Design Mistake #3: Painting a small, dark room white

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I like a good, bright white room, sure, but it’s not for everyone. It’s like how some people can pull off really wild, crazy disheveled, sun-blown hair, and look cool while others look like they just finished the walk of shame, in 1987 – it really depends on all the other styling elements.

But there is this misconception flying out there, seemingly promoted by people exactly like me, that painting all rooms white will make them feel bigger, brighter and just generally more beautiful. For some it does, but if the room has very little natural light then it just looks DEAD. Flat. So boring. In photographs we can make any room look really bright, like the sun is just flooding them with light, (and we do) but it’s often VERY much not the case. White paint thrives in really bright rooms (like my living room and bedroom) but without that light bouncing around it, nothing happens.

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Taking a Day Off … with HomeJoy


The second you become a parent you start analyzing how the things you do, or don’t do will affect your child long-term. Everything, from how you communicate with your partner (or anyone) in front of them, to whether the zoo is teaching them to respect or disrespect animals. Or even how being all over their mom’s instagram and blog, for example, will affect their sense of self (will he be a narcissist, a shut-in or just totally normal??).

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Working from my happy place: the ultimate dream destination

working from my happy place_grid white

Most of our job is pretty fun. Most of it. Nobody here is psyched when we have to do carloads of returns, hours of invoicing, days of prop inventory, spending 2 hours putting a rug down underneath a grouping of furniture, or the inevitable client drama that I probably shouldn’t get into publicly. None of those would make the ‘what we love most about our job’ list.

The two parts of the job that are undeniably fun are 1. shopping, and 2. installing/styling a house. Seeing the project come to life in front of you, all your hard work paying off and just playing and playing with pretty things until it explodes into the perfectly styled room is pretty darn awesome.

But gun to my head, if I had to choose between those two things, it would be shopping, any day. We actually do WAY less of this than you’d think. I used to do so much more but now the emails, writing, shooting and parenting keep me away from the aimless meandering through random stores in the valley. We shop when we need something, but I don’t really just go out trolling in weird thrift or vintage stores anymore, nor can I really pay people to do that. When it’s fruitless it’s such a waste of time and we are all so busy that taking that risk is not really doable anymore. It’s a sad story, folks. Please send relief funds.

So HP and Intel approached me about ‘working from my happy place’ with the help of their HP Stream 8 with Intel Inside® (an awesome Tablet) and they wanted me to fantasize about where I would want to work for a weekend if I could work from ANYWHERE. This whole campaign is centered around the HP Stream Family that makes working (using maps, the internet, thrift store reviews) easy because it has built-in wifi and free 1 TB of cloud storage for a year.

I made a list of dream shopping/work destinations and here’s what I came up with:


Family Shelter Update | One last nudge

homeless shelter

We did it … but there is still five days. :)

You might have seen last week that we reached our target for the indiegogo campaign for the family homeless shelter that we have been working on for the past few months. We can’t thank you guys enough for your generosity and kindness for this special project.

We are in the last few days of the campaign, 5 to be exact and as a thank you and a final push we have added a perk to the campaign. For all those that donate $100 over the next few days you will be invited to spend the afternoon at the shelter with me and my crew (family and work family) and the shelter team for an afternoon family BBQ. Details yet to be confirmed…. But you’ll be able to tour the space and hang out and learn more about the mission and what they are doing to help these families get back on their feet.

In case you missed this whole project, here’s the video about the mission and why we got involved.

Thanks again for all of those who donated. And if you already donated over $100 and live in the LA area, don’t worry, you’ll be invited, too. We just wanted an extra last-minute incentive for those of you who would love to donate and want to come see for yourselves how the project turned out. xx

San Fernando Rescue Mission from SCRUNCH MEDIA on Vimeo.

How to pull together a last minute flower arrangement for Mom

Yes, folks that time of year has come again, the time where you have to show your mother the much needed love she deserves for (painfully) bringing your bright and shining smile into this earth. Now if you are anything like me, sometimes our busy lives get the best of us and Mother’s Day creeps up on us faster than we anticipated. This year, rather than finding yourself waiting in line at the grocery with one of those tacky (you are the light in my life) Mother’s Day cards, skip the greeting card aisle and run on over to the flower section of your local grocer to grab a few fresh bunches of flowers. Our darling friend Rachel, shows us not only how to arrange them like a pro, but how to keep it under budget, so you don’t break the bank.

Last Minute Mothers Day Flowers_Emily Henderson_header

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