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by Emily Henderson
Emily Henderson Budget Room Bedroom Boho Gif Finalrevised

Nine times out of ten, the bedroom is the most neglected room of all the rooms in the house when it comes to design. Typically when remodeling or redecorating people focus on the more public spaces (living room, dining room, kitchen) then move into renovating the bathrooms and then the bedrooms get whatever of the budget was left over – if any. And for most people, it makes sense to have the bedroom be the last on the list as they spend the least amount of time in them and also very few people see the innards of your bedroom besides yourself and your significant other. I mean…. when was the last time you went to a dinner party and the host asked you “do you want to see the inside of my bedroom?” Didn’t think so. But just because the bedroom is last on the list for some people, doesn’t mean that it can’t be a retreat for you to crawl into at the end of the day. So we decided to pull together a very affordable excuse to devote some time to your bedroom with this boho budget retreat.

Emily Henderson Budget Room Bedroom Boho 50001

Pink Ombre Pillow | Cream Fringe Pillow | Art | White Duvet Cover | Blue Throw Blanket | Sheet Set | Brass Table Lamps | Woven Side Tables | White Upholstered Bed Frame | Decorative Throw Blanket | Wood Bench | Moroccan Rug | White Vase | Pink Vase | Round Mirror | Wood Dresser | Wall Hanging | Sheepskin | Lounge Chair | Tall White Planter

Our first one came in at almost $5,000 and I love this version. It is happy, bright, airy, and I could definitely take an afternoon nap on that bed or read myself a story on that rattan chair. Let’s talk about a few things that I love in this room. That rug – I used the rug in our Commonwealth living room (eons ago), and then Brady inherited it when he moved into his place. It is still such a great rug that feels timeless so we wanted to use it in this setup. Not to mention a shag rug in your bedroom is NEVER a bad idea. The bed – I love this bed and we actually ended up using it in all three setups because it is such a good, simple upholstered option and at such a good price point. We layered it with a blanket on the headboard and on top of the bed, we really gave you some texture what with that woven throw, the tasseled duvet cover and the patterned sheet set. If minimal is your vibe then this may not be for you, but those of you looking for an eclectic place to count your sheep, then we have you covered.

Emily Henderson Budget Room Bedroom Boho 30001

Pink Ombre Pillow | Cream Pillow | Art | White Frame | White Duvet Cover | Blue Throw Blanket | Sheet Set | Brass Table Lamps | Woven Side Tables | White Upholstered Bed Frame | Decorative Throw Blanket | Wood Bench | Moroccan Rug | White Vase | Pink Vase | Round Mirror | Wood Dresser | Wall Hanging | Sheepskin | Lounge Chair | Tall White Planter

The next setup comes in at just under 3k and we retained a lot of the original product but to cut down on cost swapped out the rug, lamps, mirror, and pillows on the bed. It still retains the same exact vibe of the first one but has a much more approachable price point. Also for those of you that might need a little extra storage, that dresser comes twice as wide so you and yours have plenty of room to store your “delicates”.

Emily Henderson Budget Room Bedroom Boho 20001

Pink PillowCream Pillow | Art | White Frame | White Duvet Cover | Blue Throw Blanket | Sheet Set | Brass Table Lamps | Woven Side Tables | White Upholstered Bed Frame | Decorative Throw Blanket | Wood Bench | Moroccan Rug | White Vase | Pink VaseRound Mirror | Wood Dresser | Wall Hanging | Sheepskin | Lounge Chair | Tall White Planter

Last but not least, the third one comes in at just under 2k. I have to admit, if you are into the look I would splurge and get yourself the chair from the first and second version for an extra $50, but everything else from this last version I like for the price. The rug on this one is a printed version (which is made to look like a woven version) so you will want to take note of that as it’s going to have a very different look and feel than the first two, but if you are on a budget and want the vibe then this last rug option is still a great fit.

Which one is your favorite of the three? And if you guys have tried any of these pieces before let us know in the comments below. See you tomorrow with a BIG reveal of the second of the four projects we did in NYC. In case you missed the first be sure to check out the Greenhouse Makeover.

  1. I love this room so much, it look so relaxing. Not sure I could handle all that tassel with my cat’s little claws, but I am already clicking through to buy some of the other stuff. Keep these budget rooms up.

  2. Blanket over headboard = genius

    1. It totally is.

  3. That Target lamp I got purely for temporary function when my sconce went out. But I’m keeping it–that silent touch switch is nice, especially in the middle of the night. The head rotates too. It’s great for reading in bed or just enough ambient light when angled away. Btw, that new blue rug in the living room looks so good!

  4. the rug in the cheapest option is honestly amazing. I have it in my living room – i was actually scared because i’m not a print person at all, and was scarred from the one time i ordered a chevron rug and despised it. this rug on the other hand was perfectly muted, super easy to vacuum even with a dog!, and it’s comfortable to lay on as well! it doesn’t shed either!

