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Our List Of REALLY Good, Binge-able TV Shows You Might Have Missed Or Forgotten About


photo by sara ligporria-tramp | from: emily bowser’s “refreshed for function” small living room makeover

It’s no secret that I prefer TV over films, but it’s only because I like to get VERY invested in the characters. Some might say obsessed. You see, I can go full “Nurse Betty” about TV shows. If you don’t know that reference, it’s a movie about a woman who was obsessed with a soap opera, fell down hit her head and when she woke up she thought it was real – that the characters were her actual friends and the hospital was an actual place (she left her life to move to LA to find the hospital, get back to her friends and her lover, etc). That’s how I am. I don’t just watch shows, I go deep and practically lose myself. And that’s how it should be. But not every show wins my obsessive affection. I need the following words/descriptors in order to surrender my time (they don’t have to be ALL of these, but certainly need to be some). Ahem: Teen, drama, coming of age, thriller, romance, epic, love, mystery – with the ONLY exception being family drama (but only some – I’m talking to you Parenthood, This is Us and Brothers and Sisters). Sure, I loved 30 Rock but can you watch 16 episodes in a row and then have dreams that you work at Rockefeller Center? Not me. So here are my all-time bingeable, addictive, can’t stop thinking about TV shows I’ve ever watched and loved (along with the rest of the EHD teams recommendations, just in case you aren’t as crazy as I am about the teen/love genre). 

Teen Romance/ Coming of Age

photo by veronica crawford | from: our bed room update (also how i feel about have a tv in the bedroom)

From Emily: Veronica Mars – I avoided this for the first few years because, as Brian so aptly put it, “why would I watch a show about a detective teenager in the OC?” But stop avoiding it, you will be so grateful to me. Enough friends told me to watch it so we caved, and then Brian and I found ourselves watching 16 episodes in a row (season 2). Here’s what you need to know: It’s set in the aughts in the OC, with the “haves” versus the “have nots” (I will always love this dichotomy), it has probably the best father/daughter relationship on television ever, with weekly crimes to solve but more importantly an overall extremely compelling mystery that is GRIPPING. Super talented acting, hilarious writing, and don’t worry – there is love, folks. There is love. It’s also very fun to know that Kristen and Ryan Hansen are still practically best friends even though they hate each other in the series. I loved it so much that I gave far too much money to get the movie made, getting a minor producer credit. 

From Emily: Vampire Diaries, Riverdale, Gossip Girl, Roswell – If you like teenage thrillers as much as I do these are all addictive, fun, and hard to stop watching.

From Sara: Skins – If you’re a fan of Riverdale or Gossip Girl (like Emily and I are), but you haven’t ever watched SKINS, then buckle up. This show is so nostalgic to me that the opening song can bring a tear to my eye. It’s filled with extremely extra drama, a good dash of comedy, copious amounts of teens almost kissing (and actually kissing), and witty dialogue. The first two seasons feel a little dated at this point, and they definitely have some moments we’d consider “tone deaf” to our modern sensibilities, but for the most part the characters at their core still feel totally relatable to my teen self. Plus you’ll get to see some current favorite celebrities in their early days (Nicholas Holt, Dev Patel, and Kaya Scodelario, along with two GOT staples, Joe Dempsie and Hannah Murray #Cassie4Ever). But seasons 3 & 4 are my personal favorites. By the way, this isn’t a PG show (we’re talking drinking, sex, copious drug use, violence, topics of ED, rape, teen pregnancy, etc.), but it’s one for the books, AND ALL 7 SEASONS ARE ON NETFLIX. Make sure you’re watching the original British show, not the American remake.

From Julie: Degrassi: The Next Generation – It’s the Canadian teen equivalent TV show of Parenthood where they address literally ever issue that could happen to someone between the ages of 12 to 21. Super relatable and highly addictive. And if you were a tween/teenager in the early 2000s like I was then you’re probably also well aware of the fact that Jimmy Brooks is now DRAKE. 

From Ryann: Dawson’s Creek – It’s possible everyone and their mother has seen this already and I was just super late to the game when I binged it last year. But if you haven’t watched it and you love teen/coming of age story with (PG) romance, you’re going to devour it. You also will probably love rewatching if it’s been 20 years since you first saw Katie Holmes and James Van Der Beek fall in love.

From Emily: Felicity – Oh if I could go back and watch it for the first time. What a gift you can give yourself if you haven’t seen it. Here’s what you need to know: Coming of age, romance, a love triangle, and New York pre-2001, with J.J. Abrams as the producer. If you missed my favorite show the first time around, the good news is that it doesn’t date. A good friend of mine (38 years old) FINALLY listened to me and started it this year, then couldn’t stop, making all her plans around watching 3-4 episodes a night. A direct quote from her: “I think no matter what happens in my life now there is a Felicity episode that can comfort me.” It’s incredibly relatable and so well written and acted. 


photo by sara ligorria-tramp | from: how to design the ultimate family-friendly media room + wet bar

From Caitlin: Dave – This is my new favorite show AND it just aired it’s season finale so you have A WHOLE TEN EPISODES TO WATCH, you guys!!! That’s the perfect amount – it’s binge-able in like 4.5 hours, which is scientifically the perfect amount of binge-watching time (according to me, because you can finish a show AND still get some stuff done afterward). ANYWAY, it’s based on the life of real-life rapper Lil Dicky (aka Dave) and it was SO MUCH better than I anticipated. It’s SO earnest, way more so than you’d expect from a guy who’s made a living rapping about his junk, which he does address in the show. And it is so well-cast with characters who will remind you of regular people in your life. Like, I can’t find enough ways to stress how genuine and sweet this show is. I really, really love it. (Also, my first job out in LA was in a recording studio, and this gets it SO RIGHT.)

From Ryann: Veep – Julia Louis-Dreyfus is a national treasure and her performance in Veep is incredible. I don’t think I have ever laughed harder from a show. It’s also SO smart and well written.

From Ryann: Crashing – Fans of Flea Bag and queen Phoebe Waller-Bridge, this is for you. PWB actually created and wrote this series so it has that same dry, raunchy British humor that Flea Bag does and it’s hilarious. I think I got through the whole series in a day and was so sad to discover it only ran for one season. But don’t let that discourage you! It’s worth the binge.

From Sara: Psych – If you loved Scrubs, or are a fan of Brooklyn Nine-Nine then give Psych a try. This is a classic buddy cop/bromance comedy, with the twist being one of buddies isn’t actually a cop at all. He’s just a highly perceptive dude who’s trained himself to put together clues like a puzzle (or a detective??) all under the guise of being a psychic. And while he may be wildly perceptive, he’s not the easiest pill to swallow. HILARITY ENSUES. This is just a really fun, feel-good show.

From Jess: Weeds – Talk about a show that takes A LOT of twists and turns. I mean what else does a mother/widow do when her husband suddenly dies… sell weed of course. It’s funny, sexy, touching with a ton of action. Also, it was created by the same women as Orange is the New Black so you know it’s good. I also never held my iced coffee the same way after watching this show…

From Jess: Sisters – I stumbled upon this little one season Australian show on Netflix and I was immediately taken in. The main character Julia, has just lost her Nobel prize-winning father who unbeknownst to anyone was secretly/illegally using his own sperm in a ton of his In Vitro patients. So after years of thinking she was an only child, she actually isn’t and may have to share her father’s fortune. It’s sweet, funny, sad and at moments enjoyably cringe-y. 

From Julie: Grace & Frankie – Lily Tomlin (Frankie) & Jane Fonda (Grace) are friendship goals (are we still saying this?) starting off as rivals the two commiserate together in a beach house after some shocking news. Six seasons later Jess and I are still so excited to binge-watch it all in one night!

From Sara: Derry Girls – This is an early morning addition, because I saw it in the comments and thought “OMG HOW COULD I HAVE FORGOTTEN TO ADD THIS SHOW?!” This is one of the best, most hilarious, most heart warming, most enjoyable shows I’ve seen all year and I hope it keeps getting made.


photo by veronica crawford | from: velinda renovated & furnished her “fixer upper” for under $55k…here’s how

From Emily: Parenthood – If you like This is Us, then you’ll love Parenthood even more. This show made me rethink keeping our family small, because everyone wants to be a Braverman. I don’t think I would have watched this seemingly commercial network family drama if a million people had not told me to. So I started it and the first episode I was sucked in, cried, and the marathon began. It’s the most incredible ensemble cast, with every situation in life being played out in such relatable ways. 

From Sara: Unreal – If you love The Bachelor this show is for you. If you HATE The Bachelor (or just can’t take a single episode seriously, like me), this show is for you. So really, this show is for everyone. It’s a fictional drama based on the production side of a “Bachelor” type show, and it’s RIVETING. It’s got just as much drama and high flying emotions as any episode of The Bachelor that I’ve seen, but with strong female leads and a great script.

From Caitlin: Manifest – I’m not actually 100% sure who the target demo is for this show, but I’m pretty sure I’m not it. I love it anyway. Manifest is about the passengers of Flight 828, who get on a turbulent flight, land, and learn that 5 years have passed and that all of their family and friends have basically moved on without them. The premise is very cool, some of the storylines get a little bizarre, and a few of the graphics are kind of funny in that they really take you out of the show (like, really, you’re sailing on an ancient boat in a storm now?) — but those are all things that I really enjoy. It’s escapist, easy to get into, and pretty family-friendly. RECOMMEND.

From Ryann: The Sopranos – This show is amazing. It’s suspenseful and addicting and if you’ve been putting off watching, nows the time to change that. It’s not just an Italian mob show. There is so much social commentary going on about masculinity, mental illness, family, identity and it has surprisingly aged well considering when it was created and the plotline. It’s also so well-acted and written. Oh, it’s also a great show to watch if you are quarantining with your husband or boyfriend and you’ve run out of things you both want to watch.

From Sara: The Newsroom – For fans of sharp wit, fast-flying dialogue, and politics (think Succession or House of Cards), give The Newsroom a try. It’s Aaron Sorkin, so this show moves FAST. But the characters are compelling, the topics feel relevant, and the acting is really top-notch. I was hooked after the first 15 minutes.

From Jess: The Get Down – One of my absolute favorites. It’s a two-season series (the first season is better IMHO) that is set in the late 1970s in New York. It was the demise of Disco, the rise of Hip hop and not the New York we know today (duh). I love that while most of the characters are fictional, there are a lot of characters that actually existed during that time so it feels historical in that way. But ultimately it’s full of beautiful love stories. The end first episode still makes cry, like hold your heart and remember your first true love cry. 

From Sara: Nashville – This one clings right to my Grey’s Anatomy loving heart (and yes, I’m still up to date on Grey’s). I’m a little biased, because I really enjoy country music, but this show really sucked me in. I didn’t get into it until right before the final season was released, and I feel in love hard and fast. And this show has something just really soulful and heartfelt with the added music element.

From Mallory: Madmen – This is all I’m watching right now. For some reason, it took being locked in a house for 2 months for me to get into this show, but holy hell am I in. The 1960s world is SO fun to watch, the story is steamy and compelling, and WHY IS EVERYONE SO INSANELY ATTRACTIVE. I’m weak. Watch it if you haven’t yet.


photo by tessa neustadt | from: house tour: mel’s new place makes us want to declutter immediately

From Julie: Sex Education – This British show is not your average teen drama, it’s a refreshing real take on sex and the insecurities that surround the subject. The main character, Otis, who is the least experienced in this department finds himself offering advice to his peers solely based on the knowledge he has acquired from his sex therapist mother. The show plays upon the growing trend of being set in an unknown decade making it relatable for a wide age group and a tad nostalgic.

From Julie: Misfits – This show is definitely a bit on the cheesy side but the first 3 seasons had me hooked. As I am not usually one for stories about superheroes my skepticism was high. But I will always give it a few episodes when it comes to British TV like I have in the past with Skins and the IT Crowd

From Jess: Ally McBeal – This show was above my age group when it was on TV but after years of hearing references and not knowing what that dancing baby was about, I decided to end my curiosity and just watch. It was weird but I was IMMEDIATELY hooked and binged it hard.

From Sara: Queer As Folk (the American version) – This show has one of my all time favorite romances ever, and for me, it just doesn’t get better than Brian Kinney. He will forever be the king of lust worthy bad boys. I would binge this in college on DVDs rented from the school library. It paired endearing characters, with witty humor, hard hitting important topics, and lots of sex. It definitely has it’s dated moments (like a white character dressed as a Geisha complete with a wildly offensive accent), but it also has a lot of merits. And again, a romance thru line that still makes my heart JUMP. And while I’m here, even though it doesn’t fit the bill of the post since it’s current, I’ll throw a recommendation out for everyone to watch POSE.

From Jess: Lovesick – I don’t know why more of my friends didn’t see this?! It’s a classic “will they or won’t they” and SO endearing. Plus it’s a British dramedy, so the humor is dry and wonderful. 

From Jess: She’s Gotta Have It – Ok so I still haven’t seen the original movie but I LOVED the series so much (sadly only two seasons). I’m sure I don’t need to tell the plotline to most of you, but Nola Darling (the main character) is on an unapologetic mission to be true to herself and her art while bouncing between three VERY different men. It deals with love, art, friendly, race, and so many other social issues. You need to watch this show to get the Puerto Rico episode. It’s complete magic.

 From Jess: Drop Dead Diva – This show is REAL corny but also really endearing and SO addicting. I mean who doesn’t love a body switch, romance-filled, law dramedy?? Give it a chance and you will be hooked. 

Period Pieces

From Emily: The Tudors – This might deserve a rewatch. It’s dramatic and sexy and transports you instantly. 

From Emily: Downton Abbey – Remember when the entire world watched an extremely slow show about a buttoned-up British family? We were obsessed with it and while it is slow, its really beautiful if you have the patience together into it. If not now, when?

From Emily: Outlander  – Well I think you all know how I feel about this one – once I started I bingeing this hard it became a bit of an obsession – like speaking in a Scottish accent, wearing ren-faire inspired clothing. Perfectly normal life changes due to a 17th-century epic romance sci-fi show. By watching this you are totally transported into the Scottish highlands, with time travel, love, romance, wars, betrayal, and likely the most attractive human being on the planet, aside from Brian, obviously. While Brian didn’t watch it, he sure did LOVE that I watched it if you know what I mean. Fine, it’s basically love porn, ok? 

From Sara: The Borgias – I love, love, LOVE a period piece. Downton Abbey, The Tudors, Outlander – these are my JAM. The Borgias is one you might have missed. Set in Rome, it’s just three seasons of beautiful people doing very naughty things. The costumes are drop dead gorgeous, and the sets are *chefs kiss*. I will say that there is one major plot twist that is, uh . . . less than ideal. But both actors are wildly hot and have SIZZLING chemistry, so it’s confusing. . . Anyways, it’s totally bingeable (and there was a finale screenplay released after the end of the 3rd season to help wrap things up for the fans).

From Sara: Wow, honestly this is my favorite category so I’m just gonna throw a BUNCH out there for you all, because this would turn into it’s own post if I had to write about each one: Vikings, The Last Kingdom, The Spanish Princess, Poldark, War & Peace, Taboo, Black Sails . . .


From Emily: You, Bloodline, and The Affair – Three gripping thrillers that you will get extremely addicted to. They all have well-done production, acting, and writing along the way. Bloodline became an obsession for me, it’s set in Florida, and is about a dysfunctional family (with lots of money) with a super compelling mystery and incredible acting/writing. Also, Outer Banks just came out and I binged it in ONE DAY – it’s what would happen if Bloodline and Veronica Mars had a baby. 

From Emily: Lost – I was so disturbed to know that half our team hadn’t seen this – LUCKY YOU, likely because they were in high school when it came out. If you like plane crash thrillers, set on a beautiful deserted island, with beautiful people falling in love and lots of sweaty body parts, betrayal, action and so much mystery and drama – how can you not love this show? It really was the perfect blockbuster TV show and if you missed it the first time around consider yourself lucky. 

From Sara: I second Lost. Listen, this a classic for a reason, and if you’ve never watched it now is the perfect time to binge it. And you will want to BINGE. This show has it all – hot people, serious mystery, good laughs, high key drama. The last two seasons get a little woo woo, and the ending was a little “lost” on me. But the first three seasons are AMAZING. Julie thirds the Lost recommendation and she’s watched 3 full times.

From Mallory: Here’s another vote for You. This is the kind of show that you watch and then can’t stop watching, and then you finally accept the fact that sleeping was for the pre-You, you. Both seasons 1 and 2 are incredibly bingeable and will lead a desire – nay – LIFE-DEPENDING NEED to know what happens next. Guys, I haven’t loved a show like this since I watched Gossip Girl for the first time, so if that doesn’t give you a clue to what kind of show this is, let me break it down further. It’s basically is Gossip Girl but instead of Penn Badgely playing Dan Humphrey, Penn Badgely plays creepy Dan Humphrey. I don’t know what else I can say because I don’t want to give it all away, but just do yourself a favor, watch this show.

From Julie: Killing Eve – I am a huge fan of Sandra Oh (Grey’s Anatomy) so I was thrilled to hear she was the lead when Velinda recommended this show to me two years ago. It’s the classic good guy tracking down the villain but the leads are all women. Get ready for a lot of smart witty humor and some equally terrifying shocking scenes. (Ryann seconds this).

From Julie: Dexter – Dexter is the serial killer that everyone loves and no one suspects since he works as a blood splatter analyst (fitting) for the Miami-Metro PD. Each season’s storyline centralizes around a different theme which grows darker by the season. But do yourself a favor and skip season 8, trust me you’re not missing out on anything. This show was my stepping stone into watching thriller tv shows like The Sinner & Criminal Minds – which if you haven’t seen this but love a CSI type show then WATCH IT. 

Alright, that’s all from us. Now we want to hear about your favorite shows that didn’t get the hype they deserve. Meet us in the comments and let’s chat. xx

Opener Image Credit: Photo by Sara Ligporria-Tramp | From: Emily Bowser’s “Refreshed For Function” Small Living Room Makeover

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Aaah I love these posts – passionate media nerd talk is definitely one of my love languages <3 So let me just humbly offer up my two favourites: Please Like Me (dramedy): I love this Australian series with all my heart! Josh, a clueless 20something-year-old, navigates friendship, being a newbie at being gay and supporting his mother who deals with depression. The show is unbelievably tender and loving while also being hilarious. Produced by two best friends and a dog about two best friends and a dog, all playing versions of themselves. As an equally clueless, awkward 20something-year-old I have never identified with anything more. Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries (mystery/drama): another Australian series (apparently I really like those?) and my absolute comfort food. Set in 1920s Melbourne, Phryne Fisher is effortlessly glamorous, clever, good in a fight and with an unapologetic sex life – there's also a dapper policeman, wonderful friends, her scandalised aunt and many many breathtakingly beautiful costumes. Highly rewatchable! And as a bonus: Reign (teen + vaguely historical): If you're looking for a historically acurate show this one is not for you but if you want all the teen drama in fun costumes this is wonderful!… Read more »


Another hand waving enthusiastically in the air for Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries. And Elementary … I got into it while waiting and waiting for PBS to issue another season of Sherlock. Maybe someday there will be a season five of Sherlock? Meanwhile, enjoy Elementary …


Another vote for Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries!


Yaaaaas! Please Like Me is a unique genre really. I think it has and will continue to, open up people’s minds to the torturous although put via immense hilarity, of co ing of age homosexuality.
Josh is brilliant. Brilliant!
If anyone is up for a “just trust us and watch the danged thing” challenge … do yourself a favour. Watch. This.

Please Like Me is on my list!

Oh I am so excited to check these out!


This is a great list!

If anyone has anymore mystery/thrillers to recommend please do! I’ve seen all of these and want more content! Lol. I LOVED The Outsider (if y’all haven’t seen that one watch it.)

Thank you whoever responds. 🙂


not sure if they’re quite what you’re looking for but:
– Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries: as evidenced above I LOVE it and the cases are very clever though not neccesarily very thriller-like
– Elementary: if you get over the fact that this is a Sherlock Holmes version that isn’t British (which I never quite did) this is an exellent and exciting adaptation in a really refreshing way
-Stranger Things: maybe a bit more science-fiction-y than what you’re looking for (?) but it really is an excellent series. I don’t usually go for thriller-y stuff but I was glued to the screen. The costuming is great, the acting is wonderful and even despite the ‘strange’ bits its still very much a really good mystery that keeps you on the edge of your seat


Have you seen Broadchurch?


BROADCHURCH!! Enough said.

Broadchurch is SO good, can’t believe I forgot to add it to the list1


Also Janet King


I have seen Broadchurch. But I haven’t seen Janet King! Thank you so much, Susan.

Also, thanks Lisa! I haven’t seen Murder Mysteries…I’ll give it a look. 🙂

Broadchurch is hands down my favorite / the best show on television EVER, especially as mysteries go. Utterly wrenching and heartbreaking and so so so well done. Shetland is another absolute gem that’s somewhat under the radar (set in Scotland), very much same vein as Broadchurch. Also feels the same vein as a mystery/thriller — The Americans. Best show on marriage possibly ever and the spy vein feels so dramatic every episode. Every episode!

Ooooh I loved Broadchurch so I should watch Shetland!

Thank you!

Lily, The Outsider was amazing!!!! It was definitely on my long list of recs & cannott wait for the next season!


The Fall, on Netflix is a close second to Broadchurch on my list of favorites.


The Fall is AMAZING. Gillian Anderson was phenomenal in that role. Highly recommend to people that love thrillers/true crime type stuff.

Other suggestions:

Twin Peaks! Don’t miss this!

Another I’d recommend is Seven Seconds if all you have is Netflix. It’s VERY good. It can be slow paced at times but I really think anyone who likes the genre will appreciate this one. 🙂

Also, has anyone seen Devs? It’s a new show…so far it’s pretty good but not sure how I feel about it.

patricia blaettler

Hubby and I watched 2 episodes of Bosch per night. It gave us something to look forward to every day. It’s the story of a seasoned LA detective and his department. The characterizations are excellent. Every season has a main story arc as well as other story-lines sprinkled in throughout. Lots of unexpected moments.
And…as a Jersey girl, I cannot recommend The Sopranos enough. It’s the greatest.

Lynn W

We love Bosch!!!


All of the ones based on Harlan Cobens novels! The Five. The Stranger. All good and easy to binge in a night.


Elementary! Broadchurch! And I loved Castle – totally silly cop show with Nathan Fillion, who can do no wrong in my eyes. It’s definitely worth watching.


The Missing is a great mystery show, and as everyone else said, Broadchurch is amazing.

Jess – the iced coffee comment – I FEEL YOU AND HARD SAME

hahaha right?!

Also one minor tweak, The Newsroom is done by Aaron Sorkin, not Andy. One of my fav shows ever though, glad to see it make the list!

whoops! All fixed

Kristina Chacko

Jane the Virgin! One of the best shows I’ve watched – it’s a telenovela so it’s got all of the romance and drama you can ask for – but with the most compelling and lovable characters I’ve ever met. At the heart of it, it’s a love story about family but that doesn’t mean you won’t end up on either Team Michael or Team Rafael. When this show ended, I cried so hard – in part because I was so sad to say goodbye to these incredible characters.

(I’ll always be Team Rafael).

Additional shout out for Buffy the Vampire Slayer which I loved in real time and still love. It’s Veronica Mars but with vampires.


Buffy, yes!!! I was late to the party on that one but I really that it still holds up now – soooo gooood 🙂




Jane the Virgin FOR SURE. It’s one of my favorite shows of all time. It has comedy, drama, romance, a little suspense. Gina Rodriguez who plays Jane is amazing, as is Yael Groblas who plays Petra (possibly my favorite character.) It’s perfect television. And you can probably watch it with your kids in the room, honestly. It was on the CW. #teamRafael 😉

I almost put Jane on the list but then for reason maybe thought it was too recent or too well known but 1000x YES! I loved it so so so much!

Emily J

“the last kingdom” yaaassss!!

sara: you MUST watch Britannia.


Pallavi Kumar

The Americans (for those Keri Russell) fans is my favorite drama of the last decade. Fantastic 80s sets and costumes, lots of Cold War era drama, and above all else, a beautiful portrait of a marriage.

Catastrophe absolutely needs to be on this list as well. A one-weeks stand that turned into a marriage. A raw and hilarious look at relationships and marriage, and will make you laugh until your face hurts.

Fleabag – at first I wasn’t sure about the main character “breaking the fourth wall” but unbelievably funny and tragic all at once. The second (and final) season is even better than the first.


Yay Fleabag! Loved the second season the best too – never have I fallen that hard and that fast for anyone than I have for Andrew Scott as that priest….

Sean Darling

I will admit I do not watch a lot of TV, but The Americans is maybe the best drama I have ever watched. Matthew Rhys is unreal in that role.


We have the same taste. 🙂 The Americans is my favorite show ever, and I stumbled on Catastrophe and thought it was hilarious.


Guess I need to watch Catastrophe because The Americans and Fleabag are two of my all-time faves.

Anna Baumgren

Yes to Fleabag….Oh my heart, the hot priest!! If you’re a Phoebe Waller-Bridge fab can also recommend Crashing – 1 season but loved it!


I have to add… comedy- Schitt’s Creek- so hilarious and feelgood. I loved every second of it! Also currently watching The Good Place which is fun and cute and different! Also in maybe the Outlander category is The Witcher. There’s only 1 season so far but my husband and I both loved it!


Seconding Schitt’s Creek so hard!


Schitt’s Creek is amazing! I’ve watched it 4 times now. It might take a few episodes to fall in love with it, but it’s worth it.


I feel like everyone has been raving about Schitt’s Creek for years and I finally started watching it about a month ago. It took me AWHILE to warm up to the characters, but as I make my way through the final season I could not love them more! I highly recommend it!


Yes, Schitt’s Creek! I’m on my 3rd re-watch since January and I have never rewatched any series more than once, ever. Hands down my favorite show. It is a “slow burn” and takes a few episodes to get into. This family isn’t very likable at first, but hang in there and you will be rewarded with rich character development. It is laugh out loud funny and it will make you cry too. It is the show we need right now. Also, their social media accounts and gif game is on point. Highest recommendation. (Netflix)

Ugh same! I’ve watched it at least twice this year and will for sure watch at least two more times:) It’s medicine lol

Schitt’s Creek is my new (ish) classic!! I didn’t put it on here for the same reasons as Jane the Virgin. Thought it might be too recent and too well known but I seriously couldn’t love it more!! I’m holding out buying the last season because I want something to look forward to. I listen to The Best by Tina Turner regularly now:)

O and I know that Julie wholeheartedly agrees!

I DO!!! I love that show so much and like Jess I have also watched it an undisclosed number of times since the number is too embarrassingly high. I’ll put it on in the background whenever I’m home to hang out with my friends in Schitt’s Creek.


Lovesick is the best! My favorite Netflix show (and short episodes and short seasons! So binge-able)

So happy you agree! Get on that Lovesick boat people! 🙂


It is SO GOOD. The reason nobody has seen it is that it was initially called Scrotal Recall, which is such a terrible name.

Psych is my FAVVVVVVVV. I also love rewatching West Wing (and Newsroom, by the same writer).


Yes to The West Wing!

I never got into West Wing but I think it’s time I give it another chance

Sara, I am going to start watching it too after listening to the Rob Lowe episode on Armchair Expert!!!


I agree with West Wing!

Lacy Ellsworth

Had you told me Veronica Mars would become one of my favorite shows ever (I am just not into the teen genre scene) I would never have believed it. Because exactly “why would I watch a show about a detective teenager in the OC?” It’s one of the few shows my husband and I watch together, and he is not a tv guy in general. I always want to recommend it to people but it’s definitely one that you “have to see to believe” how much you’d like it, especially post 20’s.

I’ve never seen it and I think now is finally the time. I’m SO excited!


I will I promise!


Just be wary of the fourth season on Hulu S1-3 and the movie are great but S4 was way off for me. Just didn’t seem like Veronica Mars anymore


Ditto. I used to LOVE Veronica Mars but the latest season was a big miss for me, and even the mystery was predictable. Watch 1-3 and stop after the movie, it’s too disappointing to see something come back in such poor form so many years later.

Oh I haven’t seen season 4 so good to know!


I’d love to hear Emily’s take on S4, especially since she donated to the movie (I did too. Way back when).


Durrells in Corfu
Travels with my Father
Flight of the Conchords

I almost put Flight of the Conchords! So freaking good!


Love The Durrells! It takes a while to get into, but it just gets better and better!


Fleabag, Season 2 is one of the best, though too short, shows ever. Season 1 is a different animal, not my kind but I know others got into it. I would recommend starting with Season 2 and then back watching which is a weird recommendation but you will get what I mean when you do it. Sooooo good. Oh, and this was Barack Obama’s choice too – he listed Fleabag, Season 2 (specifically) as a top TV show for 2019.

Oh I love this watching method Kel! I watched the first episode in season 1 and couldn’t get into it so I am going to try this!

Lauren Tarullo

Although I completely agree that Season 2 is better, you’ll be doing yourself a huge disservice if you don’t watch the first season first! It’s a slow burn and you definitely don’t love her quite as much, but Season 1 is a baseline/slow burn so you can understand why she is the way that she is. It’s a huge reveal!

Thanks for the heads up!


I think people slept on Lovesick the first season because it was originally called…Scrotal Recall. I had to add a disclaimer that the show was way cuter than it sounds every time I recommended it.

In the same vein of silly cute romance shows- The Hookup Plan (French series on Netflix) has the most charming lead and it’s so easy to binge.

What a name to go with lol. Glad they did a little rebrand:)


Very good list! I would add Friday Night Lights (Emily, I don’t actually know you but think you would love this if you haven’t watched it yet)…I don’t watch or even like sports and thus is one of my all time faves. Also, West Wing – I’ve watched it several times through and want to start again this summer. Gilmore Girls – another I’ve watched all the way through several times and could start again right now. And for a period piece I didn’t see on the list, Poldark!.. it will have you obsessing over it and thinking about the characters throughout your day.


I’m actually shocked that Friday Night Lights didn’t make this list. As someone who has seen and enjoyed literally 95% of the shows recommended, I’d rank FNL above all the rest.

I’ve been meaning to get to it. I’ve also heard that All American, a modern football show, is amazing.


I love Friday Night Lights!

Annie K.

I fourth this!

Also, I love that when I read the title of today’s post, I literally thought, “Meh, I’ve seen everything there is to see” and then proceeded to only recognize about half the names of the shows mentioned, and maybe I’ve seen 1/5. HA.

Watch Normal People! But if you’re a reader please read the book first. The show is beautiful, but the is a sexy masterpiece (as if A.S. Byatt wrote Shades of Gray). I was sad when I finished it, and am so happy to be reliving the experience through the excellent show.


I came to the comments just to make sure Emily knew to watch Friday night lights. Emily, if you haven’t you need to. You will love it. It’s by the same guy as Parenthood but with more coming of age/teen drama in addition to the wonderful family stories. One of my all time favorites.

I have Poldark on my period list! SO good : )

Gilmore Girls is definitely an EHD office favorite!!! I am going to give Friday Night Lights a go finally and West Wing!


GILMORE GIRLS! A favorite. 🙂


WATCH FNL! My friends and I now ask each other “What would Tammy do?” when making decisions…. 😛


The Australian show “The Letdown” is one of the best most accurate shows I’ve seen about motherhood ever. Makes you laugh & cry plus gift to the world comedian Celeste Barber has a supporting role. And while it is getting a lot of buzz & just came out, so not old or forgotten, for anyone into the YA genre- Mindy Kaling’s “Never Have I Ever…” is super binge worthy. Hysterically funny, poignant & several plot twist I didn’t see coming. You can binge the whole 1st season in 1/2 a day(or night)

Both those shows are on my list. I can’t wait to watch Never Have I Ever!


Yes to both of these! ‘The Letdown” was hilarious and relatable, especially as a mom with young kids. And I just finished “Never Have I Ever” last week and loved it! So good and fun to watch. Mindy Kaling is a genius when it comes to romantic comedies, her shows are fun to watch, hilarious, and smart. “The Mindy Project” was great too.


I can’t believe Barry isn’t on your list! It’s the perfect blend of comedy and drama! A killer for hire tries to get out of the killing business…it doesn’t go well.

Jessica Harrell

Better Things is awesome. Belgravia is on apple + for fans of Downtown Abbey

Belgravia is now on my list…


Yes, love Better Things!! Especially seasons 3 and 4.


Love this post! I would definitely recommend The Wire, Atlanta, Barry, and Scrubs; For family friendly, I would say Avatar: The Last Air Bender!

Thank you!

SCRUBS so good!!! I am adding The Wire to my list, I’ve heard nothing but good things about that show!

Sean Darling

The best comedy on Netflix is Derry Girls. I’m too lazy to write my own synopsis so here is the synopsis from Google:

Following Erin and her friends as they grow up in a world of armed police in armoured Land Rovers and British Army checkpoints in 1990s Northern Ireland and attempt to navigate the highs and lows of being teenagers.


Love Derry Girls. I loved all the 90s music in it too.

