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108 of our Favorite Credenzas (at every price point)

The credenza has long been one of our favorite pieces when it comes to the perfect pairing of function, style, and storage and we are no stranger to them either. We’ve done “1 Credenza, 4 Ways“, I’ve used them in my dining and living room, Brady used one in his living room, we’ve used them in sponsored content and we most recently used one in an office that we will be revealing very soon. Like a dining table or a sofa, these long boxy things are a staple in our life.

Emily Henderson_Credenza_Roundup_4

They work in almost every space no matter the style and can instantly add function and storage. It is a win-win and since they can be found both new and vintage, you can find them at a variety of prices (although if online is your thing we have done the work for you below). Traditionally they are a combo of both drawers and doors, but in all our pinning and research for this post we quickly found out that you could call it a plethora of things and no matter how it’s configured you could still turn up with the same product results. So, whether you call it a credenza, buffet, cabinet, or sideboard is really up to you, but rest assured that we have pulled some of our favorites below at every price point.

Emily Henderson_Credenza_Roundup_6

You can even get creative and DIY your own version like we did with this guy above – which obviously didn’t work out quite as well as anticipated in the long run after it started bowing in the center with the weight of those books. But, we tried and it worked for the short time that we used it in that space before finding a piece that suited the room (and the books) a little bit better.  So without further ado here are some of our favorite credenzas on the web at every price point.

Emily Henderson_Credenza_Roundup_Under 750

1. Ocean 2 Door Sideboard | 2. Sawyer Storage Console | 3. White and Gray Storage Cabinet | 4. Spencer Server | 5. Latitude Oat Low Dresser | 6. Avenal Sideboard | 7. Corbin Credenza | 8. Millsboro Dresser | 9. Hamilton Wood Console | 10. Vitra Buffet | 11. Berton Storage Cabinet | 12. Langley Storage Cabinet | 13. Home and Garden Direct Buffet | 14. Cary Accent Storage Chest | 15. Melksham Holden Server | 16. White Wash Sideboard | 17. Stockholm Sideboard | 18. Sylvester Sideboard | 19. Pajaro Sideboard | 20. Smythe Console | 21. Hemnes Sideboard | 22. Mason Dresser | 23. Malsjo Sideboard | 24. Doppo Buffet | 25. Fuel Navy Credenza | 26. Sunset 6 Drawer Sideboard | 27. Oppland Chest

Getting things under $750 was a little bit tricky for this roundup but I am still a big fan of some of these. I haven’t tried them in person but I would be very into #1 in a midcentury inspired living room, or #27 in a more minimalist scandi inspired dining room. If traditional is more your vibe then you can’t go wrong with #23. I am very tempted to check that one out in person for our new house.

Emily Henderson_Credenza_Roundup_Under 1500_1

1. Porter Series Sideboard | 2. Luxembourg Sideboard | 3. Grace Console | 4. Treasure Trove Sideboard | 5. Carney Credenza | 6. Pulaski Credenza | 7. Stafford Metal Sideboard | 8. Weaver Buffet | 9. Heather Console Cabinet | 10. Fletcher Buffet | 11. Gus Sideboard | 12. Leather Front Buffet | 13. Skyline Buffet | 14. Seno Walnut Sideboard | 15. Stamford Buffet | 16. Printmakers Console | 17. Reclaimed Pine & Iron Sideboard | 18. Alexa Burnished Credenza | 19. Norfolk Buffet | 20. Edge Sideboard | 21. Mid-Century Console | 22. Wood Tiled Console | 23. Lagarno Sideboard | 24. Harlan Sideboard | 25. Zuo Modern Linea Credenza | 26. Knox Console | 27. Toscana Buffet | 28. Blake Grey Wash Console | 29. Suspend Console | 30. Moon Buffet

Moving up in price definitely gives you more options. We used #28 in a recent office reno that we have coming up very soon and it is so pretty in person. I currently have #21 staged in my old house (which just hit the market in case you missed this post), and #14 is in my current living room until we make some permanent furniture decisions.


