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Desperate For More Storage? Here’s 105 Product Picks To Satisfy Your EVERY Storage Need

My name is Ryann and I am desperate for storage. You may already know this because I’ve written about this subject a billion times, but for those of you just tuning in here’s all you need to catch up: I live in an apartment with my fiancé and dog and we have only a single, very small closet for storage. You know it’s a grim situation when there are clothes in bathroom cabinets and important documents in kitchen drawers–but we make it work (mostly because we have to).

So, when it comes to storage woes, I am well versed but always looking for more solutions. In the past year or so, I’ve found it’s essential to focus on making the most of both open and closed storage options in order to create a space that doesn’t feel like storage is a top priority. Obviously you want your pretty things to be displayed and your not-so-pretty things hidden, but to really savor every inch of a space you must take advantage of storage furniture and think outside the “storage ottoman”. As this has been a design agony of mine for quite some time, through trial and error, I’ve come up with some basic Do’s and Don’ts:

  • DO ask yourself what pieces of furniture you could fit into your space that can offer open or closed storage or both. My motto is “anything can be a closet if you try hard enough.”
  • DON’T store prettier items like blankets or shoes in closed storage when you have closets overflowing (try putting them in a basket instead where they can be “put away” but not hidden allowing more room in closed storage for your undesirable things).
  • DO make sure you have a mix of storage and non storage furniture so your space doesn’t feel boxy or visually stuffy.
  • DON’T think you have to skimp on style when it comes to storage furniture–that’s what we’re here for!

With these tips and A WHOLE LOT of product roundups, my hope is this will be the holy grail roundup of beautiful storage furniture and products that will help solve all your problems. May we all satisfy our storage needs in the year 2021. Let’s get to it. 


photo by sara ligorria-tramp | from: makeover takeover: julie’s huge (diy packed) bedroom update

Baskets are cute as decor and can be great for freeing up precious storage space. I am team throw shoes in a basket because A) I am lazy and B) baskets take up less visual space than a shoe rack. Baskets are also ideal for towels, blankets, magazines, and anything that you wouldn’t mind guests taking a peek at.

1. Dotted Green Basket Set | 2. Open Weave Basket | 3. Handmade Tuscan Laundry Basket | 4. Black Mustard Patterned Basket | 5. Diani Natural Basket | 6. Mushroom Basket | 7. Set of 2 Abaca Baskets | 8. Handwoven Jute Storage Baskets | 9. Swirl Seagrass Baskets | 10. Lidded Seagrass Basket | 11. Garissa Khaki Basket | 12. Patterned Grass Hamper

Lidded baskets such as #6, #10, and #12 are a dream for storing shoes or toys. They can be filled to the brim and you don’t have to worry about what’s inside looking “stylish”. Also, how adorable would #6 be in a kid’s room or nursery??? Too cute.


photo by sara ligorria-tramp | from: makeover takeover: jess’s long waited (small space) living room

I’ll be honest, I thought my living room would be complete sans ottoman until I realized I needed to use one to maximize storage. It would be a missed opportunity and there are plenty of ottomans that beautiful, functional, and good for storing blankets (or shoes..or puzzles..or dog toys etc., etc.).

1. Burnout Velvet Ottoman | 2. Skirted Storage Ottoman | 3. Round Storage Ottoman | 4. Set of 2 Round Velvet Ottomans | 5. Boucle Storage Ottoman | 6. Handmade Rattan Ottoman | 7. Eliot Storage Ottoman | 8. Round Tufted Ottoman | 9. Vintage Upholstered Ottoman | 10. Skirted Storage Ottoman | 11. Tufted Square Ottoman | 12. Mid-Century Storage Ottoman

If you want your ottoman to also be a statement piece, a vintage piece like #9 would certainly turn heads. In fact, if you are looking to add pattern or color to a room, ottomans are a great way to do So. For a pop of color, look no further than #7 and #10, which can be customized (and you have a ton of fabric and pattern options to chose from).


photo by sara ligorria-tramp | from: mountain house reveal: our calm scandinavian master bedroom

Benches are a great option for entry, living room, or bedroom storage. Basically, wherever you can fit a bench I say go for it–especially if you are desperate for more storage–just make sure to vary your surrounding furniture so there you have a variety of heights and sizes (i.e. you wouldn’t want to put a storage bench next to a media cabinet or credenza that is of the height/width).

