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Mallory’s Gift Guide: The Actually Awesome “Trendy Gifts” For The 20 Something In Your Life

Hey all, Mal the Gal here. And today I’m bringing you all the trendy gifts that you can give someone when you want to kinda impress them and be like, “yeah I know the trends here you go I’m hip and cool” and they’ll thank you because they’re also wanting to be trendy. It’s easy if you follow this guide:

1. Ilia Mascara| 2. Glossier Milk Jelly | 3. Coola Sunscreen | 4. NYX Brow Gel

1. Ilia Mascara: I’ve talked about it once and I’ll talk about it every chance I get until I don’t work here anymore. Basically, it’s the best thing in the world and this brand is IT. Plus it’s a clean beauty brand so you/they won’t be putting bad things on your/their beautiful face.
2. Glossier Milk Jelly: The trendy face wash that actually rocks. It feels so good on the skin and smells great.
3. COOLA Sunscreen: Sunscreen is never not cool, especially a good face sunscreen to protect that beautiful face of yours. I personally love the brand COOLA because it’s SO light and I love how it goes on under makeup but you also definitely cannot go wrong with pretty much anything from the brand Supergoop. I love their makeup setting sunscreen which I also use.
4. NYX Brow Mascara: I’m a big fan of this brow brush because I have light eyebrows that don’t work with brown brow gel and I’ve found this one to be the best color and functionally it’s also great because it keeps them brows in place. This is also super affordable which makes it a great stocking stuffer.

Now I rarely give clothing as gifts because it can be HARD to nail someone’s style, but if you want to give the gift of some trendy clothes these are IN rn:

1. Boots | 2. Skirt | 3. Sweater | 4. Bag

1. Boots: Boots are hard to go wrong with, because they’re so useful and versatile. This year, ankle boots are still a great buy and these from Topshop are my favorite out right now, but also note that tall boots are back and you can’t go wrong with those either.
2. Checker Sweater: Anything checkerboard is great. It’s a VERY hot pattern right now (same with leopard and snakeskin, as we know). So when you mix it with a sweater, it’s destined to be a great win.
3. Pleated Skirts: YOU GUYS who knew the tennis/school girl skirts would be so big in 2020. Hop on the train and buy one for your favorite trendsetter.
4. Crossbody Bag: It’s never not in, but a great crossbody is a great investment. I’ve had my eye on this one for quite some time, and there’s also a checker version of the same thing if you’re down.

Most 20 somethings are in new apartments, college apartments, or maybe just moved back home and are redoing their space there, so home decor is not a bad option to give as a gift (plus this is a design blog ain’t it?) So here are some trendy home decor items:

1. Vase | 2. Cheetah Pillow | 3. Bluetooth Speaker | 4. Leather Catchall | 5. Kelly Wearstler Coffee Table Book | 6. Bubble Candles

1. Vase: Ecovibe is such a great business and it’s black-owned, which is important to support. They have awesome stuff for a really affordable price like this v cute vase! plus they’re super sustainable which is another huge plus.
2. Cheetah Pillow: I bought this for my apartment and it INSTANTLY infused personality into what otherwise was a blank slate kind of place. It’s so good and I cannot speak any more highly of this pillow. Get one.
3. Muzzen Button Radio: This is awesome because it’s a cute decor piece but it ALSO is a BLUETOOTH SPEAKER. I’m so obsessed with this company it’s not even funny. They come in so many cute colors and sizes (I have their mini baby tiny one that works SO well and I take it everywhere with me). Grab one because it’s the best gift for literally anyone actually.
4. Leather Catch-All: Catch alls are great and they’re even better gifts because lots of people forget to buy them for themselves. They honestly make life so much easier, plus this one is great since it can be embroidered. I want one for my nightstand badly. Love. it.
5. Kelly Wearstler Coffee Table Book: This is a such a great coffee table book to inspire that 20 something to create some awesome interiors. I don’t know many people who don’t like what Kelly Wearstler does and it’s so fun to see all her projects. Of course, if Kelly’s style is too wild for whoever you’re gifting this to, go for Amber Interiors new book or you really can never go wrong with Styled by Emily Henderson tbh:)
6. Bubble Candles: Or really any sculptural candles. These bubble ones are so trendy and fun, plus we also love the lady bust candles and everyone in our whole company can’t get enough of these sculptural totem candles.

