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This One Pair of Shorts Worked on All of Our Bodies (+ All the Other Options We Reviewed & Loved)

Five EHD women, not a single one in shorts…yet. But fear not, because this post IS about shorts as the headline suggests. Emily is basically the cut-offs queen, but almost no one else around here was a regular short subscriber and we all thought it’d be fun to go on a try-on session to see if we would convert ourselves (and pass on any recommendations to you guys to aid in your own search). I’m pretty sure as this specific photo was snapped, I was saying “YAY SHORTS” and this was the outcome. WE WERE EXCITED (or at the very least feigning enthusiasm to hide our terror of showing our human limbs on camera because evidently that’s a thing). Fueled by the promise of Shake Shack for lunch—though Veronica and Ryann ended up at In-n-Out, rude—we hit up The Americana in Glendale (for anyone not familiar, it’s one of those big outdoor malls with stores like Nordstrom, Madewell, Anthropologie). It also has a 24-hour Sprinkles cupcake ATM, but that has nothing to do with this post.

Everyone’s assignment: go try on a bunch of bottoms at several stores and report back on any you actually like/could see yourself buying. The good news is everyone actually found things they truly liked (and some of us purchased) and no self-deprecating words were allowed. Read on for what everyone picked and why, and then, pretty please, pass on any of your own suggestions for well-fitting shorts you can personally endorse.

Let’s do this. (But first, props to our photog Veronica who had to capture us in and around fitting rooms in “very flattering” fluorescent retail lighting.)

Arlyn (Editorial)

Shorts Relationship Status: Uh, definitely complicated. I’m only now, 34 years into my life, mostly unconcerned about whether my legs look like ham hocks or not, so this is a step forward for me and VERY freeing, particularly in hot LA summers. I’m petite and curvy, so there’s always an issue with inseam and rise. I can never seem to find the right combo. I also struggle with the “crotch stuff” (god, that was an unfortunate set of words together) when I walk in shorts, constantly tugging them down and mostly, it’s never worth it to me. 

Go-To Size: I’m a pretty solid 14/33, and fluctuate between L and XL depending on the brand/store.

Height: a statuesque 5’3″

Ehd Fashion Shorts 06

Pick 1: Pull-On Shorts, Madewell, $40

Size: L (though I also own in black in an XL and I prefer the smaller size)

Why I like them: I already own these shorts in black, so I knew I was grabbing them for this try-on session/shoot. THEY ARE THE BEST. At one point, we all had a color in our dressing rooms. It’s like wearing pajama bottoms, but the little slit up the side (which sadly you can’t see in my photo for whatever reason) and the material make them appropriate to leave the house in. My goal for the summer is to essentially collect them in every color and never stop wearing them. If you’re a shorty pants like me, the inseam and rise are PERFECT (plus, you can roll them down if you want and I promise no one will notice). 

Ehd Fashion Shorts 08

Pick 2: High-Rise Denim Shorts in Lunar Wash, Madewell, $70

Size: 32

Why I like them: Let me start by saying high-rise denim absolutely never works on me (I have a VERY short torso that is made to look even shorter with my exceptionally large bust), except these are probably magic because they were AMAZING. I tend not to spend a ton of money on shorts because I know I will never wear them but I walked out of the store with these and plan on actually wearing them, ha. They are flattening in the front poochy area (enough that I was confident enough to “French tuck” my T-shirt…this never happens), the perfect length for my short limbs, and have the perfect amount of stretch. I feel like I won the denim short lottery with these.

Ehd Fashion Shorts 07

Caitlin (Social & Partnerships)

Shorts Relationship Status: IDK. Like, would I wear shorts on a first date? Probably not. But did I find out about this shoot and then go home and eat cheese fries instead of like, prepping my legs and putting on some Jergens sunless tanner? Yup. Shorts will never be my first choice (especially when they ride up in the crotch, which I feel is a super common problem that we do not talk about enough! Is there boob tape for pants?) but yeah, I don’t mind wearing them if it’s hot. This is my long-winded way of saying that I have accepted that I have super pale and pretty thick thighs and I’m ambivalent about it now. 

Go-To Size: 30, L/XL

Height: 5’8″

Ehd Fashion Shorts 011

Pick 1: High Rise Denim Shorts in Lunar Wash, Madewell, $70

Size: 30

Why I like them: The morning we left to take these photos, I literally told Team EHD that I wanted to find high waisted shorts. Mission accomplished, y’all! These shorts are so comfortable, have the perfect “not too tight, not too loose” thing going on, and they were kinda like our Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants in that this cut looked SO GOOD on every single person who tried them on.

