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I Let My 20-Something-Year-Old Staff Dress Me in 2019 Fashion Trends


It’s painfully true that there will come a point in your life where you will not understand what the youth are wearing (or why). To match your lameness, you might say something trite like, “omg, I wore that in junior high!” or maybe get to the point with a “wtf are they actually wearing?” But I don’t take fashion too seriously so I thought it would be VERY fun for my youngest team members to dress me in the trends that they are seeing and loving on their Instagram feeds. Brian thought it was April Fools. I felt like I was ready for Halloween. But I had SO MUCH FUN. So here you go: three trends/outfits my team helped pick out for me and four others on my youngest team members, plus how we all felt about them.

First up, my team really insisted on seeing me in this color we apparently refer to as “millennial purple.” Here’s how the youngins are wearing it:

from left to right: image source | image sourceimage source

I think I don’t like millennial purple, yet. Like most things that I think look bad on me, it takes me a while to go through the following internal process:

Step 1: See the trend, hate on it verbally.

Step 2: Let time go by and allow the parasitic zeitgeist trend to burrow into my brain. Out comes an “ooh, well I kinda like this shade of it.”

Step 3: Try trend; realize that it indeed looks bad with my skin tone, as it always has. But maybe that’s also because my skin tone usually is a shade of “spray tan orange” that when resting next to this color looks BRIGHT orange. But I suppose that’s my problem, not millennial purple’s.

But this chick looks good in it:

Unnamed 1
image source

So we tried it out. When my team first bought a version of this look for me, they bought it as a suit (a blazer and short set) and I just couldn’t. It’s likely that if I lived in New York or had a more formal job, I would wear it because I love the idea of it, but it’s just not my lifestyle. It’s neither work wear or party wear or weekend wear.

Instead, I paired it with the obvious choice of a 40-year-old woman: skin-tight, lower thigh length biking shorts. I’m still unsure if I’m supposed to call them “biking” or “biker” shorts (wait…is it just “bike”?). Please advise.

Indeed, I liked it more and sure, and couldn’t wait to take Brian out on that hot date he’s wanted since he wrote my birthday post. I wore a vintage-style rock-and-roll shirt, I’m sorry, BAND SHIRT—that’s what it’s called now, and then we did what I’ve always wanted to do (I’m actually not joking)…put on some sheer socks and white pumps.

I think I nailed it.

Em Side By Side 01

BlazerT-Shirt | Bike Shorts | Shoes | Socks | Sunglasses | Sunglass Chain | Bag

How do I feel about it? I felt ridiculous but Ryann, Mallory, Veronica and Chandler all thought I look LEGIT COOL. I thought it was the definition of “try-hard” but again, that’s because…I WAS.

Here’s how I would “tweak” it for real life: wear the bike shorts with the T-shirt for sure, but likely wear it with Vans. And I love the socks/shoes combo, but likely would feel better about them with a dress that warranted such style. I will never wear the blazer, but my team was into it.

Next, my team dressed me in a look they are calling “festival Emily” based on these very trendy ladies:

from left to right: image source | image source | image source

I get it. I like ripped jeans, boots, and vintage T-shirts so this isn’t completely off base for me.

Fashion Trends 10

Shirt | Skirt | Necklace (similar) | Sunglasses | Boots | Bag

This is how I dressed in the early 2000s and I like it, but it’s not me anymore and not because I’m too old, but because it doesn’t represent my personality any longer. I don’t think it’s ridiculous, I’m just more “Uptown Prairie” than “Downtown Rock’n Roll.” But honestly now that I think about it, I don’t think that the street-style festival look is too much of a trend that we haven’t seen before…and I guess that’s the case for most of these things. The fashion world simply regurgitates styles from the past by slapping them on fresh new faces and bodies. It’s a cycle.

Now, before we leave my trends, I had to try the biker short in another light, specifically the Hailey Bieber light. If you need more proof to believe this is actually a thing, I give you exhibit A, B, C, D, E and F.

from top left to right: image source | image source | image source | image source | image source | image source

But the image that got my team’s hearts all AFLUTTER was this one (which is evidently a Princess Di throwback):

Screen Shot 2019 09 06 At 10.19.19 Am
image source

People are FREAKING out about this. Of course, I think that it’s the case of “model-thin-celebrity-wears-anything-ugly-and-gets-people-cast-her-as-fashion-goddess,” but they disagree and truly think it’s awesome. So to prove for (or against) my case, here I go:

Fashion Trends 07

Sweatshirt | Bike Shorts | Socks | Shoes | Sunglasses | Purse (similar)

To say I felt uncool wearing this was the understatement of the ’80s. I felt frumpy. Silly. Embarrassed at best. But then I saw the photo and I was like, wait, is she kinda cool?

