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Oh Joy’s Nursery/Office official reveal + Shop The Look

Well folks, as you know, a couple of months ago we made-over Joy’s nursery/home office.  David Tsay shot it for American Baby Magazine and now it’s time for the big reveal. It’s time to show America where Baby Coco Cho is putting her adorable little face. America wants to know and it’s our job to answer. You probably already saw the ‘make0ver plan‘ and yesterday’s ‘mountain mural‘ post and if not, feel free to read it before you proceed. Or just jump right into it if you’re that kind of lady (or man).

Welcome to Joy’s gender neutral, multi-functional, home office and nursery for America’s own Coco Cho. I mean, Coco Cho. That girl will grow up to be either a comedian or a Politican. Coco Cho for Congress, 2024!!

Click through to see the whole makeover

Can’t you see the, ‘who’s this chick?’ expression of Joy’s face? I’ll assume it had to do with the fact that I have now designed almost every single one of Joy’s spaces. Hell, I might even renovate her perfectly good rental kitchen just to assert my power over her.

To recap – here was our nursery inspiration – neutral, modern, with a playful Scandinavian bent. Gray, white, with pops of color and we wanted it to feel really ‘fun’ but not too ‘baby’. Just to be clear – neither Bob nor Joy actually work out of this office during the day – they both have offices outside of the house. This would be where they would email at night, edit photos, pay bills, read my blog, watch my videos, photoshop me into their family photos, etc. Their family has grown but they still need somewhere in the house to get online and file their receipts (I’ve heard of people doing that, but I’m sure it’s an urban legend, like how people also ‘get their oil changed’).

At first we went this neutral:



But then we decided that Baby Coco Cho needed color and spice, not to mention some sort of statement wall treatment … especially since it was going to be in a magazine and all over the interwebs:

Mountain Scape

So we proposed this mountain mural and started pulling together Target,  vintage and custom pieces for the makeover. Here is what it looked like BEFORE we started (but after they started clearing it out, obviously).

oh joy nursery_before

It wasn’t really designed, pretty, and just generally not worthy of Joy, Bob, Ruby or America’s baby, Coco Cho. But now, the nursery makeover is all finished and little Coco Cho is in their sleeping through the night (surely) and snuggling with her mama all day (because her mama isn’t busy at all).


Wassup, happy room?  Sometimes it’s weird to write these posts and be like ‘look how fun this is!’ because it’s our own work. But, well, just look at how fun that is…. It’s been said that good design either costs a lot of money or a lot of time, and I usually agree. But that mountain mural only cost the amount of paint and tape and only took 1 day by us, not professionals. Had it been more intricate or needed to be very specific measurements then it might have taken longer, but this bad boy was whipped up by me taping it and Brady, Robbie and I painting it.

Blue Mountains: Dutchboy Lapis Enamel. Light Grey Mountains: Dutchboy Iced Cube Silver. Dark Grey Mountains: Dutchboy Handcast Pewter. Bottom Half of Wall: Dutchboy Silver Half Dollar. Sun: Benjamin Moore Sun City


I’m going to do this post in chapters, that way if you aren’t interested in 5 paragraphs about the curtains, you can just skip it, but if you are obsessed with curtains or curious why we did what we did, you’ll get that info.


Now, I’m already predicting your questions: 1. Why didn’t you install shades (that go up and down) instead of curtains (right to left)? and 2. Why not take the curtains all the way to the floor? Well, here’s the answer, it’s a long one and it was a total conundrum, believe me.

