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The Master Bedroom – Where We Are Now

The older I get, the more I want my master bedroom to just be super simple. I used to sleep walk really badly – like REALLY, REALLY EMBARRASSINGLY BADLY – imagine the worst; I did that. I often have nightmares where the piles of clothes in the room became monsters that are trying to kill me, etc. I clearly have one of those brains that don’t really shut down well and if I’m stressed it gets my body up and I do weird things in the room. It’s been so much better the last few years, but Brian still finds me rearranging things in the middle of the night – dreaming that I’m in a client’s house or on a photo shoot. Sleep styling, I suppose. Perfectly normal.

Click through to see the whole tour:

So while I’m attracted to lots of fun/weird accessories, I’ve realized that I simply sleep better in a room with less. Which is why this room took me forever to ‘finish’. I think I didn’t really want to and I still don’t think it’s totally there. But it was just time to pull the trigger on shooting it and let you in on what we’ve done.

To recap, here is what it looked like when we first bought the house last October:


A few months later, the ceiling walls and flooring were done and we were happily sleeping in this really simple bedroom:


But it didn’t feel quite complete so we added this rather emotionally controversial custom wallpaper  and a few more accessories:

And that’s where we are now. My fairly simple, happy, calm bedroom that only holds a few regrets of mine.

Let’s go through the things I love, first. I love that bench. I bought it from the flea market years ago and had it reupholstered in this cream linen. It has almost been sold to so many clients but it’s never been perfect for them , so I happily have kept it and now that I have a bedroom big enough for it, I’ll never let it go.

I love that quilted cowhide rug. The left size of the bed gets a lot of foot traffic because it’s the pathway to the deck and we aren’t really ‘please take your shoes off’ people, even though I really wish we were. But I didn’t want a dark rug in there or a crazy pattern. So the white cowhide is perfect because it is light but still repels dirt. We haven’t even tried spot cleaning it with a wet rag yet to make it brighter, but just so you know the nature of hides are that they really don’t stain easily and generally you just need a big cow’s tongue to clean it. I also love this one VERY much.


I love the bedding. I change it up frequently but it’s always a combination of a simple linen duvet and something white. I’ve been using Eileen Fisher’s linen duvet for years now, but Target has a really affordable one. Then for the sheets, which you can’t really see here, I’ve gone with this tiny polka dot that gets softer and softer with every wash. But generally I keep it super simple and neutral. On a day-to-day basis we keep it with four pillows (two big king and two softer standard pillows) and that long white one on the front, but it just looked kinda sad for the shoot so we beefed up the pillows and added two more throw pillows on there.



I have mixed feelings about those nightstand. I generally really like them, but they aren’t perfect. I bought them on sale at Crate and Barrel for I think $125 each last year. They no longer sell them. They are metal, in a dark gold color. I like that they have storage, are a good scale/height for the bedroom and have a different finish, but they just look kinda boring and brown in the photos. I’m on the lookout for their replacement, but not terribly upset about these. They are fine, but I’d like to find my perfect nightstand match.

I bought those lamps on Etsy or Ebay last year and I LOVE their simplicity. I think they might be a bit tall in here, but again, I love them so I’m willing to sacrifice scale for beauty. If I find some that are a better scale that I love, then I could always move these to a different room.


On to the other side of the room. We have two different dressers – mine which is the big wood one, and Brian’s which is the tiny white one. He isn’t psyched about this situation – he thinks he got shafted in the dresser department, but its the perfect size for the space so I’m not totally sure what to do. Should we trade? That’s a hilarious thing to even type. NO, WE SHOULDN’T TRADE. Men get paid more and women get dibs on all dresser and closet space. My dresser is desperate for new hardware but its original hardware is irreplaceable because it’s vintage so I’m just waiting until I find another great dresser to go there. If I were anybody else in the world, it would probably drive me nuts that I have to jam my fingers into the underside of the drawers to simply open them, but for some reason it doesn’t really bother me enough to splurge on another dresser. I just want to find one that is simple and big enough but has some sort of amazing detail or hardware.

I got rid of the TV for the shoot and I’m not sure it’s going to come back. The room is just soooo much prettier without it and we rarely watched TV in here, so I’m thinking that unless pregnancy (or nursing) makes me want to watch TV in bed, that we are going to nix it.

