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The 15 Reveals You Might Have Missed But NEED To See (Consider This A Mid Week Pick-Me-Up:))

About a year ago to the day, we did a similar post where we showed you the awesome house tours and room makeovers we had been pinning and collectively drooling over. It was initially prompted because the holiday content on the interwebs was already a lot and sometimes you just need to see a mantel without garland and stockings on it in December, right? So we thought why not do it again but with all new reveals (duh) and twice the amount (because it’s fun).

So grab a coffee or a glass of velvety red wine (that’s what I would like right now (it’s 5 pm, not 9 am I promise) and take some time out of your hopefully not too busy day to look at some serious eye candy. It almost always helps me feel good so I hope it helps you a little too. Let’s jump in!

design by jane, hannah and david fewson | styled by louella boitel-gill | photo by jessie prince | via the design files

As soon as I saw this tour I immediately felt at ease. It’s warm, neutral, layered, worn-in, and clearly loved as the family who lives here designed and renovated it together. Not only is the story of this family’s journey in finding this home really cool but the home is “filled with mostly second hand pieces they’ve inherited, thrifted, reupholstered, or bought off Gumtree and Facebook Marketplace.” For those who don’t know, Gumtree is basically an Australian Craigslist.

design by jane, hannah and david fewson | styled by louella boitel-gill | photo by jessie prince | via the design files

Even most of the wood was salvaged like in this beautiful kitchen. The home feels like a soft breeze to look at so I highly recommend checking out the rest of the photos. Fun Fact: They have an Airbnb on the property too with another on the way! Whenever we can travel again boy this would be a beautiful place to go.

design by sanders & king and pleysier perkins | photo by sharyn cairns | via est living

To be honest, I’m not 100% on barn doors. They can be great but it has to be the right house. Now, this isn’t exactly a house but instead a converted stable/”family-friendly zone” which means it nearly requires a barn door and they nailed it with this one. How easily I’m persuaded:) I LOVE the soft grayish-green color Sanders & King used that so beautiful works with the rug and coffee table. It’s just so freaking chic and modern, yet soft and cozy.

design by sanders & king and pleysier perkins | photo by sharyn cairns | via est living

And I will never not love a statement stove. Can you handle that electric blue beauty? It’s the perfect unexpected pop to this otherwise very neutral kitchen. I think we can all say that this is one of the most (if not THE most) luxuriously converted stable we’ve ever seen.

design and photo by dabito

Now let’s talk about the king of color… Dabito. You may remember his insanely good bright yellow dining room from a few years ago. Well now he and his partner are bi-coastal (New Orleans and LA) and this is their new NOLA home! Like he said in his post, he made sure to properly mix both vintage and new so that the space didn’t feel too eclectic or too modern (and without soul).

The good news for all of us is that he worked with Crate and Barrel so a bunch of what you see you can buy! But the real question is where can I find that vintage white wicker floor lamp?? Oh, I would like to note that the rug style he used is very similar to one in a reveal later in the post… 2021 trend??

design by studio giancarlo valle | photo by stephen kent johnson

This design by Studio Giancarlo Valle is riiiiight up my alley. That green sofa is holding my heart tight. If you remember this NY loft they designed, then this wavy look is not new to you. But I have to say that I’m not over it yet. I think it’s chic and weird which I love together. Also, the extra thick shelves look so cool!

This is clearly a very minimalist design but with the boldness of the architecture and colors/tones used it still looks so interesting to me. Thoughts?

design by beth diana smith | photo by mike van tassell

Beth Diana Smith was one of ORC’s feature designers this past season and she really knocked it out of the park by redesigning practically her entire first floor. What I think I love most is how approachable yet elevated this kitchen is. Like how she used textured subway tiles, placed them horizontally all the way up to the ceiling, and installed those semi-thick white open shelves. But then kept her cabinets (lowers) and appliances the same and switching out the hardware. So good.

design by beth diana smith | photo by mike van tassell

Then you go over to the living room and it’s so colorful and bold and full of so much personality. If you look at the befores you will be shocked by the transformation. She did such a truly beautiful job.

design by beata heuman | photo by simon brown

It’s probably no surprise that Beata Heuman is on this list because she is an EHD favorite. I don’t think we’ve seen a space she’s designed and not fallen head over heels. This space is no exception. The pattern and color play in this house is off the charts so please enjoy.

design by beata heuman | photo by simon brown

Also I 100% need that wicker urn. I think I’m seeing a wicker pattern…

design by mikel welch

Mickel Welch has such an effortlessly calm and chic style and this room he designed is just that. I am very into this wall color. It’s both light and yet still the perfect amount of “moody” which works so great in a bedroom. I also really love the leaning art moment on the headboard.

design by mikel welch

From this angle, you can see the whole view of the room and how much texture he put into this space. And yet, it’s still so soothing (that’s what we like to call color palette magic:))

design by sarah shinners | photo by dylan james | via the design files

I was just introduced to Sarah via The Design Files I think maybe two weeks ago? Anyway, I’m now a big fan. She works for the incredibly talented Simone Haag as her Design Manager and after seeing her rental I am not in the least bit surprised.

