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15 bedrooms – You Choose


The other day I was googling myself, as you do, looking for an old project to reference, when so many other old projects popped up – projects that I’ve even forgotten about!  Ginny and Brady were like, ‘You did that? We’ve never seen it before!’ Some of them I’m proud of and some of them I’m really not. Since a lot of you are new and probably haven’t seen 1/2 of them I figured I’d do a roundup of some of my favorite bedrooms that I’ve designed – and see which one you would live in the most, if any (poll at the end). Some of them are a bit controversial and there are definitely some things that make me want to shove my hand through the photo and change, but all of them I really like for different reasons. It’s incredibly hard to be objective about your own work, though. Also my feelings towards the client always effect how much I like/dislike the space.

I’m very curious about all your thoughts – so here you go:

Vintage romantic Canopy bedroom (from 2011):

This one was from Secrets from a Stylist and while I could lose that intense orange, I just love that bed and that bedroom so much. See full post here | Photo credit: Bethany Nauert

Hollywood Regency Master bedroom makeover (2013):

emily henderson bedroom makeover 6

Sometimes I seriously regret selling them those teal rams head lamps. I’m doing another project for them soon so I might, you know, steal these for myself. See full post here | Photo credit: David Tsay

Curbly’s bedroom makeover 2014:

emily henderson bedroom makeover 2

The Curbly makeover is still one of my all time favorites – and YES, that is a Target bed. So good. See the full post here | Photo credit: Melissa Oholendt

Click through to see 10 more.

Studio City bedroom makeover (2013):

emily henderson bedroom makeover 7

This whole house is just so fun and whimsical. See full post here | Top Photo credit: Victoria Pearson, bottom by Bethany Nauert.

Ian Brennan’s bedroom makeover (2011, with an update in 2012):

emily henderson bedroom makeover 8

I must have a thing for navy blue headboards, eh? This one was DIY’d and I those tufts have always killed me. See full post here | Photo credit: Bethany Nauert

Cup of Jo’s bedroom makeover (2014):

emily henderson bedroom makeover 1

It was a pretty small room, but it turned out pretty darn cute. See the full post here | Photo credit: Ryan Liebe

Venice bedroom (2013):

emily henderson bedroom makeover 9

This was when I went full ‘hotel’ and my love for really paired back bedrooms began. You should see ours right now – there is like not one accessory in there and I kinda don’t want it to change (update soon, I promise, just dealing with some issues).

See full post here | Photo credit: Bethany Nauert

Lisa’s bedroom makeover (2013):

emily henderson bedroom makeover 10

Here we went all french country … See full post here | Photo credit: Bethany Nauert

Old world meets new world bedroom makeover (2015):

emily henderson bedroom makeover 11

And here we went more modern industrial french country. See full post here | Photo credit: Tessa Neustadt

Eclectic Guest Room bedroom makeover (2013):

emily henderson bedroom makeover 3

Such a happy room. See the full post here | Photo credit: Bethany Nauert

Graphic novel antique geek chic bedroom makeover (2011):

emily henderson bedroom makeover 12

Remember this? Antique Geek Chic from Secrets from a Stylist. I still love that wallpaper, the lawyer shelves and that nightstand that was a store display thing. See full post here | Photo credit: Mark Champion

My guest bedroom (2014):

emily henderson bedroom makeover 13

The only things I’ve changed are the blue lamps – they were just too bright, so instead I have these now. See full post here | Photo credit: Tessa Neustadt

My OLD bedroom (2013):

emily henderson bedroom makeover 4

WOW. CALM DOWN. Man how my style has changed in 2 years. I mean, I still love EVERYTHING in this room, but it’s just so different now. See the full post here | Photo credit: Laure Joliet

Shiny happy bedroom makeover (2014):

emily henderson bedroom makeover 14

That gold wallpaper still kills me. See full post here | Photo credit: Zeke Ruelas

Cape Cod Modern – Episode 1, Season 2 bedroom (2011):

emily henderson bedroom makeover 15

That is another one that I had forgotten about from Secrets From a Stylist. See full post here | Photo credit: Teri Lyn Fisher

Lately (because of a big rebrand and starting the whole product line idea thing) we have been trying to really pin point what ‘my style’ is and what is possibly unique about what I do, but because I do so many different styles its been really hard. Yes, it’s a pretty narcissistic process and even talking about it like that feels weird, but I hope you guys know what I mean. They all have different color palettes, although none are totally neutral. They all have something vintage, they all feel really layered and they all feel really happy. There are some design mistakes up there for sure (which I can’t point out because they are not necessarily in my bedrooms – although some are), and there are some things I would change (why is there a huge brass A on my nightstand???)

