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Jess (And Her Dad, Les) Take Paris! Get All The Vintage Recs, Design Goods, And See Her Haul

Yesterday you got Emily and Elliot and today you’re getting a big ole dose of Les and Jess (aka my dad and me). He is also known as DIY Dad for those who have been here for a while 🙂 For years my dad has talked about living in Paris (his and my late mom’s favorite city). Then finally last year he decided to go for it for a few months. He booked an Airbnb in Montmartre and on January 10th, 2023 he was off. I had my worries (because I’m a perpetual worrier, especially when it comes to him) but more than anything I was wildly proud of him. Anytime I told a friend what he was doing their response would be something along the lines of, “Your dad is the coolest.” My response would always be, “he really is.” Annoyingly, he just continues to be my hero and role model:) How many of us, year after year, say that we want to do something, move somewhere, or just make a change, and here is my dad at 73 saying, “f$#! it, I’m moving to Paris.” A privilege obviously, but scary nonetheless. His girlfriend was only going to be able to stay about a month so he had almost a whole month on his own, exploring this city he had loved for years. Something that little punk from Chicago would have never dreamed of.

And because we’re best buds, I clearly wasn’t going to miss the chance to hang out with my dad in Paris…with a free place to stay, ha. FYI it was his idea first (or he at least said it out loud first)! I also don’t take for granted what a special and rare gift it is to get to have this kind of adventure with him. It’s easy to forget how fleeting life is. I kept reminding myself of that as I made him sit in cafes for longer than he wanted, strolled through streets dodging dog poop, and treasure hunting through seemingly endless flea markets and decor shops in very cold temperatures.

UPDATE! So after reading some comments this morning I realized that I wasn’t clear about my dad’s “move”. It was his and my mom’s dream to move there before she got sick. He wanted to fulfill that dream by getting a real taste of what life would be like in Paris. Unfortunately, moving there permanently is more complicated than just deciding to. Legally and according to my dad, US citizens are able to be in Paris for up to three months with minimal paperwork so that’s what he decided to do. He loved and still loves Paris but also came to realize on a deeper level while he was there the importance and joy of being close to his loved ones and the community he has created in the states. I was there with him for his last week as a Parisian:) He already misses the baguettes.  

can you tell he was ready to not be sitting at that cafe anymore?

Ok, enough sentimental nonsense because this is a design blog and I don’t know if you’ve heard but Paris is kinda known for its design. To say I was on an endorphin high 75% of the time would likely be an understatement.

NOTE: Remember this was my first real time in Paris (outside of a 24hr layover in 2019 where my best friend and I mostly just got day drunk on the lawn of the Eiffel Tower. 10/10 would recommend). So for those who have been there or live there, I’m sure that fact will be glaringly obvious:) NOOB ALERT.

So Many Different Kinds Of Bistro Chairs

So before we get into the vintage shopping (and what I brought back home with me!) let’s discuss how stupidly cute every. single. cafe’s. bistro. chairs. are. How are they all different? Is there a secret french bistro chair factory? Can we go?

And these were just the only ones I took awkward pictures of! I was basically a bistro chair paparazzi. I really love those light blue ones with that extra loop of rattan on the backrest.

Also those green ones? Or that crazy long bench?? Or that sweet plaid??? I would like some resources, thank you.

Random Design Details

I mean it’s no surprise that the doors are beautiful with equally beautiful hardware. But look at that incredible bistro table at a random cafe. I would LOVE to have that in my kitchen. I even thought the public trash cans were pretty and thoughtfully designed. As my dad kept saying, “the French know how to do cute.”

This brings me to the shopping portion of this post.

Village Suisse

Now, I can’t remember if my dad planned to take me to Village Suisse that day or if we stumbled upon it, but regardless it was a fun place to look around. We were there on a Thursday and I’d say only 20% of the shops (little storefronts) were open. We did find out later that last week was a holiday break for schools so maybe that had something to do with it. But honestly, business hours in Paris are um, loose or uh, unpredictable so your guess is as good as mine. I’m sure the weekends are better:)

I did fall for that little green pillow but since the shop wasn’t open and it didn’t really work with my living room design, I took it as a sign to pass.

However, this vintage Murano glass striped lamp was another story. I think I said this in the post but in my office reveal, that truly stunning ceramic table lamp was only borrowed for the shoot. I was under a time crunch since it was sponsored and hadn’t found one yet. Ceramicah doesn’t normally lend out their lamps for shoots but since they knew me they were kind enough to make an exception. Also, have you seen all the awards and press they’re getting!!? I’m so happy for them and it’s so deserved!

The downside though has been trying to replace such a special lamp (since that one was too far out of my budget). It has felt near impossible. My main shopping goal of this trip was to find a vintage table lamp for my desk and this was a big contender…but it was our first day shopping and we hadn’t gone to Saint Ouen yet…

Here’s just another cute shop and a cool design moment in the village.