I love those marble lamps very much. They are possibly the heaviest lamps on the planet but just so simple and pretty.


I was nervous about bringing art in here. I just really didn’t want it to get too busy, but I’m so glad we did. Both of those paintings speak to the blue of the headboard and just help the room look/feel complete.


Before you start maniacally scrolling through to see where those brass jewelry stands are from I’ll save you the effort – I got them from the flea market and they were from a closed-down jewelry store in Beverly Hills – as their displays. They are so simple and heavy. I highly suggest that stores knock off this design. I love how it’s just such a straight shape for all of your feminine weird non-straights baubles. Those Polaroids are by my friend Jen Gotch, and that wallet is from Target and it’s what I’m using right now and loving it.


I have a thing for hearts, apparently. So does Betty:



That blue seascape is so awesome because its way more graphic and well, juvenile, than most seascapes. But the electric blue of it was so attractive to me so I had to have it. It was also only $5 at the flea market and I think its weird old frame helps off set all the mid-century pieces in here and make it feel a bit more ‘crazy lady’ which I always like.


The window treatments are wonderful. We used the company Decorview and they basically brought a ton of fabric options over and I chose this pretty gray/blue linen. We did blackouts on all the windows/door. But then there was the problem of the transom windows that were angled. You can’t really do straight romans up there or you lose a lot of the window area, so we were convinced to do the honeycomb up there. Typically I find the honeycomb too contemporary for me, but the thing is that it’s really functional and simple. I’m glad we didn’t use it everywhere but it doesn’t bother me up there and it’s really, really easy to pull up and down.

I love that macrame hanging monster. I got it at the Rose Bowl for $100 and its pretty darn intense. Those cross bars are mirrors, by the way. It might cause my divorce but it’s staying for now.

So let’s get into what I would change:

1. If I could go back in time I would use that wallpaper somewhere else. I still LOVE it, but I wish this room was all white. I’m not going to go through the effort of taking it off – it doesn’t offend me enough to put any effort in. I really like it in the close up photos of the nightstands, but in the room as a whole I think that it would be better if all the walls were white.

2. I love that headboard but it doesn’t go with the frame. Also that headboard is strangely like 8″ too wide. I bought it at an antique store and had it recovered. It was labeled ‘king’ and I assumed that it was a standard king – but its even wider than a standard (and no it’s not a CA king, that would be even narrower). So it sticks out on both sides and it bugs me. Two years ago I had a partnership with this bed company and so the base of the bed is this pretty dope motorized bed that is wrapped in cream linen. Its nice but it doesn’t match the navy. So I’m on the hunt for the perfect bed. I could just get a base made that matches the headboard, but the width part creates a weirdness, and part of me wants something even simpler – like a gray linen. I’ll keep you posted

3. I would buy the rug in 9×12. In many rooms an 8×10 would be big enough but I think that this room could handle a 9×12 and then it would be more balanced on both sides of the bed.

4. I need a new dresser – that’s obvious, and I would like more perfect nightstands so if/when I find them i’ll update.

But despite the things I would change, I still LOVE this bedroom. It’s totally calm, easy, and comfortable. There is very little visual chaos and because of that it’s easy to keep clean  – which means less nightmares for me.

While a lot of these things are vintage or custom, we went ahead and did a ‘get the look’ for you:

1. Nightstand 2. Lacquered Jewelry Box 3. Natural Hide Rug 4. Marble Pillar Lamp 5. White Draw Chest 6. Navy Dotted Sheet Set 7. Bench 8. Roman Shades 9. Mobile 10. Jewelry Stand 11. Oval Wall Mirror 12. Washed Linen Duvet in Pebble 13. Washed Linen Duvet in Rose Water 14. Mid-Century Six Drawer Dresser 15. Blush Wallpaper 16. Tufted Headboard in Navy 17. Wood Pillar Lamp 18. Quilted Pillow

What do you think? Do you agree with my loves and regrets?

