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What We Bought for ourselves at Round Top

The loot! The scores! Yesterday I showed you what I bought for Chairish (and I did buy a few things back, sorry! But there are a few amazing pieces left so if you haven’t already go shop the sale). Well today we’ll show you some of what we bought for ourselves.


While shopping I didn’t want my crew to stress about shopping so like a mom shopping for her teenager’s prom dress, I gave them each $150 of play money so they could shop guilt-free, with the one caveat that they had to purchase some pieces for us to blog about. First up (in no particular order except me last, so you’ll keep reading) is Ginny:


As you know Ginny is British and she collects these little english porcelain toothpaste containers. I almost bought that brass box, then passed on it only to have her steal it. Here’s a bit more in Ginny’s own words:

“I bought a lot of things that either came from England or remind me of home. I have a growing collection on vintage ceramic jars that were used for preserves, pate and other non-perishable foods. I mainly have taller jars at home but this time I bought three trinket box style ones with lids which are super cute. I just love the print on top of them and the fact they have the queens crest or say London / Manchester on them gets me giddy! I also collect jugs (or pitchers) so I added a very sweet blue toile jug to my collection. The flag isn’t actually for me because I already have a huge English flag, so I bought this for a friend of mine. My one single regret is the horse painting that was featured on Emily’s Chairish sale. UGH I’m almost crying writing this. I actually ended up putting in an offer on it and then someone swooped it up and paid full price!!! Lesson learned here. It was perfect. Melanie spotted it when we were shopping for the sale and I should have gone for it then. I know I’ll get over it but really hope whoever is the owner of it really appreciates it (and if they are reading this and want to sell it they know who to contact!)”

Next is Sara’s collection: I love all of those things and almost bought those two miniature black bells, but didn’t and then lo and behold she snatched them up.


Here’s what Sara had to say: “Since we’re shooting my place for the ‘Makeover Takeover’ series soon, I was desperate for some cool accents for the apartment. Which probably led me to being a little more trigger happy than I would have normally been, but luckily I regret nothing. I’m excited to find little spots for everything I bought, especially those Danish flags and my new collection of vintage puppets. Which some people might say are creepy, but I think are awesome (and kind of creepy). Not pictured is my very last, but possibly favorite, purchase – a hunter green and brass mid-century desk lamp (which you’ll see in the office soon!). Also, I didn’t realize until staring at this photo that the charcoal portrait I nabbed has an uncanny resemblance to Professor Quirrell (if you don’t know who that is, don’t worry about it). I’m not sure if that makes it better, or not . . . but probably better, right?”

Up next is Brady. He scored some awesome studio sketches while we were all shopping together at Eneby, and although I found them I know that no one else would appreciate them quite like he would.


Here is what he had to say about what he brought home: “I am sure you are looking at this rather petit collection of mine and thinking how underwhelming and small it is, but unlike others on the team I am typically a VERY hard sale. When I fall in love with a piece I immediately buy it but if I don’t then I quickly move on (much like the boys in my past – minus the buying part). I digress. My first purchase was that original nude oil piece which I have in my kitchen and LOVE, it was $10 and although it may be fairly new (not sure) I still love the neutral colors and how it reminds me that we all need to show off our best “ass”ets. I am a total sucker for nudes and sketches. Next up was the vintage round mirror ($20). It looks totally generic in this picture but the silver has a perfect patina, and the mirror has nicks and a slight wave to it due to it’s age so I was into it. The three studio sketches I scored (only one is pictured – the other two are rolled up) are by far my favorite find. Emily was looking at them and knowing me as well as she does yelled at me to come over and I immediately got aggressive and grabbed the entire roll of them and picked out my favorites without even thinking twice. They were each $40 and are huge at around 24×36″. They are also signed and dated 11′ which I am telling myself is 1911 although Ginny is convinced they cant be that old and are from 2011. I prefer my date over hers, but regardless of age they were done by a Danish artist and somehow found there way over to this small little country town in Texas which makes them a fun find for me. The jacket is a vintage military jacket that was an impulse purchase while I got separated from the girls and was pulling the car up for them, but it has some interesting detailing so I caved on that one. The last thing I purchased was the leather and wood fly swatter. 100% not practical at all and nothing I will actually ever use but it was so beautiful and well-made that I couldn’t pass on it at $15. All in all I wish I would have bought more, but the things I did come home with I love so I left a very satisfied customer. Is it time to go back yet?!”


