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The Link Up: The Chocolate Chip Cookies That Brian’s Made 3 Times, Ryann’s Favorite Drama Series, & A $30 Back Massager

design by roxane danset and pat mahoney | styled by paige wassel | photo by max burkhalter | via architectural digest

Happy Sunday folks. Can you believe in a little less than two weeks it’s gonna be May?? Hopefully, this means we are that much closer to hugging and squeezing our loved ones, but until then we hope the link up can act as a virtual hug. Let’s get to it:

Today’s home tour is brought to you by Architectural Digest. Lately we’ve been drawn to pattern and color way more and this home tour represents just that. Maybe it’s because we are in our homes all day and are bored of our surroundings or maybe we all are just ready for something new. Either way, we suggest hopping over and giving this eclectic NYC brownstone the attention it deserves.

From Emily: “So proud of my friend Joy for her new book series launch, and our kids are very excited to read them. Hoping for a signed copy – (by Ruby and Coco of course) also a kind warning to my friend – IF YOU DON’T GIVE ME A PRIVATE FACETIME TOUR OF YOUR NEW HOUSE YOU ARE DEAD TO ME.”

Also from Emily: “The chocolate chip cookies Brian has now made them ONCE A WEEK for the past three weeks because he craves them so much. Plus they are gluten-free (almond flour) and super easy. He used our new mixer and felt like quite the dad.”

From Veronica: “If you are a huge New Girl fan like me (looking at you, Ryann Miller!!), then you have to watch Max Greenfield’s homeschooling Instagram videos that he has been posting with his daughter. They are HILARIOUS, and I think he has a future star on his hands!”

From Caitlin: “I’ve been eating a lot of boxed Mac and cheese (read: I’ve exclusively been eating boxed mac and cheese) and after burning through all my Annie’s and Kraft, I finally had to turn to Muscle Mac. I had a few boxes in my pantry but had been kinda nervous about trying it out cause I thought it would taste weird…but OMG. Y’all, it was SO GOOD. It’s a little saltier than normal boxes but it has a TON of protein. If you’re a parent to a child who only eats beige foods (or, a grown adult who still only eats beige foods), I’d 100% recommend to help get a few more nutrients in :)”

From Mallory: “Every morning I change from my PJs to workout clothes in hopes that I’ll throw in a lil 8-minute abs or mini squat sesh in between my workday. Thus far, it’s a great strategy but I’m sadly low on workout clothes. I’ll probably order this sports bra, but is now the time to invest in a fancy one that will last me a long time too? Also my workout shoes are falling apart…so if you have good workout outfit recs comment them below! PLEASE I BEG YOU!!”

From Julie: “I never knew that it was this easy to make handmade gnocchi and I’m positive I could consume it every night when fried in this rosemary butter sauce.”

From Sara: “I recently splurged on a new chef’s knife, because of my recent surge in cooking. I decided it was time to get myself something that actually cuts through squash without endless frustration. This one, in particular, was recommended by both Bon Appetite and Epicurious, and so far it’s been a complete workhorse and the only knife I’ve been using.”

From Ryann: “If you have been putting off watching the greatest TV drama of all time, now is your chance to catch up. My boyfriend and I are rewatching which is probably why we have pasta night multiple nights a week. BEFORE you click the link can you guess what it is?? ;)”

From Jess: “I was having A TON of back and neck pain, so to get some relief I bought this $30 back massager and I LOVE it. It looks pretty crazy but it perfectly massages your trigger points. With 4.5 stars from over 6,700 people, it’s a no-regret purchase!”

From Boris (ok, from us on behalf of Boris): On Friday we ran a coupon on Em’s stories for 60% off of Farmer’s Dog, which is high-quality human-grade food, custom packaged for your pup. Boris loves it (“he’s just been sitting in the kitchen and staring at the counters” – Suzanne, Boris’ mom). In case you missed it, here’s the link to get the discount.

And in case you missed it, last week we introduced a new segment that is our happy hour chit chat. This week’s topic is hypothetical and completely up to interpretation: When we can interact again, do you think there will be a tendency towards facilitating monogamous relationships, or will casual interactions be thriving? There are no wrong answers so let’s dish:)

That’s all for now, but come back later for a tasty afternoon snack. xx

Opening Image Credit: Design by Roxane Danset and Pat Mahoney | Styled by Paige Wassel | Photo by Max Burkhalter | via Architectural Digest


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50 thoughts on “The Link Up: The Chocolate Chip Cookies That Brian’s Made 3 Times, Ryann’s Favorite Drama Series, & A $30 Back Massager

  1. Link appears to be missing for the massager. Does Jess require a secret password in order to provide it for us lol?

      1. Jess, when I read about your pain, I immediately wondered whether you have a decent work chair…the height of your desk, etc.
        If your WFH situation isn’t well set up, you might cause yourself long-term grief (pain for years). So, pleeeease, re-read the WFH post comments that have all the details about healthy ergonomic tips.
        Mmmwaaah! xx

        1. Rusty, you are so sweet! It was because of not having a real office chair but then I went and got the chair I use in the office which it made all the difference. But in general, I have upper back pain and that little contraption has really helped to pinpoint where the pain is originating from. It’s been so great!

  2. Yes, the link is missing. Also, I have a video plastered in front of your written content, that makes it impossible to read. Cannot find anywhere on the page to X it out. Seriously. And I’m gonna regret this, because I was already reamed out once by someone who is apparently your biggest fan, but if I cannot benefit from the extremely useful info you disseminate because of a wonky and cluttered page, then it is of no use to me. I have a master bedroom/bath remodel awaiting the end of the pandemic, and would sure like to take advantage of your advice and sources. And yes, people, I’m aware of monetization…

    1. What device/browser are you using? The rest of us don’t seem to be having this problem (and the people who might be able to debug it won’t know where to start if they’re not having the problem either).

