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The New Lighting Collection That Made Jess Do A SERIOUS Double Take (Plus Her 7 Favorites)


There I was minding my own business, scrolling through (Pinterest?, Instagram? Who knows) And there, staring right into my lamp-loving eyes was this table lamp. I’ll wait for you to click and see…Now assuming you just saw it, CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? First off, it’s simply a dope table lamp but then it registered that it was from Crate and Barrel. Yes, that Crate and Barrel!

Let me be clear that I have always been a Crate and Barrel fan but they felt like the cool but more traditional older sister to CB2 (which I assume was the point). Two audiences, one company to cover the market. CB2 has just always more my speed because of the design risks they seem to take. But Crate and Barrel has clearly been making a concerted effort to break out of their “classic leaning” box. First, Leanne Ford did her incredible collabs, ok noted. Then did you see Carmeon’s guestroom makeover with them? I am here for it all but let’s get back to their lighting (and more specifically the table lamps) because my jaw was on my makeshift desk the entire time I was scrolling.

Here’s what I’m talking about:

What a weird yet incredible chic little fella?! It was first a “huh?” and then quickly turned into an “o wow that’s so freaking cool!” It looks like it belongs in a stunning apartment in Paris or Milan. The marble base is a classic and the skinny, shallow shade might just be a 2021 trend. Only time will tell but I’m calling it.

Another marble beauty but this time it’s a mid-century modern 2021 upgrade! Its shape is bold, looks like a piece of art but the tones are neutral making to completely usable with an unlimited amount of styles. I love it a lot.

Again, can you believe this is Crate and Barrel?? This lamp definitely belongs in the same world as Emily’s Entler table lamp in that the shapes are similar and both look “out of this world”. I think it would be just a cool and interesting piece to put in a room.

If for some reason you didn’t click on the link in the intro, this is the lamp that sparked this post. Also, no, this is not in any way a sponsored post but instead, an “observation/design lovers/I want to talk about these lamps” post. Just an FYI in case you were wondering. See that skinny shade again? Is your heart beating fast like mine?? Also, this lamp is a symphony of texture and I want it.

Let’s go to the dark side (even though this lamp also comes in a light cream). I love how the lines are modern and severe but then the fabric totally softens it up. Such a perfect piece if you don’t want to go “crazy modern” but still want an edge.

Remember the winter lighting hack post (though it’s kinda a year-round hack tbh) I wrote last October? Well, this lamp would absolutely fall in that category. Additionally, the chunky asymmetry of it gives it that “ya, I’m cool vibe”. A total win.

Wicker has been the design darling for the past two years and personally, I’m not done with it yet. Are you?? This lamp is SO GOOD! Also doesn’t that wave give you Kamala Harris’ Pyer Moss Peacoat vibes??? Now I love it more.

So those are the Crate and Barrel table lamp beauties but did you think I wasn’t going to give you more options?? I’m the self-proclaimed “Crazy Lamp Lady That Only Owns Two and A Half Lamps”. After perusing Crate and Barrel’s site, I went to check out the other big box store’s site’s new (and newish) lines and wanted to share my findings:)

1. Sculptural 2-Light Fabric Cone Pendant | 2. Yumi Table Lamp | 3. Reiko Table Lamp | 4. Altona Barebulb Single Wall Sconce | 5. Priscilla Table Lamp | 6. FYXNÄS | 7. Arturo Glass Table Lamp | 8. Alavanca Brass Pendant Light | 9. Asymmetry Ceramic Floor Lamp | 10. Fin Travertine Table Lamp | 11. Buffet Stick Metal Table Lamp | 12. Bali White Pendant Light

So many great options. #1, #5, and #11 are the perfect modern EEG options, then for the cool organic lovers #2, #3, #9, and #10 are dreams come true. Now for the colorful and unexpected cuties, #6 and #7 are it. I’m actually surprised how much I like #6! But you know I love #8 because that puppy is CHIC. But let’s not rule out #4 and #12 because they are simple but really special.

So that’s it. A lamp lover that hopefully connected with her fellow lamp lovers. But what do you think? Are you also as enamored? Have you seen any that I missed? Are you also about to buy an inappropriate/unnecessary amount of table lamps for your home?? Let’s talk about it.

