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Cancel Your Plans: 12 DIYs You’ll Want to Try This Weekend

Happy Friday everyone! You may remember about two weeks ago, Emily did a call out on Instagram (are you following us yet??) to ask all you talented folks to send through your DIY projects. BOY did you all deliver. We love a brilliant DIY project and have been really trying to experiment a bit more with it lately. And as suspected, we have so many talented readers in our little community that we thought what better way to finish off the week than to show some of you off. There were so many more we wanted to include but didn’t want to make this post too overwhelming. However, if you guys like this post, we can/will share more at some point. Sorry to be a tease. 🙂 But today we have some amazing and approachable DIYs that heck, you could do THIS weekend if you wanted to. There may be one idea in here that I was already toying around with for my bed nook and am now ready to go full speed ahead after looking at her pics. Can you take a guess??? In the meantime, please enjoy and get inspired…it won’t be hard, I promise.

Pillow Cover Turned Art via Emily Funk

Emily Henderson DIY projects

Let’s start off with some pillow talk. Well “deconstructed and made waaay better” pillow talk if you ask me. Emily Funk (coolest last name) had purchased this pillow but never found its perfect home. So to, in her own words, “warm up the modern bones of the space,” she cut it up into three pieces and framed them as art. The float mount makes it look expensive and textured because you can see the raw edges. Easy and so pretty. I love how each piece is different. That’s the tricky thing about framing fabric—the patterns should be varied to make them look special and not like you just framed several pieces of the same fabric. Thanks, Emily!

DIY Wall Organizer With A Bed Slat via Kristina Steinmetz of Ich Designer

Emily Henderson DIY projects

Who doesn’t love a clever IKEA hack? Kristina created this clever “wall organizer” using these already connected bed slats. I love how she shows how versatile it can be—it’s great for basically any room in your house and is very budget-friendly. Head to her blog for a step-by-step.

DIY Monstera Leaf Pillow via Brittni Mehlhoff of Paper and Stitch

Emily Henderson DIY projects

I was so excited when I looked at our #showEMyourDIY and this project popped up. It might be the cutest kid’s pillow (or big kid, no judgment) that I have ever seen. Sewing skills are required so I now need to re-teach myself ASAP so I can make them for my friends who are having babies. Brittni, the mastermind behind this DIY, is crazy talented and you should absolutely check out her site for other ideas. In fact, we wanted to showcase another one next…

DIY Bathroom Organizer via Brittni Mehlhoff of Paper and Stitch

Emily Henderson DIY projects

Why yes that is the cutest bathroom caddy you have ever seen. It’s simple but stylish and so functional. Plus, it looks like a beginner DIYer could easily tackle it with success. Ugly bathroom storage be gone! Thanks for sharing Brittni.

Wood and Leather Peg Rail via Nancy Johnson of The Hillside House 

Emily Henderson DIY projects

EHD has a well-documented love of peg rails but the really beautiful ones, understandably, usually come with a hefty price tag. When I spotted this cutie on the hashtag, that all changed. Nancy DIYed this amazing, budget-friendly peg rail that I swooned instantly over (as I am sure you are doing right now). Here are the steps from Nancy herself:

1. I started with one long 3/4-inch thick walnut dowel and a 2-foot long plank of walnut that I found at my local hardware store.
2. User a miter saw, cut down the dowel into five 3-inch pieces, using a 90-degree cut on one end, and a 15(ish)-degree angle cut.
3. I do a lot of crafts and always have a stash of leather to use up. The day that I did this project, I went through what I had and picked a buttery-soft and pliable light-colored leather. I liked the contrast of the lighter color of the leather with the dark color of the walnut. Before I cut into my leather, I made a template out of paper to get the shape I wanted to use for the “hook.” The template made it easy to mark out all the pieces and cut them out. I used my heavy-duty fabric scissors to cut them all out.
4. In order to make sure that the board would be flush with the wall, I countersank the holes for the screws in the back piece of the 2-foot piece of wood. I don’t actually have a fancy tool to do that, so I first drilled my holes for the screws and then used a drill bit a tiny bit larger than the head of the screws I planned to use and then drilled over the hole just slightly. It’s important to go slow as you don’t want to go all the way through!
5. Predrill holes in the four corners for the screws where you plan to hang it up.
6. Once all the above is completed, it’s time to figure out where you need to make a hole in the leather to allow the screw to go through. I used a handy hole-making tool, but you can easily find an actual leather hole-puncher at most crafts stores.
7. Once everything is cut and drilled, simply put it all together and hang it up!

DIY Block Shop-Inspired Ottoman via Rachael Gibilterra of Terramade Design

Emily Henderson DIY projects

Your eyes don’t deceive you. This is an ottoman you can make yourself and it’s chic as f$*%. Inspired by one of our favorite textile companies, Block Shop Textiles, Rachael did the heavy lifting and created the perfect step-by-step plan for you to get this stunner in your home asap. This DIY does require some technical skills and tools (which you can rent) but boy is it worth it in the end.

DIY Paneled Bed Nook via Lauren Horton

Emily Henderson DIY projects

This beautiful DIY came to me via email and I knew it had to go in this post as soon as I saw it. I mean what a genius and chic way to create high visual impact and a defined zone in a room (would be SO good in a studio). Talk about adding character, am I right? Here are Lauren’s instructions on how she got this done:

“I bought pre-finished 1x2s from Home Depot. I mixed my own stain and cut all the slats to length. Next, I used a nail gun to nail the vertical pieces to the wall. I then made a frame on the ceiling that we screwed into the rafters so that I could ensure all of the slats on the ceiling were very secure.”

Emily Henderson DIY projects

I feel that as long as you are comfortable with a nail gun and drill, this is a very doable and impactful DIY. Awesome job Lauren.

Stenciled Painted Tiles via Laura Helmick of Helmick Hacienda

Emily Henderson DIY projects

When you buy and move into a house, it’s rare that you can afford to customize everything straight out of the gate. Some things you just have to deal with until that bank account gets a little bigger. Well, Laura decided to get crafty and painted over her old bathroom tiles with this super cute stencil. Now, the bathroom floor is barely recognizable. What a cool transformation! Head to her blog for all the tips.

DIY Toy Station via Rachel Andersen of Unanchored Studio 

Emily Henderson DIY projects

I think my exact words were, “Stop. That is SO COOL,” when I saw this DIY. I then immediately messaged Rachel for the how-to. Now, if you want yours exactly like this one, it does require some higher level skills and cool power tools/machines. But if you don’t have all of that, you could also use her’s as an inspiration and “make it your own.” She originally got her inspiration from this DIY which is more on the beginner side. Also not to worry, Rachel said she did a ton of research to make sure it was safe for that adorable pumpkin pictured above. Essentially, little Harrison is a VERY lucky little boy. Here are Rachel’s instructions:

1. I designed the station as I wanted it as a flat piece in Adobe Illustrator.
2. I then had the pieces cut to the size I designed (I used a friend’s CNC machine for the activity panel).
3. Using my Inventables X-Carve machine, I cut out all the detail pieces.
4. Once everything is cut, I filed and sanded every edge…TWICE.
5. I painted what needed to be painted, and sealed those + all the natural plywood with a food-grade mineral oil to protect Harrison, rather than a chemical-heavy sealant.
6. Each panel was then assembled with the detail pieces and moving parts.
7. Once all panels are ready, I affixed them together to create the base, using corner brackets from the inside and screwing along the edges for extra support.
8. Finally, I attached the tabletop to the base, using corner brackets from the inside. as well.

DIY Modern Credenza Ikea Hack via Bianca Hall of French For Pineapple

Emily Henderson DIY projects

IKEA or Jonathan Adler?? This is a crazy genius way to insanely upgrade your IKEA credenza (or any other you might own) to make your space feel incredibly high end and cool. Think of all the mid-century modern styling that credenza could hold??? Thank you Bianca for one of the best IKEA hacks I have ever seen. 🙂 Head to her site for all the deets.

DIY Faux Painted Marble Table via Heather Jorde of Restless Oasis 

Emily Henderson DIY projects

Yeah, I didn’t think it was faux either at first but it is. How Heather did it was so freaking cool. She wanted a budget-friendly option that she could trust her little ones around and man did she succeed. Head to her blog now to get all the beautiful details. She also says it looks better in person which is kinda nuts since it looks pretty darn great in photos.

DIY Modern Cement Lamp via Heather Jorde of Restless Oasis 

Emily Henderson DIY projects

What we call “micro globe lamps” are VERY in right now and Heather has your back. You can make your own cool, hip lamp for $20. YUP. Dreams do come true. It’s neutral, looks artisanal (cause you are an artist now, duh) and can be used in almost any space. Head to her blog for all the steps and then let the “cute” light in.