Versailles Details I Want To Steal

Naturally, we had to go to Versailles since it would have been my first time and my dad hadn’t been inside the palace in 25 years. I wouldn’t say February is the best time to check out the gardens but clearly, I was more interested in the interiors and getting some inspiration.

And man, do I have a newfound appreciation for parquet flooring! I think I’ve just only seen bad versions in San Francisco college apartments but these floors have made me a believer. I want them in my future home.

Also, all the decorative ceiling trim and mouldings were truly to die for (they were all over Paris but very special here, duh). I want to figure out how to add it to my bedroom ceiling. If you have any resources please let me know in the comments!

I even loved the chic simplicity of the guard rails and stair railings. Clearly, these are not original to the palace (ha) but were done in a way that they quietly add to the overall romantic aesthetic.

I had to take a picture of these awesome topiaries for Caitlin:)

This was not at Versailles but at the restaurant at the Louvre. While a bit overpriced and a total tourist trap, we really loved getting to take in the view after we were done looking at all the art. Plus we were averaging 8 miles of walking a day so a nearby place to eat and rest was extremely appreciated. Also, this was probably the nicest photo we took together on the entire trip.

Saint Ouen

Oooooo baby, many of you told me I had to go here for vintage shopping/inspiration and you were right. This area is a design lover’s dream and is filled with the most incredible vintage. Before I left for my trip an extremely kind reader and designer who lives in Paris, Allison Crawford, messaged me on Instagram and offered to take me around. I was so grateful and PUMPED. Sadly, the one week I was there was the one week she was going to be out of town but she since she’s so sweet she sent me a list of things to see in the area. Go follow her because her account is beautiful and she is so talented!

From Allison:

If you do everything here, expect to spend 2-3 hours browsing the flea.

If you are taking a cab, give them the address of L’Atelier 55 in St. Ouen. Put in the exact address. If you are taking the metro, take the 13 to Garibaldi and walk about 10-15 minutes to L’Atelier 55. You can also take the metro to St. Ouen via another route, however, I don’t recommend that route.

Start at L’Atelier 55 on Rue de Rosier, and peek in Maison Dumas (same owners as 55 but different vibe). For very high-end inspiration, walk across the street to Glustin. It’s inspiration gold and very expensive. Great place to look.

After hitting these shops on Rue de Rosier, go next door to Vernison to wander around for an hour or so. This is a typical flea market experience with less expensive options than other parts of the flea. Remember to negotiate.

After Vernison, go to Serpette to walk around inside. This is the best inspiration and it’s la creme de l creme of Parisian vintage and antiques. There’s everything from De Sede sofas to vintage Chanel jewelry to LV trunks. It’s my happy place!

After you walk around Serpette, go outside to Paul Bert to walk all the outdoor stalls. This will take you 30 mins to an hour.

After that, go to Mob Hotel or Paul Bart cafe for drinks and a meal if hungry.

This was the first place we stopped at 80 Rue de Rosier. I can’t figure out the name and don’t want to get it wrong so that’s the address. It was more of an architectural salvage spot with INCREDIBLE pieces. I didn’t notice until about 10 mins in that photos weren’t allowed in most of the areas so this is all I got.

Look at that rattan pendant and all those stunning mirrors along the wall! I also loved that little sconce and almost asked how much that small mirror was but quickly realized I didn’t actually have a spot in my house for it. It reminded me of Em’s vintage mirror:)

Paul Bert

Paul Bert is now my happy place too and I may never be the same. It’s just stall after stall of the most beautiful things. My dad was sooooo patient with my painfully slow pace. I was just trying to take it all in!

Sorry for the terrible and not super inspiring pics. I got nervous about taking pics after that first spot and didn’t want to make anyone mad. I truly hate getting into trouble and sometimes make up rules for myself that aren’t always even real. SMH. I promise this place is actual magic. But understandably not inexpensive. I’m manifesting having at least $10k to spend next time I go so I can really indulge. How I will get that money I do not know. Miracles happen right??

I did, however, make one teeny tiny purchase and that was a studio drawing by Lebanese artist, Joseph Terdjan for 2 euros. Since I didn’t have anything but a large tote to carry it in, it got really crinkled. To ease my sadness and shame, I’m telling myself it gives it character…

The Flea Part

This was the typical feal market area Allison was talking about. Again, do not hire me as your photographer. We were pretty beat by this point in the day but it was fun to walk around for a bit. Had I had more energy I would have done some real digging.

Le BHV / Marais

Ok, so those who live in Paris might laugh at my love for this store but I don’t care. My god, I wish it existed here. It has everything. You can get there directly from the 1 or 11 metro line off of the Hôtel-de-Ville stop where you will be welcomed by a home improvement section. Please see below.