Up next is Mel: Hi Y’all, it’s Mel ready to tell you all about my purchases you see above! (the hat is not from Texas and is just a styling tool, but wow that would have been a find).  I purchased a wood and brass desk set, a rattan chicken egg holder and a dog illustration with a massive mat. Unfortunately, I have both types of buyers remorse though. I wish I bought so much more! And I also wish I didn’t buy the mail sorting set. The second I saw the egg holder I knew I couldn’t live without it. No idea why, but the feeling still holds. I’d also been looking for a hat stand for ever but the amount of times in my life I try to buy something that is ‘NFS’ (not for sale) is seriously so frequent and sad. Luckily this time I convinced the vender and got to bring something practical home! As for my regrets with the desk set, I started to like it less and less the longer it was in my possession. I think the sales person said it was 80s after I gave her my cash and I subconsciously turned on it. It’s also just too chunky for my desk. C’est la vie, let’s go back so I can buy more!


Above is Jess’s look and here’s what she had to say: “Much like Mel I am a neutrals loving lady. Show me aged brown leather and anything made of worn in wood and my eyes light right up! As you can see in Round Top finds, I did not stray from my norm. Walking through these amazing booths and shops I was nearly on total sensory overload. I told myself that I was going to stay fiscally responsible (insert side eye emoji) but find at least one thing that was really special. With that said, ladies and gentleman let me introduce you to my $25 dollar (originally $49) leather trash can! She is perfect. Emily jokingly (or maybe not so jokingly) almost pulled seniority and bought it off me but then must have seen the look of true love in my eyes and knew we were meant for each other. As for my other purchases I bought the wooden bowl for $15 which was a steal and looks awesome on my kitchen counter, the wooden mixer (salvaged from an old barn) was $10 and the spoon with the metal hook was $3. It’s hard to tell from the picture but the wooden piece is a bell attached to what the seller thought once was a wooden stirrup. I loved that it was kinda different, very aged and only $30 (down from $40). Right now it’s hanging off a curtain rod in my living room but once my MOTO gets fully underway I will find a better spot for him. Lastly my ‘No Sale’ painting. To be honest I’m not sure why I was so drawn to it because graphic art is not my typical style. But I was digging through a big bin of miscellaneous art and I thought ‘O this is cool!” The colors are neutral enough for me while still making the piece pop…and it was only $10. All in all I love my finds and am pretty proud that I was able to keep my total under $100! One piece that I am still thinking about but is not a true regret because it was VERY out of what I was willing to spend on a single home accessory was this delicate and intricate Navajo Woven Basket for $1400. Man was it BEAUTIFUL but my wallet said “Ummm maybe next time Jess.” O and it was brown. Are you surprised?


An of course or photographer Tessa scored some as well. Here’s what Tessa Had to Say: “Oh man there were so many big pieces I wish I could have bought, ie 15 foot farmhouse tables and 6 foot white wood horses (Something I did not know I needed until Round Top) but as it is I was ripping the frames off these painted screens ($20 for the pair) at the airport desperately trying to cram them into other peoples suitcases. My favorite and most practical purchase…obviously the 5 mini chairs. My favorite color is white anddd I have knack for hoarding small tiny useless items. Em tried to talk me into just buying 1 maybe 3, nice try. We all know I need 5.”