*After photos by Jessica Isaac


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104 thoughts on “The Master Bedroom – Where We Are Now

  1. I agree with the minimal bedroom. Though I don’t really practice what I preach.
    Would love to know – did you ever consider putting the bed under the window?
    Those marble lamps are killer. (Possibly even literally if there was a home intruder…)

  2. Emily, I’ve always loved that headboard. It suits the room, and you. This is a wonderfulroom, full of joy, obviously, a retreat for new parnentstobe!!! Enjoy!!!

  3. I’ve always loved your blue headboard. I know you have cats, do you ever have to worry about keeping your headboard pet-hair free? I’m thinking of getting a new upholstered headboard for our master but we have a cat and 3 small dogs. Would you recommend one fabric over another for that? Twill, canvas, velvet? Or best way to keep it clean?

    1. So far we haven’t really had to worry about that. I do notice a bit of dust on the top, though … grosss 😉

  4. Love the simplistic bedroom. It’s very calming and comfortable.

    I think I spied a picture you posted on Instagram or something with that rug – you were talking about clearing out piles of clothes – and I was *dying* to know about the rug. And now I do. Cow hide, of course. It’s gorgeous.

  5. Seeing your bedroom before and after makes me sleepy in a good way. 🙂 Absolutely beautiful friend!

  6. I love posts like this! They totally help me see how your process and what you’re looking for as you design a room (which in turn helps me look at my own rooms and process them!) Many thanks! Always a fan of your blog!

  7. Love the room. I especially love the rug and the bench, it really brings a lot of character to the room. Thank you for sharing with us.

  8. Overall, I really love this room. I do think all white walls would be a tad better than the wallpapered wall – however, I’m not saying I don’t like the wallpaper itself. It’s fab, but maybe just somewhere else. I still (and always will) love that headboard. Oh and I also love the mixture of rugs – the cowhide and that small vintage.

    xo, Sarah

  9. I agree, I liked the room all white, but aside from that I love it all and wouldn’t change anything. Brian is wrong about the wall hanging, it is spectacular. My husband doesn’t get the weaving/macrame stuff either. My favorite thing in the room is that bench and all that light.

      1. It is kinda monstrous. and muppetty. I think that if we were to look at it with virgin eyes we might all think its ugly – its just so in right now… 🙂

  10. The fact that you don’t mind your vintage dresser drawers being difficult to open just endeared me to you even more. I have the same issue and I believe it’s these little inconveinces that keep us grounded.:-)
    On another note, please do a fireplace post. Everything about vintage stone fireplace/mantels. We have a similar one to yours in our 1969 house and it’s the hottest button my husband and I have right now. To paint it or not to paint it (I vote yes). I study your living room posts to calm my inner turmoil and convince myself that if I love yours, I MUST be able to love mine!;-)
    My plea: You request everyone with vintage stone fireplaces to send you photos. Then you separate them into “Heinous, cover this up!” “Workable – Stain/paint/etc.” Or, “Vintage cool – learn to love it.” A post like this would surely save my marriage…and many across mid-century America! 🙂

    1. HA. thats hilarious – re the knobs. THat is such a good idea RE the fireplace posts. I think in my living room it works well enough. Is it perfect? NO. But I really think it would be a mistake to paint it white. I kinda want to demo it out and do something all together different. But then sometimes I see them and they absolutely need to be painted. Send a picture of yours through the contact email! Write in the email that I asked you to share with me so that I make sure to see it.

  11. This has made me want to buy a new bed and bedside tables…and I’d probably need new curtains to go with the new bed head. I totally agree with having an unfussy bedroom, it makes it feel much more like a peaceful haven.

  12. first of all, i have serious envy over that bench. i agree that headboard doesn’t quite match the bed, BUT that may be my favorite headboard ever. like, ever in the history of headboards. it would hurt my soul to replace something so beautiful 🙂

  13. And I thought I was the only person to have dreams about and sleep interact with the piles of clothes and kids toys in my room! I’ve dreamed the piles were babies or pets that I forgot I had. Glad to find out that I’m not the only one!

  14. Very cool, Emily. The macrame hanging is big-time “wow.” My husband would object, too, probably. I only want my man’s opinion on decorating issues if they totally agree with mine! Ha ha.

