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The Art That Was Submitted For The Book… Yes, THAT BOOK! (+ Some Very Fun Sneak Peeks)

oh yoohoo!! I’m back! Erik here, reporting live from under a blanket nestled on my sofa, due to the fact that the temperature in Los Angeles has dropped below 75 degrees. I am fully feeling my Carrie Bradshaw fantasy right now, thumping away at my laptop. But most importantly, I am nursing a nice glass, alright bottle, of red wine because nothing pairs better with a malbec than writing about ART. 

You might remember me from a few blog posts, revealing different rooms in my home. But more than that I have been working behind the scenes at EHD for years! I am a prop stylist that got my start working under Emily and now occasionally get to come back and style some projects for the team. Including my favorite one to date, the highly anticipated second book!

I was lucky enough to come on board to the book team at the point of preparation. I loved seeing how the book was beginning to take shape as we planned the meat of our shoots. Velinda was hunting down unique and stylish homes for locations, looking for a variety of architecturally significant homes that had a story to tell. My job was to source and sort art from artists that had responded to a call-out on Emily’s platforms asking to submit their work for possible promotion. The response was amazing! Hundreds of truly gifted artists were kind enough to send links and websites to their catalogues of work. So I carefully went through each piece debating whether or not we could potentially use it for one of the eighteen shoots we were planning. Now typically, as any stylist in the biz knows, decent art is incredibly hard to come by when pulling for shoots. Yet here I was with beautiful, original art up to my eyeballs! It was like being a kid in a candy store or my mother in a boutique wine shop! 

After corresponding, tracking, and cataloging all of the selects from our generous artists we were finally ready to style, play, every day! And I literally mean every day. For about 3 months, the team and I would pack our cars and invade some lovely person’s home. Move objects an inch to get the perfect shot. And pack up and ship out. It was WONDERFUL! How lucky that I was able to work with friends, see homes filled with personality and love, all while using original art from people all over the country. The word grateful doesn’t begin to cover it. 

home of bonnie and mindy rae | photo by sara ligorria-tramp | styled by erik kenneth staalberg and velinda hellen

Being a stylist I know the power of the “third layer”. The “third layer” of a room is a term I’ve attached to meaning the final touches of a space. “First layer” being the architecture and fixtures, “second layer” being furniture and establishing pieces, and the “third layer” is all the accessories that give the place soul. The biggest way to give an image a hit of personality is with a unique piece of art. No one knows this better than Emily Henderson. She is the queen of statement art that makes a house a home. I.E. that large whimsy blimp piece next to her fireplace in her first home, the epic gallery wall of seascapes at Corbett’s house, and don’t forget the incredible piece she collaborated on with the Fourth Artist! It truly shapes a space. 

But before I introduce you to these wonderful artists let’s talk about how to pick art for a room when you want to get it done fast… like a stylist does for a job!

photo by tessa neustadt | from: staging my dream parisianchotel suite with sothebys

Choosing art for one’s home is often a personal experience. It’s a process that involves memories, individual taste, and most of all time. You wait to let the art find you. A stylist however, does not get that luxury. We are often under a strict time crunch that typically is about two days of sourcing and prepping. More importantly, we are filling a home or space that is often not our own style. Which means we must source art that complements the already established room. We look at color, we look at metal tones, and most of all, scale. Scale is imperative for us because that is the factor that makes an image sing. A blank wall can be daunting for most, but for me it’s a blank canvas. It’s not likely in everyone’s budget to buy large-scale pieces. A great tip for filling a wall is having a common denominator between all the pieces. That can be many things; the same color of frame, the same color story with each piece, or even the same subject matter. My living room is filled with nothing but portraits! The best case scenario though is when an artist has a series. In which you simply frame them the same, hang them uniformly and BAM the wall is complete. My favorite EHD project to highlight this is the Sotheby’s collab that has a dozen The Fourth Artist pieces hung in a grid as a twist to the usual large work that typically anchors a fireplace. 

With that being said, I can’t think of a better time to roll out our master list of all of the artists. Who were gracious enough to send their work for us to use for the upcoming book. Consider this your insider’s guide to falling in love with your next acquisition. I am simply your gallerina connecting you to your new source of inspiration! Enjoy!

Minimalist Design Studio

Graphic and geometric, these could play well with a linear, modern house.