For the record, Tessa, I LOVE those mini chairs and ladder, I mean, have you met me??? The detail that she left out was that they were $130 for all of them which I felt was very expensive although I’m glad she bought them 🙂

Ok, down to me:

Now I really tried to only buy what was really needed as we aren’t really doing the flea anymore (buying to sell + having to staff someone on it made the prices too high and stressed me out). So this trip was more about stuff that we couldn’t live without or pieces we really, really needed. We didn’t have a truck to ship back and shipping was super expensive. I ended up asking Big Daddy’s if they wouldn’t mind taking a couple of my pieces, but I certainly wasn’t going to fill their truck so it was more about smalls than bigs.


My collection makes me look like I’m 12 years old, in 1982.  There is good reason: I knew that I wanted to do a paint by numbers collection in Charlie’s room, which he approved so that is why there are so many of those. I also bought him a vintage airplane diagram (I think from an old encyclopedia) and when I got back and showed him he practically spit on the paint by numbers, preferring the plane diagram. Since then he’s been literally walking around holding the print all day, often hugging it. Hopefully I’ll still use the paint by numbers somewhere because they added up. They were all around $15 – $30. The plane print was $6.

Their was a serious dog theme happening during the shopping, apparently with that painted dog portrait which is also for the kids room, but maybe their bathroom? The still life in the middle is dark and moody, what with the black pipe and all. It was $140 from Eneby. The wood sculpture collection is insane (fun fact, Brady was the one that bought the rest of them off Chairish!). They were each $10 which made the whole collection expensive, but they came down to $8 each. They are special and the kids have already played bowling with them with their race cars, I am sure once they tire of them Brady will gladly give them a good home. The flag was a set from a whole Scottish church which I thought would be amazing for the castle. But in retrospect they can’t live outside without disintegrating. Sure, I can frame them and keep them inside – Charlie’s room, but that means that I have paint by numbers, plane diagrams and castle flags in his room… I still don’t have a clear vision for his room and this isn’t helping. PLUS, and you are going to cringe, they were $190 for the set of two. SO Overpriced. SO pretty, but definitely too expensive. The good news is that we’ll be using them as an inspiration for the flags that we’ll make out of real outdoor fabric for the castle. Although I’ll put an H on it (check my insta-story today for castle update!). The porcelain wall tray can be in a bathroom – I think the powder tins ($20) and the blue french bowls were an impulse buy but are looking so pretty in my kitchen shelving. (Check my insta-story today and I’ll show you everything else that is hard to see in this photo)

Now to the bigs:


That french cabinet from the early 1900’s is EXACTLY what I’ve been looking for, although I don’t know where exactly it is going to go. The color and the patina are PERFECT and right now I have a few too many wood pieces and could use some painted. UGH. It’s so pretty. I’m thinking it could go in the entry but it could also be great in the kitchen where my taller hutch is right now (Ginny said she would buy my hutch from me). This piece was originally $900, reduced to $800. It was day 1 at Marburger farms and while if I had waited they may have come down more, I couldn’t risk it and I really do love it.


Once I opened the ‘I’m going to ship furniture home’ floodgates I added a few more pieces. That little antique pine dresser from the same dealer (Hedgegrow antiques) is great for kids storage in the family room (hopefully) and was $350. The scale of it is great (super narrow) and those little key holes are so charming.

Now for maybe the best score – this primitive windsor chair:


You may not be able to see how old and stunning it is, but it is like 100 years old, from Pennsylvania (it even came with paperwork) and it has so much detail. I really needed a tall sculptural chair for a vignette in my house and this is it. It was originally $525 but the dealer quickly came down to $375. That might not seem like a deal to you, but in LA or on 1st dibs that would be $1300 – $1800 (or so i’m telling myself).

Lastly is this INSANE mirror from Eneby (which is where Brady snagged his sketches):


It has a super delicate, gorgeous black and gold frame and as you can see it’s incredibly aged. I’ve been looking for one to put in my stairway but I wanted something special. It was $650, but the same dealer gave me the still life painting if I’d instagram/insta-story and tag him so I justified the price (and of course little did he know that I would have anyway :)).