Ehd Fashion Shorts 014

Pick 2: High Rise Denim Shorts in Jordie Wash, Madewell, $72

Size: 30

Why I like them: Okay, okay, I KNOW these are technically the same shorts in a different wash, but hear me out: I have not worn actual blue denim shorts since…my sophomore year of college, probably? It’s been almost a decade and this was the first pair that reminded me that jean shorts could be kinda cute. I loved the wash, I loved the distressing, and you can cuff them up or leave them as-is, so you have some length options. Plus, I’m a Madewell loyalist (in the header photo, literally everything I am wearing is from Madewell) so I know that these will stand the test of time.

Caitlin Side By Side

Pick 3: Linen Blend Shorts High Waist, H&M, $20

Size: L

Why I like them: These are normally the kind of shorts I gravitate toward in the summer. I know it’s not traditionally flattering, but when it’s hot out, I do not want any fabric actually touching me and I love to rock the entire “my body is a cube” look with an oversized button-up and loose shorts—it’s kinda like my version of a muumuu. But y’all, this is even better than a muumuu because the pockets on these are NUTS. They are ENORMOUS. By my initial size estimate, I determined that I could definitely fit an entire burger in each pocket, which is so far BEYOND what I could ever dream for a pocket on a normal women’s short! Also, if you decide to eat a huge lunch while wearing these, they are SO STRETCHY and comfortable. Like, if I had to wear shorts to Thanksgiving dinner, I would pick these. Love ’em.

Velinda (Design & Production)

Shorts Relationship Status: We’re healing. When I was 14, my mom told me in the sweetest of voices that it was so cute she could see cellulite on my leg that was squished against a chair. I was barely post-eating disorder and I don’t know what it was she saw, but WHY WOULD YOU SAY THAT? (Moms! Don’t do this to your girls). I didn’t wear shorts again (only breathable day dresses on hot days) until I was 26 years old when I popped over to friends’ house in pajama shorts. One of my pals, who had obviously never seen my legs before, said “Velinda, you have great legs! Why are you hiding them?” So, I started to dabble a bit again, slowly building my comfort level. I think I kinda love shorts now that I’m in my 30s and finally sourcing confidence from me vs. whoever was last in my ear.

Go-To Size: 27, 4/6

Height: 5’8″

Ehd Fashion Shorts 010

Pick 1: High-Rise Denim Shorts in Erwin Wash: Cutoff Edition, Madewell, $70

Size: 27

Why I like them: So simple, but they have a little give which makes them really comfortable and not suffocating when sitting. Classic, casual and easy to pair in an ensemble.

Ehd Fashion Shorts 017

Pick 2: Levi’s 501 High-Rise Denim Shorts in Fault Line, Free People, $70

Size: 27

Why I like them: Apparently, I’m as attracted to tattered shorts as I am pants. Cheers to forever looking slightly like a vagrant. These rise a bit higher and are thicker, giving some extra tummy support. As a result of being thicker, they have a little less give than the Madewell pair, but I still found them to be comfortable and a bit “cooler.”

Ehd Fashion Shorts 020

Pick 3: Levi’s 501 Cutoff Shorts, Free People, $70

Size: 27

Why I like them: These were my favorite…on the shorter side, but still covered the booty (keep in mind, mine’s not abundant). I’m most attracted to them because they’re different than anything I have and they made me feel sassy…but I bet they could also go “chic” if paired right. Anyway, I liked the edge.

Jess (Editorial)

Shorts Relationship Status: Arch Nemesis?? I only own one pair of shorts that I have worn once in the past year and on that day I couldn’t wait to get my jeans back on. The constant adjusting, the inevitable chafe and cellulite show make me stay far far away from these little nightmares. Even in my younger (and thinner) days, I was always VERY uncomfortable in them (because the chafe is REAL people). This girl just has some genetically round-shaped thighs that have and will always be with me despite any past or future size. So when we were asked to participate, after my initial panic of the idea of wearing shorts ON THE INTERNET, I decided to get over my issues (because no one cares but me) and see if there was a magical pair of shorts I could like and feel good in.