If the person you’re giving gifts to is into fitness AT ALL, then this is a great year to give some fitness gifts because lots of gyms are clothes and working out at home is a new ball game I’m personally trying to play (but it’s hard).

1. Manduka Yoga Mat | 2. APL Shoes | 3. Bala Bangles | 4. Foam Roller | 5. Carbon 38 Leggings & Sports bra | 6. Weighted Jump Rope

1. MANDUKA Yoga Mat: It’s called the taj-mahal of yoga mats for a good reason. I invested in this bad boy at the beginning of quarantine and boy am I happy about it. It’s so wonderful because it molds to YOU so you can really make it your own. I got the pro in sage green, but I also gave the pro-lite to my sister for her birthday since she usually takes them around to yoga classes and travels with it. Both are great, you can’t go wrong. Just know it’s the best gift ever.
2. APL Shoes: I recently discovered APL shoes and I am actually now an unsponsored, unpaid, uncontracted brand ambassador for them (they just don’t know it yet). I bought these shoes which have NO LACES YOU GUYS, so I just slip them on and off with ease and I wear them on and off throughout the day. They are so great because when I jump rope or go on walks I never have to tie my shoes and it’s the best feeling in the world. The ones without laces have less structure though, so if you’re a runner or want to do really high-intensity stuff, these are for you. I personally want to get these lace up ones so I can switch off between wearing the two (I’m not kidding I wear my APLs everyday)
3. Bala Bangles: These are cute and cool and are all the rage these days. They just add that lil extra UMPH to any workout and are not ugly ankle weights so you don’t feel weird wearing them. I want these so bad & I think Em put them on her gift guide (part 2 coming soon) too so that’s a double endorsement.
4. Foam Roller: It’s the one thing I need but for some reason will never buy myself. Hence why it’s a great gift. This marbled one is so cute too.
5. Carbon 38 Sports Bra/Leggings: I’m the kind of person that works out better when I feel cute in my workout get up which is so annoying but I know a lot of people feel the same. I love a legging sports/bra combo as much as the next gal, but Carbon 38’s stuff is on a new level, guys. It’s so hot right now it burns me when I look at it. The amount of sponsored ads I get for this is insane, and can I just say, they’re working. I love this leopard set and have had my eye on it for months now, but you really can’t go wrong with any of their sports bra/legging combos, they’re SO CUTE.
6. Weighted Jump Rope Or any jump rope: I received a jump rope as a gift (I had never done it except for like in elementary school) and I am so obsessed with it now. It’s so much fun to do that I actually feel motivated to do it. Plus it gets my butt outside on long days when I’m working from home. If you’re gifting to someone who doesn’t jump rope yet, then give them a regular jump rope, but if you’re gifting to someone who does jump rope, go for the weighted one.

That’s all guys byeeeee!

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Opening Image Credits: Design by Brady Tolbert | Photo by Sara Ligorria-Tramp | From Brady’s House For the Holidays

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3 years ago

so many good ideas!!

also i second the COOLA recommendation – so good 🙂 especially anything with their pina colada scent….

3 years ago

am I the only person who doesn’t love the Ilia mascara? it leaves black under my eyes :((( seems like it works for everyone else!! +1 for the NYX brow gel though!

3 years ago
Reply to  mallory

No, I had the same problem. I have come to realize that tubing mascara is the only way to go for me.

3 years ago

Short but my favorite gift guide so far!

3 years ago

Great guide, but if you like to jump rope, Crossropes really are the best!

3 years ago

“gyms are clothes”

Roberta Davis
3 years ago

I have the yoga mat- it’s even good for old ladies!

veronica crawford
3 years ago

ok i’m quite literally obsessed with everything. RIP my bank account.