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The 2020 Fall Collections Have Hit And Postmodernism Is Finally Mainstream… But In An Unexpected Way

We normally don’t do reviews posts about seasonal collections. It’s not that we’re against them because boy do we love when those new products hit the digital shelves. It’s just that we typically like to see what’s out there and then create more helpful and actionable ways to bring them into your homes. Basically, we try and “EHD” is up real good. BUT this season was a little special and something that we have been waiting for with bated breath so we are just going to dive right in and admire. 

We have been talking about the very “Instagram approved” 2019 postmodern trend for well… a little over a year at this point. I’m pretty sure the entire team fell deeply in love with a least a few of its main characteristics (ie chubby furniture, fluted accents, electric blue, ’80s inspired patterns, delicate and sculptural accent seating, and totem sculptures). I personally can’t choose a favorite. But like most every other “ultra-cool” or “extremely expensive” trend, none of us could really afford the incredible vintage options ($$$$) or the beautiful artisanal decor ($$$$) that we were seeing. TORTURE. Now we’ve have seen hints here and there at our favorite major retailers but FINALLY it’s here in a big way for the rest of us to fully enjoy at a much more doable price point. I will say though that these stores have veered more on the neutral color palette likely to make it more palatable to the mass market. A little unexpected? Sure. But honestly, as long as the shapes are here, I am here to celebrate.

Let’s start with one of the first adopters of the postmodern trend…


Table Lamp | Daybed | Ruffle Credenza | Cement Coffee Table | Black Wood Side Table | Mirror Coffee Table | Marble Table | Fluted Credenza | Barrel Chair

CB2 is known for being the trend-forward really big box store (along with West Elm) and this new collection is no different. It’s giving us the chunky, wavy, bold shapes that we love about this trend. Emily actually had some thoughts on some of the pieces from this collection: 

Serafin Leather DaybedThe ENTIRE EHD team internally slacked about this daybed when it dropped. It’s postmodern and therefore not for everyone, but goodness it’s a piece that I want to look at a lot. 

Slope Cement Coffee TableThis table reminds me a lot of Orlando in a very good way. While I know that it leans ’80s, its subtle and the base has a secret sculptural shape that I love. 

Bruciata Blackened Wood Side TableI want this for the mountain house. Don’t need, but yes, want and had it existed when I was designing it I would have purchased it immediately. 

Muse Mirror Coffee TableI’m not ready for it but appreciate the risk-taking. Woah. I think it’s safe to say that “high glam” has never been my thing, especially ’80s high glam, so this table is hard for me. I’d love to see it styled in a space. And curious if I’m just “not ready” and will be into it next year or if truly it’s not ever going to be my thing. 

Now, I’ll talk about the rest of the pieces pictured above!

Scrunch Table Lamp: This lamp has postmodern written all over it. It’s cool and weird and ruffled and patterned.  It would really be an awesome “conversation piece” in a room.

Ruffle Sprayed Concrete Credenza: Waves are the way of the postmodern trend. This piece isn’t for everyone but in the right space would look really cool. 

Babylon Round Small Table: Just the right amount of “chunky”, has a beautiful natural marble pattern and would seamlessly blend with a lot of different styles. I would loooove to have this piece in my house but this one isn’t cheap and I don’t have the space. 

Truffle White Credenza: I can hear that sweet “flute” playing loud when I look at the details of this piece. Beyond that is perfectly curved and chunky. Pretty darn chic if you ask me:)

Fitz Russet Chair: We are huge fans of barrel chairs and this one is great. The deep rust would bring in that pop of color that is really in line with this trend and the details of the tufting almost look tubular. Yes, yes, yes. 


Rug | Abstract Object | Marble Side Table | Console Table | Candlestick Holders | Sconce | Floor Lamp | White Side Table | Woode Square Side Table

So not only did Anthro create a stunning new collection with Amber Lewis but according to Emily, their collection with Christiane Lemieux “stopped me in my tracks”. Y’all it’s truly beautiful and has so many great postmodern inspired pieces. 

Hand-Tufted Lunar Eclipse Rug: The pattern gives me modern Memphis vibes but isn’t so patterned that it will take over your space. 

Mouren Decorative Object: This is just cool and of course I reeeally want it. I just wish it wasn’t quite so pricey. But it’s seriously perfect for a “not too attention-grabbing” piece of decor that will really up your room’s style. 

Millart Side Table: Can I just say masterpiece? This red marble is incredibly special and is just the right amount of bold. Also, look at that fluting detail<3

Anya Travertine Console: Chunky cylinder heaven. It also comes in a side table, coffee table, and dining room table. You could literally have one in every room. Maybe don’t though:) Mix it up!

