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Budget Rooms Are BACK! With A Very Colorful Nursery (Per Your Requests)


I was truly shocked when I did a deep dive into our archives to find out that it’s been over TWO YEARS since we have done an actual Budget Room Design: 1 design at 3 different price points. First off, wow, time has flown by since I did my very first budget boho bedroom. I can officially say that my style has definitely changed over the past 3 years. But I still love that room, including the very affordable bed frame that we used in this bedroom last year. Secondly, the Budget Room posts were one of my personal favorites as a reader prior to working at EHD so I am excited to bring it back today in a very bold way.

Last week, Caitlin pointed out a very fun observation, there are a lot of women who are a few months out from their due date. And now I can’t stop noticing it, it’s like when you finally watch a movie and then it feels like everyone is suddenly talking about it. A lot of friends, family members, and even some of you readers have shared over on our EHD Insider Community that you are preggers and are quite far along now. Thanks quarantine. 😉 So, we thought it might be fitting to design a very budget-friendly room for those who are expecting an addition to the household towards the end of this year. This is for those of you who will be starting from scratch with no hand-me-downs included in this scenario.

Ever since our first design consultation meeting with our Velux winner, Dina, I have been so excited to design the “Cloud attached to a rainbow” room for her three very adorable kiddos under the age of 5. If you haven’t already heard about her incredible story, click over here. And I promise you I won’t be offended if you forget to read the rest of today’s post cause it is truly such an amazing story. They are so deserving of this design makeover and so I am treating this post as the “test run” for her so to speak. TO DINA: Feel free to give me any design notes in the comments below!

Also, as someone who doesn’t have a child of their own I consulted my sister, a mom of two, to make sure I included all of the essentials for the room. It is designed to give you the basics but in a bright, colorful, happy-inducing way & that will grow with you over time – see what I did there? 😉 I know (aka have only heard) how pricey baby stuff like diapers, doctor visits, & formula can be so I wanted to make this more of a challenge & lower the typical price points. Usually, the room design will be for under 5k, 3k, & 2k but today I have designed them for under 3.5k, 2k & 1.5k, so let’s get into them!

Blackout Curtains | Basket | Crib | Mobile | Crib Sheet | Blanket | Stuffed Animal | Floor Lamp | Rocking Chair | Ottoman | Rug | Garland | Dresser | Small Baskets | Teething Ring | Bookshelf ($59 each) | Neon Rainbow | ‘Time to Play’ Art (framed) | ‘Seal’ Art (framed) | ‘Sleepy Moon’ Art (framed) | Toy Storage | Changing Pad Cover | Stuffed Rainbow

First up, the most colorful yet gender-neutral nursery for under 3.5k. Honestly, this mood board just makes me smile. There is so much color and life to it and yet I made sure to include some very practical items like the rug. That rainbow ombré 8’x10′ rug can fit into your washer machine cause it’s from Ruggable. Get a big spill on it? Well, just throw that baby (talking about the rug) into the wash and you’ll be good to go. I also wanted to be sure that the larger furniture pieces like the crib, dresser, and rocking chair leaned more on the neutral side and so if you wanted to swap out color or decor later on it would be easy to do so without having to start over. And since I know how important blackout curtains are to a good night’s sleep for you and your baby, this neutral with a pop of pom pom color is a fun staple for all three price points.

Blackout Curtains | Basket | Crib | Mobile | Crib Sheet | Blanket | Stuffed Animal | Floor Lamp | Rocking Chair | Ottoman | Rug | Garland | Dresser | Small Baskets | Teething Ring | Bookshelf | ‘Be a Rainbow in the Clouds’ Art (framed) | Toy Storage | Changing Pad Cover | Stuffed Rainbow

For our middle ground price point coming in under 2k, I’ve swapped out the bolder rug for a multi-colored polka dot patterned version that is very soft and helps to hide some dirt since it’s on the lighter side. There are a lot of other items that have been swapped out but I’ve kept the turquoise toy storage since it is such a great deal and will hopefully make clean up time down the road *fingers crossed* easier for all you new parents since the toys can just be tossed inside.