      I’m using Firefox on a MacBook and/or my iPhone, maybe you could try that or another browser and see if you’re still having the problem?

      Good luck! EHD is definitely good content and I would be bummed too if I had a reno coming up and couldn’t reference it.

    2. Hiya! I’m having trouble replicating this bug and still trying to figure out which ad or video is causing the problem — if you (or ANYONE experiencing this :)) could shoot me a screenshot at, it would be SUPER HELPFUL for our ad provider so we can pull anything causing a glitch and get it fixed!

    3. Yes, that damn video is so annoying!! If you want us to read your blog post, then stop all the interference with our ability to do so.

    1. The link wouldn’t work for me either as it automatically takes you to in Canada.

        1. canuckistan reprazent!! ditto. toopid amazon. you’d think they’d wanna sell us stuff, too – dudes our population is the size of california! *sheesh*. p.s. i have alotta love for The Wire.

  3. Thanks for another great link up! Okay, I know Emily recommended a blue booth shower speaker earlier this year but I cannot forms the link to it for the life of me, would you be so kind to reshare it?

  4. Can’t get the chocolate chip cookie recipe without a NYT subscription. Can anyone link it a different way? Thanks !

  5. As hard as it is to remember what day it is 🙂 it won’t be May until the end of Next week !

    1. We’ll try to publish it somewhere, but also want to support NYT right now (while there is more news traffic right now, the advertizing dollars are way down), so let us figure it out! I need you to make these cookies. They are SO GOOD.

      1. So Brian likes the cookies or Brian has a partnership with NYT to say he does, link to the recipe, and get us to pay money for the recipe? Nothing wrong with that, just say so.

        Also, advertising.

        1. not Emily OR Brian, but as the partnerships person, I *wish* I could get us a partnership with the Times, hahahaha. Just important to support journalism outlets as thousands of writers are being laid off!

          And just one more note (should I just pin this in every post???) but if you’re running into a bug with the ads, please please please shoot me a note with a screenshot to!!! I’m working as hard as I can to fix it (even on the weekends haha) but since I’m not having the problems, I can’t even figure out how to fix it without some hints on what’s causing the problem 🙂

      2. I have a digital subscription to the NYT but the cooking section is another subscription on top of that. The NYT operates at a huge profit (about 40 million) – they are doing OK. It’s the smaller, regional papers that really need our support right now.

  6. CRZ Yoga on Amazon. Affordable, SMOOTH like buttah, and so far most of my stuff has lasted for about 2 years with regular washing, minimal pilling, and hang drying them!

  7. If you’re looking for youtube workouts, I’d recommend madfit or fightmaster yoga. Both have videos with minimal equipment and all different lengths for whatever free time you can find.

  8. Girlfriend Collective for workout wear! They offer leggings and bras made from recycled plastic in lots of fun colors, and their brand model is inspiring. Their Paloma bra is especially comfortable!

  9. Mallory – My favorite workout clothing is Beyond Yoga, particularly their spacedye fabric. I had their leggings in the supplex fabric for years and they wash and wear great. They’re still in good shape, but I finally upgraded to high waisted leggings (my original we’re purchased years before high waists came back). The are pricier, but because they last so long, they’re worth it to me.

  10. Ha! I can tell from that happy hour question (plus Emily’s stories she actually told us) that you’re listening to Monica and Jess Love Boys on Armchair Expert. That question might be a little confusing for anyone who hasn’t listened so LISTEN! it’s been such a great reprieve for me, to listen to an episode and tidy my house from one end to the other. I never thought this ritual could bring me such joy.

    I hope I get to hear from people who are still in the dating/dating app game how this time influences the experience going forward. It seems like people are getting “intimate” faster, not in terms of sex, but more cutting through the BS. Is this true?! (I hope so!)

    1. Omg how good is this podcast? I’m 6 months post breakup and it’s giving me life in this pandemic.

  11. I cannot believe that by the end of this coming week, it will be May! Because by the end of this coming week, it will be April 25- with almost another week left til May! I think we’re all a little confused about what day it is! 🙂 Wishful thinking- to be closer to “freedom”.

    1. Thank you! I thought I was going crazy for a sec. Which is entirely plausible. What is time, anyway…

  12. A pro tip deep in the comments: I don’t necessarily *condone* this, but if you use a reader like Pocket (, you can save articles and get around paywalls. Just in case you wanna make those cookies ASAP. Shhh 🙂

    1. If you google the recipe name, in this case ‘nyt gluten free chocolate chip cookies’ you can also view the cached page. If won’t give you access to comments on the recipe but at least you can still see the actual recipe. Hope that helps!

  13. I love reading your blog and incorporating everyone’s decorating ideas! I am very disappointed that I can’t see Brian’s chocolate chip recipe without subscribing to the NY Times☹️!

    1. Try again – I clicked on Sara’s link in another post for the NYT’s sourdough starter, and their food site gave me a free four-week trial without asking for any information whatsoever. No email, no credit card; nothing!

  14. PLEASE hit us with stay-at-home Mother’s Day ideas next week! Gotta send my cross country mama some love.

  15. Mallory – I swear by everything Athleta. It’s not cheap, but I workout 6 days a week & my Athleta gear is the only brand that doesn’t wear out in a few months. Plus its all super comfy & cute!

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