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The Link Up: Caitlin’s $8 Storage Hack, Mallory’s New Pillow Purchase, and The Documentary We All Need To Watch (Or Rewatch)


We don’t really have the words this week for a fun intro. Friday was the gut punch. Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg was a force for good and progress. What she gave of herself can only be honored by continuing her work. So let’s get to it. Have a voting plan (do it early if possible) and fight HARD for equality and progress. Now, we of course still have your dose of escapism because we all need small breaks. Let’s get to it.

In case you haven’t (or need a refresher) watch RBG. It’s a documentary on the incredible life and service of our national hero, Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

As self-proclaimed “lighting lovers,” We get very excited when a new lighting line drops. This time it’s from Becki Owens! Her caned pendants are SO GOOD. Check out her line here!

From Emily: Concrete ways to help. The wildfires in my home state (and future home) are destroying homes/lives all over. Some incredible person put together the list of all the go-fund-mes that are unfulfilled, mostly of small families. If you want a concrete way to help, I’m sure these families would appreciate it as they rebuild their lives.

From Mallory: Good pillows with lots of personality can be hard to find, ESPECIALLY when you’re looking for a lumbar pillow for some reason. I’ve got an upcoming MOTO (yeah, you heard that right), and have been feeling confused about where & how to bring in personality to the space. Well, my friends, I’ve been waiting for this lumbar pillow from The Jungalow to come back in stock (and it did!!) It ended up being exactly what I needed to start bringing in some style to the space. I can’t wait to show you the whole thing but in the meantime, go buy this pillow (you will not be disappointed!)

From Jess: Traditionally, I am a “laundry detergent only” person. It’s mainly because I am still confused and too nervous to use fabric softener and/or bleach. I mean what if I ruin my clothes!? I really can’t afford a new wardrobe. BUT a few months ago I did stumble upon this fragrance booster by Method that said it would make my clothes smell even more amazing and for longer (and it really does!) It’s such a dream since I never felt like my clothes ever held onto the detergent scent or was potent enough (I mean why buy a scented detergent if the scent doesn’t stick around??). The ginger mango scent is heaven (which was a surprise since the name is not something I normally gravitate to). Seriously if you also feel like your laundry should smell better, this is a GREAT option.

From Caitlin: Stackable. Wine. Fridge Bins. That’s it. That’s the recommendation. (I can fit 3 vertically in my fridge, AND horizontal storage is better for wine anyway, AND it opened up a ton of door space, AND it’s for sure the most affordable fridge organizing tool out there at under $9.)

Etsy has another incredible celebrity collab and this time it’s with the one and only Tan France! As to be expected it’s very chic and this vase/dish might be our favorite? It’s hard to choose. Check it all out here.

From Julie: This year hasn’t been for the faint of heart, it’s been a rough and wild ride that doesn’t seem to be slowing down or coming to an end anytime soon. Let’s just say it got the best of me and I was letting my anxiety/depression take me down for the count but there was a little part of me that knew I needed to change my ways so I took a cue from those around me like my boyfriend and started meditating. Five minutes a day in the morning right after I woke up is where I began and honestly haven’t gotten far past it yet but taking a moment to remember to breathe and take each moment as it comes, the good and the bad has helped me to handle these mental issues I’ve been struggling with on a lower level since high school. I am about to start the book, 10% Happier by Dan Harris (a suggestion by said boyfriend who is currently reading it), and am open to any others that you all might recommend. We all are a community and this is the time to lean on one another so send over those book titles my way and thank you!

Also From Jess: Everyone should listen to this episode of Black Frasier with Michelle Obama hosted by Phoebe Robinson. It’s absolutely wonderful, inspiring and important.

From Ryann: Are press on nails back??? Apparently they are in my world because I’ve been getting IG ads about these new hip companies that are making peel and stick manicures and they actually look good. In general, I am someone who really does not care for getting my nails done but I LOVE the way they look when I do. So when I saw these gel stick on nails I ordered them on a whim and now I’m very excited to try them out. I will report back with my review but in the meantime I am curious, is anyone else buying press on nails in lieu of going to the salon?

If you’ve been wanting to wallpaper but either the money or the “foreverness” of it all has been giving you pause, then you are in luck because Chasing Paper (known for their stick and peel wallpaper) is having a big 20% off sale on Tuesday 9/22 and Wednesday 9/23 (no code needed). Remember when Em used them in this project?

Also From Caitlin: One more! My friend Penelope recently founded People’s Pantry LA which manages weekly food distributions in NELA (seen in action here!). If you live in the area and have anything in your pantry to give (especially the basics, like bottled water or canned goods), please shoot them a note at [email protected] to schedule a pickup or dropoff! Their payment details are also in their Instagram bio if you’d like to donate directly. I’ve been lucky enough to watch this grow from an idea in July to a full-fledged operation today (literally, there’s a distribution today) that’s helped feed hundreds of families and it’s absolutely worth supporting if you have the means!!

If you’re reading this, thanks for sticking with us until the very end. Did we mention WE LOVE YOU?? See ya next week 🙂

Opening Image Credits: Photography by Chris Loves Julia for Hudson Valley Lighting| via Lonny

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I know it was an accident but Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s name is spelled wrong. Please fix ASAP 😊


For Julie – 10% Happier is a GREAT read, and Dan Harris actually has a meditation app by the same name. I found it really helpful! There is a “beginner” course where each meditation starts with a little instructional interview between Dan and a meditation expert. Anyway – highly recommend!


I will be forever intrigued at the rapid growth of yet another product to add to our laundry.


Whatever you put in your washing macine goes down the drain and eventually into the water system….just as it does with whatever you put in your garbage disposal.

Please, just don’t add extra garbage into the system.

It’s literally killing Mother Earth.

There is no Planet B. 🙄


Not to mention fragrance sensitivities! I’m allergic to the fragrances in laundry detergents, so appreciate the good clean scent of freshly washed clothes on their own. No need to layer that crap on.


Yes! This! I’m always horrified when I see influencers recommending anything with synthetic fragrances. Laundry, candles, any of it. In this day and age, I still can’t believe there are people out there who use and applaud synthetic fragrances, and I’m even more horrified when companies say they are natural, and people recommend them as all-natural, yet they use synthetic fragrances. I’m looking straight at you, Method, and Mrs. Meyers!


I too am incredibly allergic to fragrances, please please please (!!!) stop promoting unnecessary toxic chemicals and fragrances.

I break out in terrible itchy rashes and hives, get intense pounding headaches, nausea, brain fog, generally am rendered utterly useless by chemical fragrances, especially from laundry products.

I would love to see a post highlighting fragrance free non-toxic natural good for both people and the earth products (cleaning supplies, beauty products, home goods like candles, etc). Some good brands for me have been Seventh Generation, Ecos, Beautycounter, Jane Iredale, etc. You could even feature DIY products, using vinegar for cleaning, etc.


For Julie – anything by Brene Brown, maybe start with the Gifts of Imperfection. It’s having its 10th anniversary so she’s been doing interviews and videos and posting on her blog more lately so you can get the flavor before commiting.


I agree! She’s marvellous! 👍

I love those scent boosters too! It feels like a treat since I’ve used unscented, natural detergent for so long. I tried those ManiMe stick on nails. I was pretty impressed, but what I really love are glue on nails. My faves are from Static Nails, but even the Kiss brand you can find at Target work really well. They stay on for about 2 weeks, and I’m really hard on my nails!

Marian Lee

Ooooh read Everything is Figureoutable by Marie Forleo! I read it 3 times this year and it’s given me such hope when everything else feels so terrible.

I don’t usually read non fiction, but it’s mixed with real stories of normal people who figured something out and I think about it nearly every day.


“Ruth Bader Ginger”


Also right above that the link to the film reads “RGB” rather than “RBG”, and it’s probably not a documentary about color editing!


LOL that’s so funny because it’s such a common mistake or maybe it’s auto correct run amok. If you ever work with color on a computer your fingers probably type R(ed) G(reen) B(lue) without any input from your brain.

I’m sooo sad about RBG. We saw the documentary RBG in the movie theater back when it came out and wasn’t a health hazard to go to see a movie, and the great docudrama On the Basis of Sex. We rewatched RBG last night.

For anyone who wants to hear more about RBG I recommend a recent mini series of podcasts on Slate’s Amicus podcast that talked about RBG’s law school classmates and included an interview with her. They just released a longer interview on their free podcast feed from earlier this year that was “paid” upgrade.


I truly don’t understand the urgent panic that this be fixed immediately. Yes, there were a couple typos, but we all know to whom it was referring. Folks have been urging Em to get a copy editor for years, but grammar is not why we all hang out here everyday. Fear not, RBG’s good name has not been sullied by some overly quick writing on this blog!


Ryann, imPRESS press on nails are really good! You can clip and/or file them after they are applied. Find at places like Ulta, CVS, Target.

Kimberly Hoyt

My daughter LOVES Color Street press on nails. She’s tried others but always goes back to Color Street for the quality. I’m waiting for my nails to get “well” again after finishing cancer treatment so I can use them too (chemo does a number on your nails). She gets hers from Prim and Polished VIP (aka Mandi Bawidamann) who will send you a free sample pack to see if you like it. I know she’s on IG and Facebook.


Julie – I really liked Spring Washam’s book, A Fierce Heart: Finding Strength, Courage and Wisdom in Any Moment. She is the real deal. Enjoy reading 10% Happier!

Janice Carlson

Using press on nails since March, like Dashing Diva Magic Press the best (some styles available on Ulta, but free shipping over $14 from the DD web site) for their durability, good adhesion + their short size fits my nails really well.