Those windows are huge, almost 8′ wide and while custom shades do come that long, they are VERY expensive (like $700- $1000 each), not including the fabric and very heavy (I have 8′ long ones that have broken already, they’ve been repaired, don’t worry). We could have broken it into two different shades per window, but that doesn’t change the cost, only increases it, and that would cause a pretty noticeable gap between the shades once they are down. When it comes to blackout shades and newborn babies, that crack in the middle of the day is a total bummer and could be the difference between a good sleeper and a bad one. I should know because we have them on both sides of Charlie’s room window (because we did inside mount instead of outside mount, which looks better but you know has its issues obviously). We have to shove a blanket in that gap and leave it like that all the time. Its not that big of a deal, but it didn’t seem like a smart move (plus it was out of our budget).

yellow and gray office

It didn’t make sense to go to the floor because both the dresser and the desks were shoved agains the wall. I thought to myself – can we really do short curtains instead of drapes? Can we pull this off? Do people even say ‘drapes’ anymore? Should we say and should we do curtains? And the answer was, ‘It will save us so much money and it’s actually way more functional, so lets give it a shot’. We priced it out and found a seamstress for $15 a panel. This is EXTRA-ORDINARILY cheap, and unfortunately I can’t share that info, but I found her on Craigslist. Most of the drapery places quoted $80/panel. We called around, got desperate for deals and even dropped Joy and my name like crazy (sometimes we resort to that, yes) and nobody seemed to want to come down on price.

These were 4 double panels (sewn together) so that would have been $360, which wasn’t crazy but we had a super tight budget (trying to keep the room under $2k not including the Target pieces which were gifted). So our lady produced these bad boys (and put them on proper hooks) for $60 total. I know. Oh and curtains are obviously WAY less fabric than long drapes. This fabric wasn’t cheap, like $20/yard and we needed 16 yards so that was already a huge expense. It doesn’t look like you would need that much fabric but in order to go across the whole width of the window and still have some body and volume, they needed to be double width. Generally you add at least a foot for hemming on the top and bottom, too. So I think we needed 4 yards per double panel, so 16 total.  By the way in case you are wondering what the not so fun tasks are as a designer, its figuring out EXACTLY how many yards you need without going over or under, and then doing a drawing to show that – which involves not just the total length, but the double hem size (1″ turn them 5″ hem). They only had 15 or 16 yards total so we were worried that we wouldn’t make it, but we had our lady just reduce the hem size. Once we installed them we realized that we weren’t loving the abruptness of the curtains when they WEREN’T pulled shut (in other words on the sides of the dresser when they were open) so we added some white ball fringe with fabric glue. Then we were happy. 

About the fabric: We found this fabric at The Fabric Store (it’s silk apparel fabric) and knew that it was our fabric. Joy loved it, Coco did a kick of approval, and even Bob was on board. It really set the color palette for the room. As much as we loved those neutral inspiration photos, life just got more fun after we found that fabric.


Lastly, almost, (geez, are you done hearing about the curtains yet?) we had purchased thick blackout fabric (it comes in fabric, vinyl and other plastic and paper-like forms) at a different fabric store, and I believe it was $6 a yard. We dropped off both the blackout fabric, our patterned fabric and the hooks to the lady and got them in 3 days. Again, this is unusual but if you are resourceful and risky enough you can often get away with finding unknown skillful people on Craigslist who and are just trying to make an extra buck on the weekend. They turned out BEAUTIFULLY made.

yellow and gray office


Those tops are the simple cheap white lacquer guys from Ikea, and then we got these legs from Pretty Pegs. We debated for hours about whether to do white or black or WHITE AND BLACK mixed together, but ultimately we decided that in order for the desk area to feel a bit more masculine, the black legs were the better choice. Joy and I always ere on the side of ‘white’, but we also ere on the side of babies and balloons, but that doesn’t mean that we sometimes don’t like how grounding black can be. The filing cabinets were also from Ikea (Target doesn’t really have that kind of office furniture) and we tricked them out by installing long handles on them and spray painted them gold. If you want to splurge you could also by the SchoolHouse Electric version of the handles.  But, it’s what’s on top that I love – these custom plexi desk blotter.



