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Whats New On The Flea

I went shopping and now you can – be sure to snatch up that mini macrame on the right which is for sale below in the roundup. That’s right… new flea for you today, folks and don’t forget that we just launched a new maker collaboration with Jane Denton. Its awesome and selling fast. YAY!


1. Patterned Blue Indigo Pillow: I don’t know one person who doesn’t like indigo, especially when its handmade, picked out at the Rose Bowl and held hostage at my house for a year before I let it turn into this pillow.

2. Antique Brass Bowl: She’s little and old, but she has a lot to offer still.

3. Grape Still Life Aquatint: This is what we like to call ‘Kitchen art’ for obvious reasons. I was tempted to keep this for me since I have a more traditional style kitchen coming up, but I figured i’d try to sell if first. It’s super pretty in person and special.

4. Penguin Bottle Opener: I don’t remember if this is vintage or new (I think its vintage, but sometimes with this kind of stuff I forget). But its so cute for a bar.

5. Top Banana: Duh. Its going to sell the second that I press publish. For your boss for Christmas/Hannukuh?

6. Orange & Blue Planter: Could be a planter or coin dish, key dish, or part of your larger pottery collection. The terracotta/blue combo is so pretty.

7. Tiger Plate: I LOVE this and such a great gift for someone who likes midcentury Bennington-style pottery.

8. Pink Marbles: I have used these in so many shoots you’d be shocked. They look like silly pink marbles but they really come in handle to help fill that adorable little vessel or plate on a side table.

9. Green Ceramic Relief Vessel: Sold. So fast. I love this footed planter or vase. These are the things you spot out of the corner of your eye and you bee-line for at the flea market.

10. German Sewing Scissors: For all you german seamstresses out there. Also translates well on english clothing.

11. Wicker Turtle Planter: For all of you who love that playful California mod look – or eclectic english garden look. For all you borderline weirdos, basically – of which I am one.

12. Brass Heart Box: – Such a great little gift for someone who likes simple, pretty sweet brass goodness.


1. Sunrise Original Art: For you somber, neutral types. I love this seascape.

2. Patchwork Wood Bookends: These are kookie, I know, but there is something totally weird and special about these things.

3. Danish Figural Vase: I have such a thing for these types of things. You can’t have too many of these in your house, but a few of them definitely creates a conversation.

4. Danish Blue Glass Bowl: So thin, big and beautiful. Great for salads but also just pretty on the dining table with fruit.

5. Pink Marbled Serving Plate: These are so beautiful and I can’t believe i’m selling them. They have hints of gold in them and they aren’t printed, they are the real deal (even the back is marbled).

6. Brass Armadillo: For those of you who’s brass animal collection was missing the armadillo.

7. Small Woven Macrame: It’s perfect for a bathroom, entrance, or above a nightstand.

8. Paisley Napkin Set: For all you Vera napkin fans, these vintage ladies are in perfect condition.

9. Meadows Landscape Painting: Another landscape because I can’t not.

10. Green Embroidered Pillow: I got this pillow at an estate sale of the most eccentric production designer with the best taste ever. These poppy mid-century pillows are so wild and beautifully made.

11. Asymmetrical Table Lamp: Perfect for a little bookshelf – sculptural and functional.

12. Artisanal Wood Clipboard: Why don’t we clipboard things more???!!


1.  Blue Hanging Planter: Vintage and sure, one could also call it an ashtray, but technically it’s a planter.

2. Dansk Double-Handled Low Dish: You know I love a handled dish.

3. Female Nutcracker: It’s a conversation piece for sure, but why not break open some nuts with that lady?

4. Blue Enamel Bowl: I’ve made so many salads in this bowl. So many. Now you can, too.

5. Painted Eggs on Wood Stands: I’m obsessed with these and if I didn’t have kids I would own these in a second. Handpainted, so weird and unique and perfect for a collectors shelf.

6. Wheat Field Landscape: Pretty little painting for a pretty little nook.

7. Pink Chip n’ Dip: So pretty and handy for your holiday parties?

8. Skeleton Keys: Something else I’ve had for ages and have loved styling with.

9. Blue & White Studio Vase: I will regret not keeping this guy. I LOVE IT.

10. Urchin Vase: Yea, it’s amazing. I just bought it and i’m only not keeping frankly because I wanted some dope pieces on flea to show off my skills. You are welcome, you lucky buyer.

11. Blue Studio Pitcher: It’s so kookie, fun, and adorable.

12. Brass Football: So cute in a kids room, despite the fact that Charlie may not be allowed to play that oh-so-fun sport (I’m mostly just hoping to divert his attention to virtually any other sport despite the fact that both of us come from HUGE football families).

13. Stoneware Bowl: I love this pretty little dish. It has been in so many shoots in my house and I truly don’t know why I would sell it. It’s simple and special – my two favorite things together.

14. Midcentury Teapot: An estate sale find that would look amazing in our new kitchen.

15. Turquoise Napkin Rings: How cute are these? I don’t think I’ve ever used napkin rings in my life except for styling a shoot, but these are motivating me a bit.