Anyway, I think I have a couple favorite – I think it’s either #3 or #9 – but I also have an advantage that I’ve been in these spaces and these two bedrooms are huge and have a ton of natural light.


But what is YOUR favorite? For this one we won’t be showing the results because I don’t want the bedrooms that score the lowest to be bummed out, so I’ll update it in a week with who ‘the winner’ is (and watch for it on social media.)

Also in case you want to see my LEAST FAVORITE bedroom I’ve ever designed click HERE. Such a mistake. A fun crazy colorful mistake, but one that I repainted over within like 2 months.

The polls are now open.

Fin Mark


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I only could vote for one, but I like your old bedroom too #13 – and voted for #2
as I think the combo with the gold/yellow curtains is very fresh looking. I also love the lamps/chandeliers on a chain. Quite clever!

My thoughts exactly, Betty!


This is a random question – but I thought that here in California we were not supposed to hang anything on the wall above the bed. Thoughts on that? Love your work!


I think as long as its really secure you are all good. I wouldn’t do like a really heavy piece of art with glass or a mirror, though. Thanks!


I love so many, and I would gladly move into many of these bedrooms. I voted for #9, but I wish i could have also voted for 2,3,6 and 14.


My favorites,asthetically, are so different from what my favorite is for hat I want in my own place! I love your style when its neutrals with big gold glam accents and a little bit of good color and some wacky textures or shapes. (feel free to copyright that phrase!).

Is it the same mirror in the curbly house as in the shiny happy one? The big square bamboo gold one? Who eventually got to keep it?


HA. Good eye! They are actually two different mirrors. Curbly lives in Minnesota and we found that one at a thrift store there, and then the ‘shiny happy’ came from a vintage store in LA, but yes they are very very similar (and possibly the same). i did however notice that we had styled the teal ram lamp in Lisa’s bedroom and she rejected it before we moved it to #2. 🙂


I noticed the lamp too and wondered if you had had 3 or if it had been re-used. 🙂

Megan Logan

I just voted, but I need to say that even though I did not pick #6, it was a close second. I love the color combo and the pillows. Seems cozy, fresh and happy.

I am dying that you are discussing a product line. As a fan who has seen all of Secrets from a Stylist and read the blog since what must have been close to the very beginning I would be so psyched to buy your line!!!


THANK YOU MEGAN. For watching, reading and commenting over the years. THANK YOU. xx


They are all well done. #1 is my favorite. It’s nice to see you branching away from having blue in every room, reference#1, #6 #14. The pops of red, orange and yellow are nice. I’m sure not very many people tend to have those colors in their bedrooms much.

Love #2 and the way the curtains work with the suburban windows. Excellent colors, too.
For the same reason I like #14 as well. Can i vote more than once? 🙂

Oh, so hard to choose! All of them are so pretty. I think I like #6 the best thought. 🙂

Oh, so hard to choose! All of them are so pretty. I think I like #6 the best though. 🙂


It was a tough decision between #1 and #4….but I had to go with #4…but #1 is so darn good!!! I remember watching that episode too and looooved it!!


#6 is my fave (the buffalo pic is ridiculously charming), but I also love 12, 13, and 14. Really, all of them have great elements, those four are just the ones that I would actually want in my house.

I like a lot of them (and remember most of them). I think I’d go with 6 or 12 maybe? hard to pick just one or two to vote for.


What??? I’m really surprised that your green guest bedroom is your least favorite. I think that’s probably my most favorite. I like the original colors and contrasting patterns. I also love the headboard you designed. It’s such an intimate moody room which I love. Why don’t you like it any more?


Agreed, I loved that room! I think it would be intense as a primary bedroom—but seems perfect for a guest bedroom.


Me too! I love almost everything about that room!


wow, what i am noticing is that you really cushioned headboards! i love 6 and 7!

Number 12! But only because I want to live with you! 🙂


I don’t know why but I took this poll very seriously! Ha, ha, I think i scrolled up and down like 5 times to pick my favorite. I picked 7, I love it. Love the blog, I often read but have never commented. Your little one is such a cutie, my little girl is 3 months so I love to see how big he is getting and the updates!

Nicole M.