  15. To be honest, the wall-hanging thingy kind of scares me. It looks like a bedraggled Muppet that has been hung up to dry. (Sorry!) But the rest of the room looks gorgeous, airy, and comfy. I love the blue of the headboard with the neutral bedding, and I like the juxtaposition of the long horizontal dresser with the tall narrow white one. By the way, I was at my local salvation army the other day and I saw a gray and blue seascape made out of yarn that’s probably from the sixties or seventies and my first thought was “I bet Emily Henderson would love that!” Your style has infiltrated my daily thoughts. 🙂

  16. I like your headboard. What if you added something sparkly to the night stands? A drawer pull or even a mirror tile behind the drawer pull. I like the lamps but maybe they’re too close in color to the nightstand. Funny me giving you input. Oh my!

  17. love the quiet of the bedroom, but it’s almost too quiet! I want to paint the drawers only of your nightstands the perfect soft hot pink.

  18. Love the whites, blues, and wood! i am doing this color scheme in my “grown up” bedroom now that we’ve found our forever home, but I want to do dark blue on all the walls, white pendant lights over the side tables while the furniture is dark wood with kind of a brass border. Linens would be on the lighter side with minimal art as well. It sounds like it could turn out heavy looking, but I want it to feel like a caccoon. what do you think?

  19. I really like and admire your style – it’s doable and not over the top, and it’s close to my own style. Our house (suburbs of San Jose, CA) is from a similar era, and has that lava rock fireplace and the metal windows. Initially, I wanted to rip it all out and replace the windows, but I am embracing these “period details” now and am working with them. We used honeycomb shades and for some of the bigger windows white flowy (bedroom) or colorful (Iman Ubud by Sunstone) curtains, and they are really pretty. Thank you from Northern California for your well written posts and your beautiful and beautifully photographed home.

  20. okay you nailed it with where i was going on the brass jewelry stand. i had a bunch of necklaces hanging on the antlers of a deer skull and it recently dropped and half it’s face is now smashed and it ruined my life.

    i tend to agree with you on all your do differentlys, but i am so in love with the bench – its so unique and perfect and the baby tufting is killing me.

    also on your dresser situation – i feel you there. we have a similar mid century dresser but we share it, and i have this plain white ikea dresser we’re using as a nightstand for more clothing storage for me.

    how do you solve the need more than one dresser problem in the bedroom?!

    overall beautiful! thanks for posting things you would have done differently, and being honest about the things like the headboard and bed frame not matching!

    1. Thanks, Megan!! I think you are right = if we got nighstands that had more storage that would help soooo much. xx

  21. Hey Emily, I love the simplicity of the room, but my favorite component is definitely the mobile! Funny you commented on the bed frame and headboard not matching because I am shopping for a bed myself and want to make my own headboard a la Cup of Jo’s bedroom, but I hate bedskirts, so I thought I would pair it with a simple wooden frame. I consulted your archives (duh) just last night and saw in an old post that your frame and headboard didn’t match and thought, “Well if Emily does it, it works! Yay!”, but since you mentioned it, now I’m like, “Ahh! What to do?!” Is mix-and-matching a bad idea here? Please help! 😀

    1. I think its totally fine, but no its not ideal. Obviously it doesn’t bother me THAT Bad, but i’ve installed so many full beds over the last few years and there is something that feels so grown up and pulled together about a bed with a headboard and footboard and side rails, etc. I want to be grown up 🙂 But i think even just a headboard with a bed skirt is TOTALLY FINE. honestly I didn’t have a headboard til like 5 years ago and it was DIY and not terribly awesome.

  22. Wikipedia tells me that there’s another king size that’s called Grand king/Super king/Texas king and it’s 80″ wide. I wonder if that was the size the headboard was made for?

  23. I really love the wallpaper. Maybe with a different headboard white walls would work, but I think the blush balances out the navy really nicely.

  24. Ah, Emily. I understand you are busy enough growing and raising humans and running your own design company AND YET I feel you should consider your own product line. First product? The heavy brass jewelry stand. Second product? Commissioned wall beasts. Because dang.

    1. YES. in that order. That made me laugh. Commissioned wall beasts. We could even have people send in their pet hair and we can incorporate that … 🙂

  25. But what about that mobile? Where is it from? I’ve been on the hunt for a modern neutral mobile for awhile now and that one is perfect.