Lots more coming soon, folks. Right now we have a batch every two weeks and maybe the first week of December we’ll amp it up and release 100 pieces. Stay tuned and happy Saturday!

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7 years ago

I don’t know if i should write this on this post or the other one, but I read both of them and wanted to share. I think where some conservatives come from and what my own family has directly experienced is that there are people in this country who work hard and deserve to be compensated. But it seems as if there are some people in this country who are either born here or come here thinking they can live off of the good of someone else and not work for something themselves. Please understand I don’t say this to be mean. I’ve wrestled with this with some of my own family members. Instead of going out and getting a job, which they are COMPLETELY capable of doing, they have said its boring to get a job and they would rather have fun and live off of welfare. It just seems as if sometimes those who are working hard for their money are punished and forced to give to those who do not care. Yet I understand there are others who are working tirelessly and need a break. I think the problem is that many people were tired of this.… Read more »

7 years ago
Reply to  danielle

I find this long comment offensive and out of place on a design blog. I appreciate the question you posed after the election but I’m ready to read comments about what you have posted today and not some summary of Fox News.

7 years ago
Reply to  danielle

I also would like to say that at 28 years old you have not experience the true meaning of working hard, supporting a family and suffering. My sister has adopted three kids out of the foster care system and has one biological child. Her family has struggled to make ends meet because her husband is a self employed electrician as well as a veteran. When I say struggled I mean, that they were on state insurance before Obamacare and sometimes had to rely on their church for food pantry. He works HARD. Seven days a week HARD. 16 hour days hard. Without the mortgage law, they would have lost their house TWICE. These are the people that NEED these programs that are working hard but one slow week at work could mean they slip on bills, can’t get enough groceries to feed a family of 6. Get behind and can’t catch up. And before you say, why didn’t you help them? They were to proud to share before the election brought the topic up. My sister voted for Hillary because she feels like without Obamacare, WIC program, State mandated health insurance for children, the mortgage reform law they wouldn’t have… Read more »

Emily Clark
7 years ago
Reply to  Jody

I think she was saying that there are people that abuse the welfare system while there are others that truly need the help.

Susie Q.
7 years ago
Reply to  danielle

I’ve been thinking for the past two days not about Trump, but about the people who voted for him (I did not). The discussion on this blog and others has given me a lot of food for thought (and I am sure we’ll get back to design eventually). These people who have honestly been ridiculed and pushed to the back burner for years are in fact HALF our population, Look at the lopsided distribution of wealth, we can all see that and agree about that! I really feel for these people and I wish they had someone better than Trump to represent them. And who am I? Maybe I’m “elite” in terms of education (and I detest the word “elite”), but my credit is “bleh”, I haven’t had health insurance for almost 10 years, AND I work at a top university. Something is wrong, isn’t it? My salary and lifestyle when I lived abroad was so much better than it is in my own country. And no, as long as I am healthy and able to work I will never accept government assistance. There are other people that need it much more than I do. I’ve tried for the past… Read more »

7 years ago
Reply to  Susie Q.


agreed… making it about the people and not the candidate and rhetoric. People are layered and diverse and so are their beliefs and needs. I have witnessed it in my very own family. I am sure we all have.

Emily, I am sorry I took your lovely Flea post in another direction. It is lovely and so are your collaborations with artists. Your hard work and beautiful talent should be celebrated here.

7 years ago
Reply to  danielle

After reading the other post about why people voted for Trump (note: I didn’t), I felt hopeful. Like that maybe it wouldn’t be that bad, or at least as bad as I thought, to have Trump as president. In reading this comment, my fears are restoked. As the child of an immigrant (yes, a legal one), I’m particularly disturbed by the part of this post that says immigrants are damaging to this country and are hurting U.S. citzens. Guess what? My father, the immigrant, is a U.S. citizen, and has been since the 1980s. So, when you say immigrants are hurting citizens, is he hurting himself? I also took umbrage at the implication that Milennials are lazy and/or disproportionately using government programs. These types of generalizations are hurtful to an entire generation of people, many of whom are working just as hard as you. I really wish I could lasso my optimism from the previous post and hold it again. Currently, I’m back to quivering in fear.

7 years ago
Reply to  danielle

It’s kind of shocking how wrong you are about so many things you’ve said, yet you say them with such conviction.

One thing about this election and politics in general right now that really has me sad, confused and angered – is how facts are no longer objective. We believe what we’ve been told, and when they’re lies, and can be disputed easily with proof, people still say it’s not true, it’s biased, it’s wrong. Facts aren’t beliefs, I don’t have to believe a fact for it to be true. It’s objectively true. Whether I agree or believe it. Your post is full of so many untruths Danielle, and yet I am almost positive that if I were to show facts disputing them, the original poster would choose not to believe them. Where do we go from here?

On another note (because this was not the blog post to talk politics in the first place) I love almost everything you are selling on the flea, Emily. I wish I could fill my house with all of it!

thanks for you… ver good post… i like that

7 years ago

and Emily I love the brass armadillo and heart best. your curated finds make me smile.

7 years ago

As a big fan of pillows I love those presented! Reading the comments I realize that people are facing some trouble in real life!