This is definitely a tough one because I would choose several for different reasons. Love some because of the architectural space (windows, tall ceilings, molding, etc.), but love others because of the style. They are all totally beautiful in their own unique ways 🙂

Oooh it’s hard to pick just one favorite! I love #3, #6, and #9. Totally feelin’ the bold artwork + colorful pillow combo.


I love #9 and #10 but ultimately picked number #9 as I prefer to have a soothing bedroom but #10 is so cute and fun. I can’t wait to hear more about the product line, so excited for you!


This post is so much fun. Also I’ve been pining away for a covered tray like your vintage gold one…. can you put a few on target shelves? Pretty pahleeeeze?


I picked 12, but really like 6, 10 & 13 too.

Curbly. Curbly. Curbly. My favorite house you’ve ever done. Still go back to those posts for inspiration on the regular.

Jessica B.

I really like number 7 because it’s just so cool and calm but I also really like numbers 14 and 9.

STILL can’t get over the Cup of Jo room and the Geek Chic room. Dying over the bed in your guest room. Sources for ahem, less expensive alternatives??

i voted for #6..i’ve always liked that bedroom makeover for some reason. I also like #3 and #12 your guestroom and #13 your old bedroom a lot. this post is fun!

Well, I love them all, but I have to laugh, because last week I totally used your “least favorite” room as inspiration for my master bedroom. Itching for an emerald wall color. I guess you’re really good when your “mistakes” are inspiration for others.


I like everything from 2013 and newer. I will admit I’m not a big fan of any of the 2011 ones. I think your 2013+ bedrooms feel more polished, sophisticated and fresh.


I voted for 2, but I held my mouse over #13 (your OLD bedroom) for a long time debating on whether or not to click. #13 is crazy happy bright and fun! I LOVE IT. But I”m not sure I’d love it as much to live/sleep in.
I also really like 1, 6 10 and 11. Oh and 12. Eh, who am I kidding I pretty much love the all!


3, 6, and 9 are all my favorites! But ultimately I voted for 9. I could move into that room.


i love most of them…but the Cup of Jo makeover is by far my FAV!!! Quick question about the framing of the map in your guest room…getting ready to frame the USA map from School House and I’d love to know how you framed it! Under plexi? Mounted on foam core? Details please


Mounted on foam core then framed professionally, but cheaply. They used acrylic. Good luck!


I agree Kelsey, I love the Cup of Jo makeover (#6). Living in a small space ourselves, it gives me an idea for how to style my own rooms. Love your style Emily and I love it BECAUSE it’s so eclectic. To me, that shows you are listening to your client’s ideas and suggestions and really getting to know who they are and how they wish to function in the space you are designing. Wish you lived on the East Coast, my living room could use some HELP!

I have two favourites – 7 and 13. And yes, I know that that doesn’t even make sense, because they are pretty much the most extreme examples, on different ends of the scale.
I like my own bedroom to be so pared back, basically I don’t want anything but the bed in it (bviously not possible,because of real life practicality reasons). BUT. I really love love love your own bedroom (the old one) so much. Everything in it is just right, the colours, the textures, the light, the cat …
By the way, I love your new blog features, the polls, and the one thing four ways bit, and of course the ones with the “get the look” info. 🙂


No. 2 is my favourite room, it’s quietly sophisticated without being snobby, I love the bedside lamps, the tables, the chest and that geometric table lamp…next no 13…I’d live in your bedroom any day…those lamp shades and that velvet headboad…I’d get rid of the giant ‘a’…STUNNING!


I have always loved the bedroom you designed for Joanna Goddard. Beautiful.

Umm how can you pick just one?! I’m about to just tie a blindfold on and just click something because this is super hard. My faves are #3, #6, #7, #12, #13, #14. Pinning this post right now so I can use all these lovelies as inspiration. 🙂 xo.


I’ve always loved #11. But I also love all the crazy color in #13!


My new bed was literally just dropped by UPS on my front porch an hour ago and it’s this because it’s passable and dirt cheap.—Includes-Headboard-and-Bed-Frame.product.100127309.html

I really wanted that Curbly navy Target bed but the pic at Target is such a different color, I was afraid mine would come looking almost black like that. Not good, with white hairy dogs. I still kinda want it after seeing your pics again. Hmm. I could buy another new bed and toss the Ikea one that’s in the spare room and put the Costco one there…


Replying to my own comment here. Someone posted before about the Curbly bed saying that they ordered it and the color is like in the Curbly video, which is not as bright as the blog pics but not as dark as the Target pics. In case it helps anyone. Here’s the video. The bed is around 1:05.