    1. That is so good to hear. You never know with printed rugs, and we loved this one for the style and price but so glad that it got a good review from you. xx

    2. I can vouch for this rug too! I wanted something with this “look” but had read stories about how the shaggy rugs shed like crazy. This one has a very low pile and is super affordable!

    3. I also have this rug in my living room, I opted for it over a woven rug out of fear of my cat destroying it. I’m really happy with it! I got mine (a 9X12) from Rugs USA during their year end clearance sale last January for $100 off.

    4. I have the same rug in my bedroom and also LOVE it. I love that it is low pile because my Rumba can get up and vacuum it!

  5. I love this room so much! It is so fun. Note: the Target dresser is unfortunately $299.99 today, not $285. I know Target changes their prices frequently (I’m not sure how they decide what to offer at what price each day) so I’m sure that $285 was the current price when this was written.

    And now, my question – what makes the art $199 in Version 1 but $50 + $89 in Versions 2 and 3? The links just seems to go to the same place. The Minted webpage has options selected for a 24×24” piece of art with a $188 frame (total cost = $284). I am assuming the more expensive one in Version 1 is either larger, or has a more expensive frame, but I can’t tell specifically what options are selected for the first version vice the other versions.

    1. We actually just noticed that the prices for these changed as well on their site, so we have updated that 🙂 But the first one is if you purchase both the art and frame through minted, and the second one is if you buy the art through minted and then frame it yourself through a different source which makes it slightly more affordable. Hope that helps. xx

  6. I bought the Target task lamp you have on the side tables (but in chrome! ) for our home office and it’s been great!

  7. We are in that camp of spending our decorating budget on the living areas and getting to the bath and beds when we can! Honestly our renovation/decor budget was so small we barely got the essentials done. The master bedroom is going to be completely dependent on paint, fabric, and DIY elbow grease/ingenuity for the next couple years. This is a beautiful bedroom, Emily. Makes me wish I was a single 20something because my husband and kids cannot keep white stuff white, and I don’t have the energy to clean all the time! On that note, I love the look of the upholstered beds I see a lot but I KNOW I would never vaccuum them.

    1. I don’t think that you would need to vacuum them. We had one in our old house and never needed to vacuum it, but ever so often we would give it a good lint roll and it would get any dust off of it quickly and easily. xx

  8. Love this rug and room set up! And – the rug is on SALE!
    Question for you: I’ve read a lot about correct rug size in a living room (including your post!) but what about a bedroom? I have a 10×10 room with a queen size bed. I’m tempted to just do 5×8 so that there is plenty of floor space around the edges for a dresser/open doors, but is that too small? Thanks!

  9. Oh…if only I had seen this bed a week ago! It’s very much the look I wanted for staging our guest bedroom, and the price is an incredible value (however, it’s not available 😏). I just ordered the Brook slipcovered bed from RH teen, which is a similar look but much costlier!!! I’m saving this one for the future!

  10. Such pretty options and love the budget room posts! My bedroom is also neglected, but i do have a very similar rug to these and have been looking for a bed just like this one. I love this bed and want it…but am in Boston, so nowhere near store locations. Know of anything similar that could be shipped? Everything else I’ve found is at least double the price.

  11. Such a cool concept of post with the different prices ! Thank you for the inspiration

  12. I would love to see a real boho style on a budget! Lovely decorations!

  13. I love this! I’ve been thinking about how to warm up my bedroom and after checking this out, I’m realizing, DUH. Layers! I might snag that print, too. Great post! <3

  14. I am totally in love with the throw on the headboard in the first two rooms, but it looks like that throw is a kit, and you have to knit it yourself!! For those of us that aren’t too crafty (not for lack of trying), is there another luscious chunky wool throw option that you could recommend, Emily?

    1. i was just going to ask the same question as Jacqui! I love that throw too, and have been struggling with how to style my bed (agree with Celeste – LAYERS, but omg how??). i thought I’d finally found the throw i’ve been looking for but, um, a kit? Any alternatives? Thank you!

      1. OMG, Really? I didn’t realize that … No wonder. Sorry guys. I guess some a crafty weekend either is or is not in your/our future. Gah! Sorry. That is super misleading. xx

    2. Ooo I need to know this. Following for an answer!

      1. Maybe something like this?

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  17. This is just what I needed. Our guest room aka The Snoring Room is up next for a makeover. I’ll def be using a lot of this inspiration when I start planning this weekend.


  18. Love this room! Modern boho is def my style. Keep the budget room designs coming– they are my favorite! Oh, because $5k is totally no where near my budget, I would totally go with option 3, but I might splurge on the throw on the headboard from options 1 & 2. I would totally DIY THE headboard and bench, tho ;-).

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  20. We are really thinking about ordering this bed! The whole look is lovely, and I noticed you used the same bed in all three. Do you know anything about the quality? Thanks!

  21. I actually have the rug from the third version. It’s printed and very thin, but my bedroom taste changes frequently, so it was a good option.

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