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19 Lighting Combos + The Rules of Lighting


Photo by David Tsay for EHD

Pulling together the lighting scheme for a room is hard, confusing and often quite overwhelming. Hence why there are companies and designers that solely focus on the lighting in a home or property. Think of it like picking out an outfit without actually being able to try on the clothes first. Yes, you might like all the pieces individually and yes they might look like they work in theory on your body but once they all arrive and they are on your body, you might look like you got dressed in the dark (pun intended). Designers often say that lighting is the jewelry of the room, but in fact, without lighting there isn’t going to be a room to see at all – so lighting is far more than a decorative accessory or an afterthought. We’ve pulled together a few roundups before where we tacked some of our favorite sconces, floor lamps, and even chandelier and sconce combos but we have never pulled together a roundup of full lighting schemes that included: sconce, table lamp, floor lamp, and chandelier, so we thought…. why not?

Emily Henderson Roundup Lighting Combos Table Lamp Floor Lamp Sconce Inspiration 02
Photo by Genevieve Garruppo for EHD

But before we get into these combos, let’s take a second and establish the ground rules.

  1. Overhead lighting is not sufficient for a room – every room should have at least two (if not three sources of lighting).
  2. What are the different types of lighting? We go into deeper detail about all the types of lighting in this post, but the main types of lighting are: overhead – which includes can-lights and pendants, directional – which would include metal shaded lights or spotlights, ambient – which would include fabric shaded lights that put out an ambient even glow, and last but not least, accent – which is mostly decorative.
  3. You should have light coming from at least a few different heights to help evenly disperse the light throughout the room.

Now that we have the ground rules in place, here are some lighting combos that we have mulled over, thought about, and pulled together for you that check all of the boxes all while staying stylish and ready to buy for your home.

Emily Henderson Roundup Lighting Combos Table Lamp Floor Lamp Sconce 3

Sconce | Table Lamp | Chandelier | Floor Lamp

We have this lamp in our living room and I cannot say enough good things about it. It always elevates the look of every room we put it in (we’ve moved it around quite a few times) and it is graphic without being too bold. We pulled together a full post about why colored lamp shades are such a great asset to any room, so head there for more info. This combo leans a bit mid-century and retro but all the elements in it are classic enough to not feel dated in a few years. We love this combo.

Emily Henderson Roundup Lighting Combos Table Lamp Floor Lamp Sconce 1

Sconce | Table Lamp | Chandelier | Floor Lamp

You might recognize that chandelier from Corbett’s recent dining room reveal and it was so good (both in price and in looks) that we had to include it in one of the combos. It really can work with so many styles but we pulled in some other elements that help it sway more California Casual, which you know we are fans of.

Emily Henderson Roundup Lighting Combos Table Lamp Floor Lamp Sconce 18

Sconce | Table Lamp | Chandelier | Floor Lamp

Simple and modern in all the right ways. This may look slightly boring and too simple but remember that there are going to be quite a few elements in your room with color (walls, textiles, furniture) so having these white and chrome elements will allow them to pop off the color and stand out in a sophisticated way.

Emily Henderson Roundup Lighting Combos Table Lamp Floor Lamp Sconce 9

Sconce | Table Lamp | Floor Lamp | Chandelier

This combo is sophisticated while still being graphic and modern. It’s striking and feels very special although all the pieces are quite simple in shape and construction. A note on the floor lamp, the glass sphere on those is actually clear but with the way that it is photographed (on a black background) it looks like they are black orbs rather than the clear glass that they are.

Emily Henderson Roundup Lighting Combos Table Lamp Floor Lamp Sconce 19

Sconce | Table Lamp | Chandelier | Floor Lamp

Ok, we know this one is a little out there, but we had to get a little colorful and eclectic with at least one combo on this list. Does this work for every house? Absolutely NOT, but does it channel some 80’s golden girls vibes in an updated and fun way. Yes. We can see this one in an eclectic and fun beach house filled with personality and style.

Emily Henderson Roundup Lighting Combos Table Lamp Floor Lamp Sconce 5

Sconce | Table Lamp | Chandelier | Floor Lamp

This one could have been called California casual but has a slight handmade and organic quality to a lot of the elements in it. We can imagine it in an all white room with light tones of wood and lots and lots of handmade ceramics sprinkled around the room.

Emily Henderson Roundup Lighting Combos Table Lamp Floor Lamp Sconce 17

Sconce | Table Lamp | Chandelier | Floor Lamp

This one is giving off some major lounge, library, and den vibes. We’ve used quite a few of these pieces in person (including the chandelier) which we have over our dining table and I love it so much.

