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After Years Of Sleeping On The Floor, Jess Designed Her Dream Bed And Is Mixing TWO Fabrics

Surprise! Caitlin and I didn’t make our bedroom finish date deadline which was ummmm two weeks ago. But I promise it’s for very exciting reasons and two of those reasons are in the blog post:) So last time we spoke I told you about my harrowing journey to find my incredible vintage nightstands. Locking those down really needed to happen before I could finalize my custom bed measurements. That’s right, after 13 years of not owning a true bed frame, your friend Jess got to customize her dream one. If you are wondering if I’ve been sleeping on the floor for all those years, that’s not 100% true. In NY I had one of the cheap metal frames, in Melbourne, we were on the floor, and for the first year in LA, I temporarily got to borrow a frame until I moved into my studio where I got a cheap platform with a drawer. But as long as I’ve been in my “new” place (3 years, 5 months, and 18 days), it’s been me on the ground. It’s been fun and it’s been real but it hasn’t been real fun (one of Les Bunge’s favorite farewell lines). So after reading all of that, I’m sure you can only assume that I am OVER THE MOON that the wonderful Buildlane (an awesome custom furniture design company for designers) offered to build me a bed. Grateful doesn’t even begin to cut it.

Ok, so while my initial design inspiration was from the daybed at the apartment my dad was renting while living in Paris, I have ZERO photos. This daybed had two or three thin cushions stacked on top of each other. The look was so chic. The colors were also warm but quiet – golds, tans, browns, and creams. Since I can’t show you, here are some stunning photos I found that have also been very inspirational…

The photo on the left has an overall vibe that I very much love and connect to. Plus, look at those accent chairs and how those two colors look so good together. Happy but cool:) On the right photo, if you click the arrow to the third slide you’ll see that incredible banquette from the Hint restaurant at the Puro Hotel in Kraków. I just can’t get enough of the texture play and how the light hits those colors. My bedroom gets similar dappling light so I have more than one important reason to get this bed in my room asap.

Here is the official plan from Buildlane. Their portal is so easy to use and you get plans like these to confirm that everything is how you imagined it. I know this bed is simple and pretty similar to a lot of what you can see on the market but getting to customize every last inch with fabric I love is beyond special. Here is the overall idea:

I knew I wanted a low, rectangle headboard, slipcover look, and two front pleats. I also knew I wanted to mix linen and velvet. And while I can’t predict the future, this bed is meant to be versatile and stay with me maybe forever. I didn’t want to design something so specific that it would only ever work in my current bedroom and with the current style/color palette. I want it to grow with me as my style and or homes evolve. So before we get into the fabrics I have one more surprise:)

There’s A Bench Too!

After I posted my nightstand journey, the amazing and wonderful Katy Skelton emailed me to thank me for mentioning her incredible new nightstands (trust me the pleasure was all mine). Since I had found nightstands already she very generously offered to gift me her Farren bench if I was interested. I think I started typing “YES!” before I finished reading her email. Here’s the thing about Katy’s work, they are forever pieces. Emily still has her Safari bench from 2016 with no plans of ever letting that baby go. Her lighting is also so special and I’ve seen firsthand the beautiful high quality (Emily has also used it many times). Remember this little room I designed? The sconce next to the wall mirror is one of my all-time favorites. 10000/10.

Then to my delight, Katy accepted COM fabric (customer’s own material) for the bench so my wheels really started turning.

Shopping At Kravet

Then came the fabric shopping. Buildlane introduced me to Kravet (the marketing team, not the brand. I, of course, knew about Kravet!) in hopes of us working together. Spoiler, they did! I first went on their site and was so excited and overwhelmed by their seemingly endless amount of options. I promise you will find what you are looking for there. It’s impossible not to. But since I am a total noob at fabric sourcing and really wanted to them in person, I was able to grab Catilin and Mal for a little trip to their showroom at the Pacific Design Center. Mal did unfortunately get stuck in the elevator for about 10 minutes so we went for a delicious lunch after to make up for it:)


I got to work pretty quickly with my handy scanner (my version of picking out things for a wedding registry, ha). As you can see the linen section was incredible (and only a part of it). I decided to go more of a classic linen than something more textured.

Then came the velvets. The phrase, “like a kid in a candy store” comes to mind when I look at this photo. But see? Endless.

The Bed Fabric Selections

Here’s what I pulled for the bed. I pretty immediately said no to anything too brown/cognac because I didn’t want it to be too similar to my sofa. I’m trying to branch out:)

I really fell in love with this Clarke & Clarke “Honey” color. It’s happy but not too bright and super luxe in person. Then came the linen face-off. Both were beautiful, medium to thick weight, but the Thom Filicia option (in Sweeting-Ivory) was more of the tone I wanted. Thankfully, I had Caitlin and Mal to support my decision. Plus, as a girl who remembers the first iteration of Queer Eye and the excitement of that time, the idea that I could have a Thom Filicia fabric was just too good to be true. I also just put together that one is called Honey and the other is called Sweeting. Meant to be? I think so. Ok, bed, DONE.

The Bench Fabric Selections

In true Jess fashion, I wanted to go for a pattern but nothing too bold. I first found that incredible Kelly Wearstler black and white embroidered fabric (yes, Kravet carries all of Kelly’s fabrics:)). I was in love but wanted to find at least one colorful option which is when I saw that beautiful green checkered fabric by Gaston y Daniela (one of my new favorite companies for fabrics). Green is a part of the color palette and this one would contrast nicely with the gold and cream fabrics so it was also pretty perfect.

