture! Anchor piece would be the Laholm sea black sofa!

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  523. I have the Lenia bed in black and love it. Ive been eyeing the Beta sectionals for awhile now. Would love to build out a cozy living room space with that!

  524. I would love to win so I can get the TIMBER sofa in green. Thanks for the chance.

  525. I’ve got my eye on the Timber Charme Tan Corner Sectional or Timber Rain Cloud Gray Right Sectional 🙂 We desperately need a new couch!

  526. Article furniture…SWOON! I am in love with the Beta Cypress Green Left Modular Sectional. It is to die for!

  527. HUGE giveaway! I’ve got a long list of things I’d love from Article but it starts with the Abisko ottoman for our living room.

  528. I love Article! My husband and I just closed on our first home and are day dreaming on how to decorate everything. We would love the lubek sectional set for our new backyard!

  529. I’m so excited that maximalism is back! Neutrals are the perfect building block to create fun and inspirational rooms – that, for me, are filled and finished with eclectic and vibrant decor and accents! I would definitely choose Sol Dolphin Chaise Lounge, its the perfect piece for outdoor or indoor, for minimalistic designs or traditionally inspired spaces!

  530. There are so many good things at Article it is truly hard to choose; however if I could bring one piece home today it would be the Envelo Black/Walnut Sideboard for my entry! Such a gorgeous piece!

  531. I love the blue rug and many of the side tables. Thanks for this helpful post! We just moved, so we have article on the list to shop for new furniture!

  532. Love my article sofa! I would love to add the Cigar Ankara sofa to my living room too.

  533. I LOVE Article and have had my eye on quite a few pieces. I love the light wood media console. I really like the couch from your recent basement remodel too- so dreamy!!


  535. Ive had my eye on the Timber sectional in rain cloud gray for so long! 😍 I would love this cozy and stylish sofa in my townhome!!

  536. I love the blue rug, their sectionals, & many of the side tables! Thanks for this helpful post- we just moved so am looking forward to checking out Article to get some new furniture.

  537. There are so many good options with them, but I would love to get a set of Sven chairs in Pacific Blue!

  538. I’d love to bring home the Sven Pacific Blue Velvet loveseat and Sol Chaise Lounge! So many beautiful items to choose from.

  539. I have an article sofa and LOVE it! 3 years and the patina of the leather is better and better over time. The Aby Dravite sectional would be amazing in my back patio area. Really like the mixed material look and the green 😍

  540. I love the accent chair in the living room, the bed frame, and outdoor sectional. All the rooms look so good.

  541. I’ve had my eye on the Sven Pacific Blue forever, or any of the Sven options! Had the cognac leather version for a few years in our last home. It was an absolute dream for lounging, napping, and working from home. My 6’3” husband and I, daughter and pets could all comfortably snuggle for movie nights with room to spare. It held up wonderfully to children and pets!

  542. We are redoing our bedroom and moving from a queen to a king. I’ve been eyeing the Dalsa natural bed in the king size. Also love supporting a good Canadian company. 🇨🇦

  543. New lighting everywhere and Article has the best selection, including all featured in your refreshed rooms.

  544. Our 18-year-old IKEA couch needs an upgrade! Would love the Sven Birch Ivory 72″ Sofa.

  545. Definitely want to upgrade our bedroom!! Good idea to make the bed the anchor piece. Love the sleek lines of the Magnel Oak King Bed!!

  546. I just purchased my first home last week & the Sven Charme Sectional Sofa in tan would be perfect!

  547. I think its possible that my whole life would improve with the Beta Atlas sectional!

  548. I keep thinking my bedroom could use an update and I’ve had my eye on the cigar bed. I’d love to make it more intentional and calming.

  549. It’s time for us to upgrade to a king sized bed with our toddler constantly coming into our room in the middle of the night and leaving me with a tiny sliver of bed to sleep on! A green velvet bed has always been my dream so I’ve been eyeing the Sven grass green king bed! Green is my color 🥰

  550. I would have such a hard time picking if I had $2000 to spend! A bigger item (new couch – the Sven) or a few smaller new things to spruce my house up! A new sconce and a couple lamps – the Fila sconce, arva lamp or Gemma pendant. As a renter with no overhead lighting and a very small budget lighting would be incredible!

  551. I would love to bring home that outdoor sofa! Due with a baby next month and the thought of summer naps on that couch sound dreamy!

  552. I would love to add the Mod Orange Spice Armchair to our bedroom. It has the perfect spot for a cozy ready nook but it’s never been finished.

  553. I love your design, Emily! We have the Sven upholstered bed – and Looove it. I would love to replace our sofa with a leather Sven!

  554. I have an Article sofa right now and would love to trade up to the Beta sectional! Thanks for the opportunity, EHD!

  555. I love the Article outdoor bar cart . It would match the Article Latta outdoor dining table that just arrived yesterday. I was so impressed with the helpfulness of their delivery team. The table is beautiful and I cannot wait to use it.

  556. Good investment pieces – Article pieces make a room feel simply modern not over done. The fabrics look like they are curated and considered and have the warmth that makes a room feel comfortable. Richness in texture as well.

  557. Our backyard is looking a little tired and so I’d love a new patio set – looking at that slate gray sectional set!

  558. so many choices! I’d love the Sven Cascadia bedframe in gold, but would happily “settle” for the Nera walnut or the Stade Valley bedframes too 😉 love Article!

  559. The plan is to fix up our backyard this year and I think the Lubek Sectional Set would fit perfectly on our patio!

  560. I love Article! I currently own a coffee table from them and have my eye on several other pieces. My current favorite anchor piece would be the Lubek Outdoor Sectional set in Slate Gray. I have no outdoor furniture and this would help me bring my dream backyard to life!

  561. Love Article and all these ideas!! I would love the Moral dining table for our large family to enjoy our deck along with the Zina dining chairs!

  562. Oh, I have LOVED the Sven Grass Green Velvet sofa ever since I first saw it here on EHD!! That would be my pick!! 🙂

  563. Desperately need a new sofa – last one is several years old, and showing its wear after 4 kids. Loved Emily’s recent endorsement of the Beta sectional – and agree! It looks perfect. Thanks!

  564. I love Article! I have the outdoor sectional you featured, and cannot recommend it enough. Would love to be able to replace my worn out couch, and the Ceni Aquarius Aqua Sofa is gorgeous!

  565. Love love love Article and would adore to put the Solae sectional in my kids’ basement playroom! It’s perfectly low to the ground and comfy for reading books or watching a movie as a family.