 (sounds like a controversial dance move) look good, and instagrams well and that’s really all that matters.  A desk blotter was traditionally made of leather to help protect the table (plus they are easy to write on). You don’t really need them with this table but I just love the way it really grounds everything. So we had these custom made by our plexi dude (what? you don’t have a plexi dude?).They have 50 colors and we chose gold for Joy, duh, and dark cobalt for Bob to work with the blue of the mountains. We gave them a drawing, to help facilitate the process. These were 36″ wide and 20″ deep, with a return on the front the same thickness as the desk). I believe the price of these were around $100 each. Not nothing, certainly, but man they are just so fun. I am curious how they have held up – I should ask that Joy lady.






P.S. that is a very good lamp, there. The desk chairs are similar to the ones that we have in our studio that we recovered in a fun pattern, and they are strangely comfortable, modern and ergonomic. Non-comfortable or adjustable chairs weren’t an option for Bob, so I couldn’t really go the vintage route, but these are strangely fantastic for $69.99.

Desktop Ikea | Table Legs Pretty Pegs | Desk Chairs Target | Drawer Units Ikea | Gold Swing Arm Lamps Lamps Plus | White Desk Lamp Target | Custom Acrylic Desk Blotter Solter Plastics

hot pink desk



This guy as a vintage find from West Coast modern (an awesome vintage joint in LA). We looked at a few dressers that were around $700 (news flash, DRESSERS ARE EXPENSIVE), but we bought it for $500 (a discount for the crediting and link love). Yes, that is brass on the drawers. Its 80’s and wonderful. Much like The Lion King, that dresser is like the Simba of the 80’s, held up high by Mufasa, over the valley of the disgusting 80’s generic/cheap furniture. It’s/he’s the beacon of good things in a bad generation. Just go with it.

We put pretty photos below the window and we love it. The reason is: sometimes things look good in random places. Joy had these pretty photos, they were meaningful to her, so why not showcase them in the space that highlighted them the most, right?

* Vintage dresser West Coast Modern | Curtain fabric Mood Fabrics | Lamp Target | Chair DwellStudio | Stool Target | Chevron Pouf Target | Heart Cushion Happy Habitat

* Ottoman Target | Lamp Target | Framed Photograph Max Wanger | Blanket Target| Vintage Brass Duck | Vintage Brass Gumball Machine | Baby Mocccasins Freshly Picked | Vintage Vase



Joy already had that glider from DwellStudio but it was in super oatmeal-y tone, see original here. And that just wouldn’t work with our design. So we bought this pretty gray linen and had it reupholstered. This was not in the budget but it was one of those things that I HAD to do for my own personal, emotional relationship with the world. I think it cost $300 for that satisfaction, and I just paid for it. In this room a brown-taupe-gray tweed would have looked dirty and dingy and sad, even though in another room it would have looked great. Maybe if this wasn’t for a press project I would have just let it be, but this would be in doctors offices and in homes of new moms across America and possibly even the world. That chair needed to be gray. I remember when we brought it back from the upholsterer and revealed the new fabric to them. Bob was totally bewildered. Surely this was the same chair, he thought. Maybe the whole world would have been bewildered, but I was very happy and relieved to know that the room would look pulled together.



This was one of those pieces that I was like, Nice job, Target. Good on you. It’s a good scale. It’s a good height. Its transitionable (take off the changing table top and its just a dresser) and its a good modern shape and color, plus at $399 its not bad at all for a piece you can have for most of your kids childhood.

Dresser Target | Pompom Mobile Yolk | Sconce Lamps Plus | Vintage brass bear hook | Polaroid Jen Gotch | Basket Land of Nod | Blanket Joy’s Own

*Resources: Light Grey Benjamin Moore Iced Cube Silver 2121-50 | Medium Grey Paint Benjamin Moore Silver Half Dollar 2121-40 | Dark Grey Benjamin Moore Pewter 2121-30 | Blue Paint Dutch Boy Lapis Enamel E22-1 | Pink Paint | Yellow Paint Benjamin Moore Limon 334 | Laundry hamper Clever Spaces



In fact I love that crib enough that I now have that crib, as well (long story, but you’ll see it when it comes out in a magazine in March). It is low so you don’t have too reach too far, plus it has a drawer at the bottom where we keep all the extra sheets. The mattress height is adjustable, don’t worry, we just have it raised for little Coco as a newborn. The bookcase is a simple bookcase that holds anything from bottles, to breast pump stuff, to clocks, to books and pretty objects. It’s one of those things that I didn’t realize were so important until you have a kid. When you have a newborn you are seeking cold water and a table to put it on all day long. So while this bookcase was styled out here, we know that its there for whatever Joy needs.