Blackout Curtains | Basket | Crib | Mobile | Crib Sheet | Blanket | Stuffed Animal | Floor Lamp | Rocking Chair | Ottoman | Rug | Garland | Dresser | Small Baskets | Giraffe Rattle | Bookshelf | ‘Be a Rainbow in the Clouds’ Art | White Frame | Toy Storage | Changing Pad Cover | Stuffed Rainbow

And here we have our under 1.5k version which is pretty similar to the one above with just a few tweaks. The two larger items: the crib and dresser have been swapped out along with a few decor pieces. Including, one of our favorite cost-cutting tips which is to buy one large piece of art and source a cheaper, lightweight frame (kid-friendly) from another vendor.

So there you have it, did you feel like you were walking into a rainbow attached to a cloud? Dina, is this inspiration mood board approved? I have so many other ideas for their room including a fun paint treatment but I would love to hear from you all in the comments below. Talk to you soon. xx

Opening Photo Credit: Design by Emily Henderson | Photo by Brittany Ambridge for Domino

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These are adorable! Love the polka dot rug!

My advice to first-time parents? Spend as much as you can on a comfortable glider with a high back (just looking at the chairs here makes my neck hurt); we had a colicky baby, and the number of nights I fell asleep in the glider with him in my arms made every penny worth it.


To each their own. I breastfed on a sofa or in my bed and I loved that setup. A pouf and extra pillows are always helpful to make myself more comfortable


I agree. I rocked my baby to sleep on our rocker.


I love me a budget kid’s room as it evolves more than other rooms, so it is so important to get the structural things right the first time.

I agree with Hannah about the glider, but I am not into the Polka dots. I feel as if I have walked into a circus with these mood boards.

I am of the notion that a parent also loves being in the room and this would be jarring to me day-in and day-out, not to say somewhat impractical. White curtains with messy kids’ hands? A Roman shade is better. White polka dot rug with formula bottles and tippy cups ( yes, they find their way into the room?)

If I was Dina, I would look to bring in rainbow/clouds/purple with artwork and bedding which are easily updated and cleaned. Today is clouds/rainbows/purple and tomorrow is fairies/vehicles/blue. And. I. Mean. The. Very. Next. Day.


Etsy has lots of different rainbow decals for walls and they are not necessarily the usual primary colors. Tired of rainbows or child has moved on to other passions, they peel off.

MK, Thanks for sharing our fabric dot decals!!



Might be kid specific but we have those exact curtains for over a year in my 2 year old’s room and we don’t have any issues with stains. I would actually recommend them – they do a decent job as black out curtains (light leaks around the edges but I have always had that issue with blackout curtains) and the tassels are super cute.


Check our the Grimms rainbow stacker. They’re expensive but beautiful, and my 3 and 5 year old play with theirs all the time.


I also agree with some of the comments here. I would love to see a more nuetral design in the basics like rug, crib, dressers, and curtains and more color/themes added through accessories which can easibe swapped out.

I also keep looking for kid’s furniture and storage that can be used in adult spaces as well. E.g. I would love to eventually move the glider/rocker into my living room, include toy storage furniture and kid safe rug in my living room as my kids are welcome to play in all areas of the house. I need pieces that are kid friendly but also aesthetically pleasing for adults.


This is what I meant by getting the structural pieces right the first time. The child’s room does not have to be a stereotype of what adults think a child would want. If we are going to be environmentally conscious, the pieces in a child’s room should be able to be repurposed throughout the house and/or grow with the child.


I am a full grown adult, and I own that Target cloud shelf! No kids and I’m not planning to have them. People of all ages enjoy color and playfulness 🙂


A playful piece here and there makes the world go round. However, too much of a good thing and you have a circus. 😉


Cannot tell how great the timing on this post is; I’m going in to be induced tonight! And like a true second child, our baby’s nursery isn’t even close to being done.

Love love love budget rooms! So glad they’re back.


Love that ruggable rainbow rug! The toy cubbies are great like the one you pictured – so much more practical than shelving which do not work in a kid’s room. I’d nix the specific change table and tiny dressers and buy a full size one that is an appropriate height to sit the change pad on top. Between blankets, sleep sacks, bath towels, clothes (that get larger and larger), and diapers (that get larger and larger), those options don’t have a lot of storage. Also a comfortable glider or recliner is a must. Those options would not be comfortable for the many hours of rocking you’ll do, and for breastfeeding something with comfortable arms is necessary. Your back will thank you.