Let’s side by side it again, we need more analysis:

Em Side By Side 02

I think there is a clear winner, and it is not the one who slobbered on keys to “get the shot.” But I had hope for the bike shorts in my future. To convince my team of how I could see myself actually wearing them, I brought a sweatshirt and shoes from home.

Fashion Trends 08

Sweater (similar) | Shorts | Shoes | Sunglasses

I actually liked it! When I sought approval they said, it’s a “cute drop-off-the-kid-mom” clothes, but it’s no longer the look or trend that impressed them. I get that.

But I also think that the influence of “influencers” that are just “skinny models” is a miss and not who anyone should set their sights on or admire artistically. I challenged them to find other, weirder, more creative (and NEW) actual trends and I’d be game. I mean, I had fun but it’s literally just a sweatshirt and biker shorts from the ’80s, HOW did that break the internet? I suppose it was the idea of an influencer recreating iconic Princess Diana looks, but it still felt a little stale to me.

Despite the embarrassment of this shoot, experimenting and hanging out with my girls was fun. I will say that buying this stuff vintage makes far more sense for me (and creates less waste) because most of this isn’t even being reinvented or modernized, which is actually my biggest beef with it. That champion sweatshirt has proportions that no person would look good in—why not create a better silhouette? So that’s the good news, just head to Goodwill and you can surely find yourself some 35-year-old biker shorts…(but we’ve linked up where they got all of them, too).

Now for my crew to take a pass at this because we all wanted to have some fun. Being 25 and under, they can surely convince us all that these trends (i.e. reboots from the ’80s and ’90s because that is exactly what it is) are cool, RIGHT????

Ryann’s Trend: The Bike Shorts

Ryann Side By Side

Blazer | Shirt | Bike Shorts | ShoesSunglasses | Earrings

Her take: Yes, the bike shorts trend got to me, too (see Emily’s inspo photos earlier). As I began pulling my outfit together, more trends came into play i.e. the asymmetrical neckline, and the strappy heels and I won’t lie: I felt silly wearing this walking down Hyperion Ave posing for photos FOR SURE. When I saw the pictures, I wasn’t a complete hater because this outfit IS flattering and cute, it is just not “me.” That said, I would absolutely wear every one of these pieces again but likely not altogether like this. I am really into this blazer. The way it falls, the color, the length, everything about it. It’s really special and reasonable priced. The bike shorts are actually my favorite to wear around the house with an oversized T-shirt or sweatshirt (although I am not one to wear athleisure outside the house unless I am extremely tired or hungover lol). The sandals are very fun and I love a leopard print (plus I have nothing like them atm) and I can see myself wearing them with vintage Levi’s and a white ribbed tank top for summer or with black bell-bottoms and a tube top for a “going out” look. 

Veronica’s Trend: The Utility Pant + Tie Dye

from left to right: image source | image source | image source

Veronica Side By Side

Shirt | Pants | Shoes

Her take: I’m a huge advocate for the “mom jean” trend that circled back around, and I feel like this is a comfier version of that. I felt very relaxed and cool in this, ready to skate along the beach! I would wear the shirt and shoes again and the pants only for winter because they were pretty heavy and warm. It’s all so comfortable and simple, and any of the pieces could be transferable to pair with other items of clothing. You could wear the tye-dye shirt with a pair of shorts and sandals for a summery look, the pants could be paired with a cropped shirt for a more comfy, loungey look, and the shoes can be worn with literally anything. Add a beanie on top of this outfit and a black long sleeve under for colder weather, and you’re ready to go.

Chandler’s Trend: The Jogger Pant

from left to right: image source | image source

Chan Side By Side

ShirtPants | Shoes | Sunglasses

Her take: I wanted to try this trend because there are so many ways to dress the outfit up or down, so I wanted to see how to get a good in-between that was still fun. I am a huge advocate of buying clothes that can function as something I can wear to the office, and then alter slightly for a Friday night dinner. These pants are comfortable and functional and I would for sure wear them again and again. They work with sneakers, but are pretty heavy and would also work with boots and a cropped sweater in colder weather, which I think would be a more comfortable way to wear them. I felt like this was a great everyday outfit with some spunk and style. It was a little edgier than my normal everyday outfit choice and I was into that. I don’t think I would wear the shirt again with these pants just because the see-through trend isn’t really my thing, but I LOVED the bra/tank I wore under the shirt. Overall, this trend is a yes for me.