Interesting. I’m going to look at it. I remember it being pretty bright/pretty/dark blue. Not crazy bright, more indigo. I’m going to follow the link again. I’m actually debating it for my master because my headboard is strangely 1 foot too wide even though it said it was a queen. So weird.

GAH!!! i clicked the wrong one! add one point to #12, still one of my faves 🙂


( and 2 are my favotire. Mostly because they are so full of windows and the colors are calm and not too busy. I like 15 as well but that blue wall is just so blue 😉

I’m torn between 2, 9 and maybe even 10, but I’ll say 2. It was my gut’s first response. Something about the goldish drapes and the blues that gets me every time. Your use of blue is what I’m always drawn to. And I LOVE that you showed your least favorite room too- so honest and fresh. Fun post!

I totally agree- #2! I would be just smitten if I were to be a guest and come upon this room! The blue and ochre/gold is somehow a combo of warm, relaxing, sumptuous, and it wouldn’t grow old too fast. Know what I mean? <3


I picked #3 because it’s the one I would most want to live in right now. But what I love best about your style is the whimsy you always throw into it and the pops of color. I love your old bedroom and your guest room because they’re so fun! I hope you don’t lose that with your rebrand!

Emily, I had to go with your guest room #12. Your old bedroom #13 and #2 were close seconds. I really like certain elements in ALL of them, it was really hard to pick one! I am VERY EXCITED about your product line and your vintage store. I don’t think you need to define/label your style, it is just #emilyhendo! I have to tell you I have been faithfully addicted to your blog since I found it a couple years ago, your blog is MY FAVORITE BLOG and I come here EVERY DAY!! Love you girl!

Megan C.

Your guest bedroom (#12) is totally my style! I love all of it. The only thing I would do differently is I probably wouldn’t have the repeating lights at the bedside. Oh I think they look great and everything, it’s just my head wouldn’t be able to reconcile the redundancy of function.

My second favorite is Cup of Jo’s bedroom. You can’t beat that buffalo print.


Funny enough, I actually googled “Emily Henderson Bedrooms” yesterday, as well! I’m debating a patterned duvet and wondered, WWED? Apparently my answer is to go with a white duvet and layer, but I think I’m going to take the risk and regret it later. Life’s more interesting that way. Thanks for the inspiration!


Yeah! I love a good patterned duvet and its honestly one of the things that you have to rebuy in a couple years anyway, so its a good risk. Thank you 🙂

Love 3,4,12 and 13. I think what I love is your use of art and pops of color that stand out but aren’t overwhelming. I love color but I never want it to throw up all over the room.

I’m so glad the Curbly bedroom was included! I absolutely love everything about the Curbly makeover – and have basically designed my next living room around it in my head 🙂


Bedroom number 2 is my new spirit animal.


🙂 I love how much everyone is loving #2. Plus they are crazy wonderful people. xx


I love #3 and have been using it for inspiration in my house and now specifically the bedroom. We’ve been weirdly “blessed” with a huge master and I love the colors and feel of the Curbly one. My husband and I were on a makeover show recently and I referenced this room for the designer to use as inspiration!
I was also hoping you’d have a product line soon and will probably everything : )


OOh fun, which show? And congrats on your big bedroom. You’ll sleep well. xx


thanks! Unlivable on FYI. Episode Deborah and Colin. I told the designer on the show you were my design spirit animal, ha! The colors they used were a little brighter than I wanted, but I think to show better on TV. The dining room light fixture and credenza were inspired by the Curbly bedroom, although the one you used is TDF!


um. confession. that bedroom that you hate was the moment that I started checking your blog daily. i love it. it’s my type of crazy and I refuse to be concerned with my style even though my love = your hate. but I might be delusional.


Oh I actually still love it (i’ll edit it so it doesn’t sound so negative). But I think that since I have a kid now i just can’t handle that much stuff or something. So thank you and I actually still own everything in that room – its just dispersed and a little less busy. xx


I agree! I have an unnatural obsession with that room. So much so that I really thought about painting my master the same hunter green/white walls. The pink headboard (!) green walls, tommy bahama print drape and brassy accents just appeal to me.

Beth Lee Segal

I like 4 because it’s layered and interesting without being
busy. And I love your “old” bedroom because it’s often
difficult to get several colors into and still keep it relaxing.


Emily = “Happy Vintage” or “Joy Vintage”


I like that. 🙂

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