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The Comfortable Shorts In Our Carts And On Our Bodies Right Now

It is high time we talk about shorts. Summer is regrettably almost over (HOW?) but some of us at EHD realized we were still searching for the perfect pair of shorts and the heat will be here into fall. But not just any pair of shorts. We are searching for cute and comfortable shorts that we can wear while WFH or sipping margaritas in our backyards reminiscing about summers past. These shorts must be multi-functional and possibly double as pajamas. THERE ARE NO RULES ANYMORE. We are living through a pandemic so shorts can be work attire, pajamas, and general loungewear right??

If you are in the market and you’ve been also weirdly specific about the shorts you are looking for as of late, I hope some of these picks can do the job. So without further ado..let’s shop shorts.

photos by veronica crawford | left from: i let my 20-something-year-old staff dress me in 2019 fashion trends | right from: this one pair of shorts worked on all of our bodies

1. Zoya Tie-Belt Shorts | 2. Hemp Summer Shorts | 3. Pull-On Shorts | 4. Linen Pleated Shorts in Gingham Check | 5. Olympian Blue Hifa Shorts | 6. Mid-Rise Tie-Front Utility Shorts | 7. Papaya Short | 8. Culotte Shorts | 9. Linen Pleated Front Shorts | 10. Doro Tie Belt Short | 11. Semira Sky Tie Belt Shorts | 12. The Easy Chino Short | 13. Mia Loose Shorts | 14. Paloma Shorts | 15. Nova Broderie Shorts  | 16. The Brody | 17. Miriam Hemp Wide Leg Spot Print Shorts | 18. Lottie Shorts

When searching for comfortable shorts via the internet I focused on two things: fabric and customer reviews. I’ve found that cotton and linen are the most breathable fabrics and anything with elastic waist is going to be a bit more forgiving. #2 #5 #6 #12 and #17 all have elastic waistbands and are super cute options for a day at home catching up on Outlander (my new favorite hobby). #3 is an EHD all-time favorite after so many of us purchased when Arlyn recommended them last year and #6 has great reviews.

Now let’s move on to denim!

photos by veronica crawford |from: this one pair of shorts worked on all of our bodies

1. Frayed Hem Shorts | 2. 501 Mid Thigh Short  | 3. Indigo Upcycled Denim Shorts | 4. Relaxed Denim Shorts | 5. The Denim Short | 6. High Waist Shorts | 7. Niels Short | 8. Premium Blue Denim Mom Shorts | 9. The Cut Offs | 10. 90s Boyfriend Denim Short | 11. Good Curve Short | 12. Cecilia Classic Short | 13. Vintage 501 Levi Shorts | 14. Cheeky Short | 15. High Rise Distressed Jean Shorts

You might be thinking denim shorts are NOT comfortable but I think of myself as somewhat of a denim connoisseur and I can’t imagine life without a good pair of denim cutoffs. I have gone through many denim shorts in my day and have to actively refrain from buying vintage Levi’s shorts from Etsy, so I’ve found out a thing or two from my years of purchasing these bad boys. First, If you are buying nonstretch denim (a.k.a. 100% cotton) and are used to stretch denim, definitely size up for the best and most comfortable fit. Secondly, you should always always always measure your waist, hips, and thighs and compare to the product measurements. This will ensure the best fit and save you from the awful returns process. That said, stretch denim shorts will always be the most comfortable option. #9 #11 #12 and #15 are all stretch denim and will allow more movement and be more forgiving post a lunch burrito. Something like #2 or #4 would be more rigid (so size up!) but they have a good amount of legroom and have great reviews.

Alright, that’s all the shorts talk I have for you today. You know I am DYING to know if you have any favorite shorts at the moment so please share in the comments. Happy Saturday and happy shopping. xx

Opener Image Credit: Photo by Veronica Crawford | From: Turns Out My “Uptown Prairie” Style Is All Over The Internet (And Affordable, Too)

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3 years ago

Amazon’s brand, Daily Ritual, has a great pair of linen shorts for like $20. I bought two pairs this summer and can’t seem to stand wearing anything else. Linen is just so comfortable in the summer. Also Daily Ritual is a (surprisingly) great brand for loungewear and basics. All of the fabric feels like butter.

3 years ago

Wow, I really want all of these!


3 years ago

My current fave are Athleta Farallon shorts! Most shorts ride up (because I don’t have stick legs), but these have yet to do so, they’re super comfy cotton, a good weight, and look like real shorts so I feel good about wearing them outside of the house.

3 years ago

I have a few different styles of denim cutoffs from Citizens of Humanity. A couple are 100% cotton and a couple have some stretch. I’ve bought bought a favorite style used on eBay before, which is a great resource if you know the brand, style, and size. I have more denim shorts than I need, but I love them all!

3 years ago

I love me some chambray shorts. The look of denim but the comfort of linen= win win. All of mine are older so I don’t have a recommendation but I want some more!

3 years ago

can comfortable shirts/blouses be next? the only tops/blouses I can wear in this heat/summer ( 25 days over 90 degrees…) are a cotton and rayon blend but they are very old!

also any lightweight pants?

3 years ago

I love a good round up, but did want to mention that Everlane has been recently called out for their treatment of the BIPOC community and a racist/toxic work environment. I myself have been a customer in the past and love the clothes but will no longer be giving them my business. An instagram account has been set up to tell the stories of people who worked with Everlane and there was an article about this in the New York Times just today:
Just thought this would be important to share in case this affects where and how people spend their money.

3 years ago

Awesome shorts and they are available in different colors and variants. I will definitely buy one for me.