Mallory’s Trend: The Midi Leopard Skirt + Dad Shoes

from top left to right: image source | image source | image source | image source

Mallory Side By Side

Shirt | Skirt | Shoes | Bag | Hair Clips

Her take: I’ve been into this leopard midi skirt trend for quite some time, so when it was time to pick a trend to try out for this post, I instantly knew it would be this. The strategy for the exact outfit inspo was this: go to the Urban Outfitters Instagram and search for the perfect leopard midi. It must have been a good strategy because I found one in 3 seconds. While wearing this, I felt like an influencer, honestly. It seemed weird that I wasn’t on Melrose with a latte in hand and my Instagram boyfriend taking photos of me in front of the pink wall. The dad shoes (which made me feel like I was Godzilla stomping through LA) PLUS the midi skirt PLUS the hair clips were a little too aggressively trendy for my taste. The top and the skirt together make a great go-to look that I know I’d wear all the time. I’d pair them with a dainty Madewell sandal over the dad sneaks (since I don’t consider myself edgy or sporty enough to pull off the FILA look).

Fashion Trends 20

Look at us. So happy with ourselves and our youth (ha!).

WHEW. That was a lot of trendiness for one day. What do you all think (I know to some of you, it might all seem silly, but playing “trendy” dress-up was honestly SO MUCH FUN)? We would love to hear your thoughts. xx

***photography by Veronica Crawford (group shots by Brian Henderson)

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Adorable! You all look great.


I think if I had been in the brainstorm meeting for the post I would have said it was too silly but I really enjoyed it! I’m in a school run mom phase of my wardrobe life but trying to think about working millennial purple into my week now ?

ha. here’s how the brainstorm went – Ryann said, “lets try trends!” and I said “like what?” and they listed them all off and I said “there is no way, EVER, that I’ll like any of these and I don’t want it to be a post where we all legit look bad’. Thus the challenge began – to dress someone who genuinely don’t like a trend is a fun idea. I think we’ll flush it out even more next time and do a more livable version for each. xx

kellie g

At the risk of being a nit-picky grammar enthusiast, I think you meant “flesh it out” instead of flush.


This was really cute ! It’s nice to see fashion posts and read your hilarious analysis of it. The Emily timeline of outfits post was golden for me, ha!

Jared M

Biker shorts are a thing? I often think there are a bunch of influencers somewhere daring each other to push awful trends to Millennials to see who can make them look the most ridiculous. This is one of those trends (along with dad sneakers and big bangs in the 80s) that people will look back on in ten years and wonder wtf happened.


Yes, yes, and yes!


I’m loving this post! I love seeing you all try out the trend and see how it can be “you.” I’m a big fan of your fashion posts in general.


I am so not for the trends but absolutely for the post! 🙂 Fun and funny! I’ll admit I totally dress like a basic mom.


Must pause, in my reading…I’m only one outfit in. I LOVE THIS POST. I’m 45, have a teenager, and this post is going to change my life! Perhaps I can incorporate something in my wardrobe (like the sunglasses chain), but for sure, it’s going to up my street cred. Also, you look great!

It was super enlightening to me, too. Last night we went to a local high school football game and now I look around with more “respect” isn’t the right word but intrigue. I’m trying to channel my high school fashion trend chasing, although it was not just before instagram, but literally BEFORE THE INTERNET so I think we were only influenced by what was at the mall. It’s why I bought most of my clothes from thrift stores, to do something new and different and to feel unique, and I think that is a GREAT way to look at fashion. My parents later told me they were mortified at what I wore at my brothers college graduation when I was 26 (2007). It included a DIY sewn vintage polyester fabric navy blue and white polka dot skirt, a red sequin tube top and a camo shirt over top. But man it took time to be that “creative” 🙂


Influenced by the mall…AND 17 magazine’s School feature- what was it called? They’d show up at a high school and take photos of the cool kids. (What principal approved that??). I LIVED for those real life trendsetters, especially the ones shown with boyfriends.


School Zone!!!


Follow up questions/comments :
-Can I buy the lululemon bike length leggings or is that not the look?
-What kinda dress would you the white shoe/sheer sock ruth?
-Surely I lost my street cred by using the term street cred.