I haven’t gotten those pieces yet but man am I excited to style them and show you why I splurged.

It was so fun you guys.


I love my crew so much and want almost everything that they bought.


Thanks, Chairish for helping to sponsor this trip (shop the rest of the collection now!) and The Vintage Round Top for hosting us and showing us the best Texan experience ever.


Now,  I’m curious – is there one thing here that you would steal? Or are there some that you think are mistakes or crazy over priced? You have to remember that in LA there is a ton of midcentury but there isn’t a lot of this more aged, country, primitive, european vibe which is what we are all strangely going for right now. So while things are more expensive than you might be able to find at a thrift store in Indiana or Paris, for us West Coast city folk we felt we found deals… But, we sure do love opinions. Who made the mistakes and who got the best loot??? Let us know below!

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5 years ago

Hi haven’t even finished reading but must say:
hA! Harry Potter!

Jordan G
5 years ago

I live in Dallas and have been to Round Top once, but your post is making me want to go back this fall. I am pretty darn cheap so I have a hard time with the prices on a lot of the items you bought, but I do really love the special wooden bowls/trinkets, leather garbage can and that pine dresser. I love those round feet so much! I took my parents to Round Top to celebrate their 60th birthdays. Little did I know that would be the last time I spent with my dad, who passed away very suddenly a month later. I have the fondest memories of that trip because my dad was happily schlepping all of our goodies around and was such a good sport about indulging our shopping excitement. While we were at Round Top they bought me a very special antique window with a pear design (I collect pears) for my birthday. After he died, my husband and I converted it to a mirror and hung it above the kitchen sink. Now I think about him every day when I see the mirror, which is probably the most sentimental decor item in my whole house.… Read more »

5 years ago
Reply to  Jordan G

Just wanted to say that I enjoyed reading your comment. I don’t usually comment on comments, but this one was too lovely to not say something. So glad you have those special memories and momentos to go with them.

Jordan G
5 years ago
Reply to  Jess

Thanks Jess. <3

5 years ago
Reply to  Jess

What Jess said. So lovely. Xx

Reply to  Jordan G

What a sweet note! I’m also a Texas girl and have fond memories of days in Round Top with those I love!
Cheers! Amanda

5 years ago

Gah! I’m just feeling badly because all the antiques I got rid of about 10 years ago, are apparently coming back. My purge was sparked when a guest said my style was shabby chic. It occurred to me, most people didn’t know that they were authentically chipped.
I don’t want to go back.
Emily, please continue to offer options to those of us who don’t want it.

5 years ago

I would steal your two dressers, the mini chairs, and the tiny British lidded jars. I’m a sucker for tiny things! Your photographer’s picture caught my eye the most (the colors). The biggest surprise was how much I loved the puppies. I’m not a dog person , but darn it if my babies growing up (8,10,12 now) hasn’t made me want something small and warm again! Since I can’t have a giraffe calf, puppies are totally making my heart go pitter-patter lately. And, You can totally mix all the boy themes in one room! Right?! I mean, think of similar things themes in a girl’s room. No question mixing and matching is a-ok!

5 years ago

I’ve been on a paint by number kick for a while now at the behest of rolling eyes from family. I feel vindicated for my choices now that you, Emily, like them too!!

5 years ago

Love, love, love the pet portraits!! Will you ever be able to sit on the primitive chair? Or is it just for looking? Also, I’m sure more people are interested, but what’s the cost and process to ship a couple of dressers from the flea market?

5 years ago

Ugh – living vicariously through you guys. I want most of what you all scored. Emily’s mirror and Tessa’s mini chairs have me drooling.
Perhaps you need an East Coast team building trip this summer – Brimfield is one of my favorite places on earth.

5 years ago

I think I love Tessa’s pottery pitchers best! I don’t even think she described those…. Also, “My collection makes me look like I’m 12 years old, in 1982.” HAHAHHAHAAAAAAA so true but such cute stuff. I loved reading everyone’s explanations of what they bought.