It looks super up my alley and I know I need to watch:)


Pushing Daisies – SO good and it ended way too soon due to the writer’s strike
The West Wing – I was a little young for it when this show was running, so recently binged all seasons. It’s the White House administration you wish you had right now. There’s a LOT of dialogue, which I prefer (this definitely got the attention it deserved, but it’s been a while, so likely forgotten about for people my age)
Someone else mentioned Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries – yesssssss!
Anne with an E – retelling of Anne of Green Gables on Netflix. I love the original CBC movies and of course the books, but I actually really enjoyed this version!

Pushing Daisies was so cute! I was so sad when it stopped.

SAME! I loved Pushing Daisies truly a forgotten underrated show but so sooo good.


I still get sad when I think about Pushing Daisies.


I loved Anne with an E.


Gah! What about The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel?! SO GOOD! I also really enjoyed The Crown. While it’s extra violent all seasons of Narcos were extremely addicting. Even though there are only 2 seasons right now I also think that Jack Ryan is a solid choice!

I need to get on The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel! And I also LOVED The Crown. I am such a sucker for “historical” shows xx

I love The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel!!! and my sister absolutely loves The Crown, my list is getting VERY long thanks to you all 🙂


Yes, couldn’t believe no one had mentioned Maisel or the Crown – both fantastic shows and so well acted.


(CW: sexual violence)

Did anyone else find Outlander to be too rapey? I swear someone tries to rape Claire (or succeeds) in every other episode. Jamie is super hot and all, but it’s hard to get all worked up if I then have to watch sexual violence too.

Also, I read the book(s?) way back in college, and I couldn’t take the thought of having to watch [mild SPOILER] what Randall does to Jamie later. So I had to stop watching.

Otherwise, it was pretty good. If they ever come out with a less-rapey edit I’m all over it 😛

Yea, the end of that first season was . . . . *shivers*




Marvelous Mrs. Masel is hilarious, and definitely not appropriate for children (language).

The Expanse is a fantastic scifi option, if anyone’s into that. Nearly every friggin episode ends with a cliffhanger, the acting is great (except maybe Holden but he’s cute), the story is great, and apparently it’s mostly very faithful to the books.

Emma Brown

I feel so bad for everyone who hasn’t seen Normal People yet!!!

And I would add ‘The Leftovers’ to the thriller category, very Lost-esque and bingeable!

Ok so Normal People is good?? I’m afraid of ruining the world I created in my head from the book!


I just finished Normal People last night. I LOVED the book and was not at all disappointed by the series. It was a really well-done adaptation, and the actor who played Connell was superb!


Another vote for ‘The Leftovers’, but with a word of warning – it’s quite heavy and deals a lot with themes like grief and loss. Though we’ve been binging it through this whole quarantine situation and watching it has strangely made me feel better about a world in crisis, almost in a cathartic way.
Also, for those who like teen dramas and do not mind subtitles, the Norwegian show SKAM is absolutely amazing. Sooo hilarious and refreshing! Probably the best teen show I’ve ever watched, and I am a fan of the genre (do not watch the American version titled ‘SKAM Austin’, however – it doesn’t even come close to the original).


I would love to see a blog piece on the family house/inn from Bloodline!


Some of your readers must like Sci-Fi too, right? For those of us who like to channel our inner nerds, I’d suggest Doctor Who, Firefly (best Joss Whedon show EVER), Buffy the Vampire Slayer (a classic and sort of fits in the horror genre), Farscape, Black Mirror, Battlestar Gallactica and The Expanse.

Black Mirror is definitely one of my favorites so accurately scary. I know that Emily B. is a MAJOR Doctor Who fan but I am kinda overwhelmed with how many episodes there are or would you suggest starting with a more recent season? Thanks Robyn!


Oooh I loved David Tenant as the Doctor but kinda fell off watching after Matt Smith.

Julie, my friend gave me and my husband a good intro to Dr. Who by having us watch the episode Don’t Blink first to get us into it. Then we started watching from the beginning.

I’ll check it out, thank you so much!


Doctor Who is SO GOOD! One of my all-time favorite shows. It’s a little corny if you’re starting at the beginning of the reboot, but it gets so good.

I love sci-fi TV, and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine was fantastic. I’m currently on my second watch-through. I was never into Star Trek before I watched it, but it’s brilliant. The Expanse was good too – I believe more seasons will come out eventually. And if you’re looking for super weird sci-fi, Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency was great (nothing like the books, though I think that’s a good thing as I didn’t like the books all that much).

I’d recommend Chuck – average dude gets all the government’s secrets planted in his brain and he gets pulled into the CIA. Funny, lots of action, and of course romance.

And, Emily, if you liked Vampire Diaries, definitely check out Legacies, which is the second spin off and I find way more likeable than the original.

Finally, The Almighty Johnsons, which is four New Zealand brothers who find out they’re actually Norse Gods. It aired in Canada on Space, and I believe in the US on SyFy. It was on Netflix (in Canada) for a while, though I think it’s been taken off.


Chuck, hands-down best show ever! Definitely needs a spot on this list. Along with Castle one of my favorite cop shows ever and I watch a lot of cop shows. It is so good to see Nathan on the Rookie! Oh and Wonderland! An Australian show that was dramatic and funny, but also romantic. Highly recommend this one! Please give it a try!


OMG! I just read on Apartment Therapy, that your (Emily) Glendale house is on the market!?


Big Mouth should be on this list. It is absolutely brilliant and we savored every episode. I wouldn’t recommend watching it with your teens, but I would recommend they watch it on their own. SO GOOD. Don’t be fooled by the fact that it’s animation!

And The League – really funny and easy watching.

As is Workaholics.

