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The 20 Best Vintage Instagram Sellers That Are Delivering To You (All Across The USA)

Hello friends, Caitlin here! 

I am happy to report that we at EHD are now returning to your regularly scheduled programming. If you’re familiar with my posts, you know that sourcing vintage while sitting on my couch is sort of my thing. If you’re not familiar, catch up here and here (or, just trust me when I say that I was practicing social distancing long before it was necessary). But today, I’m writing about my newest favorite at-home shopping destination: Instagram.

Believe it, y’all: Instagram isn’t just for inspiration. There are tons of incredible furniture and decor dealers (literally, tons — for my first draft of this post, I accidentally listed over 100 accounts) slangin’ vintage digitally, ALL across America. So now, I wanted to take my chance to use our platform and shine a light on some of these incredible small businesses. 

Also, this isn’t just for our coastal readers — I’ve pulled vendors from sea to shining sea. If you’ve been searching for a new decor destination in Oklahoma or Kansas, search no more! Each of these business owners has done an incredible job sourcing and merchandising their product. (Also, many have found additional ways to contribute to their community by delivering meals, offering to go on grocery runs, or donating portions of their sales.) Most accept some form of digital payment and are able to coordinate drop-offs (or pickups!) where no face-to-face communication is necessary. 

Hot Tip

To find retailers selling through Instagram near you, just type in “Instagram” in the search field of Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist’s furniture section, etc. It will pull up local listings where a vendor has included their handle. Follow them for new inspiration and arrivals, straight to your feed! 

photo by david tsay | from: Styled: Secrets for Arranging Rooms, from Tabletops to Bookshelves

If nothing else, I hope these accounts are educational and that you’ll throw them a follow. You know how some people at the flea market just know how much things are worth? YOU can be one of those people. I became one of those people. How? I laid on my couch every night after work and scrolled through an endless feed of vintage furniture pieces til I knew makers and prices by heart. So hey, think of this as your spring training. 🙂

Hot Tip

Remember how you learned about the silk road? Well, there are furniture equivalents all across America. Certain drivers run delivery routes between states constantly. If you see something you love, it’s always worth it to enquire to see if your vendor uses a driver with a route near you!

And if you’re a vendor (or, if you know OF a vendor) selling through Instagram, please drop the handle and location in the comments. I’d love to make this a comprehensive and ongoing list of small retailers. Let’s get to the businesses, shall we?

Saasaan – Los Angeles
For those who love: classic mid-century designs 
Caitlin says: It’s all about the stories here. I knew that Julie was on the hunt for a Siesta chair and when Saasaan posted several (!) at a great price (!!) in incredible condition (!!!) to his stories, I slid in her DMs SO. DANG. FAST. (Julie purchased her chair later that day and lived happily ever after and you can see the proof here.) 

Candid Home – Los Angeles
For those who love: mixing new artisan decor with vintage furniture staples
Caitlin says: You’ve seen Candid pieces on the site before (like in this shoot!) but the feed is a dreamy mix of funky furniture pieces and handmade candles, blankets, and art from the most up-and-coming makers.

Steph Schofield – Chicago
For those who love: the look and feel of Kelly Wearstler 
Caitlin says: A little aspirational, a little restrained, but mostly a ton of pieces with truly amazing shapes.

Peak Stuff – Chicago
For those who love: a little bit traditional glam, a little bit of modern punch
Caitlin says: If you’re attracted to foo dogs and wingback chairs as much as you are to travertine tables and waterfall consoles, this one’s for you.

Urbage – Raleigh, NC
For those who love: “weird” Emily, circa 2015-sh
Caitlin says: Classic midcentury pieces, fun oil portraits, brass animals, candy-colored glass lamps. Your feed will be brighter.  

JUNQUE – Portland
For those who love: Toontown, but clean and grown-up
Caitlin says: Junque is my best kept secret, but I gotta share the wealth. There are 3 chairs in my living room from this seller. All 3 were found and sold to me by Emily, the proprietor behind this account. She is batting 100 in my living room. I owe her everything.

Marquis De Mod – Portland
For those who love: decor with a sense of humor 
Caitlin says: “YAAAAAAAS. Maybe I should put a neon palm tree in my fireplace? Do I need a wall of soup can prints?” – me, every time Jonathan posts a new photo. (Worth a follow just for the styled shots.)

NOVA – Kansas City
For those who love: stumbling on those once-in-a-lifetime pieces
Caitlin says: In addition to being bright and boho and a little Jungalow-y, there are some SHOWSTOPPERS here. Remember our stunning burl armoire in that Parisian suite? Guess who had one available….

ODD EYE – New York
For those who love: irreverent decor, ’80s throwbacks
Caitlin says: A tried-and-true destination for finishing touches like lamps, vases, clocks, and art (but, you know, WEIRD and COOL ones).

Peach Modern – Houston
For those who love: dreaming about living in a refined, well-curated, dark library/game room
Caitlin says: I didn’t even know I WANTED a leather basket til I saw it here. Like, yes, I DO need a bronze bust of a whippet. This whole feed gets my wheels turning. 

Amelia Tarbet – Austin
For those who love: neutrals done right
Caitlin says: I’m a maximalist but HOLY CRAP, I’d go minimalist for some of these. Scroll through for some of the most incredible coffee tables and lamps. 

Fine Line Modern – Phoenix
For those who love: tasteful mid-century with a little edge
Caitlin says: Ryan has a preternatural gift for sourcing chairs. (What I first wrote is, “This is my favorite chair source on Instagram,” and now I’m starting to think that I need to reduce my screen time.)

Tri-State Modern – Union City
For those who love: REALLY COOL SHAPES
Caitlin says: I am speechless. Everything on here is breathtaking. Please go look (in a new tab, obvi) and then come back IMMEDIATELY so we can talk about our favorites. I can’t. Just go look. UNREAL. 

Salvage Style – Maplewood
For those who love: everything in their home to have a little bit of soul
Caitlin says: If you and your friend had wildly different tastes but HAD to look at the same IG feed, this is the one I’d recommend. (I don’t know why this scenario would happen, but…this is the one.) There’s absolutely something for everyone here. 

Critical Eye – Ipswich
For those who love: placing a finishing touch on a perfectly styled bookshelf
Caitlin says: Incredibly curated finds — especially the vintage carved wooden pieces. Every post feels like when you find YOUR NEW FAVORITE THING at the flea market.

Scout Studios – Oklahoma City
For those who love: being an elegant maximalist
Caitlin says: This is for my classic fans. A little bit of chinoiserie, some Trompe l’oeil wicker tables, deco rugs, velvet headboards…sheesh, if you scoop anything from here, please send photos of your space because I’m sure it’s stunning.

Bowman Vintage – Bristol
For those who love: essential mid-century pieces
Caitlin says: Fairly priced classics in great condition and great sales over Instagram stories.

FlipAtik – Wilton Manors
For those who love: Mad Men interiors (come on, you KNEW it was going to be in here somewhere when you clicked)
Caitlin says: LET’S GET CREDENZA CRAZY. The go-to spot for all mid-century case goods. (And nationwide shipping!)

Gillian Bryce – Miami
For those who love: making their house look like an actual party
Caitlin says: Come for the bright and wild post-modern art and decor, stay for the vignette styling school. (“Maybe I should make some pedestals? – also me, home, alone, staring at all these vignettes.)

The Velvet Robot – St. Michaels
For those who love: the idea of stepping straight into an episode of The Jetsons
Caitlin says: So much fiberglass and so many bright oranges, yellows, and greens. This is seriously America’s premier space-age destination — it’s unparalleled.

THAT’S IT, PALS. Again, please drop any of your favorites in the comments — I’d love to follow some new accounts! Let’s show some small businesses some love today. 🙂


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76 thoughts on “The 20 Best Vintage Instagram Sellers That Are Delivering To You (All Across The USA)

  1. Metro Detroit – me! Honeymoon Vintage

    I don’t do it in super high volumes because it’s just my side hobby, but I only do beautiful stuff. Been doing it for about 8 years 🙂 started before I was on Instagram.

    1. omg those blue cane-backed CHAIRS! I love that shape!!! Such a great find!!!

  2. I just wanted to comment and say that I so appreciate you all working to post things during this time. I check your site every morning as a welcome respite from all of this. I know I used the time to fix little things in the house like tiny holes that need to be filled and embarrassingly bigger hole in the living room from when we had the front hose bib replaced. And tackling board and batten in my dining room. I’m excited to check out these vintage stores and support some small businesses.

    1. ah, thank you so much. I can’t tell you guys enough how much we appreciate your support right now more than ever. thank you 🙂

    1. OOF. ?‍♀️ we’ll fix that. MY BAD! And WOW, those are great prices — what a gem 🙂

    2. This shop is KCMO. But, there is a KCMO AND KCKS..or the Dot.. But the Chiefs, definitely in Missouri!!

    3. A big whoops on our part but all fixed! Looks like geography might be a solid thing to look into while I am quarantined:)

  3. My friend sells mid-century vases, figurines, and furniture at @junkfiend! Based in Ohio. He and his wife live in a glass house, and they have a very cute dog, so he’s a fun follow all around.

  4. katepearcevintage has some awesome stuff and her house is super cool! She is on Long Island

  5. He is not precisely an Instagram seller, but @beyondvintagefurnishings near Milwaukee, WI, has excellent MCM pieces for what I think are very fair prices.

    1. Those ARE super fair prices AND the shop looks super well merchandised. So lucky to have that near you! I followed 🙂

  6. Adding to the FL list- @atomicjunkiesmoderngallery is based in Winter Park and is run by the nicest people. Their mid-century couch collection is second to none!

  7. @foundfurnishings is a small business in midland, texas and they have the most amazing finds! they’ve been selling a lot on instagram this week! thanks for doing this, emily. such a great way to support small business!

  8. shameless plug ? for @contextvintage (me!) bunches of us in Dallas handling “contact-free” complimentary porch deliveries…thx so much for writing up new accounts to follow for some much needed eye-candy!

    1. I follow y’all on my vintage stalking account!!! HUGE FAN. I love your chairish — have favorited SO MANY PIECES over the years!

  9. @megan.d.miller – she doesn’t sell items but frequently shares the best finds from eBay and Etsy – her picks are always so well curated and priced fairly.

  10. Hi! What a fantastic list! Could you include Good Bones Vintage? We’ve been thrilled to pop up in a round up of yours, way back when, and are long-time readers & followers! @Good_bones_vintage

    1. I also highly recommend @atomic_furnishing. Great vintage finds, great rugs and gorgeous local artwork.

      1. @atomic_furnishing has amazing rugs. I love how she rolls them out in stories. And your feed is great, too! Thank you for sharing.

  11. There are SO many amazing small, female owned vintage stores delivering in LA: @iridiuminteriors, @secretshophome , @popuphome, @45threestreetmodern, @badlandsvintage! Check these all out please, they need your business!

    1. YES. I could do a whole writeup about LA vendors!!! A few more Socal favorites in addition to the ones you’ve listed:

      – @shop_rdc
      – @inthecomfortof_
      – @berdoo_modern
      – @goodwillhunted
      – @reitterdesignstudio
      – @aflcoolstuff
      – @mcm4eeis
      – @bakersfieldmodern
      – @hida_modern
      – @cccvintage
      – @jaychromcraft
      – @ralphies_resale
      – @_os_vintage
      – @areiadesigns
      – @hovik_babakhanyan
      – @pepesthriftshop

  12. Lincoln, Nebraska: Home and Closet Vintage! Used to have a brick&mortar, now solely on Instagram. They deliver to Omaha and Lincoln for free. 🙂 @homeandclosetvintage
    Chicago with delivery from CHI all the way to KC: Waldo Midcentury! @waldomidcentury

      1. Home and Closet’s stuff sells SO quickly but they’re incredibly good at finding unique little pieces like that and selling them affordably!

    1. Also meant to add, @startswithvintage in Omaha! Can’t believe they slipped my mind because I got a pair of yellow upholstered chairs, an ottoman, a recliner, and a PLYCRAFT CHAIR from them for v v cheap. They’re doing a fun flash sale (all items less than $100!) during quarantine with free holds!

  13. Philadelphia, NJ, and New York: @pickedvintage

    I’ve purchased three pieces of furniture and my husband has purchased a few knickknacks from Jen. She is wonderful. You won’t be disappointed!

    1. OOO I’m excited to check this one out!!! I’m originally from the Philly area so def recommending this to my friends and fam still back there 🙂

  14. My friend is a vintage reseller and she sources some of the most amazing pieces! Her instagram is also very on point: @PortlandRevibe. She’s based in Portand, OR but sells to folks all over the world. She also sources unique items for retailers and other commercial projects, so she’s your gal if you’re looking to find something killer for your design project.

  15. Huntclubvintage! @huntclubvintage

    I’m vintage rattan, mid century traditional and modern, art and chinoiserie. Faux bamboo and Chinese Chippendale as well I! Thanks so much, back to homeschooling!!!!

  16. For anyone in Dallas – @modified_home, @shopvintagedallas and @theeclecticdendallas are my favorites!! Amazing prices!

  17. new york: @porterjamesny & @adaptationsny & @homeunion
    new orleans:
    dallas: @againdallas

    moving to dc – any recommendations near there?? thanks for this post, just what I needed today x

  18. I love this!! I am also a vintage lover/seller. @numberfivehome
    Can’t wait to check out all of the other pages.

  19. Thanks for this write up on all these amazing shops. Some I know, some I don’t and will definetly be following. And thanks for the opportunity to share ours.
    Casa Boheme Studio @
    We are a small business in the artsy town of St. Petersburg, FL and recently launched a new website stocked with of-the-moment vintage. We also just released our first capsule collection, The Parisian Modern, monochromatic minimalism meets the aged and ornate. Would love for you to check it out!

  20. I have bought several MCM pieces from @goldenagedesign in Robbinsdale MN just outside Minneapolis. They are great people, their shop is lovely, and their selection is fun and fluid.

  21. Shameless plug for my vintage shop @6thanddetroit in Long Beach, Ca 🙂 We have a brick and mortar but sell primarily on our Instagram. Would love for you to check us out! Thanks for sharing the love of other small vintage shops x

    1. omg Michelle, I love you guys!!! I almost bought your mauve coffee table when you first got it in but it was a lil too short for my sofa. Y’all have some incredible inventory!!

  22. Hi! Thanks for all these account suggestions! If you’re in the market for vintage rugs, I sell on Instagram @foundhomeshop
    Based in Atlanta, Ga but I do ship! Thanks! 🙂

  23. Central FL- @swancityupcycle Has delivered great mid century pieces to me. Cutest newlywed couple started it.

  24. Thank you for sharing! We love seeing everyone’s finds. We run a vintage e-commerce and sourcing business called Portland Revibe out of Portland Oregon.

    We ship worldwide and support our local vendors, artisans and shops. We have around 250 new products launching in the next couple weeks! Feel free to check out all of our current and new inventory via our Instagram page: @portlandrevibe and web:

  25. Portland, Oregon — Me @ninedoorsvintage
    Global eclectic style, mostly home decor and artwork. On Etsy for 12 years and Facebook Marketplace (free meet ups for locals!) I also consign in Portland at ReRun.

  26. Thanks for sharing. We love having @midmodcollective in Knoxville. They ship all over as well.

  27. Can you expand on the comment on the ‘silk road’ for furniture deliveries? How do you find out about these shippers and who is driving which routes? Thanks!

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