Emily Henderson Roundup Lighting Combos Table Lamp Floor Lamp Sconce 16

Sconce | Table Lamp | Chandelier | Floor Lamp

For those of you with tall ceilings, this chandelier is for you. Set it on a dimmer and you have yourself one dramatic light source.

Emily Henderson Roundup Lighting Combos Table Lamp Floor Lamp Sconce 15

Sconce | Table Lamp | Floor Lamp | Chandelier

Brass and black will always be a timeless combo and all of these fixtures would work with just about any color palette or style that you mix them into.

Emily Henderson Roundup Lighting Combos Table Lamp Floor Lamp Sconce 14 01

Sconce | Table Lamp | Chandelier | Floor Lamp

Brass has dominated the metallics game for a while but copper is making a big comeback so we wanted to highlight some of our favorites in this warmer color.

Emily Henderson Roundup Lighting Combos Table Lamp Floor Lamp Sconce 13

Sconce | Table Lamp | Chandelier | Floor Lamp

This one is an eclectic yet refined combo that would work so well in a house filled with lots of light and plenty of wood.

Emily Henderson Roundup Lighting Combos Table Lamp Floor Lamp Sconce 12

Sconce | Table Lamp | Chandelier | Floor Lamp

For those of you with a traditional house, this one can work for you. Depending on the style of your home it could lean more farmhouse, more east coast chic, or more traditional. All of the elements are timeless and simple so they will never go out of style.

Emily Henderson Roundup Lighting Combos Table Lamp Floor Lamp Sconce 11

Sconce | Table Lamp | Chandelier | Floor Lamp

We will always be fans of a good mushroom lamp and this new one from Schoolhouse is something that everyone in the office is wanting. We echoed the chrome in the sconces and then the rest of the pieces stayed white and simple to allow the chrome to really stand out.

Emily Henderson Roundup Lighting Combos Table Lamp Floor Lamp Sconce 10

Sconce | Table Lamp | Chandelier | Floor Lamp

This has some slight brutalist and architectural vibes (a style that became famous for showing off the more rough construction elements) but these pieces would look so good paired with some really beautiful mid-century wood pieces in your home.

Emily Henderson Roundup Lighting Combos Table Lamp Floor Lamp Sconce 8

Sconce | Table Lamp | Chandelier | Floor Lamp

For those of you that haven’t seen this new lucite lamp that Target is carrying let me tell you, it is going to sell out fast (if it hasn’t already) so run and grab it. It also comes in a black and wood version (we have the black) and it looks so high-end in person.

Emily Henderson Roundup Lighting Combos Table Lamp Floor Lamp Sconce 7

Sconce | Table Lamp | Chandelier | Floor Lamp

That chandelier is sure to make a statement so we started with that and worked around it to build this black and brass combo of lights.

Emily Henderson Roundup Lighting Combos Table Lamp Floor Lamp Sconce 2

Sconce | Table Lamp | Chandelier | Floor Lamp |

This one is going in that rustic beach cottage we all want. You know the one with layers and layers of washed linen, driftwood, and no shoes anywhere to be found? All the elements feel slightly handmade which helps it to evoke a casual vibe rather than a more formal “east coast hamptons” vibe.

Emily Henderson Roundup Lighting Combos Table Lamp Floor Lamp Sconce 6

Sconce | Table Lamp | Chandelier | Floor Lamp

This could easily have come straight from the set of “A Single Man” and we love the mid-century, artistic, eclectic vibes that it is giving off.

Emily Henderson Roundup Lighting Combos Table Lamp Floor Lamp Sconce 4

Sconce | Table Lamp | Chandelier | Floor Lamp

If regency is your vibe, or if you want something that leans slightly more formal and feminine then this combo is for you. Both the table and floor lamp are from Target and once again (as always) they look so high-end in person and you’ll fool everyone into thinking you spent more than $150 for the pair.


So which one is your favorite? And as always, let us know if you have any questions, and to check out more of some of our favorite online lighting resources head here.

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Knocking it out of the park yet again, EH and team! This post gave me at least a dozen new lights to want for my apartment, and I can’t decide which one to buy! Then again I tend to go a little lamp crazy in my home. I have 7 adjustable light sources in my living room which create a low, even light. While my friends might think I’m going overboard with the lamps, I find that most people have too few sources of light in their homes, creating dark spots and unflattering shadows. A lot of low light sources creates an even glow, similar to candlelight.