The space is incredibly eclectic but she makes sure to include these bold modern moments that really make the space stand out. Also, you can just tell that every piece has a story which is really why I think the space is so wonderful.

I also want to call out her bedroom wall color choice. It’s such a pretty warm tan that I think we will definitely be seeing more of in 2021. I also hope we see a lot more of that lamp/nightstand because it’s amazing. Here are even more photos!

design by stacey-ann blake | photo by lea hartman | via domino

Want to laugh? In my head, I considered my old apartment colorful. I wouldn’t say it was bold but I was proud of the amount of color I added….I’ll wait…I know it’s hysterical. I clearly need to reevaluate what “a colorful home” means because y’all THIS is a colorful home. What I love most about it is the clear joy that is emanating from these rooms! Stacey-Ann Blake has made a masterpiece with design choices.

What is additionally awesome about these spaces is that their brightness is softened by the fact that they are so well balanced, which makes them welcoming instead of overwhelming. Also, Stacey-Ann is a mother of three and I can only imagine how fun and inspiring it must be growing up around so many colors.

design by arent & pyke | photo by anson smart

This is Arent & Pyke’s newest project! I have been personally waiting on this for so long. Remember this home or this home? They truly create magic.

So while this home isn’t 100% my personal style, there are so many details I am oogling over. First up are that dresser and table lamp. I love the vintage (or vintage-inspired) base paired with the modern and contrasting shade. It looks amazing and I want to somehow get something similar for my new apartment. I also loooove that dresser. The bentwood handle detail is so so special and unique.

But what really made my heart skip a beat was that curtain trim detail. Can you tell I also love a modern wave? I think it makes such a cool statement and I might try to figure out how to implement it into my apartment design too. Arent, Pyke & Bunge??

design by ysg studio | styled by felicity ng | photo by prue ruscoe

First off this home is really making a case for purple which is a big feat in my opinion. Second, this space is all about textured permanent materials and let’s just say it works. Everything from the brick floors to the limewash (?) walls to the multi-material island. This very modern space feels warm and makes your eyes bounce around because YSG Studio created such a flawless design.

While I know not everyone would be ready to move into this type of home, it’s undeniable that it’s incredibly special. Make sure to check out the other rooms!

design and photo by ajai guyot

Ok, so I know Ajai is one of our beloved contributors but our contributors also don’t post all of their projects on our site because well, they have sites of their own! But I wanted to make sure that everyone got to see her beautiful living room reveal in her new apartment.

It looks like what I would imagine a soft cloud to look like. So delicate, cozy and pretty. I love how she expertly achieved what she describes as “coastal Parisian.”

design by kex design build | photo by jacqueline marque | via apartment therapy

Another beautiful reveal in New Orleans! KV Harper, founder of Kex Design Build designed this awesome rustic, luxe home that is spilling over with character and soul. I just love the contrast of those beautiful fireplaces and the jewel-toned velvet seating.

design by kex design build | photo by jacqueline marque | via apartment therapy

Then in the kitchen, I can’t stop starring at that dark green tiled backsplash and black cabinet combo. It’s so rich and bold but then balanced/softened by the salvaged wood shelves, white walls, and warm wood countertop. I think it’s just so pretty.

design by frederick tang architecture | photo by gieves anderson | via remodelista

What is my favorite thing about this kitchen/house by Frederick Tang Architecture? It’s those midcentury modern sliding cabinets. Their slender profile looks so good. Plus I truly can’t believe how into dark wood kitchens I’ve become. They just make me happy now.

design by frederick tang architecture | photo by gieves anderson | via remodelista

Now the rest of the house definitely has midcentury modern nods throughout but veers off in some of the other rooms. You have to check out the very colorful and playful bathroom:)

design by  home studios | photo by brian ferry | via dezeen

I wanted to end on this extremely cool yet serene reveal. This one you might have seen in a couple of publications but it’s too special to not include. I can’t get over all of the curves, arches, and different uses of tan/brown.

To be honest, this feels very much of the 2020 moment, like an upgraded ’80s vibe. But the lack of potential timelessness doesn’t take away from the special and unique details like the wood and copper bar framing the shower glass. I could seriously look at that photo for a very long time. Go see the rest of the space here.