Now, it’s not that we can’t get things like this in the US, but here it’s all in one place, where you can see and touch with your own eyes and fingers!

Look at how pretty this hardware is! This isn’t a discount store by any means but the selection is so good for new goods. These photos are the absolute tip of the iceberg.

Then you go up a few floors and head to the decor section where you are greeted with all the lights you’ve drooled over on the internet but maybe haven’t seen in person, or at least not altogether in one place like this. I was very tempted by these lamps above for my desk but had my heart set on something vintage.

Even my dad was overwhelmed with design joy! JK he was ready for me to be done. Sorry, dad. I almost bought a little triangle pillow for I think 30 euros but stopped myself because I knew I was in an adrenaline overload. I kept repeating to myself, “just because you like it and it’s from Paris doesn’t mean you need it.” I actually said that to myself most everywhere we went.

Y’all this department store even had a good vintage section. DEAD.

I also considered that black and white table lamp for 320 euros but also decided it wasn’t right. Did I text Julie and Caitlin every time I saw a lamp? Basically. They helped me off the adrenaline design ledge a few times. While my dad has a great eye he’s of the “if you like, buy it” school of thought. Dad, I like EVERYTHING, I need to be extra discerning!

And here are some other photos of pretty things because this store had endless pretty things.

You wanna know what else this store had?? A gallery exhibit of incredible Ukranian artists – L’art de la resilience. Here is an article about it. I loved everything but those ceramic pieces were definitely a favorite.

If you are in Paris the exhibit is on for a couple more days! You have until March 5th.

We ended up having to go back later because a security tag was left on a shirt my dad bought and unfortunately for him, where we entered was a ferm LIVING display and I needed to check it out.

I have been a ferm LIVING fan for years (my navy velvet pouf and one of my candelabras are from them) and to get to see all of this product actually in person was awesome. I LOVED that striped chair and cabinet. Perfectly chunky:)

What I Bought

On our first trip there, I actually hadn’t bought anything up to this point (sorry this post is not in total chronological order) and I was very drawn to this brass soap dispenser. Look, I really love it but was it worth the 98 euros?? Well, I guess it doesn’t matter now. Ha. The quality is great and it is really pretty. Not a huge regret.

These candlesticks were from our trip back and as you can see they are ferm LIVING. I loved the colors and considering I own WAY TOO MANY candlestick holders and candelabras, I thought why not?! For 15 euros it was a good call since they are harder to find online.

The Flea Market We Had Been Looking For

To no one’s surprise, I wasn’t done searching for flea markets. I figured since it was Sunday there had to be a good one. So I decided to check TikTok (don’t judge me) for help and boy did it lead me to a gold mine. Now, the account I saw said to get there when it starts at 7… I say don’t get there at 7. We got there at 8ish and only some vendors were setting up. Sure you might stop a gem, but 9/ 9:30 is plenty early, at least in the winter. Maybe in the summer when it’s not freezing, vendors are willing to open up earlier. I’m sure my dad would now like credit for telling me there was “no way” a Paris flea market would start at 7. Fine dad, you were right. So to not catch frostbite, we went to a cafe nearby for a cafe au lait and a croissant for about an hour. He was such a champ because we were not properly dressed and he hung in there as I once again slowly scoured each booth. I was in heaven. I should be clear that he also loves this stuff A LOT. However, he likes to blow through and I like to carefully take in everything.

This was the address I put in my phone and it was off the 13 metro, Porte de Vanves stop: 16-18 Av. Georges Lafenestre, 75014 Paris, France.

Great sconce, even greater mirror. Sadly didn’t need either.

Two awesome lights that I passed on.

My father plotting my death but too cold to focus on any follow-through.

A mirror I WISH I could have brought back with me and two cute candlesticks. Don’t worry I didn’t buy them. I know I have enough.

Weird but awesome pendants I wanted and sconces that reminded me of Birdie’s room (that I may have accidentally texted Em about at 3 am her time. WHOOPS!)

Plates I would have bought in a second if I could have easily brought them back with me and a cabinet with cute feet.

Wanna see what I actually bought???

What I Bought

A sconce for my hallway for only 20 euros! Look at that sweet pull string. It technically needs shades so you can find me scrolling through Etsy for the foreseeable future. I did also buy the right lightbulbs that cost about another 20 euros.

I got both of these art pieces for 10 euros total. I think that black and white drawing is so pretty and while that wine bottle still life could easily read “bad generic art,” it’s a real painting on a sturdy board that I think will look really cute float framed in my kitchen.