19 different style combinations?! I was expecting maybe 4-5 when I started reading the article, but this is a huge HUGE amount of inspiration. Thank you!


Ha, just noticed the title of the article … I should pay more attention : )

🙂 we really go for it 🙂


Stacy, if you ever will be looking for some curtains to open up space, i’m offerng you to get some from . I recently bought set of them. It’s so great!

Jen forthin

Love this! I know you’re not requesting reader blog post suggestions, but one thing I’ve been thinking about a lot is how home design changes over time. I’d love to see a blog post on your home, a year later. What worked/what didn’t. Why you decided to flip the couch in the living room/how you are now using what was the TV rooms. People always have regrets, I’d love to hear some of the things you wished you’d done differently. Also, will we ever see the guest room in the house? xo

We actually have one of those in the works right now! Stay tuned for that one soon. xx


Once again, you have answered some questions I was asking this weekend when I bought a sofa very similar to the one above as to how to style and what lighting to use with our new configuration. Oh and I bought a navy blue wall unit that I need to style and you have a gorgeous blue wall in this post as well. Will try really hard not to believe that the world is revolving around my extravagant purchases this weekend (at least it feels extravagant to me as I NEVER buy new stuff : ). Thanks again for your superior work!


Yeeeeeeeeeessss!!! Bookmarking this!! The only trouble now is that I have to choose just one. Heh. 🙂


Some interesting combos here. And I want to add, when you have people coming over TURN ON ALL THE LIGHTS IN YOUR HOUSE! I can’t tell you how many people’s homes I have been in numerous times and I have never ever seen any of the lights on in the living or dining rooms. So dark and dreary; why when it’s so much more welcoming with the lights on. Lamps and lights are meant to be ON for guests; if the overhead lights are too bright install a dimmer.


Great post! I have had this dilemma for the past few weeks trying to decide what lighting I want in my living room, kitchen, and hall. This definitely helps! Great job Emily:)


Emily, what do you suggest to go with 14″ white milk glass globes with antique brass trim. I have two of these over my bar and need something for my living room that is connected. It is an open living space. With the globes, I’m afraid to do anything else that is round like that in fear of being too matchy and safe. I need sconces for my hall too that is also connected to the space. HELP!!!!!. 🙂

send pics! also we are going to start doing more reader questions with pics so this would be a great one. xx

Julie S

This is such a great roundup. We really need this! I’ll be looking for similar budget versions of some of these since we are one of those on a nonexistent decorating budget, but this REALLY gives us the idea of how to combine lights. Great work!

jenn aka the picky girl

Seriously, you read my mind! I’ve been all over your lighting posts and Google, looking for help picking a floor lamp. I bought the lucite table lamp for a new buffet in my dining/reading room (and love it) and love the floor lamp version but thought it would be too matchy-matchy, but it’s so good! So hunting for something to complement it has been hard. I figured I shouldn’t go tripod/tripod, but I just couldn’t envision it.

This post was exactly what I need, and I think I may have found a winner with the floor lamp from Organic & Modern. Thank you, thank you.

yay!! so happy we can help. always. xx


GO BIG OR GO HOME. Amazing that you all are able to produce so much good content, so consistently. Kudos, and thank you!

thank you 🙂


some of the price points on these are FANTASTIC— thank you! 🙂


Damn. This post was a lot of work! I would have though 3-5 combos could make a good post, and you were like HERE ARE NINETEEN! Thank you! It was seriously very helpful to see those collections!

my team is the best. full stop 🙂


This is such a great post! I wonder if anyone can speak to the exposed bulb trend. We’ve been sitting with an old chandelier for YEARS because my partner thinks exposed bulbs will be too bright or, if we get 40 watt bulbs, too dim in our craftsman dining room. I WANT the etsy chandelier from the previous post, but need to convince him that exposed bulbs won’t be glaring as we eat dinner. Can anyone weigh in on this? Emily?


Switching to a dimmer is an easy solution

A dimmer is a great solution for exposed bulb lighting and it is a really easy install to do in your existing home. The chandelier from Corbett’s dining room actually has glass globes over the bulbs so they aren’t exposed. Hope that helps. xx


I think the hardest thing for me to coordinate was the light fixture over the table with lights over the island. I didn’t want them matchy-matchy but mixing was hard.


