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What You Bought Last Month: Including Some Very Pretty Home Essentials

Happy Friday ladies and gentlemen. Back by popular demand, today I am giving you a peek into our sales data and unveiling our top 10 best-selling items from last month. You always seem to surprise us with what you are purchasing month to month, which is no doubt why these posts are so fun and successful. I mean, for MONTHS an infrared sauna blanket was the #1 hit, which baffled and intrigued us to no end. So truly, it’s a treat to share these insights with you, and we love to hear who bought what so be sure to comment below! I personally love this particular top 10 bestseller list, and not just because one of my favorite things clocked in at #1 :). This list is certified gold as far as I am concerned so if you’ll join me, let’s get right into it starting with #10.

10. Brian’s Red Wing® Iron Ranger Boots

To kick off the list we have these men’s Red Wing Iron Ranger boots. According to Em, “After years of wearing Target knockoffs, Brian finally allowed himself to splurge on these for his 44th birthday.” And Mallory says her boyfriend also loves Red Wings and wore them religiously in college to endure the frigid Pittsburgh winters. Coincidentally, my husband wears his Red Wings to work every day and I also have a pair 🙂 If you or your partner needs a new boot this season, these are very good.

9. EHD’s Favorite Lumbar Faux Leather Throw Pillow

This lumbar pillow has been an EHD staple for years. We recently used it in a shoot coming to you soon, Emily styled it in her mountain house primary bedroom, it appears in Emily Bowser’s guest room, and maybe just maybe you will see it in my bedroom reveal one day since I just picked it up from my local Target a few months ago. It really is such good quality for the price and in my case, it makes my completely undesigned bedroom look way more pulled together.

8. Ryann’s Halloween Skeleton Candle

Ahhh a Halloween decor piece made the cut! Who knew when I shared this in The Link Up at the beginning of October that it would be such a hit? Here’s my original sales pitch: “I have been seeing this candle, or a version of this candle, all over TikTok for the past 2 weeks. I have never seriously decorated my home for Halloween but my moody living room could easily be transformed into a witchy dark academia Halloween vibe which sounds very fun. So yes, this cute candle definitely piqued my interest.” If you snagged this one, I would love nothing more than to see it styled out in your space!

7. Mallory’s Women’s Utility Chore Jacket

It’s not a shirt, it’s not a jacket, but a secret third thing formally referred to as the shacket. In October, we did a whole roundup post on all of the shackets that we love and I can see that we aren’t the only ones who felt drawn to this one. In fact, Mallory has it in the mustard color and had this to say about it: “My shacket is $35 and so comfy. I sized down to an XS and I have very long arms so I’d recommend going on the smaller size unless you wanna really lean into the oversized fit (which is also cool). The color is one of my favorite colors to wear and is generally hard to find, and I’ve been getting lots of compliments on it which always feels good:).”

6. Amber Lewis Etsy Collection

Chic holiday decor is just a click away with Amber Lewis’ new collection on Etsy. We are all quite obsessed with all the pieces like this Christmas stocking, this hand-stitched leather wood holder, and the wrapping cloths that come in a variety of colors and patterns (my favorite is the dark green checkered). What did you all snag from the collection?? Sound off in the comments below!

5. Emily’s Glass 18pc Dinnerware Set

It’s no surprise that this dinnerwear set made the top seller list last month. They’ve been a staple in Emily’s kitchen for years and she had this to say about them: “Once again I’m singing the praises of our crazy affordable and long-lasting glass plates and bowls. I only needed to buy one set (so we have 12 of each) because we had 8 already, but here’s my pitch if you haven’t heard it yet. These plates are extremely flat, lightweight, and durable which means that the kids can easily set the table, do their own dishes, and easily load them into the dishwasher (it’s so satisfying, I’ll be doing a reel about it soon). While I love handmade pottery plates, those are more like the modern-day “fine china” – great for special occasions. But for day-to-day, I will only use these – little bowls for cereal in the morning, side plates for lunches for them, and dinner plates for everything else.”

4. Jess’ Blow Dry Mist Heat Protectant Spray

Next up we have this blowdry mist that Jess discovered while getting her hair done for a wedding she was in. Here’s her endorsement: “I have a hair product rec from the gals who did our hair and makeup. It’s this blow dry mist. When I asked what it did after seeing it on the table next to me all three of the hairdressers raved about it! Apparently, it’s great for all hair types, is a heat protectant, cuts your drying time dramatically, AND is only $15. Ummm you don’t have to tell me twice. Add to cart.”