Clearly, I had to come home with a design book and this square, neutral cutie caught my eye. I should have negotiated down but I paid 15 euros for it. No regrets:)

Now I’m still a little on the fence with this one and I’ll tell you why. First off, if you don’t know what it is it’s a foot warmer that I got for 20 euros (down from 30). My plan is to cut out the back and cover my living room’s nonfunctional switch and functioning thermostat with it. They are total eyesores. Functionally this is great because I can open the front when I want to use my thermostat which is not super often, and then keep it closed and pretend it’s not there when I’m not using it. I’m just not sure if the brass is right and think it might be stylistically not what I actually want. I’m not going to cut it until I’m sure and if I go a different direction my dad wants it. Win-win.

Oh, I am so excited about this little switch I got for 20 euros (down from 22:))! I have a big sconce on the main wall of my living room that you haven’t seen yet and it’s controlled by this not-as-pretty generic switch. So my dad and I are going to make a cool plate to cover the rectangle hole and then mount this switch on top of that. It’s going to look so much cooler and very special…I hope.

Here we are after braving the cold flea market, trying to feel our noses on the metro home. In total, I spent about 85 euros (plus 20 for blubs) which I’m very pleased about. What a high!

Other Lights I Looked At

Throughout the week we hit a few other lighting stores. This vintage shop, La Calinière, was cool but hard to really see what was in there because it was so packed with little to no pathways. These lights were at the front of the store which is how I got to them. The table lamp was 350 euros and I didn’t ask about the sconce because I knew I didn’t want it.

This shop, Yonoil, was in my dad’s neighborhood but we kept missing the opening hours. He was excited to show me because he and his girlfriend had bought some lights from there. Very cute but no dice for me.

So did I get a lamp for my desk??? I sure did:)


It’s a story as old as time. Girl sees her first vintage lamp in Paris, she’s worried she needs to look at all the other options, no other option lived up to the first one, she gets first lamp. So this gorgeous, Murano glass lamp is mine! Now it wasn’t cheap. My dad was the literal best and offered to buy it for me. It cost 650 euros. I don’t deserve him. It also was quite the scene of us packing it up because we couldn’t find a box that was a carry-on size so I needed to check it. I was worried my entire flight. But y’all it got here in one piece and I lovingly glance at it on my desk every few seconds. Caitlin wanted me to buy the lamp as soon as I sent it to her:)

Oh, and the shop owner Beatrice was so wonderful. Here is her Instagram if you are in Paris!

Then my dad actually spotted this 1930s tray as he was buying the lamp. I instantly fell in love. I paid for that though, obviously. It was 50 euros.

And finally, this was my dad’s cute apartment. Super cozy, full of vintage, and had a ton of character. Much like my father as proven below.

I didn’t read his PJ shirt till maybe our final night and burst out laughing. So while a VERY cringe shirt, the words aren’t wrong. He is in fact amazing and I don’t think I’ve fully processed what a fun and cool week we had yet. We did however agree that it was the best. If you ever get a chance to meet Les Bunge you are a lucky one and if you ever get the chance to go to Paris, uh, GO.

Oh, one more story that may have been the most unbelievable part of the trip! On our second or third day, we were getting off the metro to go somewhere and as we were walking down the street a gal stopped me. I thought she was trying to ask for directions which I was at first really apologetic about since I didn’t know Paris or any french for that matter. But then she asked if my name was Jess. She recognized me from Instagram and wanted to say hi. I was shocked! My dad was shocked! We couldn’t believe it! That has never happened to me before. Not only did a Parisian know who I was but she was also just the sweetest. So Marie it was an absolute pleasure meeting you and thank you for making me look cool in front of my dad:)

I hope this was a fun Friday read and that you might even be inspired to take a trip with your parent or a family member. Caitlin and Brenda are big fans too:) I know it’s not always easy to make time but life is short. Go on an adventure if you can and bonus points if it involves lots of flea markets. Au revoir, from Les and me.

Love you, mean it.


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139 thoughts on “Jess (And Her Dad, Les) Take Paris! Get All The Vintage Recs, Design Goods, And See Her Haul

  1. Loved this (my 5-minute coffee break turned into 20 minutes). So happy for you, Jess, and congratulations on the lamp!

    1. Forgot to say—some French makers of bistro chairs are Maison Gatti, Grock and Maison Louis Drucker. They all cater to professionals, and I’m not sure how doable it is to order from them and get chairs delivered to California, but at least there’s some good eye candy on their websites!

  2. Fun fact, the blue plates with the little compartments from the flea market are actually traditional for eating “Fondue Chinoise”, which is kind of like a hotpot in which you put oil or broth and dunk in little meat strips. The compartments are for the different sauces you use for the cooked meat. The big space is where you can put the meat. Glad you enjoyed your trip!

    1. No wonder I loved them because I love all things hot pot and fondue related:) Thanks for the info!

  3. Been waiting for this and it did not disappoint! I’m a florist and live in the south of France (but am an English), and I absolutely adore Paris, so was looking forward to hearing your thoughts and adventures. It makes me so happy you had a lovely time! I used to go antique hunting with my dad too, we’d hit up all of the brocantes and vide-greniers in the area looking for all sorts of vases and knick knacks for my job (he lived in France too), they’re some of my favourite memories with him. So glad you appreciated these moments whilst in them, that makes the memories even sweeter, in my experience.