Such a quick post!!!

Naturally we shot a video of the whole process, too, for your viewing pleasure.

Thanks, American Baby, and a BIG thanks to my David Tsay, who captured all of these beautiful images for your viewing pleasure. He is a master, and never ceases to impress me with how magical the rooms look in his photos.



1. Desk chair | 2. Desk legs | 3. Desk top |4. Wall sconce | 5. Paper planes artwork | 6. Drawer unit  | 7.  Gold stapler | 8. Pencil pouch | 9. White lamp Drum lamp shade | 10. Max Wanger Splash | 11. Max Wanger Tulum | 12. Drawer pulls



1. Mobile 2. Blanket | 3. Changing pad cover | 4. Crib | 5. Ceramic table lamp | 6. Changer dresser | 7. Security blanket | 8. Standing lamp | 9. Heart pillow | 10. Dots crib sheet | 11. Hello Rug | 12. Glider | 13. Laundry hamper | 14. Pouf | 15. White shelf

See Joy’s post here and read all about the wall mural here and the makeover plan here.

For more Oh Joy Makeovers: Storage & Shelving | Toe Kick DIY | Oh Joy’s Studio: The Living Room | Oh Joy’s Home: The Living Room 


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  1. Love it! I want to go paint a mountain mural now!

    I didn’t see it in the post, but how was the plexiglass attached to the desk? and is it in two different pieces (one for the top, one for the edge) or somehow one piece that’s just scored so it can be bent?

    1. They glued it together for us (the two pieces). Then it just sits on the desk (not attached). We thought about just having them bend it, but then it wouldn’t sit tight on the desk. xx

  2. How did you decide whether or not to use Oh Joy’s line at Land of Nod?

    Also, that pom-pom mobile is so clever and could be such an inexpensive DIY! (although it might be problematic if one owns cats). Great work!

      1. Okay, I understand. I love the campaign dressers in Ruby’s room! They work so well with the colors in your collection!

  3. I really like that simple metal (brass?) magnetic (?) strip above the desk! Is that a DIY project?

    The whole room looks great!

      1. Sorry, its ikea but its from like 3 years ago and I don’t think they sell them anymore. They were metal and we spray painted. Brady had them in his car (FOR THREE YEARS) and when we were looking to engage that space he just ran out and got them from his car. xx

  4. Ahhhh super love the rug, but it looks like it’s no longer available on the target website. 🙁

    1. Read my mind…and oddly enough I’m also Michelle! Possible to let us know the item number to check for stock in stores? Thanks!

      1. Sorry guys. I’ll try to find and update the post! Not sure what happened. We only had a sample of it at the time and it was supposed to be out by now, so i’ll check!

  5. I love this space! Kinda amazing that you can seamlessly combine an office with a nursery and not have one overpower the other within the space. Also, I know you’re like, an ambassador for Target and frequently include their stuff in your spaces, but WOW! They really do have great stuff! The lamp immediately caught my eye (for it’s mid-century design) and I couldn’t believe it’s from Target!! I love it! Too bad they just decided to close all the Target’s in Canada in the coming months- how will I get my Oh Joy! For Target fix?? Anyway, rant aside, wonderful job Emily! As usual. 🙂

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  11. This room is so happy and lovely, Emily! Those desk blotters (who even thinks of that! only geniuses) are rocking my world. Immediately want one for my desk at work.

