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Our Absolute Favorite DIY Bloggers That We Are ALWAYS Inspired By

Hey all you cool cats and kittens, Mallory here, reporting live from the blog. I’ve hopped out of my daily world of Instagram to write this little love letter to our favorite and incredibly hardworking DIY & craft bloggers. First off, if you’ve ever attempted a DIY project, you know it’s 1 million times harder than it looks. Making a mistake is almost a given, but these professionals are leading the charge, guinea-pigging their way through seemingly impossible tasks to bring us step-by-step instructions so we can all fail less. It’s very kind, incredibly impressive, and at a time like this, these projects can be crucial to the wellbeing of your kids, your home, and you.

So since you and your house are probably spending much more quality time together than before, naturally you may want to attempt some DIYs…if you read that and said (yup, that’s me), then let me introduce you to the best bloggers with the coolest projects that you can start recreating today. Let’s begin.

Mandi Gubler – @vintagerevivals

When I asked Emily which DIY bloggers were on her “MUST INCLUDE” list, she said Vintage Revivals was her top. Between the cane wall panels, and her wall paint DIYs (because who needs wallpaper when you know how to handle a paintbrush), there’s seldom a blank wall in her house. If you’re longing to see more of her rad DIY projects, check them out on her blog, or follow her on the ‘gram. You’ll quickly understand why the EHD team is obsessed with her.

Oh Joy! – @ohjoy

Oh Joy! has been a good friend of Emily’s since nearly the beginning. Don’t believe me? I don’t know why you wouldn’t, but the proof is here and here, when we also helped her decorate her studio and nursery. She’s an AWESOME blogger and person that’s zero percent afraid of color and loves to live life. Here are some of her recent DIYs that we live for (and you will, too): gem sidewalk chalk, smushed paint art, and this yarn stitched sweater. Still need more? Her blog is filled with the coolest crafts and projects, and trust me, you won’t be bored.

Brittany Jepsen – @houselarsbuilt

This is the BEST place to look for Easter crafts right now (like this DIY egg wreath), but just, in general, we at EHD are collectively obsessed with her blog and Instagram. The House That Lars Built is basically a synonym for “DIY professional.” Between her printable shop and awesome DIY blog posts (like this bead chandelier, Celtic knot pillow, and her many versions of paper plants), browsing the site and then actually doing these DIYs will give you hours of pure joy and entertainment.

Kelly Mindel – @studiodiy

If you are in need of a visual energy boost head on over to Studio DIY. Kelly has created the most colorful, joyful site likely on the planet. If you are ever in need of a costume she is your gal! But she also has other great home DIYs like this chandelier and this kid’s storage basket. She makes everything she touches more joyful (I mean these easter eggs are likely the cutest things in the world.)

A Beautiful Mess – @abeautifulmess

Sisters, Elsie Larson and Emma Chapman are the brilliant minds behind A Beautiful Mess. With the help of their awesome contributors, this site is packed with a ton of kid-friendly DIYs like this one, and beautiful adult-friendly ones like this wall hanging and this vase. It’s a very happy and helpful escape. Plus Elsie and her husband just bought a new house and it has been very exciting to see what they are dreaming up. You can follow along on her personal Instagram account!

Sarah Gibson – @roomfortuesday

Besides having a great name, Room for Tuesday is a very good resource (which we have featured before) if you’re wanting to attempt some solid DIY projects during your time at home. I have MANY favorites, but her ball pillow DIY, genius spice rack organizing hack, and easy succulent planter swap are among some of my top contenders. If she hasn’t impressed you yet, she also did the #BUILDTHANKS sign challenge using tile (yes, tile) which turned out REALLY CUTE.

P.S. I Made This – @psimadethis

P.S. I Made This has probably the best “crafty” food you’ll see on this list. For example, her tie-dyed eggs, bunny foo foo snowball cake, and bunny bark are some of the best tasting Easter crafts you’ll see on the interwebs. Oh also, I have a secret love for Peeps and right now is pretty much the only time where it’s acceptable to eat them. If you share in this Peep love, then check out her rainbow peeps s’more casserole. Yeah, you heard that right IT’S PEEP SEASON PEOPLE. If you want to check out more of her crafts (beyond the food goodies), head to her blog or instagram.

Brittni Mehlhoff – @paperandstitch

Brittni has the craft of crafting down to a science. She’s nailed kid crafts, adult crafts, and home crafts, all while maintaining a cool brand which only makes her that much better. Also one time she made a rug from scratch. Enough said. Plus Emily and some of the design team members met Brittini in Atlanta for the Invitation Home,  Make it Home Show House. Not only did they love her in general but were so impressed with her work up close and personal.

Jessica Reed Kraus – @houseinhabit

If you’re looking to get even more crafty with your kiddos, Julie recommends following @houseinhabit and checking out her story highlight called “craft inspo.” It’s exactly what it sounds like, awesome crafts that will inspire you to do with your kids. She also has a very well curated amazon shop with cute craft supplies you can buy. Moms & dads that are stuck inside with young children, this ones for you 🙂

Angela Rose Home – @angelarosehome

Angela has zero fear and it pays off. If you click on her instagram, you’ll see she’s well-equipped to bust down railings, construct a 13-foot brick wall, or build a door from the ground up. So if you’re feeling adventurous and want to tackle something MAJOR in your home right now, she’s your gal. May we all handle power tools with the confidence and finesse that she does…

Molly Madfis – @almostmakesperfect

With Molly, you can expect more adorable kids crafts & games with some awesome home upgrades mixed in. Some very cute kids games include this watermelon DIY game and this neighborhood scavenger hunt (if you live in an area where you can go outside). Also, if you’re stuck with kids at home, this printable schedule is VERY cute and hopefully helpful! If you’re not parenting a child right now, check out the inside of her kitchen cabinets for some organization porn.

Mandi Johnson – @mandimakes

Now, this blog is for the craftiest of the crafty. Mandi is VERY good with her hands, so good in fact, that she made little miniature rooms that are more stylish than most real-life houses I’ve been in. Seriously! Even if you’re not going to craft this because…well it requires a lot of skill, you should at least check these out to be entertained and impressed. But she also does incredible life-size DIY projects that will blow your socks off. Check out this banquette for example. Otherwise, if you’re just looking for some fun crafts with kids, check out her cardboard castle or her many awesome American Girl doll outfits.

If you’ve gone through this list and you’re looking for even more DIYs, here are reader-submitted posts that I guarantee will inspire you: 12 projects you can do this weekend, some fun DIY bathroom renovations, Backyard DIYs, and Kitchen DIY before and afters. Do you have any other favorite projects or bloggers to add to our list? These people deserved to be celebrated now more than ever. Comment your go-to’s below and happy DIYing 🙂

Opening Photo Credit: Design by Mandi Gubler

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1 year ago

The first line is THE BEST! 🙂

1 year ago

Thanks so much for including us! We love you too! xx

1 year ago

Another amazing blog to check out is Kate’s Creative Space. A lot of her content involves crafting with her young son.

Sarah V.
1 year ago

Manhattan Nest is necessary viewing.

1 year ago
Reply to  Sarah V.

Oh gosh, 100%. Daniel is all about DIY restoring old homes to their original glory! He reuses EVERYTHING. If you are not watching his insta-stories during this time, you’re missing out BIG.

1 year ago

House of Lars has a printable “Social Distancing” Coloring book with contributions by 64 artists. Proceeds benefit the World Heath Organization Coronavirus Response Fund. Shop small, help artists and help WHO Coronavirus Response all in one. 🙂

1 year ago
Reply to  Julie

That is amazing, thank you for sharing!

1 year ago

Thank you so much for featuring me! You absolutely made my day and the love is mutual. xo, -Sarah

1 year ago

You had me at “Cool cats and Kittens”.

1 year ago

I am so, so sorry to be the one to tell you this, but evidently the Peep factory is closed this year?

1 year ago

Great post! Paper and Stitch is my favorite!

1 year ago

Ah yes, A Beautiful Mess. Home of the infamously problematic feathers and teepees post (“it’s not cultural appropriation, I just happened to wear feathers and paint and make a teepee at the same time!”)

1 year ago
Reply to  Sarah

Just for some context, that post was 10 years ago. I looked it up on the ABM archives and while it’s very cringe, it’s also been a long time. I’m a longtime ABM reader and would *not* have been happy with this. But 10 years is a long time, so I don’t want to hold that against them now. I hope they learned from it.

1 year ago
Reply to  JayN

That’s a really good point! I don’t actually want to be the cultural appropriation police, and I do like their other contend. My main problem with that post was their defense of it after the fact, and not “whoops we made a mistake and learned from it.”

1 year ago

Oh man, way to eat up a lot of hours on the computer plunging down the pinterest rabbit hole! Good thing I have a LOT OF SPARE TIME. Because I know where I’m going to be for the next few days.

1 year ago

TY for this. I’ve had two Very Bad Newses this week and need the extra distraction.

<3 yous

1 year ago

Oh! You guys! Thanks so much for the love. Completely honored to take up space on your awesome site! mwah!!!!!

1 year ago

Came here to add Daniel Kanter / Manhattan Nest to the list, and so happy to Mandi at the #1 spot! I’ve been following both for what has to be at least 10 years. So, so good.

Sue Givens
1 year ago

The Art of Doing Stuff is another amazing DIY blog. She DIY’s everything from garden watering systems to centerpieces.

Good list!

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