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2021 Etsy Gift Guide: Our Top Home Decor Picks

Last year we put together an Etsy Gift Guide for the first time and you all loved it so we decided to bring it back this year with some fresh new picks. And since today is Cyber Monday a lot of them are on currently on sale. Enjoy!

Gif guide season is still going strong, my friends. It is absolutely wild how fast this year went by and I scarcely remember the before times (i.e. living in a world pre-pandemic), but we’ve just about made it through a very challenging year so it feels good to be thinking about gift giving, holiday cheer, and warm fuzzy feelings. For my gift guide installment, I am so thrilled to share our picks from my personal favorite place to shop. Etsy has long been my go-to for almost all things. I’ve purchased everything from vintage furniture, to art, to pet supplies, to jewelry, to clothing from this site and perusing new items with a glass a wine in hand is a beloved past time of mine.

What I love most about shopping on Etsy is that it’s a worldwide, easy to access marketplace where I can find new artisans and makers, vintage retailers, and small businesses to support. I also love that when you buy something on Etsy, you are usually buying something original, vintage, or made in small batches so you can avoid buying something thats ~everyone~ has. It’s truly a magical place to shop, so let’s get straight to it, shall we?

1. Neela Single Bulb Pendant: I love this light shop, studioPGRB, and if I had the need for a pendant in my home, I’d go for this one. If you are looking for a subtle but impactful pendant for your giftee, this exposed bulb one would be a great choice.
2. The Original Striped Mushroom Lamp: This little mushroom lamp is so charming and would look really cute on any bedside table.
3. Hanging Terracotta Ceramic Lamps Set of Three: HOLD THE PHONE. This incredible ceramic pendant comes in a set of three so you can hang them in clusters for a mobile-type feel.
4. Zen Lamp: I am really into this sculptural zen lamp. I have never seen anything like it and therefore I declare it would be an amazing gift.
5. Priti Light Fixture: One more pendant from studioPGRB because their products are that good. The designs are very modern yet minimal and per their customer reviews, they are absolutely stunning in person.
6. Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp: Salt rock lamps are said to boost mood, improve sleep, ease allergies, help people with asthma breathe better, and clean the air. They also give off a warm, calming light and look good in any bedroom.

1. Antique Wood Basket: As we all know, every home needs vintage accents, so why not have it be an antique wood basket from the 1900s??
2. Vintage Turkish Handwoven Goat Hair Shag Kilim Floor Rug: Etsy is my favorite resource for vintage rugs so I had to include this one from one of my favorite rug resources. This one is a splurge for sure but it is too special not to share, plus if you check out the shop, you can find even more options that would add the perfect amount of charm and color to any space.
3. Antique Early 1900s Hardcover Book Set of 2: Vintage books can be great decor and any book lover would appreciate a vintage copy of one of their favorite stories.
4. Emerald Green Glass Candlesticks: I love vintage candlesticks if you couldn’t tell from my living room reveal. This pair of green ones has my attention so someone better snag it before I do!

1. Paris Medium Size Pochade (Painters Box): This is a vintage painters box so if you have an artist in your life that also loves vintage, this is your slam dunk.
2. Brass Apple Figurine: Small sculptures are very fun gifts to receive, and how perfect would this brass apple be for a teacher?? It may be a little on the nose but I am into it.
3. Two Green Glass Thumbprint 8 oz Goblets: Vintage goblets would be a welcome gift for any wine lover. Pair these with a wine club subscription and you have yourself an amazing gift.

1. Red Blue Kilim Pillow Cover: I LOVE THIS. I wish I had a place for it in my home. The color block is so fun.
2. Dash Mudcloth Pillow Covers: This handmade pillow cover would be a great accent in any minimal modern home.
3. Kilim Pillow: I almost bought this carpet pillow for my living room. This shop has a bunch of colors and patterns and they are all very special.
4. Soft Chenille Indigo Blue Moroccan Floral Pillow: Something about this color blue really speaks to me. It’s really beautiful and happy.

1. Plague Doctor Art Print: You may recognize this print from Julie’s recent bathroom reveal. It is such an intriguing piece and perfect for someone who wants to liven up their walls with some interesting art.
2. Modern Original ContemporaryArtwork Commission Art: This piece by artist Dina Dee Art is such a cool, modern abstract painting that would be a special and unexpected gift.
3. Antique Eyes Print: This print is from my favorite print shop on Etsy. I have had this particular one in my cart for a while, but am waiting to see if I have a good place for it in my home.
4. Vintage Art Printable: One of EHD’s best tips on saving money is buying printable art. I recently bought one from this shop and had it printed by Artifact Uprising and I am SO happy with the result.
5. Body Outline Print: A female form print is a great addition to any minimalist room, and this one is from an awesome Black-owned shop that handmakes each print.
6. Acrylic Art: Last but certainly not least, is this original painting by the talented Dina Dee. Again, art is a FANTASTIC gift if you can swing it.