Size: 30, on average

Height: 5’3 3/4″

Ehd Fashion Shorts 09

Pick 1: High-Rise Denim Shorts in Jordie Wash, Madewell, $72

Size: 30

Why I like them: I really liked these a lot and seeing me photographed in them kind of makes me want to go back and buy them. I considered going down a size to help with tummy support but liked the comfort of the 30. Also, the wash was 100% perfect.

Ehd Fashion Shorts 012

Pick 2: High-Rise Denim Shorts in Tile White, Madewell, $70

Size: 30

Why I like them:

Ryann: “Jess, I think you should try on white shorts today.” 

Jess: “HAHAHA white shorts with this booty? not. happening.”

Well, Ryann was right and I was wrong because I loved them A LOT (as shown from the expression on my face). I let my fears get the best of me and that’s why you should always go shopping with friends to push you out of your comfort zone. Apparently trying on clothes won’t kill you. Now my only fear would be spilling on them which I definitely would because I am a mess that shouldn’t be allowed to have nice things. Also, I want to note that while I don’t think they look “bad” in this picture, they looked and felt GREAT in the store. All the girls were begging me to get them. Highly recommend these puppies.

Ehd Fashion Shorts 021

Pick 3: Denim Shorts, H&M, $18

Size: 10

Why I like them: What an unexpected gem. Aside from one pair a loooong time ago, I have never bought pants or shorts from H&M. I guess I didn’t have a lot of faith in their cuts and quality. Well, guess what? These fit great, I love the wash and that hint of distress. They felt a teeny bit on the shorter side but that may be because I am not used to wearing shorts. Plus, they were $18. Basically FREE! So I bought them because I really didn’t have a choice. It was a low-risk investment to get me on the shorts train. PS, I also bought four more colors of the shirt I’m wearing here and in the other two looks. It’s the perfect fit, feels/looks expensive with its linen material and so comfortable (and only $13 each). I’m wearing a medium which is pretty true to size for me.

Ryann (Editorial)

Shorts Relationship Status: I keep ghosting them, but then I come back for more after a few months (Yes, just like your horrible tinder date—I’m THAT guy). Lately, I have been into dresses that are more forgiving, but then I have moments where I really just want to wear shorts and a T-shirt and call it a day. I currently have one pair of shorts, so this little EHD research project was very apropos for me and my life. 

Go-To Size: 28-29 (size 30 in Levi’s)

Height: 5’8″

Ehd Fashion Shorts 018

Pick 1: Levi’s 501’s High-Rise Denim Shorts, Free People, $70

Size: 30

Why I like them: These feel very Emily Henderson (I am pretty sure she actually has these), which might explain why I quickly snagged that puff sleeve top to try them with. The fit is great and I love a distressed short so yes, I did buy them and have no regrets. I’ve had versions of this same short so many times over the years (and I’d still be wearing them had my weight not fluctuated), but the upside is I now have them in three different sizes and I know these are a lifelong staple for me.

Ehd Fashion Shorts 013

Pick 2: Curvy High-Rise Denim Shorts in Glenoaks Wash, Madewell, $70

Size: 29

Why I like them: I am unsure about how I feel about these longer shorts on me. I always see girls rocking the longer hem, but often feel very insecure about how my legs look in them. They make me feel short and stubby? I don’t know. But, I think if I would have sized up, I would like them more because that would create a relaxed fit. That said, these may be the most comfortable, breathable denim shorts I have ever put on my body. I feel like I can really DO things in these bad boys, I could even ride a bike in them (why I would be riding a bike I am not sure—but I could and that is all that matters). 

Ehd Fashion Shorts 019

Pick 3: Levi’s Vintage Shortalls, Free People, $98

Size: L

Why I like them: Man do I love these overalls. I grabbed them on the way to the fitting room, because the white wash caught my eye and I’ve been wanting shortalls for a while now. The only size they were carrying in store was Large, which I figured would be fine because I like an oversized look and when I put them on I knew immediately they are a HELL YES. They are very comfortable but still chic (IMO). I definitely feel effortlessly cool wearing them and can see them being a staple in my wardrobe. I would wear with long sleeves and boots, or short tees and sneakers. 10/10!

Team Opener

Alright folks, that’s a wrap on our shorts try-on session. We’ll leave you with a grid of photos of us in ALL THE SAME SHORTS that somehow worked on all of our bodies. WE LOVE THESE SHORTS. This was an insanely fun morning, so if you like this style of post, we’d love to do more for different clothing categories…let us know!