Parette Pillar Candle Holder: These are graphic, chunky, and perfectly textured. FYI They are expensive.

Desi Outdoor Sconce: This sconce is for sure on the modern side. But if you want something bolder to modernize your space or just go all out postmodern then these are a nice option.

Harriet Pleated Floor Lamp: Emily bought this lamp because as she said, “I simply needed it”. If I had a bigger house I would also be hitting that “add to cart” button. The modern sculptural arm is SO GOOD.

Baron Side Table: This was one that Emily pinned too because it’s awesome. In a world of right angles, this side table is the rounded beauty we need in our homes. 

Navier Side Table: However, if you are in the need of a right-angled side table THIS ONE is it. So chunky, so cool

Lulu and Georgia

Dining Table | Swivel Chair | Cone Side Table | Two Tone Side Table | Black Coffee Table | Art

Lulu and Georgia (one of EHD fav’s if you haven’t picked up on that in the past) went really earthy and natural with this collection. It’s pretty special if you ask us since it still calls to the postmodern shapes. Two styles, one collection. What a dream!

Mela Dining Table: This is my favorite piece! I love a blonde wood and the shape is stunning. 

Tobi Swivel Chair: Chunky with a side of Boucle. (How many times will I say chunky in this post…yikes!)

Rocio Side Table: The cone center is so cool and those legs are my favorite shape. 

Tay Side Table: The table really is the perfect blend of nature and modern. 

Masaro Coffee Table: These legs are really serving me ’80s Memphis and I’m not sure how I feel about them but regardless I’m intrigued. 

Michee Print: Electric blue! THE color of the postmodern style but in a very approachable and beautiful piece. 

Urban Outfitters

Gold Accent Chair | Cabinet | Mesh Bowl | Mirror | White Accent Chair | Floor Lamp | Credenza | Pendant | Bookshelf

If there is one big box store that “gets” the postmodern trend it’s Urban. It’s almost upsetting how many cool pieces they have (and not just the postmodern stuff! They have a lot of new styles you should check out.)

Tia Velvet Chair: This chair is so pretty and the shape is so interesting. It would bring such depth to a room with that saturated yellow. 

Tabitha Storage Cabinet: This cabinet is one of my favorite pieces and comes in a media console and dresser but I love the glass doors! Everything from the shape, round drawer knobs, and legs are totally postmodern.

MoMA Wire Mesh Bowl: Another electric blue piece that is really cute and a great way to dabble into the color. Plus the double-layered look is very chic. 

Yoji Wall Mirror: I also really love this mirror. First off, it’s full length and normally these organically shaped mirrors have brass frames. But the matte black wood is so pretty and unique! 

Selene Upholstered Chair: Tubular metal-framed chairs and sofas are classic postmodern pieces but are normally sooooo expensive. While $649 isn’t what I would call cheap, it is a much better price than the average find (unless you score a killer deal on a vintage one).

Tabitha Floor Lamp: If my living room pendant light is any indication of my love for paper lantern lights, the floor lamp is almost too cool. Such a bold shape and statement and the wood base is the cherry on top. But also basically a Noguchi knock off. 

Tabitha Credenza: Whoever “Tabitha” is she is V cool because her name is all over this collection. Don’t theses doors 100% look like Katie Sarokhanian’s cabinets in her kitchen??

Yuko Metal Pendant Light: Sculptural lighting is important to this trend and this pendant is such an affordable option! This one reminds me of Emily’s best friend, Corbett’s dining room pendant🙂 

Vera Storage Shelf: I know this bookcase isn’t for everyone but I think it’s awesome. 

West Elm

Pendant | Lumbar Pillow | Vase | Coffee Tulip Table | Square Pillow | Coffee Table | Exposed Blub Table Lamp | Ribbed Glass Table Lamp | Patterned Chair

So as I said in the beginning, West Elm has been poking around the postmodern look for a minute but this collection took a slightly bigger risk:)

Bower Trinity Pendant: This one is a beaut! It’s simple yet dramatic and that thicker gold rod is so pretty. 

Abstract Windowsill Pillow Cover: The abstract large scale pattern is interesting without being too busy. The perfect amount of pattern for the “pattern averse”. 

Bower Bubble Vase: Now this is a postmodern vase!

Liv Coffee Table: A classic shape that isn’t particularly “postmodern” but it also would work beautifully in a postmodern styled space. 

Geo Chenille Jacquard Pillow Cover: Can you tell deep yellow is a postmodern color? And this geometric pattern is a great call to the ’80s.