I’m guessing you’re saving the “Scandinavian Chalet / Cabin” combo for your own cabin. 🙂

yep. stay tuned. still working on it 🙂


What is your advice around fans? Every room in my house has an overhead fan by necessity in the spot one would normally have an overhead chandelier. The choices for fans with integrated lighting are limited, though getting better. Could you give a few design options incorporating overhread fans?

will do. i love a fan. in our mountain fixer we will have fans in most rooms – i need the air and to save energy – so stay tuned. but point being – ceiling fans are BACK.

Lisa T.

I’ve been hunting for some new lighting and I’ve become a bit discouraged at how few lights have diffusors or even shades! The industrial and bare light trend looks nice, but I can’t imagine living with the glare of bulbs in my eyes. I love that you’ve included so many gorgeous, yet useable, suggestions in this post. I’m especially loving all the glass globe lights used across all types of styles!


I agree wholeheartedly about the issue with exposed/glaring bulbs.

I don’t love exposed bulbs TBH. that was one of the reasons for this post. xx


Emily, thank you for all the research that you and your team undertake on posts like today’s. I appreciate being able to browse and compare from one location!

You are welcome. and thank you 🙂


Okay this is an amazing idea and roundup! Excellent work 🙂


Speaking of lighting, what do you do with switch plate covers to make them less of an eyesore?

I NEED to switch out my switch plates. stay tuned. xx


Also -t vintage/ antique lights. Mixing with new. The Europeans crush this.

And DIMMERS are everything.


Great roundup!

thank you 🙂


This was really good. Just wondering, is polished nickel not in at all? You guys don’t seem to give nickel finish options in any of your roundups but it’s my favourite…


Emily, what about when you have to coordinate TWO overhead lights in one open plan area (such as a living room and then the attached dining room? A roundup of overhead lights that aren’t too matchy would be awesome! Someone above mentioned coordinating overhead lighting with the island kitchen lighting was also hard, and I think it’s a similar issue.

we’ll work on it 🙂


So, when decorating a room- is lighting the last thing we choose? And, how much breathing room is necessary for a tripod lamp? Thank you for this generous post and for including so many options at lower price points!


This is such an awesome collection! I’m really digging the south beach eclectic, though I don’t know if my husband would allow that pink lamp into our apartment. The palm tree is SO cool – I feel like it’s such a great conversation piece for a living room!

Eva |


OMG! I love the coconut palm lamp! It’s so fun and quirky. Who needs houseplants, LOL.


Oh my gosh!! Sooo good. It’s hard to choose from all these fantastic options. Great post.


Hello Emily.
I have a dark dining room with over head and four lamps but it always still seems too dark. I feel that the overhead is the problem. Please can you suggest which style of pendant shade is best for lighting the whole room well but also doesn’t have a strong bare bulb shining which always gives me a migraine.
Thanks so much

Lisa Carter

OMG this is the EXACT problem I am having right now!! I’m doing a huge reno (whole house, 6 month job) and just can’t work out how to coordinate the lighting. This is so so so useful thanks Emily ???


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Hi Emily!

Thank you so much for including our C-light sconce to your awesome blog post!

Best regards,
Aleksandr from minimalmood


Amazing and super helpful post, will be sure to go back to this one as we take on a reno in our house. One tiny note and maybe it is me being dense but in the actual description second of the post, maybe refer to the “table” or “floor” lamp rather than just lamp since I wasn’t always sure which one you were talking about. Love you guys so much.

Alyson Bird

This article is super helpful. It made me realize that our flip house we are working on actually does have a cohesive lighting style throughout. It is the monochromatic modern style in this article helps me realize how awesome it’s going to look when it’s all put together thank you EH team


I could use advice on how to pair a chandelier with another ceiling sconce light in the living room. I have a pretty traditional chandelier in my living room but would love to hang a more modern Tom-Dixon-ish pendant light from the ceiling in the corner of my living room over my Eames lounger for reading. But I’m afraid that would look too busy in a small room. Ideas? Thanks!


Thank you Emily! I’m trying to work out this exact problem in my living room right now. My issue is no overhead light! I’ve heard it would be really expensive to install so I’ve got a floor lamp and table lamp in there now but it’s not enough. What would you suggest?


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I have had this dilemma for the past few weeks trying to decide what lighting I want in my living room, kitchen, and hall. This definitely helps!


Its really a good Post. It gives me lots of pleasure and interest..!!
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As usual, an amazing round up from your team. You do good work, Emily Henderson!


Might be there a source for the pillows on the sofa in the first image? I love that look and have a blue sofa coming to my house on Tuesday. Tried to find something similar with no luck….Thank you!


Great roundup! Thank you!


Please could you let me know where the coffee table is from in the first pic?

Rehana Malik

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