5 years ago

Hahaha! Oh, Emily, your description of Charlie’s response to the paint by numbers is so endearing and funny! hahaha … *wiping tears of laughter*

5 years ago

I like most of what you guys chose, but I’m glad you’re using that chair for a vignette rather than for seating. It looks far too narrow for comfy sitting.

5 years ago

Fun. I m so envious. You guys make me feel so normal! This reminds me of a tag sale I went to with my two boys. One was 10 and one was 16. It was an old hotel they were closing. They had some new stuff and then some really old stuff. I left with one old photograph, a really cool yard stick that was more like a walking stick for my 10 year old and 4 spoons. The spoons sound weird and I wish I had bought more but I had to go home and pack for a 10 hour drive and vacation the next day. The spoons are heavy and I always think of the sale when I use one. My biggest regret was an old wardrobe that had hand written taped sections, like pyjamas (English version) . It was at least 1930 and reminded me of something that would have been on a “Jeeves and Wooster set.” I should have bought it and put it in the boys’ room. I would have kept the tape on and had the boys use forever. I live in West Des Moines, IA so it was neat to see an English… Read more »

5 years ago

You need to come to Tulsa and antique. Those prices are sky high to me. But then again, I am po’ folk. I think some of those pieces of furniture would not be over $350 here at the antique mall in Jenks. Of course, it is like craigslist and you have to haunt the place to find stuff. I love Tessa’s crockery/jugs and floral pic (whose price I don’t think was mentioned). I love your paint by numbers. Persuade Charlie that they are right for his space or override him as the adult/designer/Mom in his life. I also like that umbrella stand thingie at the top pic I don’t think you mentioned or gave a price for.
Looks fun, but almost every price made me think that I will likely never go to Round Top.

5 years ago

I haven’t been to Tulsa, but I had the same kind of reaction about prices…Round Top must be so amazing and huge, but wow stuff is expensive? I’m in the DC area and do a lot of antiquing in Virginia and Pennsylvania and there is SO MUCH aged-country-primitive around here, I can’t even tell you. (Whereas there is almost no MCM, which is what I’m always looking for…apparently it’s all in SoCal :D) Around here, that pine dresser would be $150 and you could argue them down, and similar Windsor chairs could probably be found for under $100…funny, isn’t it? If only furniture shipping wasn’t so expensive, we could all have all the vintage furniture of our dreams!

And those tiny chairs and ladder, and the wicker chicken thing, man those are cute. I have to stop with the smalls, though, or my house will collapse under its own weight…

5 years ago

I would for sure steal the collection of wooden nick knacks and professor Quirrel. Not because all of it wasn’t amazing but those things would suit my needs best right now. I will say i’m skeptical about those dog paintings for now. I’ll have to wait and see them styled before I make a permanent judgement!

Emily k
5 years ago

Man you guys like some weird stuff.

I approve.

5 years ago
Reply to  Emily k

Hahaha this is the best comment!

5 years ago

I love, love, love the pine chest of drawers. I see those a lot at antique shops around where I live. One day I’ll have one.

Michael K
5 years ago

So fun seeing what you all found!! I’m a flea market junkie and have been living vicariously through you all on your awesome trip to Round Top! Since you asked us for our faves…
My 7 favorite finds that are giving me serious flea market envy:

1.) That beautiful leather trash can. I never thought I’d want a trash can SO MUCH!!!
2.) double blue stripe water pitcher
3.) leather fly swatter (so cool…good call Brady)
4.) tiny ladder. because why not?
5.) those french blue bowls (the color is so charming)
6.) the porcelain tray. It’s going to add such fun vintage personality to a bathroom
7.) The Windsor Chair. I fell over dead. Let’s all just refer to it as THEE Windsor Chair for now on because it is THEE one & only windsor chair of our design dreams that anyone could EVER need. 🙂

Glad you all had fun, we had a blast following along on the adventure!