    1. This comment makes my day! I’m so glad you enjoyed it and also had a vintage-loving dad<3

  4. Dear Jess,
    Thank you for sharing your trip! I live in Paris and it’s so lovely to see it through fresh (and loving) eyes. It’s a good reminder that there are such beautiful daily sights, and that BHV has tons of great things 😉 I didn’t know they had a vintage section, so thank you for the tip ! and let me know if you want an update on the Village Suisse, I live a few streets away and usually neglect it. I shouldn’t.
    It’s still cold here, but I hope your dad is enjoying the sun and his new beginning. Not far from where he may be, there is the Bouillon Pigalle, a great typical old, parisian restaurant.

    1. Oh thank you!! And there truly are endless beautiful moments and things about Paris:) Hopefully, it won’t be too long before I’m back. Also, I realized I was not at all clear on his move and updated it in the first part of the post. Since it’s pretty complicated to actually move to Paris from the US, he decided to just do a couple month stay. That way he could see what it felt like to really live there:)

      1. He thought if he really didn’t want to come back then he would figure out the best way to make it official.

  5. What a memorable trip! And hooray for your Dad giving Paris a go! What a dream. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Jess, are you me?! I too am a painfully conscientious follower of rules, who would also be scared to take pics. But I’m really commenting bc of the crumpled art: try ironing it on low heat. Flip it over onto a paper towel & put another paper towel on the reverse side. Is it an ideal archival best practice for the ink? No. Would I sweat it at all? Also no! I can’t tell what kind of ink it is but I’m a crazed women and would even risk a gentle steam when ironing. (I may be a rule follower, but my great aunt used to iron her dollar bills, so maybe this tendency is genetic?) Lol. Also went to art school, hoarded many papers/drawings. Have definitely done more than one ironing hail-Mary of carelessly creased expensive art paper! Doesn’t hurt to try, is my two cents. That little drawing could have just as easily wound up in a bin or ignored until it mildewed. I wouldn’t suggest this for a Sotheby’s purchase. But here, why not?

    1. This is a great tip! I have crumpled a few treasured pieces of art in my time and it never occurred to me to try ironing them. So thanks!

      1. Welcome! I didn’t put a disclaimer, but probably should have: it does depend on the paper/how deep the creases are… and the more fibrous and “soft” papers tend to respond best (abaca, washi, etc.) good luck! 🙂

  7. Love all this!!!! Thank you for sharing, so glad your trip was amazing and that the lamp made it, I wasn’t going to be able to take it, if it hadn’t!!!!!!!

  8. Thank you for letting us join in the fun and see your beautiful relationship. Left me teary-eyed over your palpable joy.

    1. i also cried when i read this yesterday before it went up lol. SO GOOD JESS!! my favorite post of 2023!

  9. Awwww, absolutely loved this. Everyone deserves a Les in their lives. Thanks for sharing and the lamp is FABULOUS!!

  10. Thank you for sharing… looks like an incredible week with your very cool dad. And not design-realted, but you have the best teeth! I love the way your front teeth are positioned.

    1. haha, what a nice and specific compliment 😀 I agree, plus I was also noticing how nice your skin is Jess!

    2. omg thank you! they are both a little chipped so that’s all that I see usually. ha.

    3. Omgosh so funny I totally thought the same thing! Jess I’ve always known you were beautiful but in THIS post the new thing I noticed was what lovely teeth you have!! I never thought I’d be typing that 😂
      ANYWAYS such a fun and heartwarming post! ❤️

      1. Vera, thank you! You are too sweet. After reading these comments I’m really going to try and have a more positive feeling about my teeth. Is so easy to look at “imperfections” as negatives:)

  11. This really brought back my own joy at seeing Paris for the first time. I’ve been lucky enough to go 3 times but I distinctly remember the thrill of that first visit — the incredible bistro chairs, the beautiful light fixtures that you find in the oddest places (like a metro station), the lush farmers markets, the beauty of places like Versailles, and the shopping!! Thanks for sharing. That lamp is frickin’ awesome!

  12. I squealed when I opened the blog today and saw that it was the much anticipated Les + Jess Paris adventure post!
    So cool to see everything you two did, but of course, it’s just so beautiful to see the love and friendship you and your dad have for each other. So happy the trip was a success. I’m sure these are memories you will cherish forever.

    And congrats on your lamp 🙂

    1. I squealed when I read your comment! I can’t tell you how much it means to me that you were looking forward to this post. Thank you thank you!

