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The Link Up: The Gifts Emily Can’t Wait For Brian To Open, Stocking Stuffers Caitlin LOVES, and The Best Gift To Get Your Dad

Hey all and welcome back to another Link Up. We’ve got some great links for you this week (some that include gift ideas for the ‘hard to shop for group’, which we know we definitely need right now)…so check it out and let us know what you think. We’ll see ya in the comments! Now let’s jump right in 🙂

This week’s house tour is domino’s cover story of Leanne Ford’s new, incredibly beautiful home in Pennsylvania (yes, she moved…we’re sensing a pattern in 2020). It’s so dreamy and she decorated it so creatively, she literally put coffee on the walls. You must check out the sneak peek (it’s Domino’s cover so also go buy to see the rest!) and if you have a bigger hankering to see more awesome house tours, Jess pulled together this post last week in case you missed it.

From Emily: I’m a real sucker for good marketing and companies just KNOW it. So yes, this brand showed up in my feed and the reviews were so good that I went for it. Brian is going to love this fleece jacket and I can’t wait for him to open it.

Also From Emily: I bought this knife for Brian (damn you Facebook marketing!) and it comes with a leather sheath. If that doesn’t make you feel badass I’m not sure what does. Mid-life crisis solved!!!

From Jess: Here’s another gift my dad bought himself weeks before Christmas but loves maybe more than me so I thought I’d share. During the pandemic, my not very outdoorsy father changed his tune since camping became the only real “safe” way to have a vacation (or simply get a change a scenery). But the man needed some real hiking boots. He thought the salesman was just trying to up-sell him at first but once he slid his feet into what he refers to as “the most comfortable pair of shoes he’s ever owned” he quickly thanked him for steering him in the right direction. I should mention that my dad loves shoes, so the fact that he wants to wear these 24/7 means A LOT. So if you are wanting to give a special gift to the hiker in your life definitely check out these. They come HIGHLY recommended by Les himself. 

Also From Jess: TranSanta is an incredible Instagram account started by Pose actor Indya Moore, that links you directly to Target wishlists of transgender kids who are homeless, in foster care, or are simply in hard situations that make the holidays a really difficult time. If you are able, please go to the account, read some of the letters, and even buy a gift. It’s no secret that there is horrendous discrimination and violence against the transgender community and on top of that 2020 has been the deadliest yet. Let’s show our support in a small but impactful way by making the holidays a little more joyful for as many kids as we can.

Also Also From Jess: I wanted to give a final update on my Black Friday purchase in case you might want to get them or give them as gifts. I LOVE my new (and pretty affortable) boots. They make me feel very cool, are comfortable, and don’t make me look like I’m trying to be trendy. 10/10. The same goes for my new face masks. SO cute and really cover my face so that I’m totally protected.

From Arlyn: My Black Friday purchases were all about focusing on my self-care routine (selfish? maybe but #dontcare). I’ve been eyeing an ionized facial steamer for a while and finally decided on this one. I’ve only used it a few times so far, but my large-but-tight (how does that make sense?!?) pores are already seeing the benefits. One steam and I can attack the gunky build-up (sorry) with ease. 

From Mallory: 3 years ago, my family rescued a pup named Murphy (he’s missing an eye and he’s deaf but he’s a real cutie and we love him) from an awesome rescue called A Dog’s Life. Sooo if you’re looking for a holiday gift that keeps giving, you gotta check out Hera the Dog’s Cocktail Gift Boxes because they’re SO CUTE and 100% of the proceeds go toward a rescue of your choice (hint: please pick A Dog’s Life). Thanks for supporting!! (My mom and I both appreciate it A LOT). Woof.

Also from Mallory: MY MOM BOUGHT THIS HAND SOAP AND IT SLAPS. The first time I used it I screamed because it smelled so good. She responded with “I know it’s so good right? It’s from Target so you should link it.” And that’s just what I did.

From Albie: My current desk needed a facelift so a few coats of paint made her like new. This is not my desk but it was totes the inspiration for upcycling the old one & I am very pleased. 

From Ryann: I am really not a makeup savvy person, so when it comes to foundation I always feel so confused about what type is right for my skin. I have pretty red undertones but I don’t like having to put heavy makeup on to even out my skin tone. Enter this foundation by Laura Mercier that I am OBSESSED with. It doesn’t feel too heavy, it’s extremely easy to blend, and I don’t have to use a lot of it for full coverage. 10/10 in my humble opinion!

From Caitlin: (It’s a long one from me today. Much like Elle Woods, I have a point, I promise.) Have you ever been parting or curling your hair and noticed that it’s just kinda gunky underneath even though you just washed it? It’s not every time, and your hair is still clean, and nobody ACTUALLY notices, but it’s just like, “GAH HAVE I LEARNED TO SHOWER RIGHT? Did I rinse out all my conditioner? WHY IS THIS HAPPENING???” I have the solution and it’s the perfect tiny gift for everybody: massaging scalp brush for the shower that’s only $15! It’s great for circulation and it’s soothing and all that jazz but most importantly: NO MORE SURPRISE GUNK. Clean hair that lasts longer!!! This got me thinking about all the tiny things that would incredible in stockings this year: these $5 Japanese scrub towels will make you feel like a newborn baby (read the reviews, seriously); this layered necklace clasp that prevents tangles; this life-changing $8 face scrubber (very into scrubbing and exfoliating this year, apparently); this card game so you can indulge your secret desire to do that ‘36 questions that lead to love‘ thing without overtly saying it or coming on too strong…OH GOSH GUYS, I LOVE STOCKING STUFFERS. I’ll stop now but I LOVE A TINY GIFT! (Mom are you reading this???? Hint hint).

Lastly, some of us are stumped…what should we get our DADS? If you’re also confused too, check out the Ken-inspired (Emily’s brother) father’s day gift guide…it’s very good inspo (we’re taking our own advice and checking this out again too). Thanks for reading and sticking with us to the end. We’ll see you all tomorrow! Xx

Opening Image Credits: Design by Leanne Ford | Photo by Nicole Franzen | via Domino

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2 years ago

The knife/knives for Brian made my brain pop the”Men, men, men, men, menly men….” theme song into my thoughts! Help?!!
Very manly knives, those!! Yikes!⊙

Caitlin, you crack me up! Hint, hint!
I’m seeing your doppelganger on Tuesday to collect my new reading glasses. ☆

Jess, I dunno if you’ve always been this way, but this scary, crazy year seems to gave you on warp-speed growth as a loving, kind, human being.
Your suggestion is enormously thoughtful! ♡

2 years ago

#Transanta – OMG, thank you for providing. Just sent my gift via Target.
The perfect way to start my Sunday.

I love the link-up. You cull all the sites and find just what I need, such a service!!!

2 years ago
Reply to  Amy G

Yes! Thank you, Jess, for such a thoughtful suggestion!

2 years ago

Ok, Caitlin, I’m totally into exfoliating, too! Thanks for more products to try. I’d never even heard of a scalp massager, but it looks brilliant.

Leanne Ford’s new cottage that comes with a main house is fabulous, too. Now I need to watch the HGTV show.

2 years ago

Thank you for posting TransSanta! I just placed an order. What a sweet idea.

2 years ago

Speaking of fleece jackets, Emily where did you get your light beige fleece with the black pocket (as seen on Instagram)? Inquiring minds would love to know!

2 years ago

Caitlin, you should try pairing your scalp brush with an exfoliating scrub. There are so many out there now. It will get rid of even more gunk! Trust me!