5 years ago

Hi, the Windsor chair, and rectangular old mirror make perfect sense to me. Both steals!

On the other hand I know it must be hard in the moment with so many things, plus I understand the thought process that Charlie might like the paint by numbers subject matter and simplicity. However in the light of day it makes sense that even such a young audience didn’t respond well to the paint by numbers. I get that they might be relaxing and meditative to paint, however that simplicity and lack of artist thought shows.

Curious if the round velvet pillow is the urban outfitters round pintuck? Or it that pillow was the inspiration for UO.

Thanks for sharing, a fun post to read.
Love you checking our these antique fairs, thanks Chairish for sponsoring.

5 years ago
Reply to  Gabrielle

d@m thats a link, is your friend

5 years ago

I LOVED reading this post. Each vignette would make a lovely still life painting set-up, and told so much about your different personalities. And, it was like being able to virtually shop with you all. If price were no object I would buy the big mirror from Emily as well as the Scottish flag, and Tessa’s tiny chairs. But the thing I want the most? The horse painting Ginny that tried to buy back from Chairish.

Emily, the paint by number paintings will be great in the kid’s bathroom — or the hallway outside their rooms?

5 years ago

Hi! I’m a native Texan living in SF, but I hadn’t even heard of Round Top before this series. Sounds like such a fun weekend away with thrifting friends! All of the items you guys purchased are really beautiful and interesting.

OK – weird question. What dress is Ginny wearing in the last 2 photos? It’s cute and I want one. Thanks!

5 years ago

It’s so much fun to see what other people choose at markets! Tessa’s collection probably best matches my own taste, with dogs and lots of small useless things that I HAVE to have. Except I love color and usually come home with something super bright. I love the little pointer dog. I was wondering whether you were going to bring back full-sized furniture, Emily, and it’s so cool that you did.

If you decide to do an overall dog theme instead of paint by numbers in Charlie’s room, might I suggest adding a watercolor for some variety? 🙂

5 years ago

I am dying over the Windsor chair you got! Oh my gosh, so gorgeous.

5 years ago

Hi Emily and Team!!

I check your blog daily with a fever and it’s so funny to me to see what you thought about Round Top and Texas. I’m a born and raised Texan and live about an hour and a half from Round Top. I love all of y’all’s finds. Your last paragraph (Emily) really resonated with me- I don’t mean to be ugly at all but the majority of your finds are pretty common here. Not that they aren’t worth what you paid or anything or really special and beautiful! It just is more our aesthetic here. I loved reading about the trip in general and what y’all found funny- Trump signs, guns for sale, authentic kindness. Those are all VERY common! The majority of people (except for urban areas) are Trump supporters, everyone owns multiple guns and it’s no big deal, and I truly do believe (as all Texan’s do- ha!) that we have the best state and the nicest people with the best southern hospitality. I’m so glad Texas treated y’all well and you all enjoyed it. I have to say- I was tempted to run to Round Top to try and spot y’all! 🙂

5 years ago
Reply to  Jessica

I’m glad everyone had a good time.

As a seventh generation Texan, I can state with authority that we do not have the best state and the nicest people. Ask immigrants, minorities, and anyone who is a little different how they feel about “Southern hospitality”.

5 years ago

If I’m being honest I’m a little bitter Brady scooped up the wooden collection. I was so bummed to find it sold so quickly yesterday and now that I know who the buyer was… it feels unfair? Oh well. Thanks for sharing your beautiful finds!

5 years ago
Reply to  Susan

I admit I also felt frustrated reading that Emily and her team bought some of the stuff from the Chairish sale, as they had the advantage in knowing what was going to be listed ahead of time. Obviously, you all have a right to buy it, but maybe don’t tell us about it?

Thanks for posting about your trip and I’m looking forward to seeing how everyone styles their finds at home!