The Final Four

Here they are! The four fabrics I decided on. Curious why BOTH Kelly Wearstler and Gaston y Daniela are on there? Well, after talking it over with Julie (EHD Alum, dear friend, and design confidant) when I got home we both loved the idea of the green check fabric going on the side dowels of the bench and the black and white fabric being the main bench. The shapes are similar but different and the pattern scales are perfectly varied. SUCCESS!

Here is a terrible rendering of that idea…

I promise the fabrics in person together are so good! Well, they would have been so good but bad news was on it’s way…

The Bench Pivot

That dreamy Kelly Wearstler fabric is back-ordered for way longer than I can wait. So after a moment (or two) of sadness, I hit the site to see what other options I could come up with…

New Bench Options

The thin stripes on the left were really pretty on the site but I wasn’t 100% and my duvet also has thin stripes so I nixed that one. I was actually really into the thicker stripes on the right, but this combo is more limiting for the future. And ultimately, it didn’t create the feeling I wanted in the room.

I also thought about just going for it with the green fabric or maybe slightly toning it a little down with a green velvet top. But again, it just wasn’t going to work with the other things I have planned in the room but it’s truly so beautiful in person.

Updated Bench Selections

So after consulting Julie once again, I decided to go with a washed linen that has the same tone as the cream in the green pattern. It’s going to be simple and chic and really what I want (plus versatile for the future!) If you are concerned about the two different linens (bed and bench) next to each other, I’m going to have a colorful end of blanket that will visually break them up:)

Well, that’s it for me today. I again feel so lucky to have these kinds of opportunities and then get to share them with you. If you are a designer that needs custom furniture, use Buildlane, trust me. And for endless beautiful fabric (and wallpaper) options, Kravet is your go-to. I can’t WAIT to sleep in my big girl bed and gracefully put on my shoes as I sit atop my new bench. Caitlin is up next with an update and as soon as we have a clearer deadline you will know!

Love you, mean it.

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🥰 Rusty
10 days ago

This is exciting!,
Love the fabrics!
I do wish, though, that we could see something finished at Jess’ place!
Like: closet, living room, bathroom…now starting the bedroom?
I need some closure on at least one project…puh-lease?

10 days ago

theres a lot of pretty things going on there… including your shiny hair. Hair journey success story.

10 days ago

Miss Jessica Bunge, this is OUTRAGEOUSLY good! I can’t even STAND it. I’m so excited to see it come together. Good god, you are so talented.

10 days ago

Isn’t Kravet to the trade only? I used them back when I was designing model homes and you had to have a resale license to buy the product. Have things changed?

9 days ago
Reply to  Jen

fyi if anyone finds this helpful – one of my usual discount fabric stores will usually have Kravet options! amount/styles vary obviously since it’s a discount shop 🙂

4 days ago
Reply to  Jen

You can also get a lot of Kramer fabrics through decorators best.

4 days ago
Reply to  Jen

Geez, autocorrect – Kravet fabrics!

10 days ago

Design pivots are inevitable and I love how you take us through your process, Jess. I did love that KW black and white fabric, but back orders are real and the situation is what it is….I’m sure your design pivot will turn out beautifully. This joint MOTO isn’t even done but it’s already my favorite!!

10 days ago

I follow this blog for these posts. They are my absolute favourite. Relatable, creative and deeply engaging.
I went to LA for the first time last year and the Pacific Design Centre was the first ‘sight’ I visited. I spent about four blissful hours there. Ditto the Chelsea Design Centre in London but I have been there many times. Love the designs and can’t wait for thé reveals!!!!

10 days ago

Hmmmmmm a twinkle in your eye??!!

9 days ago

Love these fabric choices – they look great! One watchout (which I think Emily highlighted in a recent post): light colors for upholstered headboards do not hold up well (I have learned this the hard way). Maybe too late to do anything about it, but something to consider.

9 days ago

LUX UR I OUSSS Such a simple luxurious design sensibility Jess! I love it! Not actually simple but has that feel like an expert! I think you may have a few years on me but I wanna say “you’ve got talent kid!” Maybe instead “You are talented woman!”

Cris S.
9 days ago

At this past month’s Long Beach Flea Market I think I saw your dream vintage nightstands. It was about 5:30 in the morning, still dark out, and things were just coming off the trucks. They were burl, similar to your current choice, but a little less wide – sort of a tall rounded edged rectangle, with splayed modern legs. I wish I’d taken pictures of them and could have texted you but I just crossed my fingers you’d see them and then kept running to find the stuff I was there to buy (was visiting from out of town and shoved a visit to the flea into a trip with a totally different purpose). I was hoping for an EHD team sighting but was out of there by 8:00am. Can’t wait to see how the bedroom turns out! The bench is a stunner.

9 days ago

this post is DANGEROUS because i’ve been considering getting a custom bed frame made after failing to find one that i like in 10+ years. i figured the logistics would be too complicated though, so i hadn’t looked into it. now here you are jess, putting this information right before my eyeballs!

8 days ago

I love the moodboard. This design speaks to me. Cant wait to see the finished bedroom. I wish there were more companies with less expensive furniture, working with a clients fabric.

6 days ago

Love the designs and can’t wait for thé reveals!!!!

4 days ago

So excited to see the finished room now! I love your designs – such a great eye, Jess!

Any way you could share the duvet source? I LOVE it and need some new duvet covers. 🙂

2 days ago
Reply to  Rachel

Maybe the Rust Stripe 100% French Flax Linen Duvet Cover from Bed Threads?