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The Link Up: Jess’s Bold Summer Dress, Caitlin’s Self-Tanning Sunscreen (Yup, That’s A Thing), and Our Go-To Summer Shorts

Hello friends and welcome back. We’re so happy you stopped by and we can’t wait to get into this week’s link up. As you may have seen via Instagram, we had a couple photoshoots this week so we’re excited to say we’ve got some reveals coming at you very soon! Stay tuned for that, but for now please enjoy these EHD recs:

This week’s home tour is the one that everyone on our team cannot stop talking about…Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher’s entertainment barn. While we’re not 100% sure what “entertainment barn” means, this space is super unique and special and gave us a lot of feelings (and led to some debates – do we like grey wood?). We all collectively ooooed and aaahhhhed over the dining room (that plant styling?!) and the kitchen. What are your thoughts???

From Emily: My friend Joy Cho is Domino’s cover star! We’ve been friends for a LOOONG time (I designed her last living room, her studio and nursery/office like 10 years ago), and it’s so fun to see her dream home come to life – and then featured so heavily in a magazine! Check out her office tour here 🙂

From Mallory: I’m a HUGE Nespresso fan (I drink their coffee every day if not multiple times a day). They come out with fun limited edition flavors on occasion and this month’s flavor is so good that I could not NOT put it here and tell you all about it. What is it you say??? ICED COCONUT COFFEE. I’m drinking it as I type this and I am thoroughly enjoying every single luxuriously silky smooth sip so I had to share. Get these coffees and at $1 per coffee (depending on the sleeve/flavor) they’re SO much cheaper than drinking Starbucks every morning –– and you can recycle the pods. That is all 🙂

From Ryann: TW: This link is related to drug addiction and drug rehabilitation. I grew up in a small suburb called Simi Valley, Ca which was hit especially hard with the opioid and heroin epidemic around 2008. Ever since it became a massive problem in my hometown. It has never really gone away and I know so many families who have lost children and family members to heroin addiction and it has affected my own family in more ways than one. Just last week someone who I was very close to lost their life to this disease and his family is asking in lieu of flowers that people donate to a charity called Not One More. It’s a charity that started in Simi Valley by a family whose daughter tragically lost her life to overdose and they work to educate the community and give support to those affected. If you can donate that is amazing, but I felt compelled to write this because there is so much stigma around addiction and I hope the more people are informed the more we can help those who are in need of help and support. If you want to learn more about the history of drug addiction and the war on drugs, Chasing The Scream by Johann Hari is incredible and so eye opening.

From Albie: It should come as no surprise that as soon as it dropped, I shipped the Hilton Carter for Target collection. The faux plants did not disappoint, but the items I’ve been most impressed with — my new aprons! I snagged both the half & full apron for my husband and I respectively, and I’ll be getting a similar style elsewhere for the mini. The canvas and heather quality is so good — like “I’m surprised it didn’t cost more” good! I can’t wait to get into the garden with my apron, while the hubs is excited to finally have a workshop apron.

From Jess: If you are a millennial or just enjoy hilarious people then let me introduce you to Rod, an anxious millennial. I can’t even being to tell you how much fun it was to deep dive into his content. It’s funny, nostalgic, so relatable (well not the corporate job stuff:)), and light hearted. Plus the songs he uses are the best “blasts from the past”. I think it’s easier to binge his content on TikTok but his Instagram is great too. Enjoy!

Also From Jess: This fully vaccinated life has made me feel like a new woman and a part of that is wanting to dress up, be bold, give waaaay less Fs about how “loud” I’m dressing. So I bought this incredible dress/gown (that I didn’t think would fit as well as it did) from the Target x Christopher John Rogers collab and I actually wore it to a pretty casual dinner Friday night with High Top Chucks and a leather jacket. 2019 Jess would have NEVER. She would have been too scared of being overdressed and possibly standing out too much. Are we all feeling this way?? I hope so:) O and if it helps I’m wearing an 8.

From Caitlin: I just ordered my first pair of summer shorts! Arlyn actually introduced me to them when we shot this try-on post almost two years ago and I’ve been meaning to grab some ever since, but they sell out SO FAST every summer. They’re just under $40, so easy to wear, and the pull-on style means that you won’t be like “oh my GOD I only ate ONE THING why are the buttons on my pants so uncomfortable???” Big fan, highly recommended, and I can’t wait to look as cute as Arlyn did in that shoot 🙂

Also From Caitlin: Just want to flag that self-tanning sunscreen exists. You know, in case you’re like me, a person who is pale enough to have recently been described by a date as “bioluminescent,” and you’d like to enjoy some time outdoors next weekend without blinding anyone. (PS. If you’re just looking for regular sunscreen, I swear by this oil which locks in my moisturizer while making my whole body nice and dewy looking!)

That’s all for this week! Thanks for reading and have a very very lovely Sunday.

Opening Image Credits: Design by Joy Cho and Project M Plus | Photo by Bethany Nauert | via Domino

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2 years ago

Mila and Ashton’s home is neat, but it I’m reading correctly the gray walls are actually concrete made to look like boards. With concrete walls and those tall ceilings, I wonder what the acoustics are like?

2 years ago
Reply to  K

With you on the acoustics aspect. I hope that barn is for parties or something and not trying to watch a film.

The board-look concrete just means that wood planks were used as forms to hold the concrete in place as it dries. Using wooden forms leaves a particular surface texture and there are usually lines where two planks met up. It kind of looks like concrete columns were installed and then adhered together. It doesn’t make the concrete have wood grain or anything like that (which would also be neat). It’s a particular look that some like and some dislike.

2 years ago

Those are the best shorts!!! Thanks for the heads up that they are back. I may need more. Quick tio: size down. You THINK it’ll be too tight but they stretch out.

2 years ago

Ryann- I’m so sorry for your loss. I grew up in TO I’ve seen a lot of the Not One More stickers on cars, but never knew the origin, or how hard Simi has been affected. Thanks for shedding some light on the situation. I’m making a donation now!

2 years ago
Reply to  Rachel

I grew up in Simi Valley as well – though several years ago and I did not know this about my hometown. Thank you for sharing how we can help.

2 years ago

Arrgh! You definitely don’t need the hokey countrified music all through the tour! (Maybe just at the beginning and the end if you must?) Got so annoying I just put it on mute.

2 years ago

Where are those pink couches from in the top picture?

2 years ago
Reply to  sarah

I think that’s from the Kunis-Kutcher house tour. Usually the top pic is from the first link in the article.

2 years ago
Reply to  DeniseGK

Whoops, nope. It’s from the Domino tour.

2 years ago
Reply to  sarah

Interior Define – Charly

2 years ago

Joy Cho’s dress in that tour is so lovely! Waah, it’s almost $400. Maybe someone in the Junior League here will buy it and then donate later…

Annie K
2 years ago

CAITLIN that is the best inappropriate date comment I think I’ve ever heard. Bioluminescent. Hilarious. Thank you for sharing!

2 years ago

Ashton and Mila’s home is stunning! Not my taste, but so beautiful and it was interesting to hear about their process and values. All of that being said, the terms they use to describe elements of the property were cracking me up! I’m definitely going to start referring to our sad brick patio slab as our “barbecue pavilion” from here on out!

2 years ago

Please don’t promote Nespresso if you are serrious about the environment. Nestlé…

2 years ago

Jess, I am not a millennial at all but clicked oh Rod’s Tik Tok and he’s hilarious, even to this aging baby boomer. Thanks for sharing him on the Link Up.