We actually got a swift response in the following week’s comments from Chrissie, a reader who bought it and said this: “GUYS!!! I tried the 14 dollar hair mist (by Kristin Ess) from last week’s link-up and IT IS A GAME CHANGER. I didn’t post this on last week’s link up because I didn’t want the comment to go unnoticed and NOT because I’m secretly Kristin Ess herself lol. Anyway, it TRULY cuts down on drying time and it makes me look like I got my (very long) hair done professionally. Just spreading the good word!!” This comment made our week! So glad you love it, Chrissie.

3. Emily’s Apple Chai Woodwick Candle 

We all love a fall candle and this one received a “Hell yes” from everyone on the shoot that Emily got it for. Here’s the scoop from Em: “I got to shoot Anne and Richard’s house this past week and man it was incredible. And like for any shoot, there was lots of shopping to get styling pieces and candles are always a must. We picked up this Apple Chai scented one from Target that we all loved. It got us in the fall spirit and it was so pretty. The leather wrapping is such a nice detail and makes it look way more expensive than it is. Plus it’s big (14oz)! You can’t beat it for $15.”

2. Emily’s Heavyweight Linen Blend Comforter & Sham Set

This beautiful blush comforter and sham set was the star of the very first *first round* farmhouse guest room reveal! Here’s what Em had to say: “I opted for the Casaluna comforter set (instead of the duvet set) because Brian’s parents are top sheet people, which means that we don’t have to wash the comforter each time, just the sheets (and they are likely our only guests). But besides that, I had just styled with it in another shoot and the comforter is SO FLUFFY and cozy, and then I didn’t have to buy an insert.” Who else bought this comforter set?? We wanna see!

1. Ryann’s High-Rise Dolphin Shorts

Coming at #1 are these high rise dolphin sweatshorts that I never want to take off. The quality and softness of these shorts are undefeated and for $12 they are almost too good to be true. As I mentioned in The Link Up, after getting a pair myself and realizing how good they are, I bought a pair for all of my bridesmaids in lieu of bridesmaid robes. Suffice it to say, they make a great gift and come in a variety of colors, too!

That’s all for today, my friends. Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend! xx

Opener Image Credit: Design by Carly Waters | Styling by Velinda Hellen | Photo by Sara Ligorria-Tramp for The New Design Rules


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22 thoughts on “What You Bought Last Month: Including Some Very Pretty Home Essentials

  1. Since the lumbar pillow has been out of stock for months, how did it make this list? Is this list based on how many people click link or actual sales data from sellers?

    1. I keep debating about that one and checking on it so I know it goes in and out of stock pretty often. It’s currently available for pick-up at quite a few Target stores near me so perhaps people are choosing that purchase option.

    2. When I got mine awhile back (Bowser’s guest room did it for me), and it was out of stock for months, but then I was able to have it shipped to my local store for pickup.

    3. I appreciate the replies to my question. Upon clicking link on lumbar pillow last month, it showed out of stock and I looked at several states/zip codes as well. So, it still leaves me wondering how EHD is basing their information – clicked links or actual data from contributing stores? If one goes into a store to purchase the pillow because it is not available online, how is this purchase connected back to an EHD follower? If something is showing available for pickup @ Target, one would think you head to store to grab one vs. going through the online process to check pickup.
      This is not the first time I have clicked on an item only to find it a sold out and I see it appear on the “ what you bought last month.” List. Why this latest list prompted my inquiry.

  2. Has anyone lit the candle? I found the little wood wicks to be crazy…lots of wild sputtering, not restful at all. My BF was incredulous. And yes, I trimmed them down…makes no difference.

    1. The wood wick is supposed to simulate the sound of a crackling fire. So it’s intentional. Kind of a multi-sensory experience. I get the appeal but it’s not really my thing either. xo

  3. Kind of an odd place to ask this but it’s a last attempt at tracking down an item I’ve coveted for years! Can anyone help ID the light fixture seen in Emily’s holiday tablescape seen in this post: ? The item is actually linked in the article but it gives me a counterfeit site warning when I click on it and has done so for years! Can anyone help identify it or find a similar item?

    1. Can you describe the light fixture in your link? There are several so wasn’t sure which one. There are some really good super sleuths so hopefully you’ll get some luck.

        1. If you mean the pendant over the dining table (?) in the christmas table scape article it says “my new pendant hanging overhead (a relatively affordable find from Chairish I’m pretty obsessed with)” so uh thats probably not helpful but that might be why its not linked “properly” since its probably a vintage/antique find… But maybe somebody can identify the maker/designer!

        2. Here’s the “reveal” for that light fixture (and it does say “The light: We switched out the big pleated pendant for this triple pendant fixture that I got on Chairish”):

          “Linear brass triple pendant” or “brass billiard light” seems to find similar fixtures (but probably not exactly what you want): or

          1. sona, thanks! Just a fun hobby: I.Love.Finding.Stuff. I hereby appoint you president (and only member) of my fan club. 😂

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