1. Black Girl Art Print: Prints like this one are very special and I love the soft neutral colors that are very calming.
2. Vintage Art Printable: Here is another printable piece from the same shop that I just adore. I love the blurred image of this mysterious woman
3. Female Body Wall Art: I love female form prints of all shapes and sizes. I think they are so intriguing and make a space feel very personal.

1. Bud Vase: These vases are so fun and would be loved by anyone who is into the post-modernism trend happening right now. 
2. Ceramic Bowl, Cup, Vase Gift Set: Ceramics are always an appreciated gift for any designer/design enthusiast. It can take a long time to curate a good collection of ceramics to style with, so why not help someone out with this unique set that comes with a bowl, cup, and a vase?
3. Concrete Hands Catchall Card: We love a hand-shaped jewelry catchall. I am so impressed with the attention to detail on this one and because it is handmade, you can bet that each one is special and one of a kind.
4. Limited Batch Marbled Glass Coaster: Coasters are one of those unexpected gifts that no one really thinks to ask for, but special ones are an exciting gift to recieve. These are handmade marbled kiln fused glass coasters that will look good on anyone’s coffee table.

1. Handpainted Tumbler: I just discovered this shop and I want all everything. It is all handmade in Italy and you can just tell it’s made with intention and love.
2. Vintage Bizzirri Hand Painted Ceramic Sailboat Scenic Candlestick Holder: These candlesticks are VERY sweet. They are also hand painted and would be a really great one of a kind gift.
3. Water Jug: OKAY, how cute is this? This shop is another new find that makes handprinted ceramics and everything is simply adorable.

1. Vintage Bentwood and Cane Child Size Bench: I am very attracted to this children’s bench. I know furniture may seem like an odd gift but it’s really not. As long as you know your giftee has a need/place for it, furniture is an AWESOME GIFT.
2. 2 Vintage Trieste Chairs: These chairs are incredible. Make sure to click the link and see for yourself because that small photo doesn’t come close to doing them justice. I am convinced someone needs these!
3. French Found Vintage Heavy Brutalist Square Cut Stool: This stool is simply very cute and would be a sweet accent in any style home.

Well folks, I hope you enjoyed this updated Etsy gift guide and let me know in the comments what your favorite Etsy shops are. Happy gifting! xx

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Opener Image Credit: Photo by Sara Ligorria-Tramp | From: Arlyn’s Warm (& Sort of Last-Minute DIYed) Holiday Reveal

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3 years ago

Dude – I love Etsy. Such a great place to start shopping, as your dollar goes so much further when direct to the maker (instead of down a looooong supply chain that ultimately splits into pennies by the time the artisan/manufacturers are paid!)

3 years ago

Good lord this is almost too good of a gift guide. Although I’ll say that “one for you, one for me” feels a little more altruistic when supporting makers. 🙂

3 years ago

I was literally searching Etsy for gift ideas when the notification for this email came up on my phone 😂😂😂. Terrific timing!

3 years ago

Love so many things on this list!

Last year in one of the gift guides, I think Emily mentioned buying a custom peg doll family of Etsy or elsewhere. I’ve seen a lot of sources, but I’d love to find the source that she used if she or anyone at EHD remembers it. Thanks!

3 years ago

I love the pillow in the opening photo, the one with the red poms-poms. Do you have any idea where it is from? Thank you.

3 years ago
Reply to  Monica

That photo was from Arlyn’s holiday reveal. The knit green pillow was from Target:

3 years ago

Etsy is the best! Satin lined hats are great for people with naturally curly hair as the satin helps keep the shape of the curls intact. So wearing one is not just about being fancy 😉 just wanted to let you know!

3 years ago

Always love your Etsy gift guides!! Thank you so much for putting it together. I’d also love to humbly shout out my own Etsy shop, Mayhewn. I make modern concrete home decor such as jewelry dishes, desk organizers, candle holders, wall hooks, bookends etc. Something for everyone : )

Cris S.
2 years ago

Love Etsy. Just want to say about the Kilim pillows, I ordered two online (not from this particular shop) and while the pattern is great, the feel is quite yucky. These are mostly made with remnants of unsaveable, usually cheaper/worn carpet and while I’m all for that, they can be very rough on your skin and other fabrics they would rest against. I’m not sure what to do with mine now because I can’t see actually using them.

