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The Link Up: Emily’s Affordable Vintage Daybed Replacement, Ryann’s Favorite Cast Iron Skillet, and The Face Masks We’re All Ordering


Welcome welcome welcome to this week’s link up, we’re your hosts, the EHD staffers. If you listen to Armchair Expert then I hope you read that line in Dax Shepard’s voice. If you don’t listen, give it a go because we can’t stop talking about it around here…still. It’s another lovely Sunday and we’ve got some lovely little links for you guys, so as per usual let’s dive right in…

This week’s home tour is the home of a celebrity you most definitely know, but between the (literal) glowing entry, an insane bathtub, and a neon sign of …well you’ll find out…you HAVE to check this one out. Leave your thoughts in the comments below, we’d love to hear 🙂

From Emily: While I’ll always regret selling Birdie’s vintage daybed, I was so happy to find an affordable version to replace it from World Market. It’s SO very cute and looks so good in her room. Bringing back all the happy memories…

Speaking of World Market, they’re having a WICKED sale this weekend only (it ends on Monday!). Members get 30% off EVERYTHING plus an extra 10% off curbside pickup. Talk about a great sale.

Did someone say Sister, Sister?? There’s a new Esty collection out and we truly could not be more excited. Feast yer eyes on our new obsession: The Tia Mowry x Etsy Collection

From Jess: In case you missed Design Sponge’s talk with artist and activist, Malene Barnett, it was a really important and great conversation on cultural appropriation. So please go have a listen! Malene also recommended one of her favorite books on African textiles that I bought via her Amazon shop. We need to be far more conscious and educating ourselves is the first step in fixing this problem.

Also from Emily: We’ve found a new family show that is making our kids eat more protein, want to hike in nature and appreciate our house/meals/bed, etc. Alone, season 6 is in the arctic and these survivalists are so incredibly resourceful you’d be so impressed with what they built, how they fed themselves, and their grit and tenacity.

From Mallory: We’ve now already referenced Armchair Expert once, but I’ll do it again –– you guys gotta listen to the Leslie Odom Jr interview they just came out with and then do what I did directly after you’re done and listen to his new album, I can’t and won’t stop dancing around my apartment to this song. You should also listen to it because –– like they said in the Armchair episode…he’s not, not sexy 🙂

From Sara: This week my recommendation is a new podcast series called “Nice White Parents” which attempts to explore the intersection of class and race in public education. And it’s all told through the dramatic narrative lens of one school in particular. So far just two of the five episodes have been released, but I’m riveted. I honestly think this is a must-listen for everyone, but especially for anyone who has or would like to have children in the US.

Another sidebar from Emily: I’m listening to that too, @Sara only two episodes in but pretty into it. That french gala left me feeling SO uncomfortable (in a good way).

Also from Jess: I’m pretty sure the new “Where did you get those shoes?” is “Where did you get that cute mask?”. I know this because those are the exact words that came out of my mouth this week when I was FaceTiming with a friend and I needed to know where her cute mask was from. To my surprise and delight, they were from Baggu. They truly seem like the best kind of mask design and they come in a bunch of really fun color combos. I chose the Mesa set (it comes with three) and I can’t wait to add them to my collection. Also please keep wearing your masks:)

From Ryann: I knew I was getting old (or boring?) when I asked for a cast-iron skillet and a hand vacuum for my birthday. But I have no regrets because this cast iron skillet by Field Company makes my heart sing. It is super light which is great for me and I actively cook more just so I can use it. I have the #10 which is 11 5/8″ and it’s the perfect size for cooking meals for two people.

From Caitlin: I am REALLY going through an obsession with candelabras/candle holders (like this modern copper squiggle set from the new UO furniture/decor collection, which is SO GOOD) and taper candles right now. To that end, I am VERY much in love with these graphic, bright, striped, hand-poured dinner candles. THEY ARE SO BEAUTIFUL AND FUN. I want one in every colorway!!!

That’s all for this week so we’re just gonna wrap this up, tie it with a bow and send you folks on your way into another awesome action-packed week at home. Stay tuned for some more goodies on the blog this week. xx

Opening image credits: Photography by William Abranowicz | Styled by Amy Chin | via Architectural Digest

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I really appreciate the team (especially Jess and Sara’s) commitment to continuing the discussion on representation, appropriation, gentrification, etc. Thank you for not just posting about it for a week or two and then moving back to BAU. More from Jess and Sara, please!