Jamie Tubbs Studio

A great use of texture with a different medium than the majority of art we pulled. So many really special pieces that you really should check out on their site!

Ren Vois

When this originally was pitched I had only considered 2D artists submitting but to find out ceramicists were willing I knew we could always use more pottery on set. And you can easily buy one of their very pretty pieces online.

home of ashley coelho | portrait by stephanie kurth | photo by sara ligorria-tramp | styled by erik kenneth staalberg and velinda hellen

Stephanie Kurth

One of my favorites due to the classic nature of the pieces. I always find people to be some of my favorite subjects and Stephanie captures it poetically. Sara actually used some of her work in her dining room and Jess is planning to use a piece in her home too.

Meg Mulloy

Classic Americana which could be dynamic in an industrial space or a great juxtaposition in a kid’s room that can typically be too soft. Also, her series of vintage cars photographs is very fun too.

Ariane Moshayedi

A gifted photographer whose images, while full are always peaceful. Are great large scale too. They also have an online shop so it’s very easy to snag one of these beauties.

home of ashley coelho | left portrait by elissa barber | right portrait by brittany deupree | photo by sara ligorria-tramp | styled by erik kenneth staalberg and velinda hellen

Brittany Deupree

Adore these portraits! A distinctive style that captures the character with one glance.

Christina Kwan

Whimsical but modern in the best way. They bring so much movement to a space and you can easily grab one from her website!

home of ashley coelho | print by nikol wilkman | photo by sara ligorria-tramp | styled by erik kenneth staalberg and velinda hellen

Nikol Wikman

Simple and sweet. I thought these could be great in a kitchen or well mixed in some shelving. The bonus is that they are pretty affordable too.

Kristine Brookshire

Beautiful use of color and could play well with a home that wasn’t afraid to be bold. They are simultaneously bold and soft and some of her prints start at only $20!

home of annie segal | embroidered art by emily keating snyder | photo by sara ligorria-tramp | styled by velinda hellen, julie rose, and emily bowser

Emily Ruth Design

Tasteful pieces that offer some class to any room and this is only a sampling. Her work is beautifully varied and you can buy prints or originals. Something for every budget.

Kim Knoll

Fantastic abstracts with terrific balance. Pairs with other art or can stand alone.

Denise Crew

This photography utilizes negative space so intentionally that they are strong enough to fill a whole wall. Another great option for large scale affordable art.

Elissa Barber

Truly some of the pieces we used the most because they just seemed to work with so many projects. They are effortless and practiced. Remember when Julie used a piece in this room? You can get one for yourself right here!

Renee Anne

The colors could work with so many stories. Was wonderful in busy spaces to calm it down.

Atwater Designs

Bold, rich hues that would be so strong as set. A great alternative to acquiring large scale art. Also affordable:)

Dutch + Finn Design

Ingenious woodworking that add an artisanal flair to any styled vignette.

Kisco Print Shop

Streamline colors lithographic shapes. Adds punctuation to a room and there are a ton of options on this site.

Leslie Lewis Sigler

Detailed paintings of antique doodads was spot on for some of the more eclectic spaces we styled.

The Fourth Artist

An old friend of EHD that has provided many stunning pieces to several of our projects. A must check out.

Christina Flowers

An eye for color like no other. The swerves and curves hint at a retro vibe. So fun and you can get a print of your own here!

Tanya Val

Earthy yet sophisticated, could play well as a set above a larger piece of furniture. Tanya also sells affordable prints. Go check them out.

Stacey Elaine

Adored this artist for their playful use of scale, color, and pattern. Would work well in any sunny space like a kitchen or child’s room. You need to see the rest of her work here.

home of rosa beltran | ribbon art by angela chrusciaki blehm | photo by sara ligorria-tramp | styled by velinda hellen

Angela Chrusciaki Blehm

A heavy hitter in the art/design world, Angela is the final say on pop art. Emily Bowser snatched up the iconic 3D black and white ribbon as the crown jewel of her dining room.

Sarah Madeira Day

Scenic landscapes that would lend to a traditional home just as much as a contemporary one. And lucky you, she sells prints and originals!

home of annie segal | embroidered art by emily keating snyder | photo by sara ligorria-tramp | styled by velinda hellen, julie rose, and emily bowser

Emily Keating Snyder

I especially fell in love with these works in person. The unstretched canvas and thread add a boatload of texture.