1. Vintage Storage Bench | 2. Petite Deep Storage Ottoman | 3. Modern Bench | 4. Lorraine Tufted Storage Bench | 5. Folsom Bench | 6. Vintage Lowboy Dresser | 7. Short Vintage Bench | 8. Steen Storage Bench | 9. Schmit Upholstered Storage Bench| 10. Large Catch-All Sand Bench | 11. Acacia Wood Storage Bench | 12. Upholstered Flip Top Storage Bench

If I had the space and funds, I would buy #7 in a second. I love the legs and the classic mid-century shape (and it’s vintage!). On the other hand, I love the traditional style of #4 and I know for a fact my mischievous dog Gus would love to make #8 his personal nap spot.

Coffee Tables

photo by sara ligorria-tramp | from: a colorful, happy home makeover for an incredibly deserving family

Coffee tables with storage are usually my least favorite category. It’s unfortunate when you want a beautiful, sculptural coffee table and instead have to opt for something a little more functional, which is why we scoured the internet to find the prettiest options out there. Spoiler alert: these ones are VERY good.

1. Williams Coffee Table | 2. Upholstered Storage Ottoman | 3. Reclaimed Storage Table | 4. Purl Rotating Coffee Table | 5. Antonina Coffee Table | 6. Cane Accent Storage Table | 7. Benchwright Rectangular Coffee Table | 8. Wood Coffee Table | 9. Distrikt Coffee Table | 10. Les Revoires Coffee Table | 11. Paityn Coffee Table | 12. Drum Storage Coffee Table | 13. Dean White and Oak Coffee Table | 14. Industrial Pop-Up Table | 15. Valeria Coffee Table

If you are worried about having a lot of boxy, rectangular furniture, you can’t go wrong with a round storage coffee table like #4. Varying shapes of furniture is always important to open up a space and create visual interest. However, a table with an open bottom shelf can have the same effect and can be a place to style coffee table books.

Credenzas And Media Cabinets

photo by sara ligorria-tramp | from: new moto reveal: emily bowser’s refreshed for function small living room reveal

Credenzas and media cabinets are a classic storage solution. Since most of us need somewhere to put our TVs anyway, a media cabinet or credenza is the perfect place to sneak in some extra storage, but you can really put them anywhere space permits.

1. Elson TV Stand | 2. Studio McGee x Target Media Stand | 3. Claire Sideboard | 4. Kyra Media Console Table | 5. Solna Media Console | 6. Warwick TV Stand | 7. Aubrey Media Console | 8. Windham Large TV Stand | 9. Burled Media Console | 10. Modular Media Console | 11. Reflect Rattan Credenza | 12. Sage Green Media Console | 13. BESTA Unit | 14. Edison TV Stand | 15. Avers Media Cabinet | 16. HAVSTA Unit | 17. Luke Media Console | 18. Foundry Media Console | 19. Ivy Media Console | 20. White Wash Teak Credenza | 21. Aged Brass Sideboard

If you are really short on storage space, a fully enclosed credenza would be your best bet, but those with open and closed shelving can create more visual interest and styling opportunities. It’s hard to even pick my favorite but #2 is up there along with #5 and #20.

Bar Cabinets

photo by sara ligorria-tramp | from: sara’s living and dining room reveal

In the world of desperate storage, bar cabinets can be linen closets, wardrobes, shoe storage, office supply closets, WHATEVER YOU NEED THEM TO BE. There are no rules when your things desperately need a home. For example, the bar cabinet I have stores my fiancé’s clothes and some toiletries which actually works out wonderfully since he gets up before me. This way, he can get ready in the dining room without waking me up which makes us both happier in the long run. Sometimes we all win when rules are broken :).

1. Fayette Bar Cabinet | 2. Tamboured Bar Cabinet | 3. Bauer Bar Cabinet | 4. Juneau Bar Cabinet | 5. Dark Wood Bar Cabinet | 6. Mid-Century Bar Cabinet | 7. Vintage Mid-Century Bar Cabinet | 8. 2-Door Accent Cabinet |9. Hand-carved Samuel Cabinet | 10. Blue Accent Cabinet | 11. Vintage Walnut Bar Cabinet | 12. Adna Bar Cabinet

I was given #3 second hand and it’s one of my favorite pieces in my home. Like I said before, my fiancé uses it to store most of his clothes and it’s our biggest reliever of precious closet space. The best thing about bar cabinets is they are super versatile and bring a ton of charm to a space. They can store a myriad of things while also looking so good.

Clothing Racks

photo by sara ligorria-tramp | from: velinda’s budget bathroom and bedroom makeover

Having clothes out on display is not the most ideal, but it is better than having vacuums or exercise equipment in plain view. And in any case, who says fashion can’t be decor?