***photography by Veronica Crawford



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    And I understand writing about interior design/makeovers every day is not easy/possible. Looks like I’ll need to start subscribing to other blogs!

    P.S: I love this blog and love Emily’s work. I’ve moved three houses and both were inspired by Emily and her work. So thank you!

      1. I feel the same way as Yashita and Julie. I get that you guys are trying to post design on weekdays and lifestyle on weekends, but just this week, neither Wednesday nor Friday were design content. It’s a bit disappointing to come and find a parenting post or a list of kitchen utensils.. I get that design content is a lot harder to create, so it would be great if you picked, say, a couple of days of the week, where we could definitely come back for design and just skip the rest of the week. I only post this because I love the EH design style, and I’m hoping you can make more consistent for others who feel the same way as me.

    1. Respectfully disagree! I love Emily’s design work but I also absolutely love her personal style. I look forward to her Saturday fashion posts more than any blogger I follow (my fav sweater of all time was one she recommended).

      Plus, I think it’s super helpful to have posts like this one where real people actually try things on, not just a bunch of affiliate links.

      Designers don’t have to post the same type of content every single day. Different strokes, I guess…

    2. This is an easy fix. Emily posts about fashion on Saturdays. The rest of the week is interiors. If you don’t like the fashion posts, skip reading Saturday! Those of us who like all the content (especially the new weekend content) will continue to read daily 🙂

      1. Totally agree! My favorite posts are the Saturday fashion posts! I think the style is super accessible, and I love showing how clothes look on different body types.

    3. Hiya. totally get it, which is why generally we do interiors during the week (ok the swimsuit post was on a friday) and we post fashion on the weekends, although i suppose we do break that rule at times. we have a great mountain house monday post coming up on monday which is about the 5 things I REALLY wish we had known before we designed that house (its very useful information that I haven’t read anywhere else). See you monday :)?

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      1. My little input – I love emily’s design style, but I never read the blog until they started posted fun (real life!) fashion content. And I’m pretty sure I’m in the majority! Keep it up, em!

    5. Totally agree! I really miss all the design content, the superior links and even some of the old DIY content. Please bring back the design content and the before and after make overs, it was so inspiring to so many.

    6. Emily’s blog content is free and you are under no obligation to read the posts that don’t interest you.

    7. I disagree and LOVE the style posts. I’ve followed the blog for years because I love Emily’s writing style and energy, but was honestly tired of the design posts and LOVE the new lifestyle and fashion content. Please, please, please keep this coming for those of us who enjoy it!!!

      1. Great post! I was skeptical of the one pair of shorts looking great on every person but I’m happily surprised that was not hype! They really do flatter everyone.

        I for one am loving the fashion and lifestyle posts! I hope these don’t go away because of a few squeaky wheels. I love the design stuff too but I find myself visiting the site more frequently because of the variety of relatable, well-written content and also the thoughtful comments from other readers with interesting perspectives and ideas. Keep it up!

        1. Thanks for your comment Kat! Glad the shorts lived up to the hype (because they TOTALLY did).

    8. I totally disagree and really enjoy the fashion content. The only content that doesn’t interest me is the kid-related stuff (because I’m past that point in my life) but I just scroll on by when I see kid posts. Sheesh, it’s not that difficult to click past content that doesn’t interest you. I will never understand why people think they have a right to moan about free quality content.

    9. I could deal with it better if there were some size diversity. I’m a large plus size so I just skip these posts completely. Some age diversity would be nice as well, since we’re discussing it.

      1. Heidi: While none of these women pictured are morbidly obese (as no one should aspire to be), there is obvious body diversity here.

  2. Air fist-pumps to you lovely ladies! Thank you for sharing more than just the shorts’ tales.
    As for Fei, I’m strongly a LEVI’S girl for both shorts and skirts. Creature of habit. Zara and Massimo Dutti too. These brands in good ol’ South Africa (and Australia) also have timeless cuts and fabrics: Poetry Clothing, Country Road, Trenery. And shattered nerves, Ryann, I’m beginning my hunt for those white shortalls as soon as I’ve hit “post comment”. Happy weekend, Team EHD! X, Fei

  3. This post was life-giving! I loved everyone’s “shorts relationship status” and the combo of both wit/humor and, dare I say, vulnerability? We’re talking shorts here, but everyone’s legs and torsos have a story! The crotch debacle is REAL, y’all!

    I also loved that everyone stepped out of their comfort zones and cheered each other on! When you do a bra post, give me a call! ???