  13. I was so hoping that was the lamp you bought! It’s perfect for your home. I loved this whole post, and how close you and your dad are. 🙂 <3

  14. Love this post! Perfect pick me up for a groggy Friday. And that lamp is so Beetlejuice, it’s gorgeous.

  15. So fun, Jess! Thank you for taking us along! I especially love how you savoured shopping without needing to buy All The Things (but still got your dreamy lamp:).

  16. Love all your personal posts Jess. I come away with the warmest feelings. Yes, your tales of Paris inspired me because Paris is, after all, awesome. But even more inspired by your really lovely relationship with your Dad and your whole way of being. So incredibly nice to see.
    Really look forward to seeing all your new purchases in your gorgeous apartment.
    Thanks for sharing this with us.

    1. Agreed–I love Jess’s writing voice and it’s just so, so nice to see a healthy, joyful parent-adult child relationship.

  17. Jess+Papa posts are among my absolute favorites. This is so stellar. So much to look at! So much fun to borrow and imagine! Thank you both. And the lamp, I knew immediately you’d not find a better one.

  18. I need to be That Reader who tells you that if you cover your ugly thermostat it won’t be able to read the air in the room and know when to turn on and off. I’ve seen that advice elsewhere recently with people brainstorming covers for their thermostats and I wonder how many of them are experiencing crazy indoor temps now. Beyond that this was a great post and the lamp is amazing.

      1. Fair enough. If I didn’t know better and found a clever way to encase my thermostat so as to hide it, it would not go well for me at all.

        1. What did you end up doing? They always put thermostats in the worst place, like smack dab in the middle of the wall (I’m sure for some *very*important*HVAC*reason but still). We have one in the middle of an 8-foot hallway wall that I hung two pieces of art around. So far, I have just ignored the second one in the middle of a 5-foot hallway wall.

          1. Mine’s in my dining room, and I just ignore it. I saw your other comment about a better-looking thermostat, and I’d wondered about that, too. You would think that something that needs to be in the middle of everything could be a little less ugly.

          2. My apartment has an ugly beige 90s style telephone doorbell intercom that hangs on the wall in my entryway. And they put it right in the middle of the wall in the ONLY place I could have possibly fit a tall bookcase or other furniture in that entire hallway. It’s such a huge waste of space where I could have put much needed storage. I hid it by putting a gallery wall around it but would prefer furniture!

          3. Kara S, are we house twins??? We have not one, not two but SIX of these groovy 1980’s NuTone intercoms in our not very big house. Plus two more outside, one at the front door and one out on the patio. I painted them out in the wall color and deluded myself that it makes them “disappear.” We didn’t have them removed because when our kids were young they loved using them (to play school/call kids to the principal’s office, make spooky sounds playing hide & seek, etc…). Probably should get them removed now that they are in college and high school!

    1. Hey Alice! My dad and I did talk about that:) As Kj said I don’t have AC so it’s just a few months of the year when I need heat. My plan is to make the cover removable but since it has “a door” I’ll see if that’s enough to have it properly read the room. Thank you for reading the post!!

  19. Jess! So. Beautiful! Um, okay, so my eyes leaked a bit at the gorgeousness of you n DIY dad!
    You said “Annoyingly, he just continues to be my hero and role model:)”. #The.Best!!!💗

    Ooooooooh!!!!!!! I hoped you’d buy tge Murano striped lamp tge minure I saw it – and turbs out, it’s THE best gift ever!!!! On ya, Les!
    It’s incredibly amazing! Art that literally lights the room up.

    Ypu can uron ypur pencil sketch to get the crinkles out.
    Patience! + a dry, warm (not hot) uron with the paper between two flat (no texture) tea towels (or inside a pillow case). Don’t dampen the paper. If absolutely necessary, you can mist the tea towel not on the pencil side of the paper (i.e., tea towel, pencil side di5en, tea towel, slight mist, iron on warm).

    Thanx for sharing the Amazing Adventure of Les n Jess Bunge!

  20. Amazing! I am going to Paris for the first time at the end of the month with my 70-something parents and 13yo daughter. I am nervous about bridging the generation gap and excited to see all the beauty.

    I was hoping that you would post your trip report before I left and I loved seeing it through your design eyes. Thanks for the tips and inspiration.

    1. Paris is a joy for all ages, but for my 13 year old daughter, it was pure bliss. She loved every minute.

    2. Oh, you all are going to have THE BEST time! There’s something for everyone and croissants and crepes are something everyone can agree on:) So happy to hopefully have given you some tips!

  21. I’d love to hear a bit more about the logistics of how your dad’s move. Was this just a brief stint in Paris or a real move? Does he speak French? How often had he visited before he decided to make the move? Did he keep his residence back home? What a cool dad!

