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Oh Joy Nursery/Office Makeover: the mountain wall mural


For Joy’s new nursery we wanted it to be really fun and reflect their happy personalities but since it was also their home office we couldn’t go ‘full crazy’. Wallpaper would have been fun but over the budget, but just painting the walls seemed boring. I thought about doing an overall pattern but then I met up with my friend, Pinterest, for inspiration and found some:

Many of you might remember how I wanted to do a mountain-scape backsplash in our kitchen, but I couldn’t seem to figure out how to make it work with tile – at least not in a way that would look good. But here it was not only doable but so easy. It would be near the crib area – making that area feel more happy and kid-like, while helping to delineated the two spaces.  We did some renderings to show them what we were thinking.

This first rendering is a simpler version, and it could work, but it didn’t quite feel right:  mountain

The second rendering had way more impact, felt more dynamic and allowed us to bring in multiple colors. mountain

Oh an I haven’t talked about it yet, but we wanted to paint the bottom half of the room (where there was no mural) a color; almost like a horizon. The room was white already, but it was dingy and creamy and needed to be freshened up, anyway.

Bob requested more neutral colors and they both love grey and blue – clearly i’m no stranger to those colors, either. As far as picking the colors we brought all our paint decks and chose 7 or 8 that we liked. We got sample pots of all of them and then just went for it and sampled them on the walls. Ultimately we liked the strong blue has a ‘POW’ and then flanked it with a medium gray ad a more icy gray.

Joy Nursery_Emily Henderson_Wall Landscape Mural

Click through to see the rest of the project:

I didn’t have much of a plan for the pattern besides the renderings – it’s not like I measured it or anything, mostly because I despise measuring. In full Emily style I just grabbed the tape and went for it and it was strangely easy. None of the mountains were the same size or height and we varied them as we went along. I look at all the intricate stencil-ing and patterned wall diy’s out there and I want to be that person, I really do, but meticulous isn’t my thing and if you aren’t careful you can seriously make a diy all look like garbage that a monkey drew. The sun was drawn with a thumbtack and a pencil tied to string which was attached to the thumbtack. We drew the perfect circle and then filled that bad boy in with a very bright and sunny yellow.

The whole thing took just one day. We painted the top white and the bottom gray, while I was taping up the pattern. We had Brady and Robbie helping, but Brady was busy doing other stuff, too, so I honestly think this project could take just 1 day even for one person. The tricky part is taking off the tape and then retaping it so you can paint over where the original tape was.

Joy Nursery_Emily Henderson_Wall Landscape Mural_before after copy

That is where we left it at the end of the day, but as I stared at the photos of it night I realized that while the nursery didn’t need to be gender specific I didn’t want all of the interweb to be emailing joy, saying ‘Did you have a boy ….’. Not everyone has such a modern view of colors as we do, and in traditional nursery style this did go a little more ‘boy’. So the next morning we came back and added that hot pink which did A LOT for the space, woke it up a big and made it feel totally happy and not gender specific.

Paint Colors:

Blue Mountains: Dutchboy Lapis Enamel. Light Grey Mountains: Dutchboy Iced Cube Silver. Dark Grey Mountains: Dutchboy Handcast Pewter. Bottom Half of Wall: Dutchboy Silver Half Dollar. Sun: Benjamin Moore Sun City

Sneak Peek:

Joy Nursery_Emily Henderson_Wall Landscape Mural_sneak peek

One’s shirt must always match one’s crib sheet. The full reveal is tomorrow. You best come back and check it out.  xx, E.

Fin Mark


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Soooo glad you added the pink-it really makes it. I like all the inspiration pics and they are all one-dimensional, but it didn’t feel the same pre-pink. I especially love it on the mountain in the corner. Fab!


Thank you! Yeah, it made a huge difference.

love this look! the colors you chose are so fun.
amber at wills casa did a very similar wall in her son’s room last summer- i have drooled over it ever since! you can check it out here:


Just checked it out. SO cute. Wish I had seen it before … xx

Thank you Cassie and Emily!! I love a good mountain mural!

What a difference the pink mountain caps made! Nice quick thinking


I’m amazed at how the pink adds so much. It also seems so much easier than a stencil that I would even attempt it.


I know that a lot of people use stencils but I did it once and we had to paint over it – it was so incredibly time consuming that we didn’t have time to finish it (it was for the show). Our crew worked all night long and only finished 1/2 of it and it was sloppy, so we just painted over it. I know some people can do it, but i’m scared to try again. xx


Love the added pink mountain tops! And Emily, you look very pretty in that last photo. That shirt is very flattering, where is from?


Ah, thank you. Its from Target 🙂 Last year, though, so probably not online anymore. xx


I bought it cuz you mentioned it before. 🙂
I also still love my navy striped pj bottoms (with pockets) from your recommendation.

Love that pink pop; such a clever way to add some more life the mural!

Gorgeous,fun, bright & lovely (as always)!

OOOHH! So cute and can’t wait for tomorrow!

Love the mountain mural. I was sad that you couldn’t make the mountains work as a backsplash, so I’m glad you got to revisit the idea here. I also love that the other walls have the faux-wainscoting. I wanted to do something similar but with chalkboard paint in my daughter’s nursery but my husband nixed it due to the potential mess of chalk dust.


I’ve had mixed reviews about chalkboard. Part of me hates the dust, but its just so cute for kids. Maybe painting white board paint is the new chalkboard, although i haven’t done it yet. xx


Don’t forget chalk markers! The cool look without the mess!

So fabulous, love the boldness and the addition of pattern with the bed sheet.
That mobile is pretty damn good too.
Looking forward to seeing the whole thing tomorrow.
Another grand job x

Nicole "coley" Macaluso

Love this! Do you think it would work with textured walls? Also where is that pillow from? I LOVE it!!


Beautiful! Where is the rocker from?


It says in the previous post. I think dwell, but you shud check

This is so lovely! That intense blue is dark yet still fresh and happy looking, look so good with the light gray/pink/yellow, really brings out the contrast with the crib too.


This is a really cool idea! I would love to try this in my loft/guest room. Do you think it’s only appropriate for a nursery/child’s room or can it be used in an adult space? (I don’t have kids)

I absolutely adore this….the pink tops just make it perfect! When you and Joy get together magic just happens.

You are so creative, I love it!!!!


Spill the beans, where is the stool from? I am dying for something like this for my daughters nursery

Hot dang this is so cute!!

LOVE this! Nerdy question for you– what program do you use for your renderings? I like how simple and clean they are.

Well planned with the shirt!! 🙂 he he.


At first I was thinking, that’s kinda cute….but then BAM you added that pink cap and it’s a totally WOW, classic Em Hendo.
I love it!!!

I’ll be back 😉


Love the color choices, and am especially enamored with the heart/stripe pillow. Where can I find it to add to my collection? Have fun in NYC!

That’s adorable! I love the extra touch of pink. Kudos!

Awesome – what a fun idea! I never would have imagined it was so quick and easy.

All bias aside, I LOVE YOUR mountain version the most!


And I was thinking it was Mount Fuji. Nice job.


I am totally doing this for my daughter’s room (she’ll be arriving in a few months)! Can I get the paint color for the pink please? Love your work, Emily!

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