1. I think they would say no to lululemon. i think they have to be long and 80’s whatever that means
2. I would wear it with a shift dress, or a middie that can handle that jazz. but TBH I need to experiment and test it out. I really need someone to consult … but who?
3. I lost my streed cred by saying ‘rock and roll shirt’ (instead of band Tee). OWELL


Omg! I’m a 37 year old and I am not here for bike shorts, dad shoes or scrunches! I just can’t!

What a great boss you are! And that was fun to read. 🙂


Whoops, totally didn’t mean I’m not *here* for those things and that you shouldn’t be posting them. Just that I do not like them!

ha. I totally read it the right way 🙂 I’m not here for the dad shoes either, but if mallory wants to put on 7 lb (each) white cross trainers I WANT TO WITNESS IT 🙂 Its all VERY fun.

Tara F.

Lol. Love this post. It is hilarious and just *legit* fun times.

I just bought a set of small scrunchies from Anthro a few weeks ago. I am 36. My 12-year-old daughter witnessed me putting one in my hair this week and said, “Mom!! You have SCRUNCHIES??!! That is SO cool.” To which I immediately replied, “Um…yeah. I thought they were fun, and apparently, they are a ‘thing’ again.” She quickly responded with a clear seal of approval while I continued, “I just think it’s hilarious. These were super popular…when I was your age.” Smiling on the inside (and outside) while thinking, “Jeez, I sound old!!” ?

It wouldn’t be a 2019 trend post without the dad shoes haha – I was happy to do my part!

Tara F.

??? Nailed it!


Omg! This is the best post ever! (I totally wore bike shorts to go running in like 2000 lol, not sure I can say my legs look as good as yours anymore!)

Donna S

I often love a trend when I see it on someone else. But on me, it feels like a costume. The group shots were my favorite. Well done, Brian!


The only thing biker shorts should be worn for is biking. … And get off my lawn. 😉



I agree! It’s like wearing Chacos or Tevas with a dress. Those shoes have a purpose: to be worn while river rafting or doing similar activities.

But the post was very fun.


I agree! It’s like wearing Chacos or Tevas with a dress. Those shoes have a purpose: to be worn while river rafting or doing similar activities.

But the post was very fun.


As a 35 year old, I do not understand these trends. Except maybe the band shirt and cutoffs. I feel really old, but perhaps it is because I wore these clothes in a past life in the 80s / 90s?


Ditto!! Biker shorts and dad shoes.. no thank you!


Another 35 year old going, what is this?!? Followed by, when did I get so old!?!


This is hilarious, because a few years back I went shopping for workout shorts and tried on some biker length ones I found on the rack. I liked the longer length and thought they looked good, but I didn’t buy them because I didn’t see anyone else wearing them at the time. I could’ve been such a freaking trend setter! What was I thinking?!


This is hilarious! We are the same age, and I know my husband would have the same reaction as Brian. We recently moved to Sweden and I’m more confused than ever about fashion. Bike shorts are everywhere. Are they for the youngens? Or trendy? Or Nordic chic? Or totally practical because everyone bikes everywhere whilst wearing skirts? (I’m hoping for the latter, because there are so many practical things here I love), but I’m feeling old and just don’t know. Also, lots and lots of black leather here for fall. I think I’ll just head to Marimekkko and call it a day. Thanks for the laugh, your staff is a hoot.


I would guess it’s both practical and intentionally stylish, like when Kate Moss made Hunter boots the bomb again by wearing them with a gown at a festival. She says it was the muddy ground that inspired them… but for real, this bike short trend does seem to be rooted in scandi chic, which is hot hot hot. So you are like at the epicenter of this trend moment, lol. Enjoy!

YES. @amanda what else are they wearing??? And good call with the kate moss comparison – that is exactly right (and kinda inspiring).


Such a fun post! 🙂

Um……..Is that an eternity ring on your finger emily???
Is that what was in the attic?!

*huge eyes…holding breath…waitjng for an answer…*


I teach high school (at an art school to be exact) and my students have been all over the Dad shoes for the past two years and I CANNOT with them. No way no how. They’re also all about the most hideous Crocs they can find. I do think it’s awesome that a lot of the trends are moving away from tight/uncomfortable into more baggy/comfortable (which is honestly how I dressed in the late 90s so they’re nailing it IMO)

Oh no! We forgot crocs!


I can’t look away. I am now at the point of I didn’t even realize these were trends! I think this is such a fun post.


I’m obviously old… because these “trends” are hideous on everyone!!! And you are all super cute! ??? thanks for the entertainment.