Phew! We made it to the end. So any favorites? What are your top details (details are my favorite)? Are there any home tours or reveals that I didn’t include that you’ve fallen hard for recently? Let’s chat!

Love you, mean it.

Opening Image Credit: Design and Photo by Dabito

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1 year ago

You’re 100% right, Jess, I didn’t know how badly I needed to see these fabulous rooms! Now don’t get me wrong, I totally understand why we all started decorating for Christmas while the trick-or-treaters were still on the doorstep, but at this point, I have to agree with you that I’m a bit maxed out on nubby Christmas stockings, asymmetrical mantle garlands, and shimmering holiday tablescapes. Thank you for reminding me that a calm, well-designed room is the perfect remedy to the temporary overload of fairy lights, ceramic villages, and bottlebrush forests, and maybe January will bring us a breath of fresh air after all.

1 year ago

Love seeing all the Aussie spaces! You can take the girl (back) outta Melbourne, but…

1 year ago
Reply to  Kate

Yeah, I think the Aussie light is a thing. It contributes SO much (even in shooting movie scenes…anyone noticed the big shift to movie-making in Oz?!).

1 year ago
Reply to  Jess Bunge

Haha … have you guys ever done an audit on geographical location of your fan base???
Me thinjs there are a fair few of we Aussies in here! xx

YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. so nice to get a visual break from holiday decor. there are just too many things for me to say and i don’t have the patience to type it all, so i’m just going to say that i loved so many parts of every reveal picture. sooooo many good ideas. thanks!

1 year ago

I think if I died and went to heaven, I would actually just end up at Ajai’s house

1 year ago
Reply to  Jessica

It’s like a fluffy cloud. Spesh that sofa.
I need a bit more earthiness and colour, but it’s a lovely space, for sure.

1 year ago
Reply to  Rusty

I think it’s the lack of color that gets me – probably not something I’d do with my whole house, but the serene, warm, low-contrast vibe feels like a deep exhale of relief

1 year ago

There are waaaay too many MOMENTS to comment on from this tasty eye candy … mirrors that are jnsanely cool, wonderful, arty lamps, gorgeous tiles and …. too many!
Thanks for the trip through candy land, Jess. 🥰

Maxine Becker
1 year ago

Perfect! Have longed for the EHD inspirational posts so often missing during the pandemic.

1 year ago

What a fantastic compilation. I really enjoyed combing through this. Thanks for writing!

1 year ago

THANK YOU! I can’t handle seeing one more gift guide. This is what I’ve been waiting for.

1 year ago
Reply to  Jess Bunge

Was just remembering: didn’t you guys decide to learn some new crafts and keep us updated? I’m including handmade in my gifts and would to see a focus on that idea (also ideas for gifts kids can make for family).

1 year ago

This is EXACTLY what I need. What a wonderful mix of styles… favorites are the colorful, patterned ones like Beata Heuman and Dabito, or the neutral ones with soft edges like Ajai’s and Home Studios.

Cici Haus
1 year ago

My first thought with the Mickel Welch bedroom was “umm, is no one…being intimate…in this room?!” Ha! I love the leaning art on the headboard but I don’t think it’d work in a couple’s primary bedroom!

1 year ago

Loved this! Jess, I have always admired your last apartment and used to say to myself I want to add color just like Jess! Ha!

1 year ago

Thank you, thank you, Jess. I really needed this today! Your choices were so considered – Brava!

1 year ago

They’re all lovely but I can’t stop returning to Ajai’s living room. Believe me, I love a good busy gallery wall and lotsa “stuff” but this room is just so serene. I can imagine it glowing in the sunlight. I’ll keep looking at it in the new year when I put all this”stuff” away!

1 year ago

If you can’t find some wonderful rooms that speak to your heart with THIS collection, you’re not really looking.
My favorite design trick? That “aorta” bookshelf device that routes pipes and wiring. Why NOT make it wonderful and a real statement.

1 year ago

What a marvelous collection – wonderful variety of styles of architecture and design. So many round-ups lean heavily into a single style so this was a treat.
I’d be in heaven if I could live in the YSG Studio home. The dark-on-dark wood detail on the kitchen cabinets, entry door and front facade screening are gorgeous and the use of so much interesting color on surfaces is striking against the modern architecture. My own 1966 MCM home has separate his & hers bedroom suites (mine open onto a shared courtyard) so I love seeing that concept used.
I see several fluffy/bouclé side chairs. Like sitting in a hug! I’ll be revisiting these spaces as I’m sure I missed lots of details. Thanks, Jess!

1 year ago

Thanks for the fresh inspiration. I like to put up Jul decor close to Christmas and keep it up and keep it up until mid Jan. So while I enjoy holiday posts- I’m still focused on tweaking the house norms before decorating and loved seeing a mix of neutrals and color.

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