  26. Keeping it mostly neutral makes it look more simple I think, in a space half that size everything might look a bit cramped, like here in the UK! I prefer your walls white simply because I think the space lends itself to lovely white walls…if all four walls had been papered I think it might have made the room look a lot smaller too. Love your bedside lamps, and I’m with Brian on the macrame…maybe because I grew up with it!

  27. So I looked at the west elm MCM-style dresser and it’s $999.
    I bought a vintage dresser- same style- at ReStore for $185. I’ve been loving it,
    but now I love it more.

  28. Love how calm this room looks! Funny how becoming a parent can lead you to choose such a chill palette. Hopefully this means more restful nights are in your future! Also, loving the midcentury mobile, and the blue paintings you chose work beautifully here.

    Tbh, even though the room isn’t all white, the wallpaper really ties in well will all the other ‘natural’ textures and wood elements in your bedroom. And the lampshades pop in a subtle way, so my eyes are happy with this choice.

    And all of your natural light! Sigh. Toronto ain’t bad but the west coast is really the best coast.

  29. The nightstand, wooden lamps, headboard threesome just doesn’t work proportionally. Try the white lamps next to the bed, and find a different, single lamp for the dresser.
    And I know I’m in the minority but the headboard might be a little too “puffy-quilty” for your sleek room

    1. I have to agree with you faith e – the three items don’t match proportionally, though separately they are gorgeous finds.

      1. HA. the headboard is very puffy/quilty but I still like it. The nightsands are as big as they possibly can be and still fit in the room and I like the white lamps, for sure, but then I can’t put the wood lamps on the wood dresser because they are soo big. I’m still on the hunt for the perfect bedside lamp that doesn’t make the headboard feel MASSIVE which I think convinces me once again that the headboard being ‘texas king’ is simply too big.

  30. LOL-needing a large cow tongue to clean the rug. best thing I ever read on a blog. 🙂

    I asked a question a few weeks ago and you told me to email a picture through. I haven’t yet b/c I’m a total ball-dropper and take about 50 years to do things.

    BUT, I have another question–I hope that’s okay! Regarding art (loved the art round up from a while ago.) When shopping at some second-hand place…what kind of filter do you use for deciding if thrift store/flea market/etc art is awesome or vomit-inducing? It seems to me that there’s a VERY fine line between something that could be fabulous and something that could be really awful. You probably just go with your gut, right? My guts get totally confused sometimes. I like to think I have good instincts, but I can see a piece and stare at it long enough and make it amazing. And then stare at it 5 minutes longer and it’s suddenly belonging in a room with lime green shag carpet and wood paneled walls and it makes my stomach turn. and then 5 minutes later it’s amazing again. And then I leave it behind because it caused way too much drama. Am I crazy, and I just need to train my eye better? Or is this a problem others have?

    1. I’d say that make sure that either the color palette or the design of it feels modern. If its a retro design/pattern in a retro color palette then skip it. There just needs to be somthing that feels current about it.

      1. THANK YOU. got it. now i’ll have more informed staring contests with art.

        Your blog is my current top favorite (how in the world did it take me so long to find it?), and i have to say that I love how you interact in comments. I like that you don’t respond to everysingleone (seems too forced when bloggers do that), but you respond to a really good amount of them & the responses are real & it’s nice. so, thanks.

  31. I love the ‘mirror might cause my divorce’ comment. Lol. Only people who know about Feng Shui get that. It’s VERY hard to do Feng Shui and be an interior designer. So many colors/ ideas for rooms can be exactly what I want but bad bad for a clients Feng shui chart. I’ll want red in a room, but the ‘remedy’ needed to correct the Chi is ‘metal’. And red Is considered a ‘fire’ element in Feng shui…which burns the metal! – Luckily you love brass/metal so I’m sure your house has a great energy flow to it because metal is the most common remedy needed in a home! Anywho, on a side note, just make sure that tall mirror you have hanging does not reflect the foot of you bed. Or any part of the bed, Ever! Mirrors in bedrooms are just, ya, not so great. (Reflection of lovers, bad sex life, to MAnY lover, affairs, etc) I put them behind the closet doors usually. Just a tip. Volia! Love your work Emily! And congrats on baby number two. I’m due in 2 days! Can’t wait.