Lindsay McCall

Stylish and sharp pieces to pepper in to bring other hues forward without being too bold. They are like special little surprises. Check out the other work that she makes and sells too.

Annie Wildey Studio

Moody and stormy without being somber and absolutely cool. She has a bunch of other collections that are a must-see.

Casey O’Connell

Another standout for me. All of them have soul, humor, and vibrancy that could honestly carry any room.

Britt Ford

An artist who appreciates architecture and uses gold for an extra hit of bling will always be easy to use. They also have some great pieces with color and make custom work. Could be a special gift for a loved one:)

Ninos Studio

Truly breathtaking works in person. So much movement and layers, all the while being completely calm.

How’s that for a well of gorgeous inspiration?! Each piece sent added to the love it took to bring this book to life and we at EHD are all immensely grateful. So please follow these artists, support them, and decorate your home with art that reflects your unique and individual style. It is not enough to cram your life with pretty things, you must surround yourself with stuff that means something to you. Design nirvana is occupying a world of your own creation, and that is simply ART! Cheers!

Opening Image Credits: Design by Dee Murphy | Styled by Velinda Hellen | Photo by Sara Ligorria-Tramp

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2 years ago

Gorgeous collection of art, Erik! I appreciate this fascinating variety of styles, the easy access links, and most of all, your thoughtful and interesting comments on each artist and how their work might be used in a home. Totally agree with your thesis that our decor should be more than simply pretty; the best homes reflect their owners’ souls and art is a powerful way to do that. Thank you for a beautiful post.

2 years ago
Reply to  Diane

So well said Diane!
Thank you Erik. Very enjoyable and I love the sneak peaks.
I am bookmarking this post for the next time I need art. 😊

2 years ago
Reply to  Diane

Yes, very well said. Exactly what I think also. I will bookmark this too and I’m already looking for some options as a Christmas present.

2 years ago

What a great post! I am sure VERY much appreciated by these artists and also super helpful to those of us who might be looking for a great piece or two to fill in gaps in our own collections! Thank you!

2 years ago

Loved everything about this piece! What a great resource for designers and anyone looking for artwork to fill their walls.

2 years ago

I am so humbled to be included in this post and in the book. I love being among so amazing artists. This is just such a fabulous post and love how much you support having art in your home – the “third layer” of a house is my favorite part! Thank you for supporting so many independent artists and makers, Em + Team! xoxo Sarah

2 years ago

What a great post! So many different styles, something for everyone’s taste.
My art white whale would be something similar to Emily’s Blimp. I love that piece and would love to find something equally quirky in a random thrift store somewhere!

Gail Shust
2 years ago

Thank you for this wonderful list. I wanted to add a talented and affordable suggestion.
This DC based painter is fantastic:

2 years ago
Reply to  Gail Shust

Wow, beautiful and reasonably priced! I love her paintings, thanks for helping me discover them.

2 years ago

Erik! Wot a feast!!! My eyeballs are full and happy!!
I savoured every bite.
This took me on a journey.
What immense talent, each and every one!
Thank you. Loved it! 💗

2 years ago

In the home of Ashley Coelho, what is that beautiful stool that you and Velinda styled?! Is that a stone Prince Aha?

2 years ago

Wow, what a treat! I’ll be coming back to this post often so I can savor a few artists at a time.

2 years ago

this collection is GORGEOUS what a feast for the eyes. You should open an online gallery with these, goodness, what a great eye you have for sourcing AMAZING art. I would happily buy ANY of that…well done. So well curated.

Thank you so much for including my artwork in this amazing list! So many beautiful pieces and what a great resource! Can’t wait for the book!

2 years ago

thank you for this wonderful collection of artists!

2 years ago

What a wonderful post Erik! I am so grateful to be included amongst all of these wonderful artists…Thank you! I am going to spend the evening clicking on links and drooling over all the amazing art.

such a good post. i feel like i got a two in one post here! first i got to go thru and read about all the artists and stare at the art. then i got to go back through and look at each room shot. so good!

2 years ago

If anyone is looking for graphic monoprints, Pat Kim has some in his shop. You may need to click “Shop-All” to find them: