Trolling Craigslist… Louisville!

Its been a while since I trolled Craigslist in Louisville. It’s almost like I’ve stopped prioritizing shopping in cities that I have no ability to purchase in. Nay, folks. I’m still here and so is Craig. And Louisville was VERY fruitful this week.

Trolling Craigslist Louisville

I mean, get your phones ready, Louivillians. There is SUCH good stuff here.

Vintage Office chairs and stools

1. Set of Vintage Rolling Desk Chairs $75 On the count to ten after this post is published I’d guarantee you that these are gone. Why? Because these are the trifecta of a good steal. Such a nice shape. A totally lovely color (olive is on its way back, folks) and that price is RIDICULOUS. Congratulations lucky buyer. You done got yourself a STEAL.

2. Awesome Barstools $150 Yes. Weird modernists stools kinda scream 80′s but in the right environment they make such a statement.

sofa blue chairs and peacock chair

3.Mid Century Sofa $475 Not cheap, but sure is pretty. Like The Olsen twins clothing line. I mean, who can afford that stuff? But on them it just looks so lovely.

4. Setf of 4 Retro Chairs $50 YES!!! Cobalt is having a moment (its having a lifetime over here in my world). Grab these. They are wonderful.

5. Bamboo Thonet Style Rocker $25 It’s a Thonet. Its sculptural. Its $25. Yes.

vintage desk and chairs

6. Pair of Bertoia Style Chairs $75 So stupid. Two Bertoiia chairs for $75? Even if you can’t find two more for less than $400 that is still such a steal.

7. Vintage School Desk $35 Cute color, good price.

8. Peacock Chair $50 Great peacock chair. EXCELLENT price.


vintage chairs and table

9. Anthro Style Arm Chair $35 In the right environment this chair is fun and retro. Crazy lady cool. Like

10. Mid Century Side Chair $40 Not incredible. But that is a good price for a lovely chair.

11. Sheaf of Wheat Coffee Table $80 It takes a very specific space to pull this off. I’m thinking mid-century southwestern with lots of neutrals , leathers, pottery, etc. It’s a hard one, but for the right person its a good piece.
Deco sofa vintage desk

12. Deco Style Sofa $50 OKEEEEEEEEE maybeeeeeee this was a mistake. When they said ‘deco’ i think we all know that means 80′s which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, right? But unless you are Kelly Wearstler herself, I would skip this. But Kell, doll, grab this and prove us all wrong, won’t you?

13. Industrial Desk $50 Yes. So cute, interesting, masculine, nice scale and at $50? It writes itself.

Sorry, its been a while, but trolling Craigslist is BACK!! Where to next, folks?

Wonderful Store in LA: Inheritance

Quite the weekend, folks. I think that I worked 80 percent of it, BUT working means going to the flea market so I seriously can’t complain about that too much. Although at hour 7 when the crowds are huge, the wallet is drained, our feet are blistered, so in 95 degree full sun weather, trying to find all our purchases and coordinate delivery definitely feels like work. Trust me.  Thank you very much Brady and Ginny for working all day. The first half of the day is just so fun, but the second can be a bit brutal. But we all live to shop another flea market.

And man, we got some good stuff for the book styling. This week we are in studio shooting 24 vignettes of furniture/accessories, all curated/designed by me. The amount of stuff/options we need for that is kinda unfathomable. Luckily I’m borrowing from some of my generous and stylish friends including one of my favorite stores in LA, Inheritance. So here is a little feature/call out to thank you, Michael.

Inheritance 1

This store is so refreshing to me because it feels more like a New York vintage store, with weird primitive antiques, more old world found objects and lots of curiosities. It ain’t cheap (I like to warn people), but its special and inspiring and there is always a thing or two that I can walk away with. It’s so well curated that even if you don’t walk away with a purchase (support small businesses if you can!) even how he styled it and designed the store is inspiring.

Inheritance 2

It’s on Beverly blvd near West Hollywood. The owner is named Michael Andrews and he is extremely lovely and like myself, also has a thing for miniatures. Two of my favorite things that I’ve purchased from him are my antique birdcage wooden ladder and my miniature wood oxford shoe. They have graced soooo many shots its crazy.

Anyway, if you are in LA and want to rummage through pretty things check out Inheritance. 8055 Beverly blvd. Or if you just want to follow along from afar you can follow on instagram or check out a profile of him on Chairish site.

Happy monday, folks.

Lisa’s House: The Dining Room Makeover

Hopefully you saw Lisa’s living room makeover earlier this week – if you did, well, thanks.

Today is a quick before and after of the dining room. We don’t have nearly enough photos of the process, but I didn’t want to rob us all of a before and after by not posting it:

Before_ Dining Room

The rug was great – a new beautiful Oushak. The table was too small. The chairs were great but Lisa was over them. She was suffering from the ‘i’ve had something so long that I can’t look at them for one more second or I may dump them in the LA river’ blues. I’ve been there. Sometimes even when something is good (like chevron and Ikat), you are just done looking at it for a while. You need a break. I love me a windsor chair, personally, but if we could so something that would make Lisa happier then I was happy.