  32. Love it. Really really do. Those wooden lamps are A+++.

    Question… There isn’t a link for the mobile (#9 on your “get the look” at the bottom of the post)… I am hunting for a mobile for baby #3 on the way and this one just might be the winner. Could you point me in the right direction for or one like it??


  33. New website question: will we be able to click for a larger version of the photos? I think your work relies on details that just get lost in the small versions! Also, if you’re looking for more things to cause your divorce, I have a suggestion: paint the walls a soft blush/purple, with a lot of white and may be a little gray in it? Basically, I’m looking for a tone that comes out of the flowers in your nightstand, but softer. I think there is just too much wall in this room, and the grey/white elements would be so much stronger. But could Brian handle it?

    1. OOOh, let me find out. That is a really good idea. The portfolio is going to be WAYYYYY bigger – 1000 wide. But the blog is still 700 wide, but maybe i’ll ask my coder if they can do it so that if you click on the photo it can go up to 1000 wide, too!! I totally agree, bigger is better with the photos.

  34. “NO, WE SHOULDN’T TRADE. Men get paid more and women get dibs on all dresser and closet space”
    LOL love (and hate, but love) this so much! ;P

  35. I’m finally using a macrame wall hanging I’ve been hoarding in our baby girl’s room (due in 5 weeks!). My husband does not get it either 🙂

  36. Like Molly, who made the very first comment, I also would try to position the bed under the window. I would hate to have the door so close to my bed, according to feng shui it’s not auspicious. Then again, in your case it seems to work:-)
    I like the headboard too! Along with the red hanging lamps you’ve had in a previous place, that was my favorite bedroom. In fact I was searching frantically for similar lamps.
    I love 100% washed linen – keeps you cool in summer, warm in winter and the more you wash it the softer they get.

    1. Ok for one second I considered the rearrangement of the bed under the window but then I realized that I would be sooooooo sad to stare at my closet in the morning instead of the sunrise!!!!! No way, folks. Not going to happen. just brought it up with my people and they all freaked out! HA. It would be MUCH easier to photograph, though.

  37. I forgot to add a classic housewife cure for sticky drawers.
    take the drawer out and rub an old candle along the edges of the drawer bottom- the wax will act as a lubricant and help the drawer to glide

  38. Beautiful and calm, exactly what I like in a master. Not a huge fan the macramé, but I’m usually late to the design trend party. Since I’m a huge fan of ceiling fans, I would love to see yours. I like to see what model is chosen, since I appreciate good design in a piece that isn’t loved in the design world.

  39. Can I ask why you painted the ceiling beams? I get the paneling, but contrasting beams can look so beautiful, and I think the contrast would have offered better vertical balance, as well as a better way to integrate that wallpaper. Was it painted before? Just wondering at your motivation.

    My cousin has beams in her living room and kitchen, and they just repainted the popcorn (bleh, but it’s not a forever home) between white, then they painted the walls in Watery by Sherwin Williams. It’s a great mix of icy and warm.

    Love the wall hanging! 🙂

    1. The wood ceiling was PAINTED BROWN. Not just pretty wood, otherwise I would have kept it. Never paint wood brown. you are fooling NO ONE 🙂

  40. Have you ever tried putting the rug diagonal under the bed? It give good coverage on either side and even under the bench. It doesn’t have to be 45 degrees, just what works for both sides. It add a gread dynamic, I think. Made a bid difference in my bedroom with a rug too small.

    1. Nope. I am a little anti rugs on angles in general unless the architecture tells me to 🙂

  41. Love it all. As always.
    I’d love a post about bedroom rugs, like you did for the living room.

    1. OOh my biggest suggestion is get at least an 8×10 and then basically just refer to that post so you can really just shop from that post, too.

      1. Thanks. Will do.
        But do they always look best placed as you did? Is it ever okay to put two (one on each side) or just focus on the lower half of the bed? I saw this post and realized mine are just wrong.

  42. It is a nice bedroom, but not a great one. Definitely not an “Emily Hernderson” one. You have set your standards so high that this one is for rest of us – more mortal ones 🙂

    But I love the nursery, your Target collaboration and everything else you are doing though. Rock on Emily.