1. Tamboured Buffet | 2. Zander Dresser | 3. Selamat Caprice Cabinet | 4. Harlow Sideboard | 5. Amber Dresser | 6. Honey Sideboard | 7. Rustic Cherry Buffet | 8. Herringbone Sideboard | 9. Easton Buffet | 10. Virka Sideboard | 11. Sunset Sideboard | 12. Salvaged Printmakers Sideboard | 13. Speck Sideboard | 14. The Continental Divide Chest | 15. Carlyle Console | 16. Sohm Credenza | 17. Shutter Sideboard | 18. Broc Console | 19. Croft Sideboard | 20. Jet Setter Credenza | 21. Annecy Metal-Wrapped Sideboard | 22. Atelier Leather Wrapped Dresser | 23. London Dresser | 24. Reed Laplant Hobbes Credenza | 25. Kean Dresser | 26. Brook Teak Sideboard | 27. Tate Dresser

I am very into #26 and it reminds me a lot of the piece that we currently have in our living room setup as a bar. Brady used #18 in his living room and still says that it is one of his favorite pieces even if he did have to have 3 guys help him carry it in. If your looking for casual and beachy then #17 is sure to fit the bill, and I love the combo of open and closed storage in #24 which would make it very fun to style.


1. Shale Dresser | 2. Sonoma Dresser | 3. Sawyer Cabinet | 4. Bond Console | 5. Pearson Chest | 6. Geometric Sideboard | 7. Palmer Mink Dresser  | 8. Kelly Hoppen Diaz Chest | 9. Atherton Server | 10. Ford Shagreen Sideboard | 11. Claude Dresser | 12. XL Credenza | 13. Groove Cabinet | 14. Smythson Shagreen Sideboard | 15. La Palma Brighton Buffet | 16. Simple Dresser | 17. Bungalow 5 Ming Dresser | 18. Spencer Console | 19. Cascade Console | 20. Courbe Chest | 21. Bernard Dresser | 22. Reclaimed Russian Oak Sideboard | 23. Modern Credenza | 24. Floating Away Dresser

Some of these are expensive but what is a roundup without a few dream pieces? #4‘s combo of burlwood and lucite is what regency glam dreams are made of, #16 has been on my wishlist for as long as I can remember, and #15 is looking very similar to something that we are considering for our new living room.

If any of you own or have used any of these in person please let us know below and if there are any amazing credenzas that you have found online that you think we should know about please let us know in the comments!

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7 years ago

OMG. Can you believe that earlier today I use the blog search to look for EXACTLY THIS???? (Not sure why, I don’t live in the US… but it’s always nice to look at them for inspiration at least)

Sarah D.
7 years ago

Yessssss! I didn’t know I needed this post, but seeing some of these credenzas is making me soooo happy! Thanks for all the work rounding them up in one place. ❤

7 years ago

LOVE these roundups! Such a great mix here.

I am surprised nothing made it in from – they have beautiful case goods.

7 years ago

I have a version of #13 in the $1500-2500 range, but it’s from Swoon Editions! Much cheaper and amazing in person.

7 years ago
Reply to  Amy

Wow Swoon Editions has such beautiful pieces for such great prices! Wish they shipped to the US!

7 years ago

Number 25 is a rip-off of a Design Within Reach Credenza…

7 years ago

#23 in the last set, from Brass & Burl, is gorgeous!

7 years ago

Nice choices though I’m surprised you didn’t include any from Room and Board. Theirs fall into the same aesthetic as your choices and they pride themselves on having 90% of their products made in the USA. We have their Grove media cabinet I recommend it.

7 years ago
Reply to  Sue

I didn’t know this about Room & Board. Thanks for sharing – this will definitely encourage me to check them out.

7 years ago

We got a custom credenza from hedgehouse furniture on etsy. Their walnut wood is gorgeous!

7 years ago

Is it ‘okay’ to use a credenza as an entryway table? Or would that look weird? I’m in the market for new entryway table and love this round-up!!

7 years ago
Reply to  Jill

I know you’re asking for Emily’s advice, not mine, but…
I have a beautiful teak credenza as furniture in my entryway and I think it makes so much sense. We have space on the top for a bowl for our keys and some pretty items and all our day-to-day bags, backpacks, gloves etc. fit neatly inside. For us it is a great solution as we don’t have a mudroom.

7 years ago
Reply to  Rae

This is great to hear and makes a lot of sense. Thanks for sharing!

7 years ago

OMG I’m lusting after #17 on the expensive list and #18 on the above $1500 list, and I’m in a studio apartment and don’t have room for ANY credenza!

7 years ago

Great roundup! Whatever happened to your string art from the old house?? That was a favorite!

7 years ago

Your blog is not posting on the main page, I had to click on the EH logo to get here

7 years ago

Thanks for this gigantic roundup!
I don’t know if it is just me, but I was only able to get to this post through the link you posted on Facebook. By just going to your blog page as usual, yesterday’s post on Scott Horne’s home is the most recent post.