I agree with the dresser note! Get a larger dresser that you can put a changing pad on, with plenty of storage space, and it will last them until they are adults. Ditto on the rocker as well, comfort is key with newborns.

I too love the ruggable rug if she wants color, and because it will hide stains well I think. I don’t think the white one will look pristine very long after a baby spits up, spills milk, or smushes their latest snack in to it. Our nursery rug has a mint green background and it definitely shows wear because of the light color.


Yikes, wondering how many of your readers used your inspiration for their bedrooms three years ago and now wonder if they should also be embarrassed of their room……?


I have this polka dot rug in my daughter’s room! For anyone wondering, we’ve had it for a few months and love it! It’s soft (especially with EHD-favorite rug pad), doesn’t shed (!!) and my 2 year old is delighted by all the colors. We had something much more neutral in her room before that, which was nice, but this injected so much fun! (Without being overpowering)


I’d go for a wider armchair that could be used for reading later, if there is space of course. If a room is small I’d prefer to have a large play area/mat on the floor rather than having a chair. Even babies need tummy time and play on the floor. I had my baby sleep in my room for 18 months and from 18 months she used a Montessori floor bed in her room, so I guess having a room furnished like that wouldn’t be useful. Once they start crawling they need ample space floor. Having things on their eye level is more respectful as well


Yay for floor beds and ample floor space! We have all low, kid sized furniture in my son’s room and it’s been fun to see him interact with it differently as he’s grown up. We’re in the climbing phase now (13 months) and thankful nothing is very far off the ground 🙂


Lorena Canals also makes great rugs for a nursery. They are washable and low VOC, which was important to me. I have the grey cloud pattern in my 15 month olds room and it has held up great. They are slightly pricier but often go on sale. I would definitely buy again for my next kid. Super cute patterns too.


These rooms are happy, bright, whimsical and layered. Love them all and especially the first. Great job.


OMG< please bring these back and do like every room. NO JOKE. I am a newly single mom about to move into a small apartment and need all the design help on a budget I can get, Pleeeeaasssaaa, love you guys!

THIS IS SO CUTE, makes me want a lil bb!!! great job julie!!!


So fun and colorful! I’m not a mom but I’ve fallen in love with that felt ball mobile.. Like, can I have one?? Haha. Definitely added that Etsy shop to my favorites.


I’m not a parent and I own multiple things on these moodboards! Go for it!


Ok, now can you do teen rooms? My babies are all grown up. Thank you!

Mia Tenille

These rooms are so cute! I would definitely recommend splurging on a good rocking chair (above all else) because you deserve to comfortable! My husband and I moved into a 1970’s home with a lot of personality (and a lot of work needed). We refinished the hardwood floors and added nice rugs and it really warmed it all up!


Yayayayayayayayayyyyy!! So glad that budget room designs are back!!!

Love some of these pieces for myself, and not even for a nursery!


I’m long past the baby phase, but I’m loving the colorful design! I’m saving a few links to possibly use when decorating a beach house kid’s room.


I love how colorful and fun this is. I’m not a fan of “neutral” kid spaces— childhood is colorful! I also agree with those who’ve commented that they love a lot of these items as an adult, and my partner has accused me of decorating our home like a preschool… But why shouldn’t I?!? I’m a grown up and can do whatever I like!


Love this series!

Dina Price

LOVE that polka dot rug and the rocker from the first mood board!!! The vibe is amazing, very Scandi-rainbow and right up our alley. So gorgeous!! I AM SO EXCITED!


Thanks for posting a nursery! I have a 4 month old and felt there hadn’t been any recent baby/kid posts when I was designing our nursery so glad to see one here. After going through 3 different rugs in our nursery already, we got a Ruggish playmat and we are OBSESSED with it. I am in no way affiliated with them but it was hard to find something stylish, large, easy to clean and not easily destroyed by our dog, so I wanted to share the tidbit. We like to have lots of unrestricted floor time so there is space for us to hang out together and practice kicking, rolling, tummy time, whatever.

And….love the room options!


Lovely room. As a parent of an active 2 year old boy, I want to say that have 2 sets of curtains helps – one dark and 1 light. Also, the rug is better off in a dark color so that it hides all the mess a child can make. I can’t think of how many surfaces my child has drawn on and that makes me anxious.

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