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A Countdown Of Our Top Pinned Images From the Year…So Far (Did Your Favorite Make the List?)

photo by sara ligorria-tramp

If last year was the year of the bathroom, this year is the year of the kitchen. And I am not just saying this because the Mountain House kitchen was a real hot commodity this year (put it this way: the kitchen would have been #2 #4, #5 and #6 in this roundup) but because a number of other kitchens are up there in this list, too. This isn’t huge news to us, since you guys have been validating this fact via comments and blog traffic, but it is always fun to see the data match up. And you know what else? Trend posts yield a LOT of re-pins from our site. This actually makes perfect sense to me despite the general aversion to the word “trend.” I understand why those posts do so well because seeing designers do new things and experiment with what’s “in” or (more likely) “what’s coming back” at the moment is exciting to look at, because it is different. We don’t all run out and redesign our homes based on them, but they are visually interesting so to the Pinterest inspiration boards they go.

Seeing what our most pinned images are is of course very important research, but also, a reason to revisit beautiful photos that were inspiring enough to be scroll stoppers is always a yes in our book. So without further ado, let the countdown begin…

Coming in at #10: This shot from Velinda’s Tiny Kitchen Makeover Takeover (With Tons of Smart Storage Hacks)

Emily Henderson Velinda Helen Small Kitchen Space 2 1
photo by sara ligorria-tramp

We are off to a good start with Velinda’s 49-square-foot kitchen full of those always necessary and sought-after small space storage hacks. Sign us up. Not only is this space a sight for sore eyes, (the tile! the countertop! the shelves! the cabinets!) the post is really informative and transparent about what it costs to do a mid-level renovation, which I imagine was part of the desire to hit that “pin” button. Before moving on, if you haven’t seen the before of this kitchen (or need a refresher), I suggest you head here to see it. The transformation is pretty wild, and the wise musings by Velinda are always worth the read.

Coming in at #9: This bathroom from Why You Should Be Using Armoires In Every Room 

Emily Henderson Roundups Armoires Bathroom Patrick Printy
image source via elle decor | design by patrick printy

You all were very into this post, as was I (and the rest of EHD). It was when I realized my love for armoires and wardrobes was deep and only growing stronger by the minute. They instantly add visual interest to a room, and they are essentially giant, gorgeous junk drawers (or you know, linen cabinets for “tidy” people). So, this one is a no brainer in our book.

Coming in at #8: This dining and living room combo from A High Impact & Actually Doable Lighting Trend We’re Seeing Everywhere

Emily Henderson Pendant Trend Inspo Pic 3
image source via architectural digest | design by jack ceglic and manuel fernandez-casteleiro

We pulled this photo of composer Jonathan Sheffer’s home to prove that pendants are in and possibly plotting world domination. According to our data, you guys loved this post and the inspiration photos from it. I mean, I can only imagine why. The pin-ability of this photo is unreal. I also have it pinned in my “Makeover Takeover” inspiration board, though “aspirational” board may be more accurate because there is a lot to aspire to here. But pairing that giant globe pendant with two micro pendants is something special and totally doable. Not to mention this room is making a solid case for the brown trend.

Coming in at #7: The gallery wall of our dreams from Makeover Takeover: Jess’ (Long Awaited) Small Space Living Room Reveal

Jesslivingroom6 1
photo by sara ligorria-tramp

Okay, who wouldn’t want to stare at this wall 24/7? There are so many beautiful things to soak in, and every single thing here looks so good together. Hot tip: if you have a gallery wall conundrum, get yourself a Jess to help out (or just head to her living room MOTO for the tricks of the trade).

Coming in at #6: This moody kitchen from 9 Kitchen Trends We’re Betting Will Be Huge In 2019

Hudson Valley Kitchen Dunja Von Stoddard Full 1
image source via remodelista | design by quatrefoil

Here comes another kitchen from a very early 2019 trend post we did (see what I mean? Y’all love trends and kitchens). This particular shot was used to suggest that dark countertops and cabinets are going to give us all a run for our money this year. A lot of you agreed at the time but the question is: What do you think now? Were we right? Have you weighed in here yet?

Coming in at #5: This magical patio from Mountain House Monday: The Exterior Update And Plan

4u4a3935 2
image and design via railica design

This one felt like a wild card amongst the rest of the list, but that is not to say it is undeserving. It is one of the inspiration photos for the Mountain House exterior and has the whimsical mountain getaway feel I think we all crave. I would gladly throw a summer soiree out here, thank you very much.

Coming in at #4: This minimalist dining room from A High Impact & Actually Doable Lighting Trend We’re Seeing Everywhere

Emily Henderson Pendant Trend Inspo Pic 4
image source via behance | design by viktor korchinskyi

See? Pendants are taking over and we (and apparently you, too) are on board. But really, there is so much to ooh and ahh over here. Those chairs for one are enough to stop anyone’s thumb from scrolling but also, every time I look at this photo there is something new to love. It is definitely the eye candy we all deserve. (Side note: how are we feeling about “matching” dining sets? These probably aren’t a “set” as much as the wood tones just coordinate very well, but if done well…could it be a thing again?)

Coming in at #3: Every kids’ dream room from Mountain House: The Kids Room Reveal

Emily Henderson Mountain Pillowfort Kids Room15
photo by sara ligorria-tramp

This room has the most DIYs of the mountain house, which could be part of its popularity among the Pinterest sphere but I will venture to guess it is also because this room is just plain cool. I desperately want this room for past me, aka 5-10 year old Ryann who would literally climb up and on top of everything like a monkey. Plus, this room screams adventure and fun while still being incredibly stylish.

Coming in at #2: The rustic-Scandi-minimalist kitchen from It’s Finally Here: The Mountain House Kitchen Reveal

Emily Henderson Mountain House Kitchen Lores77 1
photo by sara ligorria-tramp

Ahh there she is. An EHD pride and joy. No matter what, I will always stop scrolling for the mountain house kitchen. It deserves all the love IMO, and it is so exciting to see our love for it reciprocated by all of you. And like I said, this kitchen would have been all over this list, so if you feel deprived from seeing all the shots that would have made the list, get your fix here.

And finally…












Coming in at #1: This mudroom inspiration from Why You Should Be Using Armoires In Every Room 

Emily Henderson Roundups Armoires Entryway Suzanne Kasler Interiors
image source | design by suzanne kasler interiors

Another wild card!! I wouldn’t have guessed this one, but I am not mad about it. I mean, talk about a rustic, country dreamboat. Can you just imagine coming home from work to this? Or more likely, coming home from tending to your luscious vegetable garden? So. Rustic. Chic.

Alright friends, that is all I have for you today, Are you surprised by any on the list, and which is your favorite? Do you want more of these posts? Should we do them quarterly or is once a year enough? Tell us everything.

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4 years ago

As a European I am so envious of the US American habit of having walk-in closets that I was totally surprised by your wardrobe/armoire love 🙂
Funny, how what’s a staple and necessity for us can be viewed as something special.
Of course, we choose them with an eye on the visual impact they create, but storage is their primary purpose.

4 years ago

I pinned #7 not because of the gallery wall, but because of that genius bench!

My vote is that I would like to see “most pinned” roundups twice a year. Quarterly seems like too much to me.

4 years ago
Reply to  Jessvii

Same! I also pinned this shot for the amazing bench!

4 years ago
Reply to  Jessvii

Same! The gallery wall is cool and all, but that bench DIY is absolutely genius & makes the room!

4 years ago

To me the takeaway here is that traditional is back! I’ve been noticing it more and more. I’ve always liked blending traditional with modern but I would say fully traditional spaces are definitely going to be “in.”

I love that blue kitchen… off to pin ?

Roberta Davis
4 years ago

I do love Velinda’s kitchen! Those shelves! And of course everything about the mountain house.

I think once a year is enough for me. I agree that, in many of these images, the reason to pin was not necessarily just because of the subject matter, but because the entire space was amazing.

4 years ago

I imagine it’s interesting for you all to see how many EHD original shots/design work get pinned and how many pins from images you’ve gathered from other sources
I’m curious on its impact to post ideas.

4 years ago

I just love all the changes you have made to your site over the past year. I am definitely checking it out more. You and your team are so talented!

4 years ago

The link for more pics of the kitchen leads to the kids’ room!

4 years ago

At first I was surprised by the fact that there were so many non-EHD inspiration photos, but I think the EHD projects get diluted because there are so many different pictures of the same project to choose from, often across several blog posts (mountain house kitchen, for instance). I also think we all go into the trends posts specifically looking for pins whereas we may not feel the need to pin the mountain house kitchen (though people clearly do) because it would be so easy to hop on the blog and search for “mountain kitchen” – not so easy to remember which post had “that one room, you know, the blue one with the light, maybe like 6 months ago???”

4 years ago

Velinda, I think you were robbed! Your kitchen, no matter its size, is dreamy. The tiles, the cabinet paint color, the storage, the faucet, the decorative wood accents. It’s perfection. You definitely deserved a higher spot than No. 10.

Paula Carr
4 years ago
Reply to  Donna

Agree 100%

Wade Bostrom
4 years ago

The tiny kitchen makeover did it for me. It has more style and function than many full sized kitchens. I will be creating my own studio apartment soon and will draw heavily from this project. Pin firmly placed!

4 years ago

Love the gallery wall from Jess’ Moro. Can’t believe the beautiful bathroom with the circular mirror from the mountain house isn’t in the top 20! It’s in mine!!

4 years ago

Thanks for sharing guide
I’m Plantshop from Vietnam. Welcome to visit my plant shop

4 years ago

Ryann-Please know right off the bat I am not that a techy gal…so I am sure there is a simple answer to my question. Is there somewhere on your site to ask a simple design question that is not related to a current featured post. I know at one time there was a “contact” selection field on you blog but for me it is covered up and not accessible due to ads that pop up on your blog. Thanks. Lisa