Cecile Coffee TableThis is a postmodern coffee table. Those curvy/wavy golden legs will bring personality to your space. 

Misewell Q Lamp: What sweet little lamp. It’s a part of West Elm’s Local collection and could literally go almost anywhere in your house!

Ribbed Glass Table Lamp: Cool shape, fun detail, and not too crazy expensive! 

Isabella Chair: This patterned beauty not only comes in this fun yet still quite enough fabric, it also comes in my favorite velvet rust fabric. 

Crate & Barrel

Dining Table | Glider and Ottoman | Table Lamp | Floor Lamp | Nightstand | Tubular Accent Chair | Armchair Chair | Lumbar Pillow | Bookshelf

Crate & Barrel has really been impressing me lately. I think it really started with Leanne Ford’s first line (also have you seen her new Crate&kids line yet?!?!?) Anyway, they have REALLY stepped it up so let’s get into my favorites:)

Oli Oval Dining Table: If you remember my dining nook, it’s no surprise that I really love this dining table. It’s neutral with a touch of glam:) It’s so beautiful. 

Snoozer Charcoal Glider and Ottoman: This a part of Leanne’s new line and if I were having a baby this would be the glider I would want (at least by the look of it!). The tubular tufting is extremely postmodern and cool.

Joy Clay Table Lamp: Mushroom lamps are such a great styling (and functional) accent. This one also comes in blue but the light clay color is so darn pretty. 

Siren Floor Lamp: Keeping on the topic of lamps let’s head to the floor. This one is interesting but simple enough to work with a ton of different styles. The double-arm is 10/10:)

Cortez Natural Floating Nightstand: Another Leanne masterpiece. Those clean curved lines are so good. Plus it has a drawer! Do you recognize them from Suzanne’s bedroom

Williams Chair: This is postmodern design at it’s finest. 

Costes Oversized Armchair: I want to live in this cute chunky chair! Doesn’t’ it look like a hug? It’s like the cooler younger sibling of those “not so cool” 80’s or ’90s slouchy leather sofas. 

Moreau Pink Striped Pillow: This pillow just makes my happy and the graphic stripes will really add to a postmodern colorful design.

Dolly Natural Tall Bookcase: I think this is one of my favorite bookshelves ever. That arch!!!!! (It also comes in black:))


Pink Chest | Pendant | Vase | Accent Chair | Table Lamp | Recliner

Even IKEA is coming to the postmodern party and at the most affordable price.

BUSUNGE: I’m not giving special treatment to this chest because the name is dangerously close to my last name:) But boy is it cute. The color and the circle pulls make it a really special (and bold) piece. 

SIMRISHAMN: Chrome and postmodernism go hand in hand. This pendant’s curves make it very cool. 

DRÖMSK: I love the simplicity and shape of this vase. Such a good buy at only $8!

BINGSTA: This is a delicate and sculptural chair (very postmodern) that could be such a fun pop of color in a room. 

HÖSTFEST: A much more literal mushroom lamp! So playful yet unexpectedly modern.

EKOLSUND: Can you believe this is a recliner?? The shape is awesome and the pink is really fun. 


Brass Side Table | Wood Side Table | Table Lamp | Sconce | Wall Mirror | Geometric Side Table

Yes, Target too! They are getting chunky and I like it. They are also keeping everything pretty neutral but that really just makes it more very versatile. Shall we dig in?

Linberg Hammered Brass Pill Accent Table: How cute is this side table? Curved, bold, and a nice dose of postmodern. 

Ferdinand Round Wood Accent Table: This only hints at postmodernism but the cylinder legs give it that slight feel if you are wanting to dip your toe in the pond. 

Marble Base Table Lamp: That cute chunky marble base makes this lamp look really modern and is only $40. Go get it if you are in the market!

LED Sconce Wall Light: Target doesn’t have a lot of sconces but the ones they do have are good. I love the arched back and the matte black finish is totally chic. 

Thin Metal Oval Decorative Wall Mirror with Shelf Brass: Pill shapes and postmodern design are close friends so this mirror is a slam dunk. Plus this one has a little shelf. So cute.

Dorches Turned Accent Table: Doesn’t this side table look like John Legends and Chrissy Tiegen’s old bar stools? And if it’s good enough for John and Chrissy then it’s good enough for us. Plus it’s a pretty great accent table. 

World Market

Sofa | Table Lamp | Office Chair | Floor Lamp | Pegboard | Pillow

And finally World Market! We made it and I promise it’s worth it for the great finds and awesome prices. 