Next time I’d appreciate a trigger warning before I click on a link involving the Kar-crashians. 😉 Seriously, though, I have zero interest in contributing to their brand. I don’t click on anything about them because I don’t want any magazine to think I care and devote more ink to that pointless family.







Seriously! You felt the need to write that troll comment.
Just scroll past or click back. No need to put your negative unkindness out into the world.
The lesson I’m currently teaching my 7 and 11 year old children might benefit you……. “By all means, if you want to think something, no problem. But if you’ve got nothing nice to say then don’t say anything at all”.


Troll comment? Lol. I want to know what I’m clicking on so I don’t support con artists whose values I oppose. You are free to support the Kar-crashians. I simply asked for a heads up.


and the article itself is borderline silly. “Kendall has preternatural taste in all things! design, art, entertaining, fashion, yada yada yada” Please only let us hear from the design firm who did a great job. I very much want that oversized patio-sofa 🙂


As an architect, I enjoyed reading it and not sure why commenters here are being so snotty about it. The design team is credited right up top, and I’m sure it was a treat for them to work with a client who has both taste AND money. Good for Kendall!


Imagine being so salty about people you’ve literally never met that you call their entire family a pointless car crash. So rude.


Lol. if someone didn’t care so much, they wouldn’t bother/care to comment. just click out, and straight up, don’t care about it.


Lol? Are you 12? That’s how a 12 year old thinks.

Here’s how an adult thinks: I read a post that urges me to click on something. If I don’t like being pushed to read about this vapid family, I state my objection.


Hi Sue. I meant to point out a difference of an action taken when someone doesn’t care, versus when someone dislikes and/or is against a topic. There’s a difference between not caring and disliking. The angle of the original commenter seemed to be that they didn’t care & didn’t have any interest in the family mentioned. Though, it seems to be that it’s not that they don’t care, but that they dislike the family. I’m not arguing that opinion, to each their own when it’s not harming anyone.

Also, as an adult, I prefer to attack the substance of a discussion or argument rather than the person arguing.


You missed the point entirely. How do you know if you care about something or dislike it if it’s a blind link. People simply don’t want to click on something blindly (encouraged by this place to do so) and have it turn out to be something related to this gross family.


I am not into the Kardashians and never have watched their show but her house is really beautiful and I enjoyed her video tour of it. She seemed more down to earth than I imagined. I love a beautiful house tour regardless of who the owner is.

Tina Schrader

I feel the same about the Ks. But a trigger warning? Nah…we can handle it. Just hit the back button. 🙂


If you’re eyeing something at World Market go check on it asap. I spent forever yesterday on the site & almost everything on my wishlist was sold out–& my wishlist is not short. Not sure if it’s a covid supply thing or I was just late to the sale:(


Extremely disappointed that your current mask recommendation is made in China when there are so many choices of quality masks made right here in our own country. These masks made in the United States are often handmade by an individual, rather than “ethically manufactured” like Baggu items. While Baggu’s sustainability practices are commendable, I’m very pleased with the masks I purchased on Etsy, from a US seller, that shipped in a simple, recyclable, cardboard mailer.


Yeah, we got our first set of masks back in March from Etsy. Then, we bought another batch from the dachshund site where we get their harnesses — all made by them here in the U.S.

Joan Renee Stark

I bought a set of Baggu and don’t like them because they are scratchy feeling on my face. They also take a bit too much maneuvering to get then on and off because they are designed with a continuous cord that goes over your head through the mask and ties at the back of the neck. A couple of times on and off and my hair looked like a dog’s breakfasts.


i agree – the masks look nice, but the way they fit and function is not comfortable to me either. but, everyone is different!


Even if the masks aren’t made in the US, I think it’s important to support small businesses owned by women of color, like Baggu.


Carolyn- Thank you for pointing out that we should support small businesses owned by women. I agree. However, I have a very different idea of what a “small business” is. This may be demographic, I don’t know, but Baggu doesn’t even come close to “small” for me. Therefore, I’m a lot less likely to give them a pass for outsourcing.

Lisa N

Love everything about Kendall Jenner’s home. Am buying the actual magazine to reference it in the future.

Miss Piggy

Yo! It’s jarring to read an anti-racist rec on cultural appropriation and then see a link to an “Aztec secret Indian” product. Is this a native-owned brand? Is the branding aimed at raising awareness about the European imperialism and genocide? Isn’t “secret Indian” just a liiiittle bit exoticizing and creepy?

How about a roundup post specifically addressing the history of white women appropriating “secret (fill in non-white culture)” beauty recipes? Not joking here. It could be a start…


From a little google sleuthing, is appears it was indeed started by a white woman, and in the midwest. Not sure of their personal connection to Aztec culture, but I smell appropriation. I’m open to information proving otherwise.

To Miss Piggy & BeckyB: I wanted to take the time to personally apologize if my link recommendation offended either of you. This post is solely meant to be helpful and not hurtful in any form so I have removed it from the post. Thank you for pointing out the flaws in it and I will be sure to be more diligent in my research before recommending a product in the future. I hope you both have a wonderful Sunday!

I want to apologize for my lack of thoughtfulness. When I was doing the final edit of this post, I only thought about how that face mask is loved by so many people and how much it has helped Julie. Despite my link, I completely blind to the very obvious cultural appropriation. I can understand how frustrating it must be to see these clear examples still being promoted. We are discovering our blindspots every day and promise to continue to be better.

Miss Piggy

As a white woman committed to confronting and taking accountability for my own racism as best I can, I appreciate these responses. Partly due to the now-deleted personal attack from another commenter, I just want to make clear that my tone was meant to be more face palm and friendly suggestion than smug or thought policing. The beauty industry has so much work to do, as evidenced by the wild popularity of this very product…


To quote Thomas Chatterton Williams: “It doesn’t matter if you think of yourself as progressive and a defender of the proverbial underdog, if you insist on seeing others primarily via the lens of race and race alone—if the category is what you see and what matters when interacting with individuals—you are a racist. Don’t let anyone tell you that only one group of people can be X and everyone else is therefore exempt. That doesn’t obtain in any aspect of human experience, why would it obtain with regard to racism?”

Miss Piggy

So Sue has decided to switch from overt name-calling to indirectly implying that, by calling out a brand that seems to profit from an exoticizing stereotype about victims of colonial genocide, I am actually being racist. Ok. But the underlying thinking–that centering race makes one a racist–implies that there is an alternative, non-racist position. Thanks to the work of primarily BIPOC writers, many people in this moment, including myself, are finally recognizing the myth of non-racism for what it is–a luxury claimed by the already powerful that masquerades as a political or moral standpoint. As Ibram Kendi has argued, there is only racism and anti-racism, and neither is, in fact, a position or an identity but instead active behaviors and choices. The work of antiracism, he writes, is often confessional. If you’ve decided not to do that work, Sue, that’s on you. But please do not stand in others’ way. We will continue whether you like it or not.

To your quotation–you might ask yourself whom this “proverbial underdog” is meant to represent. Are people who are murdered extrajudicially by the state with no one held accountable merely proverbial to you?


SHOUT OUT TO MISS PIGGY!!!!! You laid it out! I encourage anyone who claims to “not see color” to read your comment, then read it again, then read it again, then read it again!


Lol. “Are people who are murdered extrajudicially by the state with no one held accountable merely proverbial to you?” We’re talking about a beauty product and you turn it into this?

If you’ve decided to view life through a racial lens, be my guest. I’m not drinking that Koolaid.

Miss Piggy

Now, Sue. It was your quotation. By posting it, you opened up yourself and the person you quoted to critical feedback, provided it falls within the standards established by this website. That is how it works.

While you might reject that the mask branding qualifies as racist appropriation, my raising the issue is hardly the same thing as “insist[ing] on seeing others primarily via the lens of race and race alone.” This is a simple point in terms of logic, so it seems like your issue is really with something else. What is it?

Anyway, if you cannot see a connection between a culture that for many, many decades has condoned or looked past consumer goods that traffic in racial stereotypes and its racist violence, you have a lot of (un)learning to do. Good luck.