I should mention that my husband works at a high school and he’ll often adopt new trends because he is immersed in them in a way I am not. I will look at him sideways… like what is this??? And he’ll say… “all the kids are wearing it” I think it might be only less horrible if EVERYONE is sitting around in bike shorts….But there better be bike nearby. And dad shoes are always a bad idea. I can get behind a band shirt any day of the week. I’m very unsure about all these photos. Hahaha.


This was a super fun read, and I’m glad you did it. Even with the silly trends you have a great figure and can still pull off bike shorts. But sweet-little-baby-Jesus, I am SO glad to be in my 50s and not having to worry about trends anymore! I pretty much live in jeans and t-shirts, which will never go out of style! SO much money saved, and no angsty worrying about what anyone thinks. -Aaaahhhh.


Haha! As a woman solidly in the “drop the kids off at school” phase, I like Emily’s take on the bike shorts the best! I immediately thought, “now THAT’S cute!”


This post was so fun to read! Being a 40 something myself, I had many laugh out loud moments as I find myself saying the exact things to my teen daughter about these styles! “Is it bike shorts? Biking shorts?” So fun to reminiscent! Thanks for the giggles! You are darling as always!

Alex E.

This is amazing.

I work on a college campus, specifically for a fashion department, and I always tell my students that they look adorably hip. But, this 32-year-old just.can’ I honestly think I like them because they are such an outrageous throwback to the 90’s and are mostly going to be regrettable in 5 years. Nonetheless, the youths really rock it, and I appreciate them for that.

My students always say, “you’re not old!” and then I open my mouth and they’re like… okay, yeah, you’re a mom. God love ’em.


I can’t even handle this. I LIVED in bike shorts my senior year of high school 88-89 (and since you asked, at the time they were strictly ‘bike’ shorts, not biking and definitely not biker!!) – so I guess that makes me the lame trite mom. I do try to convince my kids that I was pretty cool in my day. I mean, I shopped at urban when it was still a combination of Anthropologie, Urban, and a couple of racks of cool consignment (that was what we old folks called vintage). Oh my god, I have to stop – I’ve become my mom whose cool factor I was always trying to up ?‍♀️?


Wait! It was junior year (87-88)! Ha I don’t know if that makes it better or worse… and I completely remember those Diana pics too. Love and seriously appreciate this post!


I ride road and mountain bikes, as well as a motorcycle, these are not biker shorts. In motorcycle language bikers wear leather or specialized pants with body armor, and bike shorts have synthetic chamois padding in the crotch. This feels like yoga athleisure wear, and I have been wearing this as a bottom for years…but it is how you partner it that makes all the difference and this post so on point for opening our eyes to new possibilities. Love the story about your attire for the graduation. My family can tell similar stories about me. But as you get older one needs to devote time to career, child raising, financial stuff, these boring details of life, and we forget how fashion can be fun!


I love this post and Emily I have never felt more like we are friends. Although I’ve been an avid reader of fashion since I was a teenager (I’m now 48) and I am newer to applying an “eye” toward interiors, your take on the biker shorts with blazers trend was EXACTLY mine. I JUST had this same convo with my husband last week (he humors my fashion musing, I humor his sports news). I really loved the opportunity to compare you and the model and I have to say I think it is “cool”. But I also agree that the majority of the cool factor is association with Princess Di and the model glam factor, but there is just enough sporty nerd going on to transcend into legit statement. I also want to second the whole tone of skepticism plus fun in this article. Fashion is both frivolous and art, wasteful and necessary, a connector and a divider. Even non participation isn’t really since everyone’s choices of what is available to buy is driven by those who care deeply. As someone who loves how ideas are expressed and shared in fashion and interiors I think it’s helpful to point… Read more »


Beautifully put, Michelle. 🙂


I’ve been wearing bike shorts for sometime now and well before it was trendy. My girls came home last month and said, ”oh look at mom being so Kardashian!” I had no idea they were a thing!


Reason enough not to wear bike shorts if people think you’re doing it to follow the Kartrashian family. Yuck.


You all look adorable. I have mixed feelings about trends. Playful and fun on the one hand, perpetuating disposal culture on the other. I struggle with it myself. Whenever I thin out my closets and end up donating a bunch of trendy clothes, I recommit to the capsule wardrobe/uniform. It also frees up a lot of my time and money for the things that really matter to me.


I feel like exactly what you said, Emily, but I’m only 23 ??? what’s wrong with me ??? the biker shorts and blazer reminds me of a stay at home mom on a conference call: comfy bottoms but dressy top!