U Modular Sectional Sofa: This is a great modular sofa that if you wanted, you could fill the center and make it the ultimate sofa/bed. It actually really reminds me of Emily’s vintage mountain house sofa

Yellow Metal Mushroom Table Lamp: A mushroom shape and a bold color! Plus this one is only $35. I know!

Black Wire Mozart Office Chair With Cushion: I don’t know if I would use this as a true WFH office chair (might need something comfier) but if you only need an occasional one then this one is so pretty and very cool. 

Natural Wood And Black Metal Dome Floor Lamp: My love of dome lamps will never end and this one is modern without looking “too modern.”

Oval Pine Wood Pegboard Wall Shelf: Another pill shape! But this time it’s a pegboard that could be used in almost any room for some serious function. 

Gold Contour Face Throw Pillow: Whenever I see a face on a decor piece I think of Orlando and this one is a cutie. So if you are looking for a modern new friend this one could be them!

Ok, postmodern design is now here for everyone (!) and I hope that if you have been looking for some special pieces that you maybe found something. However, be sure to peruse the sites for more gems. I would I could have included everything but I think we can all agree this post didn’t need to be any longer:) Happy Tuesday and have a great day! 

Love you, mean it. 

Opening Photo Image Credits: Photo by Sara Ligorria-Tramp | From: Living Room Update – AGAIN – Our New Sofa, My Dream Floral Chaise And The Pop Of Red I Always Wanted In My Life

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3 years ago

Ok overall not my cup of tea but there are a few pieces in there that I really like and could go with other styles! Also curious if this will grow on me and in Emily’s words I’m just “not ready yet”. Love the roundup though especially with commentary for each item 🙂 Thanks Jess!

Mary Catherine
3 years ago

Thank you for this, Jess and EHD! It’s helpful to have a post that outlines the qualities of this style/trend. I am very into it—but struggling to integrate the chunky, sculptural, and colorful into my waywardly traditional/neutral style. More posts on blending styles to create timeless spaces would be most welcome! Cheers, MC

3 years ago

Ugh sorry no. No to all of it. But great job on the write up. I feel really informed after reading this. And confirmed in my feeling that it’s not my style.

3 years ago

Cuute! I like stuff from every collection. I’m going more traditional/vintage in my home lately, but I would enjoy integrating this stuff.

3 years ago

Mixing these curved lines with vintage is to die for! Very Parisian.

I love the look of CB2, but unsure of their quality.

3 years ago

Blech. I don’t like a single piece shown here. I am DEFINITELY not ready for this trend. LOL

3 years ago

It feels Art Deco meets Mid-century 🙂

3 years ago

The Urban organic shaped wall mirror is my favorite. All the lamps are great in this round up too.

Elizabeth Leach
3 years ago

I’m finding myself totally falling for this new trend. But can you mix pieces in with other styles? I have a mix of mid century and classic furniture. Do they mix well with this?

3 years ago

Love it! Postmodern is my fave.

3 years ago

Wow, I love a lot of these pieces, you all really put together the pick of the litter(s). This trend is great for the unexpected POP but I wouldn’t do an entire roomful.

3 years ago

I have loved the Memphis Design style since I first saw Pee-Wee’s Play House!! So happy to see this design style be resurrected in a modern way! Ettore Sottsass is one of my design heros 💕

Amanda McCullough
3 years ago

Mixing in some of these pieces could be so playful!! Love them!

3 years ago

Super fun pieces. Generally not my style, but there are a few pieces I like, particularly that two toned wood side table from Lulu and Georgia. The Costes Oversized Armchair from Crate&Barrel is too 80s/90s for me, but I understand that many people like that overstuffed style. The barrel chair from CB2 is appealing, but I’m sure I prefer something a bit more minimal. I do love the Selene Upholstered Chair from UO, though. I agree that’s a great price for the style. All the sculptural lamps are fun, too. I wonder if that’s a way to have just a touch of this trend. Interestingly, I also love electric blue and deep yellow, and I’m realizing our beach apartment has similar colors, mostly by accident. Anyway, thank you, Jess, for a fun post diving into current trends.

3 years ago

Oh, I love this trend and this post! Finally, no more rustic farmhouse blabla but pieces with character!!

3 years ago

Yes! I absolutely love this post for 2 reasons:

1. Breaking down a trend is SO USEFUL to us design obsessed newbs. I definitely want to know more about where it all comes from.
2. It kinda reminds me of “just browsing” with my mom (and I covid-miss my thousands of miles away mom!) and getting into discussions about it all.


3 years ago

ty for sharing it