Now Sue. I quoted YOU. If you are finding what you wrote to be ridiculous in this context, then we finally agree on something.

My point was that you didn’t even know the race/ethnicity of this brand before you put on you SJW armor, hoisted up your “white privilege” banner and decided to be offended. So if this band had turned out to be native owned, you’d be OK with this silly product?

That is the simple logic that you don’t seem to understand. Some day you might realize how racist it is to reduce everything and everyone to race.

Miss Piggy

Back to the mockery, insults, and name calling, I see.


Wait what is the simple logic? That acknowledging race is racist? Keep drinking that white-grievance Kool-Aid, Sue! You tell ’em!


The issue is not cultural appropriation here. The issue is that ANY company promoting a product as an “Aztec secret” — whether the company was owned by Native Americans or by white people or people of any other race/ethnicity — is a scam. I’m not surprised that this garbage product was pushed on the public by a Kar-crashian.

Most of the “reviews” are a scam. That it helped Julie is a coincidence. But whoever created it is part of a long history of snake-oil sales people hoodwinking the public.


I don’t agree with the misleading branding (it wouldn’t be the first company to fall foul of excess claims) and I don’t know if it’s Native owned but its ingredient – bentonite clay – is used in other mainstream clay face mask products…Sand & Sky, Caudalíe and Sukin for example. Kaolin, another clay, is also used quite often in clay masks. So I’m trying to figure out what’s caused you such anger? Is it the name of this product? Because it reads like you have a problem with the branding, as though an ‘aztec secret’ or ‘indian healing’ by default is a scam, rather than the product itself being a scam. But if the ingredient is used in plenty of mainstream products, why is this particular product a scam?


Curious if you’re using the daybed as one your daughter can transition into sleeping in or if it’s meant to be more of a lounge/couch. I’ve had the same one pinned for weeks but as a first time mom planning my baby girl’s nursery, I’m overwhelmed with making sure whatever I buy is also functional for a few more years. Thanks!


I have the same bed for my 4 year old and it is adorable and holding up well, so far. She sleeps in it (holds a twin mattress) and we also style it like a couch for sitting during the day. I love it.


Thanks Ashley!


I’m a little puzzled by the choice of home tour. Despite the slavering of the design duo about Jenner’s “eye,” I found the home pretty uninspiring and flat. Add to that the cost of the items involved – a $52,000 bath tub, for example – and it doesn’t make a lot of sense for this site. I’d much rather see homes put together by homeowners with style and a nod to realistic budgets.


OMG I listened to the first episode of Nice White Parents yesterday & cannot stop thinking about it.

I am surprised by how much I enjoy the KJ home tour. She seems to have more taste and personality than other members or the Kardashian/Jenner family who feature such stark interiors!

I love my Field Company skillet! I was one of the early adopters and I’m so glad I got it. It’s taken me awhile to really learn how to use it well but once I got over the learning curve, I feel like I get it now. Such a great investment and I love knowing I’ll be able to pass it down to my kids one day.


Wow, I was pleasantly surprised at how much I liked Kendall Jenner’s house. I’m like allergic to Kardashian/Jenner people, but I watched the entire vid.

Someone I know also recommended the “Nice White Parents” podcast. I’m waiting for right mood to listen to it. I know I will cringe HARD.


I don’t appreciate the Kardashians at all, but I loved her home. Sure her pieces are completely out of reach price-wise, but I found the home approachable, inspirational, and warm. That’s what your links to homes always are, inspiration, no matter the cost or the homeowner. Its always fun to follow expensive trends and try to come up with a cheaper alternative.

Alice Sievert

I have had my eye on that daybed for a looooong time.


Obsessed with Armchair Expert here too! I listed to the Leslie Odom Jr episode but what stuck out more than the sexy comment is how hilarious the fact check was….hahaha the snake story Dax came up with…tell me you guys listened to it.


What about a post dedicated entirely to masks? An adult AND a kid version?

Different types of masks (running, exercising) and mask accessories? (does anyone make a mask chain for kids so they stop losing them?!)

Tina Schrader

KJ’s house was stunning! That glow-y writing on the wall! And thanks for the suggestions regarding race! 🙂 Love the link up.

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