    Also, is that Jen Gotch polaroid for sale as a print? I LOVE it. I can’t find a link to buy it on her site…

  12. Voice of dissent here. I think it was a mistake to go the short curtain route, not in spite of the furniture but because of it. They’ll just knock everything over on the desks and dresser every single time they are opened and closed. I think a better option would have been to go floor length (but not pooled) and have the furniture an inch or two away from the wall to allow for them to open and close.

    1. I’m assuming that since these photos are staged for photography that most likely much of that “stuff” on the desks/dresser that *would* get in the way, isn’t there day-to-day so the curtains probably have plenty of space to close without knocking things over.

      Also, Emily’s pretty pro at this gig by now, so I’m sure she thought it all out.

      1. Ha. I knew it would be controversial – its just so tricky (which is why i wrote like 10 paragraphs explaining the decision). Nothing is pushed up against the wall and they don’t get caught on anything, whereas the long ones would have at least with all the chords and office parephernalia. I don’t mind the look over the desks, but i knew that the dresser shots would be controversial. thanks Jaclyn 🙂

        1. I love the short curtain controversy … In an “I love the underdog” kind of way. I like the short curtains here, but keep wondering if I would love them with about six inches off the bottom…? *Gasp* I know, even shorter!

  13. Emily, I just had to tell you that my 5-year old was watching You Tube videos of you this morning. He came across them himself. I turned around while making breakfast, and said, ‘I know that voice!’ A little stylist in the making, perhaps!

  14. Please tell me that gold container with cat ears (on the desk) isn’t vintage and I can buy my own!

  15. Love all of this so much! You totally pull off short curtains – in fact, I’m sure they’ll come back in style thanks to your voice of authority – curtain libertation for those of us in a bind! However, if they ever wanted to add blackout roman shades, have you ever looked at You could get custom ~8-ft wide blackout shades for <$300 each and they're made in US and awesome customer svc (I used them for all of my sunny, odd-size windowed apt and made a mistake with fabric selection and they replaced them for free despite it being totally my fault). Just in case it's helpful!

    1. You know, I thought we got a quote from them … and I certainly don’t remember them being that cheap. Meanwhile we found that fabric and fell in love. the room needed that pattern … But I really should reach out to them and see if they really are that cheap because thats crazy …

  16. I dig the short curtains. Have a bad feeling that cat ear dish is vintage….but if not, please tell us where to snag one!

  17. Hello Emily, Just a gorgous multi-task room. And it seems so Joy!!!! Just a quick Q. did I read ages ago that Target are doing some more of the Gold Eyeball lamps? if yes, do you know when they are going to be available? Many thanks, Lynnie

    1. I’ve been begging them to, but I’m not sure if they are. I’ll absolutely let you guys know when I find out!

  18. Love it! I have to ask: what is your go-to gold paint? I’m planning to refinish some hardware and would love to know! xox

  19. Lovely space! I guess since you couldn’t put mountains on your backsplash you put them on Joy’s wall instead 🙂

  20. I’m so glad to see that you did curtains here! It’s time that the world knows that it’s OK to do curtains if it makes sense for the room. I did the same thing in my oldest daughter’s nursery in our old house because it worked and because long panels would have gotten in the way and been too much. These work beautifully! Kudos – it’s an adorable room!

  21. the gold blotter, vintage white dresser w/ brass, gold cat trinket box…basically all the gold & brass things…love all these…and the mid century inspired target lamp is cool.

    1. Btw, all these Target lamps are not available in stores and cannot be shipped to Calif due to the law..lame!

      1. Ok, so weird, they are at the stores. I just tried to order them myself for a project and they wouldn’t ship to CA, but then i found them in the stores. Just keep looking. I guess its a wiring/lightbulb/wattage thing but its such a bummer!

        1. Thanks, Emily, maybe I’ll get lucky but my local Targets never seem to have anything (yay, I did get the gold stapler!). Online Target has some terrific mid-century type lamps I see now that I’m loving (the Aqua ceramic with wood, the ceramic Haegers,)…yeah, bummer due to the CA energy regulations.

  22. Emily, you have been rocking it with the recent posts. I am consistently impressed with the quality and frequency of your content. Thanks so much!

