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Budget Room: English Cottage Bedroom



First – I can’t thank you guys enough for all the comments yesterday. It was so insanely helpful and I truly feel like I can understand, empathize more and feel pretty ashamed that my bubble was indeed so small. If you guys didn’t see the post that I put up yesterday, I asked and wonded why people voted for Trump, read those comments. There are so many good ones.

Now, back to the blog and the design content I promised yesterday. Now that we are getting closer to moving into our new home, I have English cottage on my mind and am very into it. So, I challenged Mel to design a budget english cottage bedroom and this is what she came up with – one room with three very wonderful budgets that still keep it cozy and comfy.


Bed | Nightstands Bedside LampsDuvet | Sheets | Throw Blanket | ShamsThrow Pillow | Dresser | Rug | Trunk | Chair | Mirror | Vase | Pillow for Chair

We knocked that price down in half (almost):


Bed | NightstandsBedside LampsDuvet | Sheets | Throw Blanket | ShamsThrow Pillow | Dresser | Rug | Trunk | Chair | Mirror | Vase | Pillow for Chair

But that wasn’t cheap enough for our standards and we love a good budget related challenge over here, so we got it down even further – nice job, Mel. That bedroom looks pretty darn cozy and pulled together for how affordable it is if I do say so myself, but what do you think. Which price point is your favorite?


Bed | NightstandsBedside LampsDuvet | Sheets | Throw Blanket | Shams | Throw Pillow | Dresser | Rug | Trunk | Chair | Mirror | Vase | Pillow for Chair

We are ready for another budget challenge, what next? Give us a budget room task and we’ll get on it if it feels like a good fit for a post.

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Budget friendly request:
Office space!
I’m working my mft intern hours and am dreaming of my future office space. I think many people could benefit because it could be a general
“Home office”. Fingers as toes crossed that you’ll do it.

Thank you for your leadership with the ejection results also. You were a trusted voice.


YES! to this!


Another vote for a budget office! I work from home, and it is so hard to find budget/beautiful office furniture, especially if you want something with a non-minimal, non-IKEA look to it (bohemian office?). Even just a roundup of pretty, non-Poppin, under $300 file cabinets.

Also, unrelated, suggestions for arranging/styling a studio apartment (in a few of the Style Diagnostic categories) would be fantastic.


“Bohemian office”= dream come true


I agree, I’m trying to do my own study and it’s difficult to find attractive office furniture. I could certainly use the Emily Henderson team’s help with some inexpensive office inspiration.


Yes please, home office! I have a small area to work with that needs to hold a desk, a printer, a lap top, a monitor, files for mail/bills and kids homework/artwork. Tall order I know, but would love to see it!


I’m really enjoying your “English cottage” posts. I’ve been reading your blog for several years now while living in a big country house. Due to my husband’s health we recently moved into a small ranch in the city which I’ve been calling my little English cottage. I’ve just finished gut jobs of our bath and kitchen and now working on the other details including a little English garden surrounding the house. Your tudor home is gorgeous and I can’t wait to see it evolve.

Mary Beth

Is the link for the mirror listed at $240 correct? It takes me to World Market. I do like the top picture the best because I think that the chair looks more comfortable although I question whether I would use an upholstered lounge chair in my bedroom!

Thank you for the interesting discussion yesterday. I do agree that it is important to listen and possibly learn from one another.


Wow the rugs from Lulu & Georgia, awesome price and look!
Thanks! Yesterday was amazing too. I seriously didn’t want either candidate but I voted. Basically backing the values and other people that I believe in and am crossing my fingers and toes and praying that we will get through the next four years,


Thank you for voting even though you didn’t love either candidate. I think that’s the more couragous way to go than to just leave it blank. (like a few people I know)


I love these posts! Perfect timing too, I am currently working on giving my bedroom a fresh look.

Random bedroom related question (please anyone feel free to answer)…. When do/don’t you use a box spring under your mattress? So many of the beds I am looking at show them without a box spring, is that just for styling? If I add a box spring that will effect how much headboard is eventually exposed.

Thanks in advance!


You don’t need a box spring if the frame has wood or metal slats for support. You can still use it if you want tho.
We no longer have box springs on any of our beds.


I just wanted to thank you for yesterday’s post. Somehow, reading the comments restored my faith in my fellow Americans and gave me hope that all is not as lost as it appeared when I woke up on Wednesday morning.


I can appreciate where you were coming from with yesterday’s post. Someone (who is not from the USA) told me that one of the greatest flaws that some Americans share is that we don’t possess a general curiosity about how other people live. I think that is profoundly true. So the fact that you even took a step to ask is so completely admirable. That being said, I sure wish you had asked people to message you their thoughts and opinions about supporting Trump. Because right now my favorite blog is hosting a nearly 1200-comment thread that just reads like a conservative manifesto and it’s giving me the sads.

I posted a comment yesterday and you deleted it, and I’m actually really glad you did, because even though I used what I feel like was respectful language, I do now realize that it carried a snarky, shaming tone. And I wasn’t truly adding anything productive to your questions of WHY? That being said, I’m heartbroken that you’ve just provided another platform for conservatives to dominate, as if their impending dominance of every single branch of government isn’t enough.


I too was saddened to read yesterday’s comments but what makes me even sadder is Emily saying today that she is ashamed that her
“bubble” is so small. Judging from the comments I read it seems that many of the readers inhabit an equally small bubble.


I think it’s great that Emily was willing to step forward and try to understand people’s points of views. Stating that she was ashamed of her bubble being small doesn’t mean she agrees with those whose opinion she asked, but admiting that she hasn’t realized how others think differently from her. This is the type of actions that lead to people understanding one another better. This idea that Republicans must be stupid/racist/ignorant/homophobic/etc./etc/etc. that is consistently spewed by Liberals who disagree with them is extremely sad, and completely opposite of the ideas that they say the believe in- openness and love for all peoples and opinions. Sometimes it seems that some Liberals only feel that way if you believe what they do. Open communication is important, and so few people are willing to do it.


I don’t think that all republicans are ignorant/racist/homophobic/sexists, because I know that not every Republican voted for Trump. Much like how over half of the general population didn’t vote for Trump. I am so hopeful that eventually these conversations will become productive, but I don’t think we’re there yet. In the meantime, I’m going to continue to send my donations to planned Parenthood and the ACLU, because I feel like it’s something I can do today to help nurture the country I want for my daughter.


The Jess below isn’t me. I’m the Jess from above. Just making that completely clear.

Susie Q.

My thoughts exactly. I hated that Emily was accused of living in a bubble (is this by virtue of her living in California? Huh.) Just more mudslinging. This led me to ponder the “bubble” comment later that day. My own personal “bubble” contains kids, old folks, people with kids, people with no kids, rich people, poor people, gay people, straight people, Christians, Muslims, atheists, people with doctorates and post-graduate degrees, people who never went to college, people who were born in the U.S., people who immigrated to the U.S., American citizens living abroad, and more. If someone (I don’t know what to call them–I’m somewhat conservative, but I voted for Hillary) considers a person like me ignorant and living in a bubble, they’ve got another think coming.

Jenna Herron

Hi There- I’d absolutely love some help in warming up my new modern home. I love industrial and cozy and warm colors, but also need to switch gears into also appealing to the modern design of our home. The downstairs is one big open space with white cabinets, white walls and white counter tops. How do I add some character without going overly outside of the modern look?


Love the english cottage style, its a fun change!
Also I saw you IG story today – the place is looking great, I will offer my unsolicited opinions here XD. I think the pink in Elliot’s room is so great, I grew up in a light pink room and it always made me so happy. And since, Charlie has the green in his room, wouldn’t it be nice if they could both have coloured walls? I also still totally think you should put your TV in the big front room. Otherwise, won’t you have the same problem as this current house where you will not be using the best room in the house at all? Just my opinion though, you do you!


This room is great! I’ve been wanting to re-do my guest room, and this look is speaking my language.


Looks great. Love these posts……

Possible Request – (hopefully not to vague)
Unusually large living rooms ?? That can go over buget pretty fast

These bedroom design posts have been so helpful! But they all only have one dresser. What do you do in a master bedroom when you need two dressers? I know that getting two from the same set is boring, but I’m not sure how to select combos that match. It would be great if you could do a post about that. Kind of similar to the one you did about matching rugs.





English country / huntsman’s library (pref. with some auburgine or hunter green)

NYC runner’s home office (pref. with bright red accents)

Zen basement family movie-watching / video-gaming room


Emily, I just saw this article today. It gives a well-reasoned explanation/theory about why people voted for Trump. I’m with her, but I understand that, as my girlfriend likes to remind me, everybody doesn’t think like we do.


THIS ARTICLE HELPED ME SO MUCH…sorry, but it needed to be yelled!
I’m still suffering with the outcome, but I’ve gained some genuine understanding.

oh my gosh, i used to be obsessed with iron beds! have you considered black? the white doesn’t do it for me personally…. oh i see this isn’t even really for your house. hah!

(i read through some of the comments…they made me angry!! i still don’t understand).


That rug is GORGEOUS! I wonder what it is, though, in terms of material? And how it would hold up. I’m in the market for a rug of that style and the price is perfect… But I worry the quality will be reflected in the low price. Any idea how it is rated?? 🙂


I like the 3rd look the best! Great job as always, Mel!

Emily, you remain my hero. Grace, humility, empathy, willingness to learn. Thank you for this example, and for providing a platform for respectful and enlightening dialogue. <3


Has anyone seen this rug in person? Emily? Melanie? I bought a polypropylene rug with a pattern once from overstock and it looked really bad in person. Sometimes polypropylene looks good in person. I like that material because I have kids and it’s easy to maintain.

Anyone know if the rug is great?


Love the blog! Was wondering what software you use to create the boards?
Thank you,


Hi Emily and team! I was wondering if you’d be up to summarizing some of the most enlightening comments from the previous post about Trump. I think there’s a lot of good content, but it’s really hard to read through. Just a thought, thanks!
P.S. I love you


What software did you use for this post?? I am redecorating and would love to use this!!

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