I would like to respectfully ask that you not get political in your blog posts. I really enjoy your blog and do not want to have to unsubscribe. Thank you.


What is political about this post? If it’s RBG, she was a national hero who fought for all citizens, no matter their party affiliation. That’s not political. If it’s telling everyone to have a plan for voting, take a good long look in your heart and question why getting everyone who can vote to vote is political to you.


How on earth did she get political except to remind folks to vote? It’s literally everywhere so you can unsubscribe, but you would be seriously challenged in avoiding any and all reminders to vote. She didn’t tell you who to vote for. Sheesh. And, it’s her blog so…doesn’t she get to decide what content to post?

Kat van der Hoorn

I would respectfully ask you, as a queer, single, Jewish mother, to examine your privilege before you ask someone to not get political on their own platform. If I am not political, my fundamental rights get taken away by men who ARE political. If you are not political, you are simply not paying attention. Thank you, Emily and co, for being an advocate for humans like me and all those who are in need of voices in power.




This blog, like so many others are wildly left-leaning and in an echo chamber of assuming that it’s readership agrees that there was nothing wrong with any of RBG’s decisions, where-as there are som of us that agree with some but NOT all of what she fought for. That’s why one of the most enlightening political posts on here was “why I voted for trump” and “why I voted for Clinton” a chance to break out of your own echo chamber and break down the issues that resonate with people. I understand that politics can feel overwhelming Jeanine, but it’s become more of a religion to people than ever before so i think that’s where we are for now…


@Julie also check out 10% Happier podcast and as someone mentioned he has a paid app too. However, if you want a free online option Insight Meditation Center in Redwood City CA has Audio Dharma podcast of most of their meditation teachers’ talks and classes and there’s a ton of resources on their website. It’s a great place and totally supported by donations

Judy Pieper

I have been waiting to hear if Caitlyn got her fixer upper house. Did I miss the story?

Judy Pieper

I’ve been waiting to hear if Caitlyn ended up getting that fixer upper house-with-a-view. Did I miss the story?

Kat van der Hoorn

First of all, love this link up so much – a perfect blend of care, service, activism and fun. Second of all…I’m embarrassed to ask this…but what does MOTO stand for? I see it on all the design blogs but never know what it means


Hi Kat, I think it stands for M(ake)o(ver) T(ake)o(ver). It’s sort of a clever term for a makeover.

Kathryn English

Thank you for posting the links for unfulfilled go fund me’s. I have worked for a publishing company in Southern Oregon for nearly 20 years and the people I have worked with at that company are family. Two friends had brand new babies, one 2months old (she barely escaped her house as it burned within minutes of her leaving) and the other had just brought home their baby from the hospital on the day of the fire. (Imagine the terror of fleeing ones house after giving birth, in the United States.) While we were lucky to have a broad network of support and were able to surpass our goals, so many families (over 2500) in the area are still in need of help. The town of Phoenix has almost been completely burned to ashes and it will take a long time to rebuild.


Julie, I’m sorry you’re feeling anxious. I don’t read emotional self-help books (just books about decluttering and organizing) but I’ve always read the Bible every day as a mental boost. Early this year I read some online advice that made me realize I’d been doing it wrong — dipping in and out in various random places. The source said to start with the gospels and read every verse straight through.

I’ve been following that pattern since February (one month before COVID-19 struck) and haven’t had any noticeable anxiety or depression whatsoever since I started. I just read however much I feel like reading, or until I come to the end of a story. It isn’t for the faint of heart, as you so well described 2020, but the entire context seems necessary if one is reading it to stay mentally strong.

Please don’t be offended; I know it’s not for everyone and I’m not a proselytizer. Hope the things you try work for you soon! (And thanks for reminding me about meditation. I have a great gong app on my Chromebook but seldom remember to use it.)


Should’ve mentioned, the extension I like is Singing Bowl.

Lynn W

Color Street Nails are real nail polish strips. Started using right after Covid started and honestly will not need to go back to get gel nails again!!! These are amazing and last at least 10 days to 2 weeks for me. That’s amazing since I work in a garden center and am incredibly rough on my nails daily ♥️
They work just as awesome on my toes. Also, priced at $12 for a set which gives you 2 manis 👍


Just wondering: is that Chris Loves Julia’s breakfast nook in the lead photo? I can’t see a link but perhaps I’ve just overlooked it, and TBH I haven’t visited their blog for ages so maybe its someone else’s room. But I’d like to know!


YES to press-on nails! Been doing it since March and it’s amazing. The gel strips are great; seconding Color Street and I also have my eyes on the Delilah minimalist wraps from ARTIPS on Etsy. I also love the KISS Salon Color true rigid press-ons that come in perfect matte coffin shapes. The trick with those is to choose a size that covers your full nail (all the way to the edges) and then file the base and sides of the press-on before applying so it matches the shape of your nail bed and cuticle line. That will help it stay on longer and look more natural! Well, as natural as extra long talons can look 🙂

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