Okay, there you have it. Hope you are now as inspired as we all are and plan to get a little crafty this weekend. Let us know in the comments if you plan to tackle any and if you want more DIY posts like this. We love showcasing great work so we are happy to oblige. 🙂 If you’re itching for more ideas, head to the #ShowEmYourDIY hashtag (and also check out #EHDweekendproject).

Have a great weekend! Love you, mean it.

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Shannon Skinner
5 years ago

Absolutely love all of these ideas, I’m definitely going to be trying the wall organiser!

Shannon |

5 years ago

Yay! If you make it, I would love it if you tagged me on IG so I can see it! I love resharing when friends try my DIYs.

Have fun!

Nancy @thehillsidehouse

Jordan G
5 years ago

These are awesome! The faux marble table is especially appealing because I just found a fantastic table base on Craigslist and need an affordable way to top it without having to fork over cash for real stone. May have to give this a shot!

5 years ago

great post. I hope you will dedicate future posts to showing DIYs

Cici Haus
5 years ago

Yes! Definitely more of this.

5 years ago

This is the best DIY compilation I’ve seen in a LONG time! Thank you! More please!

5 years ago

Is BlockShop cool with the “Inspired Ottoman?” It looks like a direct imitation of their fabric. I know the lines are blurred these days but I thought at first she bought their fabric and then made the ottoman.

5 years ago
Reply to  elaine

I wondered the same thing.

5 years ago
Reply to  elaine

Does it matter if they’re “cool with it” if you’re DIYing for your own home? I’m pretty sure they don’t want you reselling them, but short of that, I don’t think they get a say…

5 years ago
Reply to  elaine

Does it matter if they’re cool with it if you’re only DIYing for your own home?

Susan Brandt
5 years ago

Love this! More please. Such great ideas. Can’t wait to try out a few of these.

5 years ago

Yay! I was just figuring out if it was possible to stencil over some builder basic 90s beige floor tile with a stencil, and here you are with the answers – thanks!

5 years ago

Welp, I can’t access the instructions for the DYI pillow cover art. The IG is private and the link in this section only goes to the Ikea frames. Help?

5 years ago
Reply to  Karyn

Hi Karyn! Happy to share my process and it really is as simple as Jess mentioned 🙂

I chose a large lumbar pillow so it would fit proportionally in three frames. I cut it evenly into three pieces and centered them within my IKEA frames. I found it especially important to measure twice so that they were perfectly centered. Next I used hot glue to adhere the fabric to the backing. It also might be important to note that this pillow cover was thicker than most – more of a rug texture (this way the glue wasn’t visible from the frontside). Enjoy!!

5 years ago

In love with the pillow art. Now I know what to do with the pile of throw pillows the kids have stained that I keep telling myself I’ll wash some day… Just have to find a clean corner!

5 years ago

So cool and inspiring! My favorites are the wall organizer (we have those slats… for a bed!) and the credenza hack. But all these ideas are so cool.

5 years ago

Unrelated: I think there might be a typo in your About > Contact section. One of the email addresses is and the other is I don’t need to contact either of those individuals, but I figured you might want to double check that.

5 years ago

Love this (the DIYs and shouting out other bloggers!) These ideas are all amazing!

5 years ago
Reply to  Jessica

Same here! I love seeing the ideas and learning about new bloggers and DIY-ers. I have looked at those painted tile instructions so many times. I’m nervous to take the plunge (plus, kinda lazy), but I think I’m moving closer to making something happen …

5 years ago

The paneled headboard/ceiling combo is EVERYTHING and looks like it’s paired with an ikea malm bed?? I love it.

5 years ago

These are great! Would love to see more!!

5 years ago

Yes, I would absolutely love more DIYs posts like this one!!! Thanks for sharing!! 🙂

5 years ago

Wow. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this post. Currently planning to make the lamp but keeping in mind some of the other ideas for other weekends. (Hello slate wall!)

5 years ago

These are impressive !

5 years ago

More! More! 🙂

Soo Soo
5 years ago

Loved every one of these DIYs. Want more!

5 years ago

The blog is killing it lately! LOVE this post of stylish, modern, AFFORDABLE ideas♥️

Novel Remodeling
5 years ago

A big fan of the bathroom organizer. I think it will look excellent in our new bathroom design project we are working on in Los Angeles. Thanks for sharing!