  43. Dear Emily
    I love everything you do and everything there is to read about your family life and rooms and you have truly inspired me a long time now!
    The bedroom looks amazing even though I would go for a more boho style on the curtains, otherwise it is perfect.
    Thank you for your inspiration! And congrats to the girl by the way…

  44. You are hilarious and I love you. Really, truly.

    And don’t even get me started on your talent.

  45. Love the room. The only suggestions I would make are re. the lamps (although both sets are beautiful!!). I feel like if you switched them they would be have so much more impact. At the moment, to me, the marble ones are lost against the sunlight/windows and white walls, and the wooden ones are a little to big/something-not-quite-right where they are. I also think the marble against the wallpaper would bring a little more white into that end of the room, tying everything together. PS the rug, the bench and the linen are amazing.

      1. OK, I did it once and I didn’t like it but you guys are totally making me want to try it again!

  46. Okay the sleepwalking thing, did you see huge spiders too? I’m glad to hear I’m not the only one, and my husband still has to pretend kill the huge bugs or spiders from time to time in the middle of the night. Stunning as always, love the blue!

  47. Emily, i LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your bedroom. I completely relate with what you said about needing a clean and calm bedroom. I especially love how no one thing yells ‘look at me’ or is super trendy but each piece is unique and special in it’s own right. I find that’s a really hard balance to get right and it must be doubly hard for you as lots of beautiful quiet pieces put together look so luxurious in real life but are difficult to photograph for impact. p.s. I think rosa’s suggestion about switching the lamps might look great

  48. Someone probably already said this, but you have an “eastern king” bed frame, wider than regular califirnia.

    Also. I love this room (as I love all that you do!), but I wish it had some target components….would make me feel really used it even for yourself.

    1. INTERESTING. I’m sticking with ‘Texas King’ because someone said thats what size it is. I don’t think I knew that an easter king existed. Whoops!!

  49. I love your nightstands! When you find the perfect ones, I’ll be happy to buy these from you. Not kidding.

    Anyway, the room is really coming together. As a reader, it is nice to know that you don’t have all the answers and sometimes make mistakes. I like seeing the process.


  50. Love your blog! And honestly I love everything you do! Anyway, before I ramble on too much, I just wanted to say thank you for having that wonderful white campaign dresser! It helped me validate my purchase of the exact one, but in lipstick red, that I bought from a consignment sale yesterday! My husband was very sweet in letting me get it even though he thinks I’m nuts. Just one question, did yours come in white? It looks vintage like mine so I was just curious. I’d like to paint mine white but want to do it the right way so it looks like lacquer and doesn’t have visible brush strokes.

  51. love reading your posts! Your bedroom is beautiful, love the bench of course!! and it’s nice to see a “semi-finished” bedroom and that whole process.

  52. Ohhhh man, You are so good. I would live in this room, that is if you moved out. Actually I would live in your entire house. Dreeeeeamy. I am on board with your love and regret. I just put a before & after of my own yesterday, and I feel like I should have shared my regrets and loves there too. But Mrs Henderson, you are a champion.

  53. Emily, your honesty is so refreshing! I am a decorator as well and am rarely 100% satisfied with anything I do. Especially in my own home. It’s the OCD/perfectionist in me! Thank you for making me feel less crazy;)

  54. Was loving the jewelry shots, as I too seem find any heart shaped gem hard to resist, but just had a mini freak out when I read “and so does Betty” and I saw the engraved compact (?) – my 3 year old mini is named Betty! If you ever need to make some space for some new additions I know a little girl who would think that was the bee’s knees. Just sayin’…

  55. I might change out the bedroom entry door to a french door with frosted glass to let natural light spill out into hallway. I love the decor! Only thing I would add is maybe artwork or something above the headboard. Where did you get the white angular tray on your dresser? Oh, and did you consider painting the nightstands a more shiny metallic to match the wallpaper?

  56. I actually really loved the before! All the white with the pop of blue was stunning. One thing, I can’t really get over the furniture placement. Could you go without a headboard and put the bed under the window so it is a focal point when you walk in? And change out the nightstands for something more funky with more presence. Love your living room!!!

    1. Or could you put your guest room bed and nightstands in here?. That would be awesome…I LOVE your guest room!

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