Roberta Davis

that’s funny!

Tara F.

??? Nailed it!




Really enjoyed this! Took me back……LOL!

Roberta Davis

Looks like fun. I’m even that much older than you, Emily, so you can imagine how ridiculous I would feel and look if I was to imitate those looks. But I am very much for always changing, trying new things, and updating. If we don’t, we get old!


I love you “cute mom dropping off the kids look!!!” I mean as a 37 year old mother of 3 that’s what I’m going for most of the time. I want to see influencers that make me say “ hey I can do that” & not “oh man I’m too old for this” ha!


I struggle with this because I live in the Midwest and people… haven’t stopped dressing like this long enough for it to have come back around.


I actually drove by as you were posing for the shot on Rowena ave in front of the colorful bungalows and I have to say you looked lovely and like everyone was having so much fun!


Super fun post!! Being even a bit older than Emily, I can so relate. My 10 year old wore a NASA t shirt the other day that I completely just didn’t get but it was a big hit at school ?


Fab post! But I beg of you, since all of your readers aren’t 20-please make the font larger! I seriously can’t read these posts I so enjoy anymore. SO tiny! Pretty please?


Hold down the ctrl and + keys (at the same time) to make fonts larger on a windows machine.


Somehow these looks don’t do the same thing for me now as they did in my jr. high Delia’s catalogues!!! Hilarious post, though. ?


DELIAS!! I wanted it ALL, but could only afford the lavender(!!!) baby t with the embroidered spirograph print. <3


I’ve enjoyed your blog for YEARS and have never commented until today. WHAT A FUN POST!


You all look like members of the Breakfast Club in that first photo! I laughed out loud at you trying to replicate Hailey Beiber — too funny! You totally rocked the purple outfit, though!

Brian Ragsdale

I know the story is about fashion, and what I really enjoyed seeing is that you have a woman of color in your circle. I have been following you for at least 7 years or more, and know that you have spoken into words your commitment to social justice work. I still hold the powerful memory of what you shared about Dr. Martin Luther King, so long ago. So I wanted to share this memory with you, and to also let you know in your images I see the complexity and power of accepting change, along with developing our fashion/design/gratitude/inspiration. In short, we are multidimensional, and that design lives in time and space continuum.


This was such a super fun post! The pictures were great fun and I really enjoyed your commentary 😀 If you decide to do something like this again – I am *so* here for it! Also I’ve been in love with millenial purple (I call it lilac in my head) since you featured it in one of your trend posts in a super great purple/yellow/orange kitchen and been searching for a jacket in that colour ever since – so in conclusion: I want that blazer <3 😀

Paula Carr

I love that color, too, and I think it looks great on Emily. It looks great on me (maybe why I like it), because my eyes are blue, but when I wear lilac it makes them look positively turquoise.


Uhhhh, these all just look like things that you would wear. You could have popped these photos up without explanation, and I’d have thought it was just your average Saturday fashion post. Maybe you’re not as limited as you think. 😉

Paula Carr

OMG, do I see Tevas with…socks???

I had a shorts “suit” in the 90s that wore to shreds. Loved it. Comfy, but still work appropriate. Of course, that was ….mumblety … pounds ago.


This is so fun! As a 33 year old former collegiate volleyball player who literally LIVED in spandex shorts (but really short ones) I just can’t bring myself back to them and feel that only super thin girls look cute in them. No one needs to see my c-section scar through my clothes! … But I thought this was creative and could tell you all had a blast doing it! It was a great Saturday read. Thanks!


Wow, what a fun post! First off, when did lavender become “millennial purple???” Geez, purple and lavender have been around since forever. But that purple blazer looked so good on you Emily!! You should consider keeping it in your wardrobe. I loved it with the tee shirt and bike shorts…looked so comfortable!

Also cracked up at the “dad shoes” term for sneakers. Is that truly a thing? They looked very good with the leopard skirt and top tho. That was one of my fave looks, along with Emily’s and Chandler’s. You guys all looked great in the trend clothing!!


Such a fun trip down memory lane and education on modern fashion trends. I’m so out of the loop. Thanks for sharing


I legit love this, love the risk in trying shit that looks crazy to 30+ folks, and love reading Emily’s flow of consciousness feedback and commentary! My favorite kind of posts!


This post was fun to read. Honestly, my favorite look was the cute kid-drop-off mom outfit. Guess that ages me, but definitely most flattering look on you. So cute!!

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