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Gift Guide: Scandinavian


“Scandinavian style celebrates minimal decor and functional furnishings with a lot of whites, hits of black, wood tones, and a few pops of color to keep things happy and add a touch of quirky.” excerpt from STYLED.

There’s a reason IKEA is a household name. Everyone loves a crisp Nordic room full of simple, bright, and cheery goodness. Those of you in the Scandinavian camp are like Minimalists without the drama. You know how to take a cold, bare space and warm it up with fun, playful pieces, often inspired by nature. I mean, the Swedes made an entire hotel out of ice that people actually pay real money to sleep in. They put a fur blanket on a bed made of ice, yes ICE. Look…


Full of light and life, Scandinavians-at-heart (hereinafter referred to as “Scandies”) bathe their homes in the natural sunshine as often as possible. Seamlessly transitioning between the indoors and the outdoors, Scandies bring nature inside and themselves outside as much as possible. Light woods like maple, birch, and oak co-mingle with sleek, modern furniture, often made of plastic, or metal. A truly Scandinavian-inspired home is bright, airy, and lighthearted. A truly Scandinavian retail store is bright, airy, and smells of Swedish meatballs and cinnamon buns.


[images above from My Scandinavian Home (left) and Jelanie Blog (right)]

They have truly mastered the perfect combination of light, bright, and airy with a touch of rustic, a touch of industrial and a hint of minimal. I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t enjoy their morning cup of coffee in any of these sun drenched rooms.


[Images above from Tvoy Designer (left) and The Style Files (right)]

So throw down the fur pelt, light the fire, and open up those curtains to let all that beautiful sunlight in while without any further ado, we give you our bright and cheery choices for that special Scandie in your life…


1. Pastel Angles Vase | 2. Faceted Vase | 3. Nesting Critter Dolls | 4. Wood Slab Accent Table | 5. Poetry Books Collection | 6. White Stag Bust | 7. Robot Rocking Horse | 8. Kelim Cushion | 9. B&W Woven Pillow | 10. Sheepskin Lumbar Pillow | 11. Chunky Knit Blanket | 12. Modernist Scarf | 13. Fjallraven Kanken Backpack | 14. Dansko Clogs | 15. Scandinavian Coasters | 16. Black Coriander Candle | 17. White and Wood Stool | 18. Pink Task Lamp | 19. Peach Modern Danish Print | 20. Studs and Gems Print | 21. Swedish Fish (yes, the candy…hello, stocking stuffer!)

Through painstaking research and precise calculations, we’ve also rounded up the perfect gifts for our Seventies,  Rustic, and Contemporary/Minimal friends. We’re getting down to the wire…do you demand Zen, Industrial, Mid-Century Modern, Bohemian, Modern Glam, Traditional, or Totally Eighties next?

If you haven’t had a chance to pick up a copy of the book, and are craving some more interior and style inspiration you can pick up your copy here, and while you’re impatiently waiting for that postman to arrive you can check out some behind the scenes, and a few more peeks inside the pages of the book here: Book Title And Cover Options | The Real Book Cover | Behind The Book – Styling The Perfect Shot | Styled On Shelves Now

***written by Jessica Isaac for EHD


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Dare I point out that although those poetry books have the right color covers, all the authors are English writers (with one French writer or two).
Perhaps Jo Nesbo or Henning Mankell has a black and white book jacket that would be appropriate?


My Swedish husband would appreciate your comment, Joanie. 😉 I vote for Zen! Because that is what I got (even though I am not drawn toward Asian-style design, which is what I think of with Zen).


Industrial or mid-century modern, please!

Courtney Fj



Bohemian next!


Thank you so much for these gift guides, but please, please industrial next!


i’m voting bohemian or industrial. These are fabulous! Wish I could afford me some Danskos.


Bring on Industrial!!!

Oh I`m a total Scandinavian fan!! Great gift guide 🙂
And if your looking for more gifts ideas then head over to my blog:

Love, Caroline


Mid-Century modern!!!!

This is my style in every way! When I finally get (my imaginary) cabin in the woods, it’s going to be Scandi. LOVE!


OMG, Please, sweet baby jesus tell me where you got that hanging tapestry in the first photo.


It’s from Rachel Duvall Textiles!

I always wanted one of those Swedish style fireplaces! At least I can get my hands on some Swedish Fish!


Please please please do a Bohemian gift guide next! I love these, keep them coming! <3

I want it all!! Especially those pillows and throw.
Thanks for sharing.

Kari P.

Bohemian please.

i’d love to see mid-century modern next!!! these gift guides are so helpful for learning what my style is!

People voting for mid century obviously do not pay attention to this blog, EVERY SINGLE DAY. MCM is on here, like major. I agree, zen would be great. Or modern glam! Ohhhh la la. I’m thinking about that room you did for that gal…with the palm tree wall paper and the chesterfield?

That ice blanket picture is hilarious! Bring on those clogs!!



Gah! I wish New York City placed that kind of priority on natural light. I can have all the birch and minimalist design I want, but my window faces an alley and I must accept it!

As always, thanks for the inspiration! Happy Friday.

And for a pop of color in a minimal nordic room, a quirky Scandinavian rugs will provide a good happy detail.


Traditional, please! With gorgeous antique chairs re-upholstered with lush fabrics… It speaks to my soul.


Zen! Zen would be really, really wonderful!


Mid-Century Modern Bohemian!


For the love of Pete, do something different!

Traditional. Traditional. Traditional.

If that’s not possible then tackle Totally Eighties, or even Modern Glam. Any of the above would be such a welcome change of pace.


I appreciate a good guest post but I wish the guest posters would be themselves more. These posts often tend to feel like the writer’s doing an Emily impression and it just feels inauthentic to me. I’d like to get to know the other people, too! I’m sure they have their own lovely style and sense of humor. Thanks for the lack of lapse in content, though!

I’ve been wanting faux taxidermy in my home for ages now. I’ll have to tell my husband to snag that deer head!


love it! Bohemian next?

Stunning choices!

what a lovely post. LOVE scandinavian design, always brightens my day.

what a lovely post

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