    1. THANK YOU VERY MUCH. That is music to my ears. I have awesome help, and we have been working VERY hard. so thank you xx

  23. I have curtains this length in both my kids’ rooms and I love them. I don’t have to worry about toddlers pulling on curtains because they can’t reach them. They never get in the way of whatever is below the window, and they take up less space in the room (our bedrooms are tiny). I bought beautiful fabric and get lots of compliments on them 🙂

  24. This is just fabulous. I really like this room – and this post. Thank you for all the info and for such a great read! I am wondering, though, if you can let me know where the inspiration photo arm lamp is from (white and gold). I love it and was so excited to see today where it can be sourced from. And then you threw a curveball and used something totally different! Ah, the fun and games of blogging. Thanks Emily!

    1. I don’t remember where I found it and the reason that we didn’t use it was that it was pulled from that company’s site. So weird. Basically it doesn’t actually exist anywhere … Bummer.

  25. I fully read everything about the curtains. I just spent all weekend making what I now know I should be calling drapes! Floor to ceiling. 2 layers of fabric (48 yards total) which I got for a discounted $2.75 a yard! I calculated exactly and still had to go back to fabric store because they gave me roll yardage with cuts in it. All that to say I hear ya on the curtains/drapes!

  26. Wow! Emily!
    1. You look gorgeous!
    2. Would love more info on how the desk topper is holding up. I need one! 🙂
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    I learned so much from this post.


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    I am obsessed with those desk blotters. They are gorgeous. I love the whole room, really.

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  31. Love the room! The mountain mural is simple, artsy, and modern. I may just suggest that to my fiance for our 9 month old’s closet, which we removed the doors and is opened to the room. Han’s (our son) nursery and our office share a room too. We have our computers, a printer, and other cord-flowing gadgets atop our dual desk. Any tips on how to baby proof the dual desk area? That’s our current predicament. I guess hiding unsightly cords is a constant battle regardless of baby-proofing, ha. Still, I’m apprehensive for the days he’ll start crawling out of his crib…eek! Babies are so wily, amirite?! 😉

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  35. I LOVE that rug! I may have to buy it even though I don’t really have a place for it. Hoarding things we love is normal, right? Plus, the curtain length is the first thing that stood out to me in SUCH a good way! It totally works. And, once again, you prove that you and your team are awesome at what you do.

  36. I love the room. It’s the perfect mix of child-like fun and grown-up sophistication. It’s gorgeous! Your work always has such a fun style.

    So now here’s my request for you – could you please do a post on choosing fabric for curtains? I am happy to sew my own, but I am not sure what *types* of fabrics are okay to choose. This one says that it’s a silk apparel fabric, but how do you know if something will hang well, especially if you’re going to mix it with blackout curtains? Usually I stick to “home decorating” fabrics, but that can be pretty limiting. Thank you!

  37. Yes! Sooo much great content this week! The posts leading up to the big reveal completely succeeded in ramping up my curiosity and excitement – totally worth the wait!
    Question: in the curtain narrative you said the fabric was found at The Fabric Store, but the source list links to Mood… is the Mood fabric something else, or… ?
    Thank you for being my go-to site for both design inspiration and cheerful weirdness!

  38. looks fab! Was wondering if you can share the name of your upholster person. We are desperate to recover two chairs (note to self: do not use linen on chairs with a 2 year old).

  39. Wow, this office + nursery makes 2+2 = 5. The mountain mural is so happy and I love how the sun looks out over Coco’s crib. Also, I wouldn’t mind filing receipts in that office space! Oh Joy and Emily, you two are a match made in heaven.

  40. Love the nursery design!
    I can’t seem to get to the “hello” rug from the link…it just takes you to target website. Is it still available to your knowledge??


  41. Amazing restyle! I’m working on a restyle project in my house: a studio space! It’s a white canvas but the room has a very particular form: some steps, different heights… it’s challenging! I really would like to show you what I’m doing!
    You are so inspiring! I love your work!

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