7 years ago

Thanks for this, I have an obsession with credenzas. I love that anthropology one. My favourite thing about these posts is finding new furniture stores I didn’t know existed. That Kalon company is totally what all of my hippy sustainable furniture dreams are made from.

7 years ago
Reply to  Rachel

Oh ps, could you maybe do a pouf/ottoman/floor pillow one? I’ve been looking for something a little different. 🙂

7 years ago

This post is weirdly not coming up on the blog. I only got here through a pinterest link.
But anyway what are you thoughts on using a sideboard as a TV unit. Is there any difference, other than these tend to be slightly higher?

7 years ago
Reply to  Sierra

Hi – jumping in here. Sideboards are great as tv stands, but a few things to consider: some of them will be deeper than standard media stands (to accommodate serving dishes and other large items), and there may not be an obvious spot for your cable box or other components. If you don’t mind either seeing your components or opening doors when you need to use it, you’ll be fine. There are also a few that have open shelves that would work. Hope that helps!

7 years ago

thanks for sharing this collection. I find it very easy to follow.
Jio TV

7 years ago

I was searching for exactly this, this morning. I don’t live in the US but I can use this as an inspiration atleast. Thanks for sharing this great post.

Amy M
7 years ago

Saw the title of this post and said “Ah, I will see my favorite of all time forever out of my budget cedenza here!”. Idk why it made me so excited. But you missed it! The Lake credenza by BDDW. OMFG. SO BEAUTIFUL!!!

7 years ago

Thanks for this roundup, it’s helpful for considering multiple styles and colors (dark versus light wood, etc.) I tend to veer straight to West Elm (based on price point and design) and am increasingly interested in online retailers like Article (thanks for featuring) and Interior Define — I’ve been bummed by the erosion in quality at some of the larger players (I’m looking at you, Room and Board) and hopefully because they’re smaller they can negotiate better materials at a Lowe price point, I dunno…and props to the other commentators, Organic Moderism is great, always forget about them. The other epiphany I had reading this blog post is that maybe vintage isn’t such a bad idea– sometimes you see these gorgeously curated vintage/modern boutique furniture sellers, and it’s like seriously, you want how many $$$$ for that, but between Craigslist, eBay and flea markets, there’s tons of good stiff at less than a grand, and since vintage is normally solid wood, it’s probably much better quality and durable than a lot of what the big box guys are selling… Final thought — sorry — in advance of Valentine’s Day, it would be awesome if your team could share some thought… Read more »

7 years ago
Reply to  Chloe

vintage is such a good way to go and depending on where you live you could find something really cool! i live in lamesville, alabama so i had to order my credenza from etsy. so shipping was a B. but the uniqueness and quality that i got? i’d rather pay a chunk of shipping knowing i got a one of a kind piece than a big box not so great quality piece that every body else in their house has too. and on sites like etsy you can find buffets/credenzas from $300-900 (and sure $2000). i would give it a look! don’t forget

7 years ago

Umm I needed this post so bad!! You are killing the game Emily. One of my favorite design blogs!

7 years ago

love your roundups!! Thanks as always for the new sources for furniture!

7 years ago

this is great! console table round up next?!

7 years ago

So funny, I just bought a credenza yesterday after agonizing over it for months, and saw this after the fact. Luckily, my purchase was on your list! Yay!

7 years ago

ohhh, if i didn’t already have a credenza, i’d be tempted by some of these! or can you have one too many? 😛

7 years ago

Emily and team, thanks as always for including various price points in your round ups! It’s nice to see that great design doesn’t have to break the bank!

7 years ago

Thanks for this roundup EHD team! I’m always hunting for good storage furniture options, especially ones with doors rather than drawers which look too much like a dresser to me. This was great.

One question for anyone, are there tall/narrow storage options for a dining room anymore or is that too much like an early 90s china cabinet? Part of me wants the extra storage in a tall piece of furniture but I haven’t found anything that looks modern.

Thanks again EHD and other commenters for pointing me in the right credenza direction!

7 years ago

eBay’s a great place to find midcentury credenzas here in the U.K. (and probably Stateside too). I found one for our living room for £200 (about $250) and I’ve since seen the exact same piece in two different vintage shops for £800 and £1100. You can see it here: (not styled but still pretty!)

7 years ago

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7 years ago

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