1. Minimalistic Clothes Rack | 2. Flex Modular Clothing Rack | 3. Rainbow Clothing Rack | 4. Metal Clothing Rack with Wooden Shelf | 5. Gold Clothing Rack with Shelf | 6. Black Dark Grey Iron Minimal Rail | 7. Faux Marble Clothing Rack | 8. Gold Metal Clothing Rack | 9. Tikas Clothes Rack

I love the idea of #1 especially if floor space is limited (perhaps it could be an easy enough DIY? DIYers what do you think??). #4, #5 and #9 would be ideal in a small bedroom or entry and I love the unique shape of #7.

Armoires and Wardrobes

photo by tessa neustadt | from: staging my dream parisian hotel suite with sotheby’s

If space permits, a wardrobe or armoire is the most chic way you can add another closet to your home without renovating. I personally think armoires look intriguing in any room and offer the best closed storage, hence why they are my favorite category of furniture.

1. Antique French Armoire | 2. Luz Armoire | 3. Cane & Oak Armoire | 4. Moro Armoire | 5. Cane Wardrobe | 6. 1930s Deco Wardrobe | 7. Vintage Teak Armoire | 8. Brayden Reclaimed Armoire | 9. Solid Cherry Armoire | 10. Annie Charcoal Storage Cabinet| 11. Gemini Armoire | 12. Room & Board Armoire

My dream is to one day have a home where I can put an armoire in every room. No, I am not kidding. I love the look and aesthetic they bring to a space not to mention, yep you guessed it, they’re unsung storage heros. I can picture something like #1 or #8 bringing much needed vintage charm into any room and I am OBSESSED with the oval shapes of #3 #5 and #10. In my opinion, when it comes to armoires you really can’t go wrong.

Alright friends, you’ve finally made it to the end of yet another storage roundup from yours truly. What other kinds of storage or org post do you want to see from us? Let me know in the comments. xx

Opener Image Credit: Photo by Sara Ligorria-Tramp | From: In Defense of the Comfy Sectional—A Friend’s Almost-Finished Family Room


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67 thoughts on “Desperate For More Storage? Here’s 105 Product Picks To Satisfy Your EVERY Storage Need

  1. Last night I was scouring the internet looking for a bookshelf and when I saw this article I thought it would be my lucky day! Sad to see no bookshelves but this is such an amazing list, I know I’ll definitely be purchasing things from here soon.

    1. The horizontal carson shelf from target is a nice one. the tall version is junky. We have both and the horizontal one seems 200 x nicer in quality and aesthetic! I would have them around the perimeter of my entire house if that wouldn’t be weird!

    2. I do bracket and standard shelves for books and closet storage. They’re affordable, you can customize them exactly and when disassembled they don’t take up much room. I get solid wood shelves for the ones that are in public view so they look a bit nicer! Highly recommend.

  2. Ryann, nice work!

    I’ve been lucky enough to only once live in a place with extremely limited storage. However, that said, my house now does have sections of the main bedroom built-in wardrobe dedicated to: linen; general storage; and important papers. Ugh!

    My house has an amazingly serious in-floor safe with the double spinner lock thing – you know, like 2 turns on the big dial, then 6 on the little dial. But… when the painters were here during my first restoration of the place, they played with it and locked it!!
    Unfixable! I’ve researched.
    All the experts said it can’t be cracked and would have to be drilled out and replaced, at a huge cost! So ut sits there under a chest of drawers, empty and useless. So my important papers are not in the safe.

    Some nice eye candy alternatives for storage here. Unfortunately, the benches, bar carts and armoires were all pricey and likely beyond a lot of people’s means. The rest have a good range of price points.

    Makes me more pumped to get stuck into reorganization once I have my house to myself.

    1. Oh, my goodness. I got excited when I started to read about your floor safe, but what a shame that it can’t be unlocked for you to use!

      1. Haha… my nephew and his wife are nurses, and once I’m free I’m going to borrow a stethoscope long-term, move that chest of drawers and try and crack the safe! 🤣😂
        Ya never know…I might get lucky!

  3. Our second (forever) home is really good sized but you still have to maximize every little place to keep organized and know where stuff is! This is my 2021 battle to organize and get rid of stuff I’ve held on to for too many years “just in case”… I am taking it one little section of my house at a time and really celebrating the results. I would love a round up for mudroom things

  4. I’ve been pining over number 17 in the credenza section forEVER but it’s actually $3499, not $1499. Unfortunately!

    1. When I saw that my first thought was, wow, Crate and Barrel decided to make a cheap knock-off!!! I was so excited! And then my heart sunk when I clicked on the link…

    2. Not to mention the shipping! Crate and Barrel and CB2 have crazy high shipping costs. There was a bed I really wanted, but the shipping was $300! I am unfortunate to live in a state with no retail locations within 100 miles of me.