Love you, mean it.

Opening Image Credit: via Crate and Barrel

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As someone who shopped at CB2 from its beginning, I’ve been kind of disappointed to see it become a store at which I can no longer afford to shop. In the early years after it opened (in 2002), CB2 was hip, modern, AND modestly priced — like Crate&Barrel’s answer to Ikea and much cheaper than C&B. I used to get all kinds of great, reasonably priced stuff there.

But in the last 5 years, I’ve watched CB2 become equally as expensive — and in some cases, even pricier — than C&B. Right now, for example, the most expensive sectional I could find on C&B is $7,000 while CB2 is selling a $9,600 sectional.

But clearly moving toward more expensive has worked for CB2 and now C&B is headed in the direction of modern as well. I just wish one of them would offer affordable, good-quality modern and the other can be high-end.


Restoration Hardware did the same thing. They went uber expensive to survive. Sad for the rest of us.


My understanding is that a bit of this was driven by West Elm claiming the affordable/decent design niche although their standing in that regard most definitely can be debated.

My couch that I love is from CB2. I bought it last year for $900.


I need every single one of these in my life!!!


These are great. I love lamp.
I added three lamps to my new place and still am in search of two diminutive bedside table lamps that I could still read under. SOS!


Adorable thank you tons! The price can’t be beat either


YP, these are fairly slim but tall enough to cast a nice light for reading. I bought 2 for my bedside tables about 10 years ago when they were on sale, thinking I’d eventually upgrade but I still like them.


Thank you!! So many great options in that collection too!


Terrific post. Really love every single one!


I am definitely in the crazy lamp lady camp. I have imported two in the past year from Finnish Design Shop from Ittallla and Muuto, the Candle Lamp and Cozy in grey. They make me soooo happy and make winter nicer. Some of these picks remind me of their vibe and I seriously love the wicker options. If I hadn’t just spent all that I would probably order the all wicker one. I do wonder how the wicker holds up and if it is hard to dust?

i love lamps / the little droid lamp (marble #1)! i found a deep green marble one on a sidewalk this summer and was over the moon ( i love you, craigslist free section). it’s so beautiful but is still in need of a lampshade upgrade and i’m thinking skinny shade! i love wicker – does it maintain well?? just curious because i’ve passed over a few items over this concern.
even though i’m not shopping new these posts are really fun to gather inspiration/ideas for what to look for. thank you!!


This post has taught me that I am also, apparently, a crazy lamp lady. I love how “Remi” has the profile of a chic lady wearing a hat and dangly earrings. I need this in my life.


Lol I clicked on the link to see the lamp and had the same reaction – wait this is Crate & Barrel??


I seriously love all of these, especially the one in the first photo. I am seriously tempted by it even though I need sconces, not table lamps. Can you do a sconce post please? This was so fun!!

I may buy the urban outfitters one though…!


Given the actual cost of many lamp components, I’m really surprised some retailer hasn’t cornered the market on higher quality, interesting, distinctive design, and more affordable mix and match options that you assemble yourself: base, shade, et al. So many lamps are outrageously priced given the actual cost of the materials.


Thanks for the post, Jess. Such fun designs!

I need a floor lamp right now. I’ve asked this question before, but it always appeared 100+ posts down and nobody every saw it or replied. Anyway, if I click on one of your affiliate links, say to that cute #11 Target table lamp; but I then go on to shop around the site and buy a floor lamp instead, will EHD be rewarded?


Great finds! I love the look of that sculptural brass one and wish I could see it IRL. Could be a great accent or could look like a bad plumbing/flashlight hack!

Roberta Davis

I do love that lamp in the opening pic, and so many of these! I love table and floor lamps much more than ceiling-mounted fixtures! These are some decidedly un-boring lamps!

It’s like they’re reading our minds… crate & barrel has definitely upped their game. They’ve also partnered with Leanne Ford for a new line, which is a smart move. I love how they are moving away from “traditional” furnishings and trying out new sophisticated styles.

Thank you for showing these lamp ideas – we are remodeling this spring and I hadn’t even considered lamps yet! I love the navy textured one!

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