The texture on the wall wasn’t awesome and we needed art and window treatments.

Here we go to the ‘AFTERS’, always my favorite part anyway:

EH Sherman Oaks Shoot 1-16-112

We looked for this antique farm dining table, which took us MONTHS to find. But so worth it. The king chairs came from the flea market and didn’t have to be upholstered, such a win. The candlesticks were from the flea (but I think they were new but painted gold) and the indigo runner is mine from the best fabric dealer at the Rose Bowl. His colors are so pretty. The chandelier was already there and I’m not sure where she got it but I have some options at the end of the post.

EH Sherman Oaks Shoot 1-16-116

She had this crazy collection of baroque artwork (I have no idea if it’s actually Baroque, but it feels old and serious and gaudy in a good way) so making it work was tricky, but it looked SOOOOOO good in this space. Despite how much y’all think that I’m a ‘mid-century Cali girl’ you have to remember that I live in LA where mid-century is everywhere and its easy to feature, but I’m from the country (coastal Oregon) and I actually love EVERY single style – well, the good version of that style, obviously. It was one thing that I learned while doing Secrets from a Stylist (god that feels like YEARS ago .. ha… wait, it was … ). And this house made me want to live in a modern French Country house so bad.

Here, my friends, is a roundup of similar shopping resources in case you also want this really beautiful and inviting dining room to have romantic dinners.


Lisa's House Get the Look_Dining Room

1. Trestle Table | 2. Nailhead Trim Dining Chairs | 3. Rug | 4. Glass Vase | 5. Beaded Crystal Chandelier | 6. Woven Table Runner | 7. Dining Chairs | 8. Branch Candlesticks

Photography By: Bethany Nauert

Happy Friday, folks. xx

A Simple, Inexpensive Makeover at Orlando’s Apartment

Welcome to a special guest post by my dear friend Orlando Soria of Hommemaker blog and now the creative director of the L.A. Homepolish team. We don’t work together every day anymore but our addiction to each other hasn’t waned. So, every now and again we simply must collaborate even if its just a guest post by him here on the blog. Take it away, Landy.


Dear Emily,

Remember when we met each other and we were, like, not yet fully formed adults? Like I always accidentally called Brian your boyfriend because I forgot sometimes grownup people get married and you lived in a cute little apartment instead of a giant glamourhouse? Well strangely over the past few years we’ve grown from playful party animals to people who are starting to look more and more like actual grown humans. Which is scary and BORING but fun because HAY NEW GROWN UP SPACES.

Recently, I awoke abruptly from a terrifying nightmare (about a terribly styled coffee table) and realized my bedroom needed some tweaking. First of all, the slightly blue hue of the wall was was a bit colder than I wanted (it was Pale Smoke by Benjamin Moore) and it was making me depressed and annoyed. Second, because I move my art on a daily basis my walls looked like swiss cheese. Finally, I felt the space could do with a bit more structure, a bit more sophistication. So before my bedroom was like Kesha, I wanted it to be more like Taylor Swift, freshly emerging from the gym, perfectly coiffed.

My bedroom was still pretty much the way I had it with my ex and not very different from when I moved in so this was the first time I’d really tried to reconfigure everything to make it my own. Now that I’m dating someone new I thought it was definitely time for a change. As the old adage goes, NEW BOYFRIEND, NEW BEDROOM! I actually don’t think that’s an old adage. But it should be. Which means that I would have decorated my bedroom like two times because I am virgin who can’t drive.


So here’s my new bedspace. I know, I know! You’re probably like “WHY DID YOU GET RID OF THAT AWESOME SEASCAPE?” And I get it, it was really fun to have it. But, I found it kind of busy for a bedroom and wanted my updated space to be much calmer and more relaxing because I tend to wiggle around in my bed instead of sleeping in it. So I was all “SHHHH PAINTING YOUR WAVES CRASHING IS KEEPING ME AWAKE IF I DON’T SLEEP I’M GOING TO DIE!”




One of my favorite additions are these ticking stripe and shibori quilted pillows my mom made. They give the room a little pop of navy while also being organic and nautical, which was kind of my goal for the whole room. (For full resources see Orlando’s how to/resource guide here).


I made myself a simple organic wash painting for above the bed. I wanted it to be an abstract version of a seascape that also looked a bit like a Rothko painting. I framed it in a super cheap DIY frame (check out my how-to post) which makes it look much more finished and considered. The headboard was also a DIY project and cost practically nothing. Check the Homepolish Magazine site for that step-by-step soon…




Pretty much everything in this picture came from a flea market, aside from the mirror from Ikea which is a total steal. Like it’s so cheap everyone should have one. I tell everyone. And so should you.