  5. Great post! However, here is a controversial opinion: sometimes not having extra storage is actually best because it prevents you from hoarding stuff or buying new things. My husband and I recently moved in a 2 bed condo, and sometimes I wish we had more storage. But then I remind myself how we used to live in a TINY studio and were fine.

    1. Totally agree. All my closets were feeling jammed recently and after a careful sorting and selling and giving away weekend, I found myself with extra, unused storage space (and am no longer holding onto things I don’t use or love!) Storage is wonderful and necessary but constraint is good too!

    2. Yes! Sometimes I wish my house was bigger. I’m surrounded by ginormous mansions!
      Then, I remember that my cottage is like a hug, an original 100 year old house that gas everything I need and then some.
      I have an astonishingly beautiful garden (I designed it and I still can’t believe how it turned out!) and wild birds that choose me to feed them, my scruffy dawg….
      I’m absolutely fine in my Old Girl. 🤗

  6. I see some other comments requesting a round up of shelves, and more specifically, wall units. I’ve been considering doing a combo from Floyd or maybe Rakks. What I’m envisioning is lots of shelving for books and art with a designated spot for a tv (either wall mounted or sitting on a shelf). In my dream set up there would also be a shelf that could be swapped for a desk top for working from home days. String (DWR) looks like it could work but it’s pricey and doesn’t really match our home’s aesthetic. Anyone have suggestions?

    1. The Container Store’s Elfa is actually a great alternative for the wall units. There is a desk piece that you can put in one of the sections, or multiple if you need more desk space. It’s completely customizable with different bracket and shelving choices. Here’s one example:écor-8'-grey-office/123d?productId=11011274

      I also looked at IKEA’s SVALNÄS, which looks like it has good options.ÄS

      1. I put the Svalnas up in my daughter’s small room and it looks great. It should come with a warning, though – it is a pain in the ass to get on the wall!
        I’m in the UK and we were allowed to have family visit on Christmas Day only, so my dad and I spent 3 hours doing it whilst my husband and mom got slowly drunk cooking Christmas lunch.
        Worked out well for all of us in the end!

        1. That’s good to know about the Svalnas. I’ve used Elfa, both in closets and in a craft room, and my husband finds the install easy.

    2. Did you look at Room & Board’s collection “Beam”? They have a fold down desk, bookcases, open shelves, closed shelves, etc… in different depths, colors, woods, etc…

      1. Thanks for sharing this! I hadn’t seen the desk piece. I love Room & Board – we are actually having a bed from there delivered tomorrow. Maybe over time they will update their site to show more configurations. I live close to a brick and mortar so I can head over sometime soon.

  7. Sorry but that still doesn’t solve people’s clutter. The vertical space is not utilized. Unless you have big walk-in closets and pantry you need big wardrobes, tall bookshelves and build-ins. A basket might add clutter unless you have lots of floor space and can get away with minimal living. I can’t. I have clothes to store and toys to hide.

    1. I’ve found that at some point you just have to do an edit and consider if you have too much stuff. Most people do. There’s a baseline of things we all have (clothes, toiletries, etc) and it’s hard to reduce past that level, but I find that when I’m squeezed on space I can usually identify at least half a dozen things I haven’t touched in a long time. My space is about 400 sf and I can’t deal with clutter so I have to be pretty ruthless, but I find I rarely miss the things I donate or give away. I’m also pretty shocked when I go to other people’s homes and see how many clothes and shoes they have – that stuff can take up a LOT of room. I wish I could store more clothes so that I wouldn’t have to pay to wash them as frequently, but it’s not worth losing the space to store other things out of sight!

      1. I used to have masses of clothes and shoes…seriously, masses!
        Niw, I don’t. I can find what to wear so much morewasily, I don’t buy stuff and not wear it and it takes up quite a small space!

    2. Yeah I keep wondering that, if Ryann has it all sorted, why aren’t we seeing what SHE has done?!?!?🧐

  8. I have that Room & Board armoire (#12), and it is really wonderful. Cedar lined. We took the shelves out of the top and use the hanging bar that’s included for hanging storage, and the two drawers below are spacious.

  9. I’d like to see a roundup of outdoor storage. I searched the site and after looking at 6+ pages of results, I didn’t see anything about sheds or big deck benches that could hold rakes, pitchforks, spades, or push lawnmowers. I’d rather not use the easy solution and get one of the plastic sheds or deck benches that are for sale at all the big box home improvement stores (I haven’t seen one that would look good next to my mid-century ranch house, anyway).

    I’d hope EHD could feature some beautiful products made of natural materials!

    1. There are some really cool pre-fab modern storage units. Google that and I bet you will find some goodies!

  10. Lots of fine pieces here! It’s enough to give a person ideas! One thing I always struggle with is my husband’s insistence on draping his clothes over a chair in the bedroom. I keep looking for some sort of valet that would allow him to do the same without using up the chair! They are hard to find. Also, ideas for hooks in various places like closets, bedroom, bathrooms, hallways, kitchens. And finally- what’s up with the ugly, flimsy, 2′ towel bars placed in the wrong spot to be useful, and not big enough to hold 2 towels when they are wet and you want them to have enough space to dry? Now, if you can solve these problems, I will be eternally grateful!

    1. I was so lucky to find a vintage valet at an antique fair for $10 just before the pandemic hit. It sits on my husband’s side of the bed, and he mostly uses it.

      We just added hooks across an entire wall in the bathroom, so that towels can be hung over multiple hooks to dry more easily. Poor placement of towel bars and too few drive me crazy!

    2. Roberta… check out 2nd hand. Older valets are great! Specifically designed for men’s gear!

  11. I got excited about coffee table #13 as a cute budget option, but after looking at it on Wayfair, I don’t think it actually opens up for storage :(. Probably should remove it from this post about storage options..

  12. Ahhhhh! That first photo was such a naughty tease! I was really looking forward to some shelving units in this post, but sadly, no recommendations. Back to the drawing board!

  13. This is great!
    Do you have any recommendations for storage ottomans big enough to act as a coffee table? Most of the benches are too narrow and everything I can find is that fake leather!
    Thank you!

  14. This is great thank you!
    Do you have any recommendations or suggestions for Ottomans that can serve as coffee tables as well? Most of the benches are too narrow and the coffee tables are not upholstered… looking for the perfect marriage of the two!

  15. Armoires are great and offer tons of great storage but I do have another suggestion- a low profile bed with storage drawer.
    We have one- king size- and it is perfect- lots of king size storage for blankets, pajamas and extra pillows (favorite stuffed animal) . I don’t know what I would do without it- so handy.

    1. I have a small bedroom and I think a storeage bed is what I need. Armoires take up so much space! Where did you get yours?

  16. Armoires are definitely the great storage “secret. First there are tons of them out there for very little money or even free. Why? Because everyone has a flat screen now. If the back has been cut out to fit the TV that hole can easily be covered with a piece from your local Home Depot or Lowe’s. Then you can add shelves or baskets to store whatever. The great thing is that it can be painted to match your decor. I have one that was given to me by a friend because she moved and they couldn’t get it up the stairs because of it’s height.
    It was a rustic finish. I painted the whole thing white and the drawers and doors peacock blue. She holds craft projects and Christmas decor. So many things found a home in Big Bertha. Our local Habitat store always has several armoires at great prices.
    You get great storage and the dump gets less furniture. You can save money while you also help save the planet….because we all know what Rusty says about 🌏 B.

    1. I have a giant TV armoire from Pier1 25 years ago I’m still using. I have 2 gold kallax under-shelf wire baskets from Ikea hanging from the shelf to help “fill in” that huge area where the TV used to be. Also, I have it placed on the diagonal in the corner of our apartment bedroom. You can hide a LOT of things behind it in that little triangle of space! I consider it to be our attic.

  17. FYI, Anthropologie has the #9 coffee table for $1295, which is about $500 less than Burke Decor. Looks exactly like it!

  18. Love is post, but my biggest, most complex storage woe isn’t addressed- I’m an artist/maker and figuring out functional art studio storage (that is also reasonable is tough. For research, my categories are: watercolor painting papers and pads (dry storage and wet while I’m working on several pieces at a time), paint brushes and mark making tools, empty frames, knitting tools and yarn, fabric and sewing, plus typical office type stuff. Flat files are awesome and a good depth for paper, but tools get lost in there and they are SO expensive and big! Filing cabinets are okay, but hanging files aren’t really big enough for 9×12 work and I need more shallow drawers. I think maybe a barrister bookcase would be a good yarn solution, but it wouldn’t work for fabric. (Actually I have fabric in a dresser stacked vertically and that works well)
    See! Complicated!

    1. I get you! I have similar storage dreams. I’m hoping that one day I find an old map filing thingo. The drawers are big enough and deep enough…. still looking….

  19. Some of the storage problems l have solved: vintage small sewing chest with draws for toiletries, beautiful vases and boxes for glasses and earbuds etc, a metal file cabinet with boxes to divide in my closet for linens and lingerie and hats and scarves. Cannot recommend this enough as it was cheap and it stores so much.

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