    1. I agree! How’s his French and what does he think of his experience in Paris with Parisians?

      1. Like said above he does not speak french but was very familiar with this phrase: “je ne parle pas français” lol. But in terms of Parisians, he loved them. He’s a pretty charismatic, friendly guy so he makes friends everywhere he goes:)

    2. Hi, Molly! So after reading yours and a couple of other comments I realized I didn’t clearly explain his “move”. It was always his and my late mom’s plan to move to Paris. Since that sadly never happened he still wanted to know what it felt like to live there and live their dream. He’s a big ole romantic. He had been a handful of times before but always in warm weather. So he thought he would move during the cold months to see if he really wanted to full-time. Now as a US citizen and according to him, you can only go for three months without a visa and just a little bit of paperwork (they want to know what you are planning to do for so long). So that’s what he did and got a month-to-month Airbnb. He figured if he wanted to make it official he would decide after that. It’s not easy or cheap to do, especially for a retiree. As for his french, he started to learn before he left but then got busy and lazy about it. So uh no he did not speak french:) He wished he had stuck with it. I was also of zero help in that department. Had we been in a Spanish-speaking country I could have been a little more helpful. But only a little. Ha. So because of that and some much-needed soul searching, he realized that being closer to his loved ones and the friends he’s made where he lives in California was more important to him. Actually, on his way back home he stopped in Chicago to see his sister and childhood friends! He just needed to live out his Paris fantasy and that’s exactly what he did that. Plus know he has a great story which he LOVES to have lol. Selfishly I’m happy he’s closer again. Hope that answers your questions!

  22. Oh that was a good read. So much love and so many pretty things. Your that’s the best! Jess, you are too sane for your own good sometimes… I am of course referring to not buying other things, like that triangle pillow. I am the same actually. I’d hate buying stuff I don’t need or don’t have a readily available space for. The trip is my dream. I’d love doing that someday and bringing a few things back. It’s good that you brought a few really nice things afterall. Thanks so much for sharing the adventure with us.

    1. Ugh I know! I’m sure I’ll regret that pillow come the living room reveal shoot:) Thank you for reading!

  23. You both look so happy and adorable together! And his apartment looks worthy of its own post. How cool that he decided to move to Paris! I hope al your stuff gets home in one piece!

    1. We really did have the best time:) And it was so cute. I should have taken more photos. Again, clearly not a real content creator haha

  24. Jess!! Thank you for letting us live vicariously thru u and your dad, who indeed is awesome!! What a trooper through the cold market hunt. That lamp you got was STUNNING. Its sometimes worth it to get *that* special thing instead of a bunch of other tiny things that wont make u as happy. I was so waiting for this entry and it didn’t disappoint!!

    1. I’m just so grateful that I have a place to get to share what a fun time we had! I’m so glad you loved it and I agree about quality over quantity:)

  25. Such a lovely trip and very jealous over here! I used to travel… sniff… then I had two kids 🙂 I’ll get back to it soon enough, and sweet posts like this give me that drive. Enjoy! And go visit him again!

    1. It’s coming for you!! And maybe they might even be fun travel companions someday;)

  26. My now-11-year old great niece’s #1 bucket list item is to go to Paris. She told me this at age 6! I asked what she wanted to see in Paris (thinking no way is she going to know about ANYTHING in Paris, wrong!), she replied the Eiffel Tower. Mind blown. I have to admit that Paris was way low on MY bucket list, but now that I see the flea markets, I am totally in. Time for her mom to get her a passport.

    1. Well first off your great-niece sounds amazing! And second, the vintage is pretty awesome so if you love that then I don’t think Paris will disappoint:) Just make sure you are there on a weekend!

  27. What a beautiful post. Thank you for the love and care that came through this morning.

  28. I never, ever comment on blog posts but I wanted you know that I loved hearing about this time you spent with your dad. Lovely memories for both of you. (Oh, and all of the Paris info was great too).

    1. Well, thank you for commenting! It always means so much to us and I’m so happy you liked the post. Hope you go to Paris soon!

  29. This was such a treat to read. My favourite memories with my dad from before he passed away are vintage shopping and getting lost in foreign cities – I’m so glad you had this experience with Les! Thank you for sharing it with us.

    1. It’s so special to get to share hobbies and passions with our parents. I’m so glad you had that with your dad too<3 Thank you for reading!

  30. Oh, so glad you got the special and beautiful lamp. What a way to hang on to the shared memories of an amazing trip with your dad.

  31. I absolutely loved this post. I love Paris! I love your voice Jess!! Now I love Les Bunge too! What an amazing trip…so many great memories, so much sore feet, and so many grand temptations! I soooo see where you got your design genes from. Your dad is indeed lucky that he’s in such great shape and able to live out his dreams!

    1. Thank you for your sweet words! I’m very lucky to have inherited a lot of good stuff from my dad and I’m hoping I’ll be in as good of shape as him in my 70s too:)

    1. WOAH!!! Well I guess buying things in person can save you a lot of money! Thanks for finding this link!

  32. Jess, I have been waiting for this post as I love you, your Dad, and Paris! Your dad is the cutest, and it looks like many amazing memories were made on this trip. As someone who has lost both parents in the past few years, this makes me so happy that you got to have this time with your dad. What a gift! Oh, and the lamp is perfection.