5 years ago

I don’t think they were mentioned above, but, I especially love the small dog/large mat finds! Ginny’s looks a lot like an itty bitty Vizsla print I picked up recently and didn’t know what to do with… large mat it is! Not sure what those cost, but, my un-framed, less than 4 in. square print was $10 at an antiques store in Ohio.

5 years ago

I really really really want that horse painting. I found one a year or two ago with a green background and I feel like it would be the perfect mate. If Charlie doesn’t want it…:)

5 years ago

You guys should head to the midwest next time you head to a flea market. The prices are so low…you all would go crazy shopping! The prices for that furniture makes me cringe a bit!

5 years ago

There are so so so many bargains to be found at Roundtop!
The prices at Marberger Farms are high end. If you’re willing to shop around at the smaller venues you can find tons of amazing items at rock bottom prices and have a blast.
Everyone should take at least one trip to Roundtop. It’s amazing, overwhelming and fun. Bring your most comfortable shoes, your $$ and your biggest vehicle.

5 years ago

You guys found so many awesome things! I love all of the flags. Our favorite find when we went was a super cute red-and-white vintage tricycle for $25 for my 3-year-old. He LOVES it.

5 years ago

I did not know how much I needed Scottish church flags in my life until today. Thank you for igniting that obsession.

5 years ago

Oh, I LOVE everything Tessa got! I mean, yes, $130 for the little chairs seems nuts, but then there are those times when you really love something, it brings you joy, and you pay the crazy amount and you’re always glad you did.

5 years ago

Why were those tiny chairs so expensive? Is there a reason they were priced that high and that you felt okay buying them for that price?

5 years ago

Round Top is so fun but definitely overpriced for the Austin market. I’ve been a few times and never end up buying anything because the mark up is 30-50% more than what you’d pay in a retail store. One dealer told me she marks prices up to 60% higher on some items to compensate for travel and fees.

If you come back, make time to go to Austin Antique Mall (low end) and White Swan (high end) for their Round Top weekend deals.

Glad you had a great time, Central Texas is beautiful and Austin is my fav American city by far!

5 years ago

Dam you Mari Kondo, you spoiled this for me, once I would have seen treasures, now I see clutter and stuff 🙁

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5 years ago

I live in Dallas and have been to Round Top once, but your post is making me want to go back this fall. I am pretty darn cheap so I have a hard time with the prices on a lot of the items you bought, but I do really love the special wooden bowls/trinkets, leather garbage can and that pine dresser. I love those round feet so much!

Jen Michelli
5 years ago

I haven’t read the comments so maybe someone said this already but could that painted French cabinet go in your powder room with a sink placed in the top? Just a thought…….

5 years ago
Reply to  Jen Michelli

Jen I thought the same thing!

5 years ago

I would just like to report that I totally painted that exact same paint by number dog (the one behind the other unframed one). If I knew I could’ve gotten $15+ for it, I would’ve held on to it! No idea what happened to it so maybe that one’s mine (it turned out pretty good for a 10 year old, if I do say so myself). Enjoy! 😉

5 years ago

Thanks for shopping with me! (You bought the dog and horse paintings shown here, and some others. ). I love that dog painting, and only parted with it because I didn’t have a place for it in my son’s room. It’s been fun to follow your whole Round Top experience. Hurry back.

5 years ago

I wonder if you could marry the paint-by-numbers trend with the trend of amending thrifted art by dipping it in paint or putting funny stuff like mustaches and hats on it? Charlie could help and that might make him so into it all over again. You could help him pick out the paint colors used so that everything would coordinate with the room and each other. I don’t think you should give up yet!

Sonja B
5 years ago

That blue cabinet is dreamy. I would love to see it in place and get a story with blue color matches from various paint lines.

Loved seeing your team and their finds. Nice to take the show on the road!

5 years ago

Just wonder who bought the umbrella stand on the table and how much it was?

5 years ago

Thanks for this. However, don’t you think your interest in most of these product will soon wear off? Generally, I don’t take much interest in gathering too much products.

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