2 years ago
Reply to  Cris S.

💯 this. They make great dog bed pillows because they’re super durable but other than that they’re purely decorative. So prickly and pokey right through clothes!

2 years ago

Many of the items in this guide are great, but PLEASE beware that many shops on Etsy right now are thinly veiled drop-shippers—or they order the item and forward it to you—from Alibaba or similar sites. The products you get are cheap and not handmade or vintage, and were very likely made by someone not paid a living wage.

The mushroom lamp, for example, is from Alibaba. The shop you linked even re-used its product photos:

It’s really sad Etsy doesn’t do a better job regulating these sellers, since there is so much fantastic homemade and vintage from real independent makers/thrifters. I still buy from Etsy, but ALWAYS look for clues that the seller isn’t what they seem; usually real sellers have thorough info about their process in their bios, etc.

2 years ago
Reply to  Jan

I know I’ve seen that salt lamp on Amazon too.

2 years ago

This is the 10th post in a row about buying something–can we PLEASE have something about decorating or renovating WITHOUT any links to buy something? I understand you need to make some money but this is ridiculous.

2 years ago
Reply to  Alice

Perfection is boring… let’s buy something!

2 years ago

Three things I have saved but really don’t need:
Vintage Waterfall Print by John Henry Twachtman:
Vintage Abstract Print by Jindich Tyrsky:
Solomon the Dreamer Bust:

2 years ago

I’ve bought darning thread from DragonflyCottageShop; silk thread from Kimonomomo; buttons from SfgBoutique; a wooden chess set from ChessLovers; and needles from YarnShop4U. I highly recommend all those shops: lovely products and perfect service.

I’m getting ready to test customer service at Etsy for the first time: I placed an order over a month ago that seems to be lost. It was sent from Belgium and tracking shows it arrived in the US on November 15, but no further updates are available, not even which US carrier is supposed to deliver it. Of course, it would be the most expensive thing I’ve ever ordered from an Etsy seller … (and since I’m a “Karen”, if somebody doesn’t make good on this, I’m never ordering anything from Etsy again, no matter how tempting the unique merchandise may be.)

2 years ago
Reply to  Irene

Packages from out of the U.S. are taking a really long time to clear customs right now. I ordered some shoes from Germany that tracking showed had arrived in the U.S. about a week after I ordered it, then there were no updates for over a month. It randomly showed up 6 or 7 weeks after I ordered! So I wouldn’t assume your package was lost.

2 years ago
Reply to  Marisa

Thanks so much for the reassurance, Marisa (and Liz)!

2 years ago
Reply to  Irene

Echoing Marisa’s comment – summon your patience! I just received an item yesterday that shipped from the Netherlands nearly a month ago. Factor in the pandemic and a holiday here since your package arrived in the U.S. and it’s likely just resting somewhere before it gets to you.

2 years ago

Please ENOUGH with the gift guides already!

2 years ago

Can we see some farmhouse update instead of more gift guides?
The last posts are all about buying. Not everyone has disposable income

2 years ago

Once upon a time, I was a teacher, and I received a brass apple that is also a bell, and it is one of the few gifts I have almost 30 years later. It has a beautiful patina, and we’ve used it over the years when someone was sick to alert others of the need for help (Brady Bunch style). Now it sits on my mantle and adds a beautiful aged touch.

2 years ago

This makes me like these for myself and not to give to others. These are so nice!

2 years ago

I do enjoy your Etsy posts. I remember one on art finding from awhile back. I like when the selling posts include some philosophy and a styled example. I’m shopping my house and rearranging as I clean and prep to get the tree. As an Etsy seller myself I know how exciting it is to have your shop highlighted by someone- Im sure there are some sellers loving the boost.

2 years ago

For me – gold, white and emerald green colours are so nice and bright in Christamas interiors!

2 years ago

Legos are so cool. I didn’t have them growing up because they were spendy and I love to see how much my kids love them now. That’s an interesting perspective to intentionally gift things that you know will be consumed and not saved. (I’m really sentimental, so that’s not my natural space, but I like it.

2 years ago

I love gifts with a personal touch, like the hand-painted ceramics. These are good gift ideas. Thanks for sharing!