  4. I think I’m headed to Madewell! They look awesome on everyone. I have avoided jeans shorts, but have J Crew stretchy chinos shorts in every color, love them!! They come in several lengths, so versatile.

  5. I’m only two team members in, and I’m compelled to stop, scroll down, and comment.
    I’m shorts-phobic and haven’t worn them for a YEARS. Mostly because of chub rub, and leg ride up. I’m a dress/skirt with like biker shorts underneath person…..But this post is causing me to totally reconsider.
    You all look gorgeous!

  6. Here to plug the Madewell high-rise shorts in the lunar wash. I’ve worn them at least three times a week for the past two months- they are the absolute best. Their shape has improved over time, almost molding to my booty … in a good way! 🙂 I have two young kids and move a lot- these shorts stay put. Figured it might help to have someone speak to their comfort and longevity (from a compulsive re-wearer). Thanks, you all look wonderful!

  7. I actually love the fashion posts. I feel like if you are drawn to an interior designer’s aesthetic for homes, you probably also are drawn to their personal style. I love seeing real sized women with approachable, affordable clothes. I loved reading their honest opinions and thoughts and fears on shorts. And to know that a woman is her own worst critic when it comes to her body. I am trying to stop worrying about what number is on the tag and just wear things I feel good in. Thank you for this post and please keep them coming.

  8. As a curvy girl I love this!! I live in Texas and while I haven’t always felt super confident in shorts it’s just too hot not to have a solid pair! I have a couple from the post and plan on trying a few more y’all suggested!! Also, this spring I stocked up on MegaBabe Thigh Rescue to battle the chafe…its a GAME CHANGER when your wearing shorts (or dresses)! It’s a female founded company and available at Target which is always a plus!! Highly recommend all of her products!

  9. LOVE this post! I have a very similar body type as many of y’all (5’3″, size 28/30), and have pretty thick pale thighs with definite cellulite. I also somehow have all very toned friends who look amazing and effortless in all shorts. Thanks for reminding me that (a) I’m normal (I’m in my early 30s and shouldn’t need a blog post to tell me that, I know, but still, reminders are nice) and (b) shorts are fine and I’m overthinking it. You may have even convinced me to try those Madewell shorts!

    & for those complaining that this isn’t an interior design post – it’s the weekend, relax! Sounds like you’re having a bad day – hope it gets better. Be happy you’re getting thoughtful weekend content. If you don’t want to read it, move right along and come back on Monday for the design posts. See ya!

  10. Great post! I’ve never commented before, but I appreciate these real girl posts! One off topic question: what brand are Jess’s shoes?? Ryann May have on the same kind. I’m searching for a cute casual non sneaker/ non ballet flat.

  11. In-N-Out over Shake Shack?! RUDE INDEED!!

    Arlyn, wear shorts! (Fine those pull-on shorts you keep talking about ARE cute now that I’ve seen them on you)

    Jess, you better have walked out of that store with those white shorts!

    And Ryann, that first outfit does feel very Emily but it’s so cute I hope you bought the whole thing!

    Ok bye I’ll stop telling you guys to spend more money now. Xx <3

    P.S. You all look so cute—imy!

  12. I typically don’t follow fashion accounts but I loved this post! I thought this was fun to see and would love more posts like this from time to time! ♥️ And shoot, I might even go buy myself some shorts! ?

  13. One fact which I took a while to learn: the length of the inseam that looks good on you is a constant. I’m petite so a 3″ inseam works for me. A 5″ inseam looks very dowdy on me. So now I know, if it’s not a 3″ inseam don’t even bother….
    Also, I like the Madewell aesthetic a lot, but I just can’t pay $70 for shorts. Every year Old Navy has stacks and stacks of well constructed shorts. I think I usually pay around $17.

    1. Agree with the inseam advice. I’m 5’8″ and a 3″ inseam looks like underwear, I need a 5″ inseam for shorts to look normal-short on me. That’s why it helps so much to have a diverse group of women (like the EHD team!) showing us what they look like on a variety of bodies. This is also why I appreciate brands like Madewell and Everlane showing us their products on a few differently-sized models.

  14. Can Velinda PLEASE give us a hair tutorial?!? Those curls, the bangs, I need all the details.

    1. It just looks so so good I can’t take it. Also for me these posts really help put a face to newer contributors. Maybe I don’t devour them in the same way as design posts but love getting to know the team!!!

  15. First, I love the fashion posts. I can’t continually redecorate my place (unless you count *cleaning*–lol), but I can always shop for clothes. Or at least I can more often.
    I started wearing shorts again in public a year or so ago, but for me they’re still just for “play”–not for work. Thus I’d never pay 50+ dollars for a pair of shorts! Most of mine are from the thrift store. I like shorts that are boxy (and preppy) and that don’t hug the thigh. That’s what I find most flattering. I used to wear jean shorts and plaid shorts with tights in the winter…LONG ago. I am thinking of trying that again this year.

    1. Totally!!!! I’ve already Emily heneerson’ed my home. ….now I want to better style my body!

  16. At first I wasn’t sure about this, but I read on and was really pleasantly surprised! 🙂 Good job gals and brave hearts too! You all found some fab shorts that are flattering and encouraging for the rest of us. Thanx!

    One suggestion…a before and after being professionally fitted for bras.

    Being properly fitted can literally change the shape of your body!

    All the work of a well fitting bra is done by the part that goes around your torso. (Oprah evendid a whole show on this back in the day, including ger personalbefore and sfter-what a difference!)
    The straps that go over your shoulders are adjusted to give the right support and should actually be comfortable when they’re doing that support.

    Too many women leave those straps loose, trying to make an ill fitting bra more comfortable, and then the apptopriate support isn’t given. Oopsie…saggy ladies!
    No matter what size, shape or perkiness we each have (or don’t have), we can all use a little support and shaping from a well fitted bra.
    Department stores have free fitting by experts who are trained super-well at their craft and make each individual feel comfortable and very normal, no matter what shape or size ‘things’ are!

    Hey! Even a short waist can be visually lengthened by a good bra!

    I support you to being well fitted and well shaped! 🙂

  17. YES, PLEASE – love, love, love all the different opinions and “relationship-status” voices – More posts like these, pease :O)

  18. Looks like I will be heading to Madewell today….

    And Velinda, I totally get it. My mom would also make the same comments (post eating disorder too). Why do moms do this?! Anyways, all you girls look great!

  19. Love these posts, even as a Brit who can’t buy most of the things shown. Refreshing to see lots of different body types with no photoshop to get an idea of what would suit me. I don’t know why people can’t just skip them, there is hardly a shortage of interiors content on here. Please keep at it! 🙂

  20. This was a super fun post! And what a great way to get to know the team more too! You all looked like you had a great time 🙂 Also I feel you on the riding up and the chub rub – so annoying! I really like the look of short shorts but I just can’t ya know… You all looked great in your outfits and man those madewell shorts sure seem like magic, whish they sold them where I live… 🙂

  21. Velinda I’m just upset your mom said that to you! So not cool. Such an impressionable age – and things like that stick with you. For what it’s worth I think you look amazing in shorts! ?

  22. I really liked this post. And I think all of your different body types look great in shorts. When I compare the first shot of everyone looking cute in their pants to the last shots of everyone in shorts, I actually think you all look even better in shorts! I guess I prefer more skin showing…

  23. Loved having lots of different voices in this post and its realness. Yes, I’m usually here for the design posts, but this (and the swimsuit posts, etc) are great! You ALL look wonderful!

  24. Yashita took the words right out of my mouth. When did Emily become a lifestyle blogger and not a design blogger? Did I miss the memo?? I find myself only opening your blog to read about 2x/week now. No disrespect to your staff – but, Emily, YOU are the attraction to your BLOG! These beautiful ladies are your support staff with basically production jobs and I find myself struggling to care about their moisturizers and podcasts. And shorts shopping in national retail outlets? Really? It demand your brand. I miss Design Emily.

  25. I loved this post and the style it was written! I would definitely read more posts like this in the future. It is fun to see that the team has a friendship with each other and that you aren’t “just co-workers”. That is what makes the EHD team fun to follow along with!! 🙂

    1. Hi!

      Here’s my issue with shorts. I’m 5-5, roughly 120(I strength train but more slim than muscular build). Needless to say I’m on the leaner side. I have a small waste with a curvier bottom. I can never find shorts that fit my waist but that are also loose in the leg. For example the shorts on Emily look awesome and I see other site like Ascot and Hart with the same look but every single time I buy my size they’re tight in the leg. WHAT AM I MISSING HERE?! I hate summer simply because I can’t find shorts that fit me like in all the images i see online. Should I be buys a size or two up so they’re loose in the leg? Won’t they be loose up top though?!

      1. Julia… I’m 5’6″, normally in the 135-145 lbs range with a banana shape and I feel you completely. Small waist, narrow hips, big bum, slim thighs, VERY curvy calves. I cannot–cannot fit my legs into skinny jeans. And if I manage to with the grace of God… they’re baggy in the waist but cutting off all the circulation in my legs. I just wear straight leg pants because with my build, they fit like skinny jeans. Basically… not all of us were made to wear every trend out there. 🙁 Look around for baggy leg shorts or even low rise shorts. Belts can help, but I wouldn’t size up too much, as belts can only do so much. Good luck! If it looks good on you, it doesn’t matter if it’s in style or not. 🙂

      2. Julia, you can get a larger size and have the waist taken in. I have a smaller waist and larger hips, so I have the same problem with pants. I frequently have to get them tailored. It’s kind of a pain, and of course, I have to factor in the additional cost when deciding whether or not to buy, but sometimes it’s really worth it to have clothes that fit and flatter.

      3. Fran Denim has saved my life. Just read the measuring instructions very carefully since their sized account for bigger thighs.

  26. Aw. I wanted a pic of Shake Shack. 🙂

    Arlyn, I had a friend who had almost the identical body shape as you, although she might have actually been an inch or two shorter (!). She went to work for another company, and I didn’t see her for nearly 10 years until we ran into each other again at a wedding. She’d had a breast reduction, and it was amazing how much smaller she looked. Like she looked half her previous size. TMI?

    1. I’ve been off and on considering one for years and just have never bitten the bullet. And I’m also convinced everything on my body would be far more in proportion if I did. I bet tour friend is far more comfortable now (yay for her back and shoulders!)

      1. BEWARE,
        I have two friends who’ve both had breast reductions and….they have not felt their breasts since!
        They have very little feeling at all. Sure, they’re perky and shapely and easier to accommodate….BUT THEY CANNOT FEEL THEIR BOOBS!
        Both were done by (separate) highly respected surgeons.
        Apparently this not feeling your boobs ever again IS A THING with breast reduction!
        Thrrd are slso major issues with relocation of gge nipple and TISSUE DEATH of the nipple, where it dies, goes black (necrosis) and falls off!

    2. I know a dozen gals who had beast reductions.
      Their one comment comment was I wish I did this sooner. I’m a nurse, so I imagine they felt comfortable telling me the tales….each was overjoyed……

  27. Such a great article. Props to all you ladies. Such a good reminder that we all need to love ourselves just the way we are. You girls all look great!

  28. I love this post. Thanks for keeping it real. I am 36 and have never owned a pair of shorts because I feared my legs were too pale and my thighs too big. Maybe it‘s time to let it go and wear whatever feels comfortable in the heat.

  29. Arlyn, what bra are you wearing?! We are built similarly and your ladies are high and perky and there’s no third-boob or anything bizarre happening. You look fantastic! And having similar..ahem…features, I know that is not done casually, or easily, and without some serious support! (Unless they are naturally like that. In which case, don’t talk to me.)
    Spill the secrets! You really look fantastic. xoxo

  30. Why I’m having such a hard time forming the words to express my gratitude for this post and the community you harbor is beyond me, so I’m just going to go for it…

    As a mid-twenty-something designer calling Minneapolis home I needed this breath of fresh air. The clients I design homes for constantly challenge me to think outside the box every day from foundation to finish, and I love having EHD to constantly turn to for inspiration.

    I’m also a mid-twenty-something woman constantly at odds with her own body and the yearning to both “love thy self” and meet these “fitness goal aspirations.” Shorts have been a hard NO for the past 3-5 years after evolving from a size 2-10 with what I begrudgingly refer to as second puberty. Your team has left me inspired and empowered to give shorts another try. I’ve loved the high rise madewell shorts in the past, but shy away from the inevitable leg (read: cellulite) exposure that goes along with wearing them. This summer has been HOT and I may just give them another shot, thanks to all of you.

    THANK YOU to the EHD team for sharing with us something extremely vulnerable and personal. You all inspire to be a better designer and human.

    With much love and admiration, Rachel xx

  31. PLEASE continue the lifestyle post! Fun to read, and enjoy recommendations for women of different sizes!!!

  32. Absolutely love this post! It’s useful and authentic. I love your design posts and fashion posts. The way you guys articulate your thoughts. Its useful, relatable, and entertaining. Keep it coming!