Lauren Tarullo

God, Big Mouth is so fantastic. I think people sometimes see animated and just assume it’s all fart jokes, but the social complexity of this show is SO good. Lots of profanity and sex, so agree that it’s an adults only show, but one of my absolute favorites from the last few years.

Love the League and Workaholics!


Oh how I love bingeable tv.

The OC (first 3 seasons only) are gold. Gossip Girl and Friday Night Lights are wonderful in very very different ways.

Jane the Virgin is one of the most beautiful shows I’ve ever seen for a number of reason. Storyline, writing, effects, costuming…Rafael…

How did the Office not make this list?? Also Schitts Creek is an immediate classic (give it the whole first season). We are also big fans of Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia in our house, but admittedly it’s…an acquired taste.

The Letdown is a must watch for any parent, probably more specifically mother. It’s so real and raw and funny. And was so great to binge in my first year of motherhood.

Ooh VERY GOOD SUGGESTIONS. I think the office is rarely forgotten about, at least in our office – Ryann and Caitlin quote it on the DAILY


THE WIRE!!! It was on HBO at the same time as The Sopranos, and was obviously overshadowed. But, it’s considered by a lot of people way more into TV than me to be the best TV writing of all time. It’s set in inner city Baltimore and has so many incredible story lines from various sectors in the city (drug dealers, police, dock workers, politics, journalism, school system, etc…) that are all intertwined. The characters are supremely complex – you both love and hate pretty much all of them. Also – IDRIS ELBA.

We first watched it when Netflix actually delivered DVDs to your mailbox. The few days between when we finished a DVD and then had to WAIT FOR THE NEXT one were torture.

Gonna check it out!!


Offspring on Netflix. IMDb describes it as “The story of the impossible loves of 30-something obstetrician Nina Proudman and her fabulously messy family.” One of my favorite shows of all time.


Offspring is soooo good!! Was very sad when I reached the end, so wish it was still going!!

patricia blaettler

Call the Midwife (London) and Doc Martin (Cornwall) are both charming.

Jane Rickhoff

Call the Midwife. I cannot get enough.


I just posted about this and then saw your post – yes to Call the Midwife!


I can’t believe no one here listed Buffy the Vampire Slayer!!! Amazing show. Well acted. Well written. Really funny. Really romantic.

I second Veronica Mars, seasons 1 and 2. Not so crazy about season 3.


P.S. I give Outlander a thumbs down. Who knew that a show could feature so much sex that it just became boring. (“Oh there they go. At it again. Zzzzz.) I just lost interest in it very quickly.

I’m guessing you haven’t watched season 4 of Veronica Mars. I just pretend the last 10 minutes of the last episode of S4 didn’t happen.

Surprised Gilmore Girls isn’t on here!


Where can you watch Ally McBeal? I used to love that show! I started watching Normal People on Hulu (book so good too) and I love it. REally good. I’ve also been watching HGTV Design Star old episodes (they are on demand) and it’s so addictive! I can see why Emily won, loved her spaces. And her kitchen was definitely not too busy.


Oh, I totally forgot Schitt’s Creek ( Of courese) and i also just watched the full season of Mindy Kaling’s new show Never Have I ever, and it is very cute and enjoyable. I watched it in two nights.

Wait Jenn, where are you watching Design Star??? I want to watch too!


It’s on demand, under HGTV!

I have to include Buffy the Vampire Slayer! Soo good if you like teenage dramas

Also The Killing in Netflix! Love me a good murder mystery


You have made a terrible mistake. You left off ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT.

Kat, I know. I had it on my list! Truly the best. #nevernudeforever


And that’s why you always leave a note.


If you love thrillers you must watch The Americans. So perfect in every way, plus it had the single best series finale ever.


I also love The Magicians for something a bit different. Dramady?…and can’t stop saying ovary up.


One of my absolute favorite shows is Call the Midwife. So, so, so good! It is based on the memoirs of a midwife who worked in a poor neighborhood in the London area. Similar to Downton Abbey but not as soap opera-like. The new seasons air on PBS but old ones are on Netflix.

I would also add After Life (funny and sad and good) and Luther. The former is on Netflix; I’m not sure where Luther is now.

If you are into gardening (or actually, even if you are not), Big Dreams, Small Spaces (available on Amazon Prime). It’s a few years old but it is a reality show that follows amateur gardeners redoing their backyards with the help of a British gardener (Monty Don).

And no, I’m not British – but apparently I love British tv shows!


Omg so glad to hear other fans of the BORGIAS! I binged this hard and was devastated when it ended abruptly. I even joined a fan club push to get it renewed. The acting is superb- jeremy irons (his voice, I can’t!!!) and gorgeous Cesare and holiday grangers chemisty is outta control!!! If you loved the Tudors this is the show for you!!!


I just discovered the Americans…So good!

Kerry Russell and Matthew Rhys are bad ass Russian spies that have been living undercover in America for the last 20 years. (It takes place in 1980’s.) They are in an arranged marriage and have 2 teenage kids in a Virginia suburb and the Russian Cold War is at its height. They make friends with a new neighbor that moves in across the street who is an FBI counter intelligence officer…


Six Feet Under!! Most favorite show of all time. The absolute best final episode. Makes me cry just thinking about how beautiful that show is.

Friday Night Lights

The Shield

The Americans


Hey Sara, don’t know if you watched all episodes of Newsroom, but I wonder if you saw a certain Brian Henderson make a brief appearance in an episode where there was a cocktail party.


How did no one mention the best one of all BREAKING BAD!!!


And Better Call Saul! It’s SO good!!

Hands down Schitts creek…binged 6 seasons in 3 weeks and not sure what to do with myself now 😲



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