    1. Hi Heather! Thank you so much for being excited about this post and I am so sorry to hear about your parents. It’s just never easy is it. Time is the only thing that really matters<3

      And thank you about the lamp!

  33. JESS, I feel like I just went to Paris! Thank you for this lil escape and eye candy this morning, and thanks so much for your honesty with prices, etc. What a fun read.

  34. Am I the only one who loves the crinkles/tears in the sketch? This is the kind of travel souvenir I live for, haha! I’d float mount it, showing off the texture and little paper “teeth” too….and then constantly tell the story of how I bought it at a flea market and carried it through Paris in my purse. 🙂

  35. Oh this was so fun. How magical getting to take this trip with your dad, and amazing that he followed his dream and was able to live in Paris for three months. Also, I love that you got recognized, haha.

  36. Thank you Jess for the beautiful Parisian inspiration pics! If you live in SoCal you can visit Muff’s antique hardware near the Orange Circle. If you need a custom skeleton key for an antique cabinet, they are amazing and helpful. Their website is an antique too so best to visit in person.

  37. I love everything about this post. Your dad is very cool! The bistro chair photo collection was adorable. That brass box is such a fun idea to cover up that stuff sticking out of your wall. And I’m so happy the lamp made it safely!

  38. I LOVED this post! It felt like I was there and the relationship between you guys is so sweet! Loved your finds-SO glad you got the lamp (and if I were there I would also have to be reminded to take off the rose colored glasses and not just buy-all-the-things-just-because-it’s-Paris). Thanks so much for these tips as well! I was also one of the EHD readers looking forward to this recap and it did not disappoint! Cheers to your fun finds and even better memories with your dad. 🙂

  39. So lovely to read about your trip and hear more about your awesome dad. He sounds like a gem. Major props to him for continuing to try new things, like living abroad for a few months!

    1. Hi Jess. I always have admired bloggers like you – enjoying your life + providing useful information for others. Paris is beautiful city and it’s great, if you can visit it with your loved ones. Please, continue and inspire more people. Thank you!

    1. Oh my gosh hi!! I loved your shop and am so sorry I didn’t have a proper way to carry the sketch back to the place I was staying! This is such a cool surprise<3 Please say how people in or going to Paris can find you!

  40. Wow, this was a delight to read. Sounds like such a wonderful trip and now I’m inspired to spend quality time with loved family members.

  41. Thank you so much for sharing your trip! What a special time with your dad. Really enjoyed reading about it.

  42. I’m going to Paris in May, and this is EXACTLY what I needed to read ahead of my trip. I am beyond hyped at the moment, I’m pretty sure I may pass out from the high levels of dopamine and adrenaline happening right now.

  43. Oh my goodness the best read ever… had everything and Paris……thanks for sharing and inspiring!

  44. Thank you Jess for sharing your wonderful time in Paris with your Dad, it made me tear up because as you wrote: “…it’s not always easy to make time but life is short.” I am so glad you made the time to go and visit Paris while your Dad fulfilled part of his dream to live in Paris. Three months is a nice chunk of time to have some great experiences – and to appreciate that his life in the US is good.
    So many lovely things in Paris to see and experience…. I still have hope to visit one day! 🙂 I am pinning this as a resource for my “someday” trip – thank you!
    That B&W Murano lamp is really fabulous and perfect for your living room/office even more so the story of how you found it and that Les lovingly gifted it to you – a true treasure for life!
    I had been looking forward to reading your Paris trip post and it was even better than I hoped, thank you Jess and to Les for going to Paris and inviting you to visit!

    1. I hope you get to go too!! And thank you so much for your kind words. They mean so much xx

  45. It’s been a while, but when I visited Paris, I took a ton of photos of doors. So I had to chuckle when you mentioned them. I loved all the beautiful and interesting doors all over the city. BTW, love your new desk lamp!

  46. Okay, so, two things.
    First, when you revealed that you bought the black and white lamp, I said “OH THANK GOD,” really loud, by myself. It is amazing!
    Second, is it weird if I mention here that your dad is a hottie? Because…just saying.

  47. My dad won a cruise to Cypress and Greece in 2021 and I got to go with him. It was fantastic. I haven’t done something like that with my dad in probably 20 years. Your post reminded me so much of how special that time was with my dad. Yay for parent trips in Europe! And yay for pretty lamps!

  48. I loved this post not only for the BONKERS design content (I loved everything you photographed) but also for the beautiful bond between you and your dad. It was bittersweet for those of us who have lost a much loved parent. As a complete stranger, I’m so happy for you to have had such a special trip visiting your dad.

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