  33. Okay, Ladies. You sold me! I bought the Madewell shorts. They did indeed look good on everyone. I liked this post a lot. It’s nice to see real people being honest about themselves and their shorts/body image hang ups. I can so relate.

  34. You all are so brave and beautiful. Inside and out. I wish I could work with a group of such talented, funny, creative and smart ladies like you. Emily – you built a remarkable business with so much HEART in it, it is truly inspiring.
    I love All your posts, I learn and take something with me from each and every one, even if they are not design related. I wish you had a weekly/bi weekly post where we, the readers would be able to send photos of our own designs, and you and the team could advise how to make the them better.
    Just an idea.

  35. Fun to hear all the inner thoughts from the EHD ladies! My go-to shorts are J.Crew stretch chinos, which you can buy in several different inseam lengths. They looked good on me when I was a size 14 and now a size 8.

  36. Love your blog and it’s content A LOT! I follow hundereds of designers on social media and read their blogs occasionally, but this blog is the only one I am subscribed to and read it every single day. I just love your design style, your writing style, your honesty and bravery to write about things most people are affraid to talk about. I think it’s so refreshing to see a variety of real women bodies, as opposed to photoshoped bodies and faces we see on social media every day, that all look alike. Girls, you all look beautiful and thank you for stepping out of your comfort zone and for using your platform to influence women to be positive, playful and honest about their bodies.

  37. I love this post, mainly because of all the gorgeous, real-sized women in it! It is so reassuring for myself and my teen daughter to see pictures like these, unlike all the airbrushed, perfect Instagram or blog fashion posts that we see out there! Thank you for that alone !

  38. Arlyn, I relate so much to your struggles with shorts! I can NEVER find any that don’t ride up in my crotch, regardless of style.

    Also, the half tuck! I never do it because I feel like I look poochy. But then I end up wearing loose and flowy shirts that make it look like I might be pregnant.

    What do you do?!

  39. I love these non design posts and am so confused why so many people comment hating on them. If you don’t want to read a post about shorts, dont! I think it’s a great way to get to know the team better and love the real recommendations/reviews.

  40. Just want to say I love these posts. Yes your interior content is awesome but these REAL posts are so helpful. There are not many blogs where a variety of people, who are totally open and honest about their sizing (kisses to you brave women!), post their true opinions and pictures. I find them so helpful and enjoy the variety of content on EHD. Thank you!!!

  41. I never comment, but feel compelled to do so due to Yashitas response. I LOVE THIS POST! I love your design, and I think its equally interesting to see what you guys are wearing, and what is ‘in.’ I ESPECIALLY love seeing try on-s for different body types. KEEP IT UP!

  42. This was very fun to read! I’m not a big fan of fashion blogs, but love when you guys do fashion posts because it’s so much more relatable – you’re all just normal ladies who want to look good, be comfortable, and have very normal body insecurities (regardless of size – I feel you Velinda!) This is an incredibly helpful post for so many of us.

    My personal favorite pair of shorts right now is a pair I bought last year at Target – they look similar to the black Levi’s that Velinda got, but they’re super stretchy with the perfect amount of fraying at the hem, perfect rise, perfect inseam. I bought them to be just a bit loose, but the stretch makes them comfy and versatile. I can wear them on my good days and feel great in them, and I can wear them on my bad days and feel great in them. Plus I believe they were about $20 so basically free, like Jess’s H&M shorts 🙂 I’m not sure if they’re still available, but don’t count out cheaper stores like Target!

  43. Omg it’s sisterhood of the traveling shorts! Haha thanks for sharing this post. I have the Madewell high waist jeans and love them! I’m wearing them today! I normally wouldn’t spend that much either but found these are my go to. They make me feel more confident in my size 14 body. I might have to try the shorts now.

  44. I loved this post! Loved that all these beautiful young women were in all different sizes. Love that you have fashion posts for real people along with all the lovely interior designs!

  45. Velinda–Your friend was right. You look great in shorts! Thanks for the reminder of how powerful a mother’s words (and example) can be to her daughter. Mine is two, but that thought will stick with me for good!

  46. On soapbox:
    Have some common courtesy!
    Why is anyone possibly complaining about free content?
    We get this shit for free.
    Read if you will, scroll if you won’t, but for the love of God start your own blog if you don’t like it so people can comment how they want you to run your free blog.
    Off Soapbox.

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