I’m obsessed with this little watercolor. I found it at Rose Bowl last time I ventured there and it makes me so happy to stare at it every day.



I had fun with my paint job, using oversized borders to help define the space and make it look a little more formal. Because my apartment lacks crown moulding and I didn’t feel like adding any, I added a 4″ border around the top of the wall and it thrills me in an irrational, almost scary way when I look at it every day. It’s a great solution for anyone who wants to paint their ceiling a different color than the wall but also wants to do something a little unique.



The best thing I did in the room is flip the orientation so the bed now faces the windows and looks out onto palm trees, power lines, and fancy Hollywood Hills houses. Speaking of Hollywood Hills houses, there’s an open air tour bus that passes by my apartment like 30 times a day. The guide is always screaming that Katy Perry lives across the street in a spanish revival house with a giant picture window. Sometimes, when I’m home alone watching “Katy Perry: Part of Me” on Netflix, I look out the window hoping that Katy will look down and we will lock eyes. Then, she will fall in love with me and buy me, forcing me to live in the chicken barn behind her house.


Emily gave me this bench a long time ago, I’m don’t really remember where she found it but I love how it’s rustic and outdoorsy, just like I pretend to be!



My parents moved out of our house in Yosemite recently and they had an old manzanita branch that fell off a manzanita bush that was in our back yard. It’s old and aged and I love it so I decided to hang it from the ceiling above my dresser. It’s one of the more controversial elements of my makeover but I have to say I love it. Sometimes, with design, you have to allow yourself something super weird. Even if it terrifies all your neighbors as they pass by, looking in your window, gasping loudly as they clutch their pearls.


So yeah, that’s it. My whole goal with this makeover was to make it as elegant as possible without getting too fancy. I’d say I spent around $500 and now feel like my bedroom is a lot more grown up and elegant (like Emily and me). Finally!


PS: Wanna see more process shots and get the resources? Check out Orlando’s full DIY Write up on Homepolish Magazine!

Photos by Sean Gin, Courtesy Homepolish | Portrait of Emily and Orlando by Tessa Neustadt Courtesy Homepolish

Lisa’s House: Living Room

Last week I blogged about this chair ‘before and after’ and today I’m showing the entire before and after of the whole living room. Lets get into it.

When Lisa approached me it seemed like a different/good challenge, which is what drew me to the project. It’s so easy for all of your work to look the same because all of your clients want the same thing (white, blue, pops of bright color, brass, mid century … which I love, obviously), so the fact that she wanted something different made this project extremely appealing. Her budget wasn’t huge, but decent, and the space was really interesting. My problem is that once you get me into a space where I can see the transformation its hard for me to say no – It was such a pretty house and Lisa was so lovely so it just seemed like, yeah, let’s get our ‘french country’ on. 

Here was the before:

Before_Living Room

It was a two bedroom ranch style in studio city. She moved in a few months before she called, after a divorce and just really wanted a place that made her happy to come home to – and somewhere to make her friends, daughter and family happy to visit. After she moved in she had the walls textured with that buttery marble paint – which is not inexpensive. One of the first things I asked her was ‘can we change that?’ and she hesitated (because she had just done it and it was expensive!!!) and said, ‘If you think its necessary’. Thank god for that, Lisa – thank you for being so open. It was a deal breaker for me, so I said yes and she agreed. Lisa was cool like that.

Before_Living Room Dining

So we came up with a plan – After we chatted for a while: french country meets hollywood regency. How very feminine, and so wonderful.

We painted the walls in ‘Elephants Breath’ from Farrow and Ball. I mean, who names a pretty paint color elephants breath? It sounds hot and sweaty and thick … but at the same time I do kinda get it. It’s a really warm color that goes gray/taupe/brown/and almost purple at times because it has a hint of red in it (but just a hint).


The only thing that Lisa wanted to keep was the beautiful Oushak rug, which obviously I was happy to do.

I’m sorry I’m skipping all the design process. Here’s a lesson to you all – use a document/photo sharing server. This project was 3 years ago and we didn’t have one in place so once those pics (from my old computer) were gone, they were gone. And then even the design plan is somehow lost somewhere in the netherworld. So i’m going from memory here.

We pulled colors from the rug – ochre, blues and grays with some taupes and creams of course. We wanted it to be warm and inviting, but a little bit of bling, too.

We got the sofa custom-made from Room Service in a beautiful linen.


We brought it in and started playing around. Everything else you see there was antique or from vintage stores, so sorry that there are no real resources (stay tuned below for a ‘get the look’).

We played with the layout as we do. In the original plan/drawings the sofa was opposite the fireplace and the chairs flanked it, but the room was pretty long and narrow and the sofa was huge so it felt like the chairs were way too far away from each other.


It looked ok in these pics, but in person it wasn’t working.

Click on through for the ‘afters’: